Intelligent System Controller - NEXT-GT

platform to complete the Avigilon end-to-end security solution. Avigilon™ Access Control Manager ... and data, magnetic stripe and keypads. Support ...

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... [email protected] | AC-MER. CO. NT. R. O. LL. E. R. S. Intelligent System Controller. The AC-MER-CONT-64DR is a powerful, intelligent controller solution for managing up to 64 readers with the Access Control Manager (ACM) system fr

Intelligent Two Door Controller. The AC-MER-CONT-2DR is a powerful, intelligent controller solution for managing one or two on- board readers (expandable to sixty-four readers) with Access Control Manager from Avigilon. Based on the Mercury Security

Standards. UL294 Recognized, CE Compliant, RoHS, FCC Part 15 Class A, NIST Certified Encryption. Specifications. Ordering Information. AC-MER-MS-ICS. Intelligent controller, Ethernet enabled Software House Pro GCM Bridge Board. Note: Boards do not in

Mar 2, 2017 - AES 128/256 Bit Encryption and TLS. Large encoded card number support. Multi-brand wireless lock support ... Power: 22 to 24 gauge. To MS-ACS: 34-conductor ribbon cable. RS-485: 1 twisted pair with drain wire and shield, 120 ohm impedan

Maximum workspace area: 2 073 600 pixels. Maximum active capture area: 2 073 600 pixels. System processing depth: 16 bits per color (48 bits per pixel).

driven from a single controller. Powerful and ergonomic LED Video Controller. Compatible with all Martin LED video products (panels and creative products).

Based on the Mercury Security EP1501, the AC-. MER-CONT-1DR communicates with ACM via its on-board PoE capable Ethernet port. The AC-MER-. CONT-1DR includes two inputs, two outputs and two reader ports and easily expands I/O and readers by simply add

Simple & Affordable Cabling. The EC-8BV is an Ethernet device, powered via PoE. (Power over Ethernet). This means that power and control is passed over a single connected Cat 5e cable. HiQnet Compatiblity. In addition to being able to control Soundwe

to control the oil movement system as well all refinery plant facilities, with no major problems. AR1 is ... Yokogawa's APC and Exapilot solutions to improve product quality and production efficiency. ... AR1 needed new technology for its refinery an