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IBM DB2 The Blue Medora Management Pack for IBM DB2 collects performance data from critical DB2 resources and makes it available within the VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) monitoring platform.

Extend vRealize Operations to IBM DB2


The Blue Medora vRealize Operations Management Pack for IBM DB2 extends VMware vROps by enabling customers to gain comprehensive visibility and insights into the performance, capacity, and health of their IBM DB2 workloads running on VMware.

• End-to-end visibility. Identify potential issues in your IBM DB2 environment before they spread to the next layer of the stack. • Machine learning capabilities. Extend vRealize Operations’ capabilities to IBM DB2. • Capacity and health awareness. Stay ahead of issues with vROps’ predictive analytics in IBM DB2. The Management Pack provides capacity definitions to fully exploit vRealize Operations 6.x. • Relationship mapping. Instantly view relationships within IBM DB2, out to the virtual layer and beyond.

With the Management Pack for IBM DB2, administrators are able to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot their entire DB2 environment within a single console. The Management Pack for IBM DB2 monitors DB2 databases remotely. It connects through a JBDC connection to retrieve data regarding DB2 databases and their performance.

Expose Key IBM DB2 Performance Metrics in vRealize Operations • Avg user CPU time • Avg system CPU time • Logical data reads

• Physical data reads • Avg data write rate • Avg index write rate

• # of current connections • Active applications • Applications connected

Supported Platforms vROps (Enterprise Edition Only) Versions 6.0.x, 6.1.x

IBM DB2 Version 9.5+

Additional platforms are added periodically. Visit for the most up-to-date platform support.

AVAILABLE NOW This management pack is now available for purchase. Learn more and download a fully supported trial at

3225 N. Evergreen Drive, NE, Suite 103 Grand Rapids, MI 49525

616 719-4550 Outside North America 800 851-9485 North America

[email protected]


IBM DB2 Centralize your infrastructure monitoring by leveraging your existing investment in vRealize Operations.

See More with Operational Dashboards The Management Pack for IBM DB2 enhances VMware vRealize Operations Manager by adding the following capabilities: • Operations Dashboard. Provides at-a-glance views into health, risk and efficiency of your virtualized as well as non-virtualized IBM DB2 infrastructure. • Workload Details View. Get in-depth analysis of what is impacting performance and health of your IBM DB2 workloads. • Proactive Smart Alerts. Automated root cause analysis provides advanced notification of building issues with IBM DB2 environments before end users are impacted. • Heat Map Views. Get visibility into all areas of IBM DB2 infrastructure to identify resource constraints and bottlenecks.

Analyze Health and Relationships View alerts, health, status, and relationships for various IBM DB2 resources to receive a broad picture of your entire system. Understand your IBM DB2 workloads today and prepare for tomorrow.