Illuminate Education Professional Development

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Tustin Unified School District Educational Services

Illuminate Education Professional Development August 29–31, 2011

Logging onto Google Chrome 1.

Enter your username and password (same as your e-mail log-in). If the screen reads Tustin_NT\name other than your own, follow steps 2 and 3.


Click on switch user .


Click on other user .


Click on the window icon in the bottom left corner of screen.


Click on all programs .


Single click Google Chrome file folder.


Single click the Google Chrome icon


Click on Choose Google .


Type in on the address bar (this may take a few minutes). 10. This should take you to the Illuminate Education home page. 11. Log in your user name and password (Same as your e-mail log in, unless you are NEW to our district. If you are new, use the demo log in provided by the trainer. New accounts will be set up by the second week of school.) **Please use this information for using Google Chrome at your school site for the first time. Google Chrome should be available on your site computers by Friday, September 2. Once available, you will need to follow these instructions the first time you use Google Chrome on your teacher computer. Google Chrome will not be installed on student computers.