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hydrolysis of peptide and protein sam­ ples for amino acid analysis. Up to 40 samples can be hydrolyzed under inert conditions in 100- or 300-/tL autosampler vials. CEM Corp. 405 Ions. SP-CM cation measurement sys­ tem is a dual-wavelength spectrofluorometer for determination of pH, Ca2+, Na+, and other ions in single living cells or cell suspensions. The system can also be used for fluorescence polariza­ tion and anisotropy, enzyme-substrate kinetics, and antibody-antigen bind­ ing studies. Spex 406 Process analysis. FPA 800 series mi­ croprocessor-based colorimeters fea­ ture interactive menu-driven software, modular design, and standard NEMA enclosures. Applications include the determination of trace copper, chromi­ um, silica, and cyanide in wastewater streams or condensed boiler water. Tytronics 407

ΟΡΑ microprocessor-controlled on-line process analyzer can monitor up to eight streams for TOC, phenol, NH 3 , NO3/NO2, and more than 100 other components. Features include self-diagnostics and batch-sampling capability. Skalar 401

Instrumentation ICP/MS. PQe allows the determina­ tion of all environmentally significant elements below legislated detection limits. The ion-counting system has a dynamic range of 9 orders of magni­ tude and does not need periodic re­ placement. VG Instruments 403 NMR. Omega CSI NMR spectroscopy system features a fully integrated UNIX operating system and imagedirected protocols for localized spec­ troscopy. The system is suitable for biomedical, industrial, and agricultural research applications. GE NMR In­ struments 404 Sample preparation. Microwave hy­ drolysis system provides vapor-phase

Detection. CCD9000 spectroscopic CCD detection system is designed for use in Raman, fluorescence, chemiluminescence, Echelle, photolumines­ cence, and imaging spectroscopies. The system features a spectroscopy soft­ ware package and an embedded con­ troller card for 286/386 computers. Photometries 408 Gases. Multipoint toxic gas air moni­ toring system detects chlorine, hydro­ gen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, bro­ mine, hydrogen bromide, boron tri­ chloride, and other gases that hydrolyze into HF or HC1. The system can be used to monitor toxic gas in up to 10 locations simultaneously. Anacon Corp. 409 DNA synthesis. Two-column Model 392 and four-column Model 394 DNA synthesizers feature a cycle designed for the inexpensive synthesis of short oligonucleotides (< 50 bases). Cycle times for two- and four-column synthe­ sis at the 0.2-Mmol scale are 5:40 and 6:50 min, respectively. Applied Biosystems 410 Chromatography. LC autosampler, which handles up to 160 samples, fea­ tures a variable injection volume rang­ ing from 1 to 250 μι,. The system in-


eludes a column heater and is fully equipped to perform ΟΡΑ precolumn derivatization. Applied Chromatogra­ phy Systems 411

Software Periodic table. Proelement is a peri­ odic table database and management system that contains more than 12 000 data entries, including physical, iso­ typic, electronic, chemical, spectral, nuclear, bonding, and NMR properties of 103 elements and 481 isotopes. The software runs on IBM PC, PS/2, and compatible computers. Intellibase En­ gineering Software 415 Structures. Chemical Illustrator al­ lows the creation and editing of chemi­ cal structures such as rings, bonds, and symbols plus basic graphics such as ar­ rows, brackets, arcs, and curves. Struc­ tures can be edited within the docu­ ment rather than inside a separate on­ screen window. Xerox 418 Mathematics. Mathematica software system handles numerical, algebraic, symbolic, and graphical computations. Capabilities include polynomial factor­ ization, integration, differentiation, matrices, Fourier transforms, power se­ ries expansion, and 2D and 3D graph­ ics. Wolfram Research 419 Spelling. ChemWords, designed for Macintosh computers, is a spelling dic­ tionary containing more than 30000 chemistry-related words. The software is available in versions compatible with Microsoft Word 4.0, WordPerfect 1.0.3, and MacWrite II 1.0. Scientific Software 420 Modeling. Molecular Modeling is a modeling system that provides 3D rep­ resentations of chemical structures. Each structure is constructed element by element; bonding and ionization rules are provided from a periodic table in the program. Dynacomp 421 Companies Interested In a listing In this department should send their releases directly to ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, Attn:

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