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14200 SNOW ROAD BROOK PARK OH 44142 Address Service Requested

Celebrating Service to Our Community


Oct / Nov 2014

NATURE’S GRAND FINALE In a manner similar to a 4th of July fireworks display, nature makes a grand spectacle of itself before succumbing to the cold and snow of winter. Splashes of red, yellow, and orange make our part of the world a work of art, painted by the hand of the greatest Artist. Sadly though, like fireworks, the bright color soon fizzles out; the leaves downed by the wind and rains of the fall season. Then, almost as a cruel prelude to shoveling snow, leaf collecting time comes. The change of seasons is a great metaphor for our lives. It prompts us to reflect on what it means to live and to die. If you look at our Facebook page listed above, you will see many posts with the phrase, “Have the Talk of a Lifetime.” This message is not meant to be mere advertising for funeral services. It is meant for all of us to realize that our lives have meaning. There is great dignity in being a member of the human race. How do you want to be remembered? Lenore Piatak checks out the view of the wind turbines of Ontario, Canada(!) from over 300 ft. high atop the Perry Monument on our tour of Put-in-Bay.

We hosted our first ever Memorial Picnic at Wallace Lake. It was a picture perfect day, even though the wind wanted to carry away the tent!

Matt Humenik took charge at the grill, serving up burgers and dogs.

Lorene Johnson and Terry Pensis catch some shade after enjoying the sights on a nearly perfect weather day of high clouds and sunny skies.

Valerie Jorden and Becky Balash in front of the exclusive Crew’s Nest club where we enjoyed a delicious lunch before touring Put-In-Bay Winery

Picnic attendees personalized their balloons with the names of their loved ones we named just prior to the balloon release. Check out our Facebook page for complete photo albums!

Joseph F. Humenik, Jr. Funeral Director

Matthew O’Donnell Funeral Director

Mary Lou Babal Facility Manager

Matthew Humenik Office Associate Social Media Director

Bill Meixner Dept. of Defense Authorized Military Funeral Honors Provider

216-265-8700 [email protected]

Lynn Saber-Eiswerth Memorialist


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Amish Trip $65.00 per person

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Christmas Big Band Show $89.00 per person Entrée: Stuffed Chicken Breast_____ Sliced Top Round of Beef ______

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Mail To HUMENIK FUNERAL CHAPEL Trip Ideas: _________________________________ or drop off: 14200 Snow Road, Brook Park OH 44142 Humenik Phone Number: 216-265-8700 NOTE: To guarantee seating on the tour, your non-refundable payment must be received with tour order form.

...and Now, the News ALL THINGS AMISH! Due to popular demand, we’re going to Amish Country, but with an extra special experience that we hope you’ll enjoy with us. On Thursday November 6th, we will be departing from the Humenik Funeral Chapel parking lot at 8AM. Please park in the lot closest to CVS. Enroute, our first stop will be at the J.M. Smucker Co. Store and Café. It’s a lot more than just jelly and jam. If you haven’t been there before, you’re inCelebrate for a treat.Life! If you have been there, you’ll be able to stock up for the holidays. You can never go to Amish Country without a stop at the Heini Cheese Chalet. We’ll get there midmorning, in time to actually watch them making the cheese. Talk about fresh food! Just across the street is the Kaufmann Bakery. Pumpkin pies, anyone? Another favorite is the ‘Tis the Season Christmas Shoppe. You’ll find just about everything you could possibly want for Christmas (except your two front teeth or a hippopotamus!) After that we’ll be welcomed into an Amish home for an early afternoon authentic Amish meal. With a belly full of good home cooking, we’ll make a stop at the Hillcrest Apple Orchard. They grow many varieties of apples that you won’t find in the big box grocery stores. Grab a bag and “harvest” your favorites, a jug of cider, and you’ll be good to go. We’ll cap off the days festivities by making a stop at the Breitenbach Winery. At $65.00 dollars per person, you leave the driving to us while you enjoy the countryside; sit down to an authentic Amish home cooked meal in an Amish home; and many opportunities to shop to your heart’s content. We’ll be returning to Humenik Funeral Chapel’s parking lot by 8:00PM. We look forward to traveling with you, our friends, again!


Jump on the bandwagon with us December 11th as we make our way to Freedonia, NY for a swinging concert that’ll be sure to get you “In the (Christmas) Mood!” The all-professional Little Apple Big Band will perform under the direction of legendary baritone saxophonist, Bruce Johnstone. There’s no better way to get in the holiday spirit than listening to the toe-tapping sounds of Glenn Miller, Les Brown, Tommy Dorsey and Count Basie. Lavish costumes and set decorations make the show a feast for your eyes as well as your ears. You’ll be treated to some of the most beloved Christmas tunes of all time, with a merry mixture of instrumental numbers, vocal solos, duets and vocal group numbers as well as special dance routines. You’ll recognize songs made popular by Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Perry Como and Ertha Kitt as well as more contemporary artists like Bette Midler and Michael Buble. Upon arrival at the venue, we will have a meal with your choice of entrée: Stuffed Chicken Breast, or Sliced Top Round of Beef. Please indicate your menu selection on your trip data form at the top of this page. We will depart from Humenik’s parking lot at 9AM and return by 7:30PM. Cost of the trip is $89.00 per person which includes transportation, meal, and show. Please park at the CVS end of the parking lot.

NIGHT AT THE RACES Saturday November 8, 2014 Presented by the Holy Name Society Mary Queen of the Apostles, McCafferty Hall 6455 Engle Road Brook Park OH 44142 $12 per person, or table of 6 for $10 per person Doors open at 6PM, Food at 6:30PM, Post time 7PM For tickets call Al Zullo at 216-267-3079