IBISWorld Canada Industry Reports

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IBISWorld Canada Industry Reports Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting In Canada 11111CA Soybean Farming 11115CA Corn Farming 11120CA Vegetable Farming 11135CA Fruit & Nut Farming 11142CA Plant & Flower Growing 11211CA Beef Cattle Production 11212CA Dairy Farms 11221CA Hog & Pig Farming 11231CA Chicken Egg Production 11235CA Chicken & Turkey Meat Production 11331CA Logging 11411CA Fishing & Seafood Aquaculture Mining In Canada 21111CA Oil Drilling & Gas Extraction 21211CA Coal Mining 21221CA Iron Ore Mining 21222CA Gold & Silver Ore Mining 21223CA Copper, Nickel, Lead & Zinc Mining 21229CA Molybdenum & Metal Ore Mining 21231CA Stone Mining 21232CA Sand & Gravel Mining 21239CA Mineral & Phosphate Mining 21311CA Oil & Gas Field Services Utilities In Canada 22111aCA Thermal Power 22111bCA Renewable Power

22112CA Electric Power Transmission 22121CA Natural Gas Distribution 22131CA Water Supply & Irrigation Systems 22132CA Sewage Treatment Facilities Construction In Canada 23611aCA Home Builders 23611bCA Apartment & Condominium Construction 23621CA Industrial Building Construction 23622aCA Commercial Building Construction 23622bCA Municipal Building Construction 23712CA Oil & Gas Pipeline Construction 23713CA Transmission Line Construction 23731aCA Road & Highway Construction 23731bCA Bridge & Elevated Highway Construction 23799CA Heavy Engineering Construction 23811CA Concrete Contractors 23816CA Roofing Contractors 23821CA Electricians 23822aCA Heating & Air-Conditioning Contractors 23822bCA Plumbing Manufacturing In Canada 31111CA Animal Food Production 31121CA Flour Milling 31122CA Margarine & Cooking Oil Processing 31123CA Cereal Production 31134CA Candy Production 31135CA Chocolate Production 31141CA Frozen Food Production 31142CA Canned Fruit & Vegetable Processing

31151CA Dairy Product Production 31152CA Ice Cream Production 31161CA Meat, Beef & Poultry Processing 31171CA Seafood Preparation 31181CA Bread Production 31182CA Cookie, Cracker & Pasta Production 31191CA Snack Food Production 31192CA Coffee & Tea Production 31193CA Syrup & Flavouring Production 31194CA Seasoning, Sauce and Condiment Production 31199CA Baking Mix & Prepared Food Mfg. 31211aCA Soda Production 31211bCA Bottled Water Production 31211cCA Juice Production 31212CA Breweries 31214CA Distilleries 31222CA Cigarette & Tobacco Mfg. 31310CA Textile Mills 31522CA Men's & Boys' Apparel Mfg. 31523CA Women's & Girls' Apparel Mfg. 31621CA Shoe & Footwear Mfg. 32111CA Sawmills & Wood Production 32121CA Wood Panelling Mfg. 32191CA Millwork 32211CA Wood Pulp Mills 32212CA Paper Mills 32213CA Paperboard Mills 32221CA Cardboard Box & Container Mfg. 32222CA Coated & Laminated Paper Mfg.

32223CA Office Stationery Mfg. 32229aCA Sanitary Paper Product Mfg. 32229bCA Paper Product Mfg. 32311CA Printing 32312CA Printing Services 32411CA Petroleum Refining 32412CA Asphalt Mfg. 32419CA Lubricant Oil Mfg. 32511CA Petrochemical Mfg. 32512CA Oxygen & Hydrogen Gas Mfg. 32518CA Inorganic Chemical Mfg. 32519CA Organic Chemical Mfg. 32521CA Plastic & Resin Mfg. 32522CA Synthetic Fibre Mfg. 32531CA Fertilizer Mfg. 32532CA Pesticide Mfg. 32541aCA Brand Name Pharmaceutical Mfg. 32541bCA Generic Pharmaceutical Mfg. 32551CA Paint Mfg. 32552CA Adhesive Mfg. 32561CA Soap & Cleaning Compound Mfg. 32562CA Cosmetic & Beauty Products Mfg. 32599CA Chemical Product Mfg. 32611CA Plastic Film, Sheet & Bag Mfg. 32612CA Plastic Pipe & Parts Mfg. 32616CA Plastic Bottle Mfg. 32619CA Plastic Products Miscellaneous Mfg. 32621CA Tire Mfg. 32622CA Hose & Belt Mfg.

32629CA Rubber Product Mfg. 32711CA Ceramics Mfg. 32712CA Clay Brick & Product Mfg. 32721CA Glass Product Mfg. 32731CA Cement Mfg. 32732CA Ready-Mix Concrete Mfg. 32733CA Concrete Pipe & Block Mfg. 32739CA Precast Concrete Mfg. 32791CA Abrasive & Sandpaper Mfg. 33111CA Iron & Steel Mfg. 33121CA Metal Pipe & Tube Mfg. 33122CA Steel Rolling & Drawing 33131CA Aluminum Mfg. 33141CA Copper, Zinc & Lead Refining 33149CA Nonferrous Metal Rolling & Alloying 33151CA Ferrous Metal Foundry Products 33152CA Nonferrous Metal Foundry Products Mfg. 33211CA Metal Stamping & Forging 33221CA Hand Tool & Cutlery Mfg. 33231CA Structural Metal Product Mfg. 33232CA Sheet Metal, Window & Door Mfg. 33241CA Boiler & Heat Exchanger Mfg. 33242CA Metal Tank Mfg. 33243CA Metal Can & Container Mfg. 33251CA Hardware Mfg. 33261CA Wire & Spring Mfg. 33271CA Machine Shop Services 33272CA Screw, Nut & Bolt Mfg. 33281CA Metal Plating & Treating

33291CA Valve Mfg. 33299bCA Ball Bearing Mfg. 33311CA Tractors & Agricultural Machinery Mfg. 33312CA Construction Machinery Mfg. 33313CA Mining, Oil & Gas Machinery Mfg. 33322CA Plastics & Rubber Machinery Mfg. 33329aCA Semiconductor Machinery Mfg. 33329bCA Printing, Paper, Food, Textile & Other Machinery Mfg. 33341CA Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment Mfg. 33351CA Metalworking Machinery Mfg. 33361aCA Engine & Turbine Mfg. 33361bCA Wind Turbine Mfg. 33391CA Pump & Compressor Mfg. 33392CA Forklift & Conveyor Mfg. 33399CA Power Tools & Other General Purpose Machinery Mfg. 33411aCA Computer Mfg. 33411bCA Computer Peripheral Mfg. 33421CA Telecommunication Networking Equipment Mfg. 33422CA Communication Equipment Mfg. 33431CA Audio & Video Equipment Mfg. 33441CA Semiconductor & Other Electronic Component Mfg. 33451aCA Navigational Instrument Mfg. 33451bCA Medical Device Mfg. 33511CA Lighting & Bulb Mfg. 33512CA Lighting Fixtures Mfg. 33522CA Major Household Appliance Mfg. 33531CA Electrical Equipment Mfg. 33591CA Battery Mfg. 33592CA Wire & Cable Mfg.

33593CA Wiring Device Mfg. 33611aCA Car & Automobile Mfg. 33611bCA SUV & Light Truck Mfg. 33612CA Truck & Bus Mfg. 33621CA Truck, Trailer & Motor Home Mfg. 33631CA Automobile Engine & Parts Mfg. 33632CA Automobile Electronics Mfg. 33639CA Auto Parts Mfg. 33641aCA Aircraft, Engine & Parts Mfg. 33641bCA Space Vehicle & Missile Mfg. 33651CA Train, Subway & Transit Car Mfg. 33661aCA Ship Building 33661bCA Boat Building 33699aCA Motorcycle, Bike & Parts Mfg. 33699cCA ATV, Golf Cart & Snowmobile Mfg. 33711CA Cabinet & Vanity Mfg. 33712CA Household Furniture Mfg. 33721CA Office Furniture Mfg. 33791CA Mattress Mfg. 33792CA Blind & Shade Mfg. 33911aCA Medical Instrument & Supply Mfg. 33911bCA Glasses & Contact Lens Mfg. 33991CA Jewellery Mfg. 33992aCA Athletic & Sporting Goods Mfg. 33993CA Toy, Doll & Game Mfg. 33995CA Billboard & Sign Mfg. Wholesale Trade In Canada 41113CA Flower & Nursery Stock Whl. 41211aCA Gasoline & Petroleum Whl.

41211bCA Gasoline & Petroleum Bulk Stations 41311CA Grocery Whl. 41312CA Dairy Whl. 41314CA Fish & Seafood Whl. 41315CA Fruit & Vegetable Whl. 41316CA Beef & Pork Whl. 41319CA Frozen Food Whl. 41322CA Beer, Wine & Spirit Whl. 41331CA Cigarette & Tobacco Products Whl. 41411CA Clothing & Clothing Accessories Whl. 41412CA Footwear Whl. 41422CA TV & Appliance Whl. 41432CA Floor Covering Whl. 41439CA Furniture & Furnishings Whl. 41441CA Jewellery & Watch Whl. 41446CA Toy & Craft Supplies Whl. 41447CA Sporting Goods Whl. 41451CA Pharmaceuticals & Pharmacy Supplies Whl. 41511CA Automobile Whl. 41521CA Tire Whl. 41529CA Auto Parts Whl. 41611CA Electrical Equipment Whl. 41612CA Plumbing, Heating & Air-Conditioning Equipment Whl. 41621CA Metal Whl. 41631CA General-Line Building Supplies Whl. 41632CA Lumber Whl. 41633CA Tool & Hardware Whl. 41639CA Roofing, Siding & Insulation Whl. 41711CA Farm, Lawn & Garden Equipment Whl.

41721CA Construction & Forestry Equipment Whl. 41722CA Mining, Oil & Gas Machinery Whl. 41723CA Industrial Machinery & Equipment Whl. 41731CA Computer & Packaged Software Whl. 41732CA Electronic Part & Equipment Whl. 41792CA Restaurant & Hotel Equipment Whl. 41793aCA Medical Supplies Whl. 41793bCA Laboratory Supply Whl. 41810CA Recyclable Material Whl. 41821CA Office Stationery Whl. 41831CA Agricultural Feed Whl. 41839CA Farm Supplies Whl. 41841CA Chemical Whl. Retail Trade In Canada 44111CA New Car Dealers 44112CA Used Car Dealers 44121CA Recreational Vehicle Dealers 44122CA Motorcycle, Boat & ATV Dealers 44131CA Auto Parts Stores 44132CA Tire Dealers 44211CA Furniture Stores 44221CA Floor Covering Stores 44229CA Home Furnishings Stores 44314CA Consumer Electronics Stores 44411CA Home Improvement Stores 44413CA Hardware Stores 44419CA Lumber & Building Material Stores 44421CA Lawn & Outdoor Equipment Stores 44422CA Nursery & Garden Stores

44511CA Supermarkets & Grocery Stores 44512CA Convenience Stores 44529CA Specialty Food Stores 44531CA Beer, Wine & Liquor Stores 44611CA Pharmacies & Drug Stores 44612CA Beauty, Cosmetics & Fragrance Stores 44613CA Eye Glasses & Contact Lens Stores 44619CA Health Stores 44711CA Gas Stations with Convenience Stores 44719CA Gas Stations 44811CA Men's Clothing Stores 44812CA Women's Clothing Stores 44813CA Children's & Infants' Clothing Stores 44814CA Family Clothing Stores 44819CA Lingerie, Swimwear & Bridal Stores 44821CA Shoe Stores 44831CA Jewellery Stores 44832CA Handbag, Luggage & Accessory Stores 45111CA Sporting Goods Stores 45112CA Hobby & Toy Stores 45113CA Fabric, Craft & Sewing Supplies Stores 45114CA Musical Instrument & Supplies Stores 45131CA Book Stores 45211CA Department Stores 45291CA Warehouse Clubs & Supercentres 45299CA Dollar & Variety Stores 45311CA Florists 45321CA Office Supply Stores 45322CA Gift Shops & Card Stores

45331CA Used Goods Stores 45391CA Pet Stores 45399aCA Small Specialty Retail Stores 45411aCA E-Commerce & Online Auctions 45421CA Vending Machine Operators 45439CA Direct Selling Companies Transportation and Warehousing In Canada 48111CA Scheduled Air Transportation 48211CA Rail Transportation 48311CA Ocean & Coastal Transportation 48411CA Local Freight Trucking 48412CA Long-Distance Freight Trucking 48421CA Moving Services 48422CA Local Specialized Freight Trucking 48423CA Tank & Refrigeration Trucking 48511CA Public Transportation 48533CA Taxi & Limousine Services 48851CA Freight Forwarding Brokerages & Agencies 48899CA Freight Packing & Logistics Services 49222CA Couriers & Local Delivery Services 49311CA Public Storage & Warehousing Information In Canada 51111CA Newspaper Publishing 51112CA Magazine & Periodical Publishing 51113CA Book Publishing 51114CA Database & Directory Publishing 51119CA Greeting Cards & Other Publishing 51121CA Software Publishing 51211CA Movie, Television & Video Production

51212CA Movie & Video Distribution 51213CA Movie Theatres 51219CA Video Postproduction Services 51223CA Music Publishing 51511CA Radio Broadcasting 51512CA Television Broadcasting 51521CA Cable Networks 51711bCA Satellite TV Providers 51711cCA Wired Telecommunications Carriers 51721CA Wireless Telecommunications Carriers 51821CA Data Processing & Hosting Services Finance and Insurance In Canada 52211CA Commercial Banking 52213CA Credit Unions 52239CA Loan Administration, Check Cashing & Other Services 52411aCA Life Insurance & Annuities 52421CA Insurance Brokers & Agencies 52593CA Real Estate Investment Trusts Real Estate and Rental and Leasing In Canada 53111CA Apartment Rental 53113CA Storage & Warehouse Leasing 53121CA Real Estate Sales & Brokerage 53131CA Property Management 53132CA Real Estate Appraisal 53139CA Real Estate Asset Management & Consulting 53211CA Car Rental 53212CA Truck Rental 53223CA DVD, Game & Video Rental 53241CA Heavy Equipment Rental

53249CA Industrial Equipment Rental & Leasing Professional, Scientific and Technical Services In Canada 54111CA Law Firms 54121bCA Payroll & Bookkeeping Services 54121cCA Accounting Services 54121dCA Tax Preparation Services 54131CA Architects 54133CA Engineering Services 54136CA Geophysical Services 54137CA Surveying & Mapping Services 54138CA Laboratory Testing Services 54141CA Interior Designers 54143CA Graphic Designers 54151CA IT Consulting 54161bCA HR Consulting 54161CA Management Consulting 54162CA Environmental Consulting 54169CA Scientific & Economic Consulting 54171CA Scientific Research & Development 54181CA Advertising Agencies 54182CA Public Relations Firms 54185CA Billboard & Outdoor Advertising 54186CA Direct Mail Advertising 54189CA Promotional Products 54191CA Market Research 54192CA Photography 54194CA Veterinary Services Administration, Business Support & Waste Management Services 56111CA Human Resources & Benefits Administration

56131CA Employment & Recruiting Agencies 56132CA Office Staffing & Temp Agencies 56142CA Telemarketing & Call Centres 56144CA Debt Collection Agencies 56151CA Travel Agencies 56152CA Tour Operators 56159CA Convention & Visitor Bureaus 56161CA Security Services 56162CA Security Alarm Services 56171CA Pest Control 56172CA Janitorial Services 56173CA Landscaping Services 56191CA Packaging & Labelling Services 56192CA Trade Show & Event Planning 56211CA Waste Collection Services 56221CA Waste Treatment & Disposal Services 56291CA Remediation & Environmental Cleanup Services 56292CA Recycling Facilities Educational Services In Canada 61131aCA Colleges & Universities 61143CA Business Coaching 61163CA Language Instruction Healthcare and Social Assistance In Canada 62111aCA Primary Care Doctors 62121CA Dentists 62132CA Optometrists 62134CA Physical Therapists 62142CA Mental Health & Substance Abuse Clinics 62161CA Home Care Providers

62211CA Hospitals 62322CA Mental Health & Substance Abuse Centres 62431CA Job Training & Career Counselling 62441CA Day Care S004CA Corporate Wellness Services Arts, Entertainment and Recreation In Canada 71120CA Spectator Sports 71133CA Concert & Event Promotion 71310CA Amusement Parks & Arcades 71391CA Golf Courses & Country Clubs 71392CA Ski & Snowboard Resorts 71394CA Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs 71399CA Golf Driving Ranges & Family Fun Centres Accommodation and Food Services In Canada 71320CA Gambling 72111CA Hotels & Motels 72121CA Campgrounds & RV Parks 72211CA Full-Service Restaurants 72221aCA Fast Food Restaurants 72221bCA Coffee & Snack Shops 72231CA Food Service Contractors 72232CA Caterers 72233CA Street Vendors 72241CA Bars & Nightclubs Other Services (except Public Administration) In Canada 81111CA Auto Mechanics 81112CA Car Body Shops 81119aCA Car Wash & Auto Detailing 81119bCA Oil Change Services

81121CA Electronic & Computer Repair Services 81131CA Machinery Maintenance & Heavy Equipment Repair Services 81211CA Hair & Nail Salons