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DATE ISSUED: OCTOBER 28, 2013 TITLE: CONSULTANT FOR REGIONAL FIRE CAD-to-CAD RFP DESCRIPTION: The City of Los Angeles is seeking to engage a Consultant to draft a Request for Proposals (“RFP”) for the Regional Fire Interoperable Computer-Aided Dispatch (“CAD”) Implementation Project (“CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project”). The CAD-toCAD Implementation Project will connect four separate fire department CAD systems. PROJECT OVERVIEW: A.


For purposes of this Informal Procurement document the term “Consultant” refers to the individual(s) or entity who will be awarded the contract pursuant to this Informal Procurement. The term “Contractor” refers to the vendor who will be awarded the contract pursuant to the RFP that will be drafted by the Consultant. B.

Overview of CAD-to-CAD RFP Consultant Project

The Consultant will be responsible for drafting an RFP to solicit potential vendors to design, construct and implement a system for connecting and making interoperable, four separate fire department CAD systems (“CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project”). The goal of this CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project is to make the participating fire agencies more efficient so that they can provide the best customer service to the regions they serve. The four fire agencies are the City of Los Angeles Fire Department, the County of Los Angeles Fire Department, the City of Long Beach Fire Department and the Verdugo Communications Center which, is the regional fire communications center for the cities of Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, Alhambra, Arcadia, Monrovia, Montebello, Monterey Park, San Gabriel, San Marino, Sierra Madre, and South Pasadena (herein after “Partners”). C.

Overview of CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project

Please note: The Consultant will only be responsible for drafting an RFP (and providing other related deliverables) that articulates in detail the necessary requirements and qualifications for the CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project described directly below. The Consultant will not undertake the CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project. Additionally, the Consultant will not be eligible to bid on the CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project RFP.


The Contractor selected for the CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project will be responsible for working with the Partners to define software, hardware and network requirements, clarify system specifications and may define governance and best business practices. The Contractor will then design and implement a CAD-to-CAD system that meets these requirements At a minimum, the CAD-to-CAD system will identify the current status of resources and assets, establish real-time status and tracking of resources and assets, provide a centralized view of call-out information and times, provide the Partners with the ability to view all Partner call-out information and times, enable transfer of call information, send and receive requests for resources and assets, acknowledge the request for a resource, approve or deny the request, make a recommendation for the best resource to send, send supplemental information, support sending incident information, send hazard information, send premise information, send any additional information the resources may need, support communication to mobile data terminals, incorporate mutual and automatic aid agreements, allow each agency to expand or upgrade its own system while maintaining connectivity to the interoperable system, support a records management system, support an audit trail and have the flexibility to accommodate future interoperability growth and connectivity to additional public safety agencies. The Contractor may also be required to recommend plans and protocols for the operation, training, financing and sustainment of the CAD-to-CAD system. Further, the Contractor may be responsible for recommending business rules and governance that will increase efficiency and response to the areas served. A more detailed description of the CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project is attached hereto as Attachment A. SCOPE OF WORK: A.

Draft RFP

The Consultant will work closely with the Partners and the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office to draft an RFP for the CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project. The Consultant will be responsible for: 1. Determining feasible alternatives for CAD-to-CAD interoperability, including determining any necessary hardware or software modifications that the Partners may have to make to existing CAD systems. 2. Defining the requirements for CAD-to-CAD interoperability. 3. Defining the necessary qualifications for a vendor to successfully undertake the CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project, including education, certifications and experience in CAD, interoperable communications and public safety. 4. Providing an estimated timeline for the CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project, from engagement of the Contractor to completion.


5. Providing an estimated budget and cost breakdown for the CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project. 6. Facilitating meetings and conference calls between the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office, the Partners and other essential parties to discuss the requirements and qualifications for the CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project. 7. Maintaining a record of all communications and documents used to draft the RFP. 8. Providing an initial draft of an RFP that fully articulates the needs and requirements of the Partners for the CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project. 9. Circulating draft(s) of the RFP among the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office and the Partners to solicit comments and, where appropriate, incorporating those comments into the RFP. 10. Providing a final draft of the RFP that is ready to issue, including any necessary exhibits. 11. Make any necessary recommendations concerning the procurement of the CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project (i.e., determining any necessary site visits, advising on selection criteria). B.

Management of CAD-to-CAD RFP Consultant Project

This project will be managed by the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Homeland Security and Public Safety. The Mayor’s Office shall designate one (1) person to serve as a Project Manager who will oversee completion of the project. The Los Angeles Mayor’s Office Project Manager shall provide overall direction of the project, and will manage the Consultant, project schedule, the implementation of the project and the acceptance of deliverables. Additionally, an Advisory Task Force will provide critical input and approve the work of the Consultant to ensure that the final RFP is consistent with the expectations and capabilities of the Partners. This Advisory Task Force will include, but is not limited to, one representative from each of the Partner agencies. The Consultant shall meet with the Advisory Task Force every week, or as often as required by the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office Project Manager. C.


The Consultant’s work, including completion of the final RFP, must be completed by March 31, 2014. The performance period for the anticipated contract will be approximately three (3) months. D.


Since project development will require frequent collaboration with and oversight by the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office Project Manager and personnel from the Partner agencies, 4

the Consultant must be available during regular business hours to communicate via telephone or email concerning the development of the CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project RFP. Regular business hours are defined as 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). The Consultant may also sometimes be required to perform work, including attendance at the Advisory Task Force meetings described above, on the property of the Partners. REQUIRED EXPERTISE: The Consultant must be adept in management information systems, fire dispatch operations and interoperable communications. The Consultant must be highly proficient in drafting RFPs or other solicitation documents for projects similar in scope and nature to the CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project. The Consultant must have the ability to lead, manage and interface with all levels of leadership, to identify issues, tackle difficult situations and problem solve, to work independently and to perform under high expectations. Candidate must have experience in the following areas: •

Municipal public safety agencies, public safety communications, and public safety field operations;

Working with fire departments of comparable size to the Partners, with particular emphasis on communications technology;

CAD systems designed for use in public safety agency centers similar in size and workload to the Partners;

Interoperable communications for public safety agencies;

Drafting RFPs and managing procurements for public safety communications projects comparable in nature and scope to the CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project.

Public safety Mobile Data Computer (MDC) systems, Fire Station Alerting Systems, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and GIS mapping, and Next Generation 9-1-1 systems for public safety agencies similar in size and workload to the Partners.

9-1-1 communications systems and knowledge of the operations of a 9-1-1 call center similar in size and workload to that of the Partner agencies.

Knowledge of standard protocols for communication for public safety agencies, such as the National Incident Management System.

DESIRED SKILLS: Ideal candidate will possess analytical, interpersonal, organizational, problem solving, team-building, project management and written and verbal communication skills.



Bachelor’s Degree.

Minimum five (5) years experience in public safety operations.

PMP Certification (desired).

Must be able to pass and maintain a favorable background check.

PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS: Proposals must include the following information: 1)

A scope of work that defines in reasonable detail the proposed methodology for drafting the CAD-to-CAD Implementation Project RFP.


An executive summary of the relevant background and experience of the Proposer and the Proposer’s legal business status, address, telephone number, fax number and email address.


The types of relevant projects that the Proposer has previously worked on, especially those that demonstrate an understanding of CAD systems and interoperable communications.


A list of relevant RFPs or similar documents that the Proposer has drafted that are comparable to the CAD-to-CAD RFP Consultant Project, including: a) a brief description of the project, b) the client for whom the RFP was drafted, c) the budget of the RFP, and d) contact information for the client.


If the Proposer has managed a team, the smallest and largest size team that the Proposer has worked with and explain in what capacity the Proposer has generally been responsible for a team.


Adequate documentation must be presented that indicates that the corporation or other entity has the ability to continue business throughout the period of the contract.


List of any and/all municipalities and/or public safety agencies that the Proposer has worked with in the past.


List of at least five (5) professional references with the names and contact information of clients for whom the service was provided, dates and periods during which the indicated service was provided and the extent and exact nature of the services rendered. This may include references from the list required in No. 4, above.


Fee structure including the Proposer’s hourly rate and proposed flat fee for this project.


BUDGET: $99,000 SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Proposers are required to submit electronic copies of proposals via email no later than 3:00 P.M. ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2013 (Pacific Time). Electronic copies shall be sent to: [email protected] The subject line of the email should include the following: CAD-to-CAD RFP Consultant Timely submission of the proposal is the sole responsibility of the Proposer. The City reserves the right to determine the timeliness of all submissions. Late proposals will not be reviewed. Selected Consultant will be required to comply with City contracting standards and submit all requisite documents upon contract execution. To view the requirements visit go to “Department Websites”, “Bureau of Contract Administration then “Forms.” Please visit to register your firm and to complete the necessary forms for replying to this RFP. CONTACT PERSON: Questions regarding this RFP shall be directed to Rolando R. Reyes at [email protected] All questions and answers will be posted on a Q&A sheet on LABAVN.