IBM Lotus EasySync Pro 4.2

from your PC by synchronizing your Lotus Notes inbox with the e-mail application on your supported handheld device. Lotus EasySync Pro software gives ...

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Get the power of Lotus Notes software in the palm of your hand

IBM Lotus EasySync Pro 4.2 Access your personal information from


virtually any location To stay productive while away from your

■ Synchronizes your IBM Lotus

■ Determines your current Lotus

desk, you need the same quick access

Notes e-mail, calendar, tasks,

Notes location setting so it

to your business-critical IBM Lotus

contacts and journal with your

can automatically synchronize

Notes® personal information as when

handheld device

with the mail database on your

you’re sitting in front of your computer.

desktop or with its replica on

You use e-mail, contacts, tasks, calen-

your home server

dar and more. You need a way to easily

■ Lets you choose which information you want to upload to your Lotus Notes desktop and

■ Lets you read, reply to and

and conveniently take your Lotus Notes information with you — and a way to

download to your hand-

manage your e-mail while away

held device

from your PC by synchronizing

quickly synchronize your desktop and

your Lotus Notes inbox with

handheld device data. So you can stay

the e-mail application on your

on top of your business. And stay con-

supported handheld device

nected to your employees, coworkers,

■ Allows you to choose to synchronize bidirectionally, upload only or download only for any

customers and suppliers.

category of information Now with IBM Lotus® EasySync® Pro software, you can synchronize your Lotus Notes e-mail, calendar, tasks, contacts and journal information between Lotus Notes and supported marketplace-leading handheld devices. You can access your most critical Lotus Lotus EasySync Pro software gives you the flexibility to create multiple profiles to synchronize all of your key Lotus Notes applications to your handheld device.

Notes messaging-based information anywhere, without the need to carry a laptop computer. And Lotus EasySync Pro software lets you conveniently capture new information about meetings and contacts — even compose and manage e-mail— while away from your PC.

Install and use quickly and easily

Synchronize all your handheld device and

Get more flexibility and convenience

Lotus EasySync Pro software is simple

desktop data — with the touch of a button

with advanced capabilities

to install and use. You can install and

Lotus EasySync Pro software lets you

Lotus EasySync Pro software offers

configure the software on your PC

quickly and easily synchronize data

powerful new synchronization

in minutes. After installing the soft-

between your Lotus Notes desktop

features — advanced data filtering

ware on your computer, simply select

and handheld devices that run Palm

technology and enhanced con-

which device (Nokia, Palm OS, Sony

OS, Symbian and Microsoft Windows

figuration options — to help enable

Ericsson or Microsoft ® Windows®

Mobile operating systems, so you

greater flexibility and convenience.

Mobile) you are using. Lotus EasySync

can always stay up to date. When

Data filtering lets you select only

Pro software finds the location of

you return to your computer, you can

the e-mail messages and meeting

your Lotus Notes data wherever it

update all your personal information in

information — by text or by date — that

resides — on your desktop or on a

seconds with one simple synchroniza-

you need to take with you, conserving

server. Then it automatically config-

tion procedure. Simply connect your

space on your handheld device. You

ures itself to set those locations as

handheld device (which is connected

can create custom profiles—for exam-

the default when you synchronize

via a serial or USB port on your PC)

ple, one for your daily activities and

your data.

and initiate the synchronization. All the

another for when you’re traveling—

information on your handheld device

to synchronize your Lotus Notes

and on your Lotus Notes desktop is

contacts, calendar, tasks, journal

bidirectionally synchronized.

and e-mail. And the extensive Lotus EasySync Pro configuration options include mapping fields from Lotus Notes software to your handheld device, to help you protect data fidelity and to give you the flexibility to work the way you want.

Lotus EasySync Pro software’s field mapping capabilities let you decide what data will be stored and where it will be stored between Lotus Notes and your handheld device.

Stay in touch wherever you are

IBM Lotus EasySync Pro software at a glance

With Lotus EasySync Pro software,

Lotus EasySync Pro software synchronizes your IBM Lotus Notes data

you’ll have immediate, convenient

• E-mail

access to your key personal and busi-

• Calendar

ness information. So you won’t miss a

• Address book

beat. With its simple installation, you

• To-do list

can get up and running quickly. It can

• Journal

help you stay in touch and synchro-

Supported handheld devices

nized with your critical Lotus Notes

• Microsoft Windows Mobile

information, wherever you happen to

• Nokia

be and however you need to work.

• Palm OS • Sony Ericsson

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