Intermatic FD30MAC Spec Sheet

These energy saving timers use no electricity to operate. These timers are designed to replace any standard wall switch, single or multi-gang, and aut...

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Insert Design US Patent #5 280 135. Canadian Patent #2073932. Patented Single Gang. Vertical or Horizontal. Two Gang with Patented. Snap-Together Inserts.

Motor: 1 HP 125 VAC 50/60 Hz; 2 HP 250 VAC 50/60Hz. Caution: Do not use for ... Steam Rooms. • Bathroom Fans ... Engine Block Heaters. • Process Controls.

Time limits of 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes and 2, 4, 6 and 12 hours are available. The “hold feature” allows the user to override the automatic shut-off function for ...

LA Models equipped with 2400 volt open type spark gap armester. * Ballast rating meats U esting a 50% power factor. ** Not CSA certified. 120. 208-277. 347.

Shipping Weight – See table . Specifications – PX600/S. Enclosure – 10" (25 .4 cm) high x 10" (25 .4 cm) wide x 5" (12 .7 cm) deep . Stainless steel or steel with ...

Switch. KM2ST-1G. KM2SW-1G. 1 Gang. SPST. KM2STU-1G. KM2SWU-1G. 1 Gang, 3 Way. SPDT. KM2ST-2G. KM2SW-2G. 2 Gang, Toggle. SPST. KM2ST-3G.

Engineering Specification. Electronic Auto Shut-Off Timer (a.k.a. Interval Timer). Provide and install as indicated an electronic timing mechanism. The timer shall ...

EI205*. 5/15/30/45/60 Minute. Single-Pole. 120 VAC. 1,800. Ivory. No ... Meets or exceeds CEC Title 24, ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC requirements for enclosed ...

Project: Location: Product Type: Contact/Phone: Model #:. FD Series. Energy Controls. FD Series ... minimum of .085" thread engagement. Switch Rating (Each ...

The K121 and K122 NEMA receptacles provide the connector interface for Twist lock ... Ratings. Construction: Size: 2.55" (64.7mm) Dia, 1.52" (38.6mm) High. Base: Phenolic. Contacts: Brass / Phosphor Bronze. Wire Leads: 14 AWG, 105° C, ...

Intermatic Incorporated (“Intermatic”) warrants Intermatic's LED4536SC Twistlock Photocontrol (“Product”) to be free from defects in material or work- manship for a period of twelve (12) years from date of purchase . This warranty is extended

Intermatic Incorporated (“Intermatic”) warrants Intermatic's EK4136S (“Product”) to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of eight (8) years from date of purchase. This warranty is extended to the owner of the light fix

programmed, timer will repeat the first. 24 hour ON/OFF pattern. • For single pole applications. • Use with existing standard or decora wall plates. LANGUAGE: ... not use with starter Compact fluorescent or other electronic ballasts. I + h_ .

and “OFF” tripper permitting single “ON / OFF” control every 24 hours . Model E1020 equipped with a multiple program dial . The dial accommodates 12 “ON” and 12 “OFF” trippers . Furnished with two “ON” and two “OFF” trippers .

AM/PM indicator. The time switch shall provide a manual override control for both temporary and permanent overrides. The time switch shall operate over a temperature range of 32°F (0°C) to 104°F (40°C). A lithium battery provides a minimum of 2 y

The “hold feature” allows the user to override the automatic shut-off function for extended ... The timer must be able to fit a standard 2-1/2 inch deep wall box with ...

-Meet-Intermatic Die-Cast-Lineup. WP3110MXD. Single Gang. WP1030MXD. Double Gang. WP1010MXD. Single Gang aka. 3%. SLIM aka. NORM aka. BOSS.

3000. * Not Used or CSA certified. ** 1 year warnamy. *** Model K4423M replaces K4123M. **** Certified by CSA to US and Canadian Standardis. O 5 DE 5) *-.

Enclosure – 7 .25" (19 .4 cm) H x 5 .25" (13 .3 cm) W x 4 .5" (11 .4 cm) D ... Knockouts – Total of ten combination 1/2”-3/4” knockouts, (2) right side, (2) left side, ...

Spring Wound Auto Shut-Off Timer (a.k.a. Interval Timer). Provide and install as indicated a mechanical spring wound timer that requires no electricity to operate ...

Vertical or Horizontal. Two Gang with Patented. Snap-Together Inserts. Patented Die Cast Metal. Patented Two Gang Fixed. Patented Single Gang Fixed. 2-1/4".

Appliance Timer. • Automatically controls 240 volt air conditioners, heaters, heavy-duty appliances and lamps. • 3,750 watt capacity. • Plugs directly into wall outlet ... Battery backup. • Random setting feature available to avoid predictabl

File #E83486. KM2 In-Wall Timer. 24 Hour, 7 Day. Replaces standard wall switch (toggle) to provide automatic control of outdoor or indoor lighting, fans, pumps, office machines, and other types of circuits . ... Operating Temperature Range: –40°F

This easy to program timer provides up to 40 ON/OFF operations per week which can be used for 24-hour or 7-day load control. The astronomic feature provides sunset ON and sunrise OFF settings and the auto daylight savings adjustment means you can “

dusk-to-dawn type, Intermatic model ELC4536. 300KP10044. Limited Product Warranty. (1) What is Covered By This Limited Warranty. Intermatic Incorporated (“Intermatic”) warrants Intermatic's ELC4536 Twistlock Photocontrol (“Product”) to be fre

Meet-Intermatic-Die-Cast-Lineup. WP311OMXD. Single Gang. WP103OMXD. Double Gang. WP101OMXD. Single Gang. 2°4 aka. 3'. SLIM aka. NORM aka. BOSS. WP125OMXD. Double Gang. WP125OMVXD. Single Gang. WP101OHMXD. Single Gang aka aka. BIG PAPA aka. CHUBS. ST

XXXXXXXX. Energy Controls. ET8415CR. Diagrams. 1. Neutral. 120 VAC. Input. Line. 2. 3. 4. Timer Power. Load. Install jumper only if timer input and load voltage are the same. 1. L2. 240 VAC Input. L1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Timer Power. Load. Operating Mode

Note: If your timer is in the ON position and your program calls for the unit to be OFF at this time press the NEXT ON/OFF button to toggle the unit to ... r E. J. 5. 0. 0 n o s e p u e d e u tiliz a. r c o n b o m b illa s e s tilo flu o re s c e n

Surge Protection Devices-Panel Guard®. Old Model # New Model #. Service. Voltage. Phase Leads#/. Length. Gauge Wire Config. (SCCR) Voltage Protection. Rating (VPR). L-N | L-L | L-G | N-G. Prod. Warr. (yrs). Connected. Equipment. Coverage. Type 2. IG

Product Type: Contact/Phone: Model #:. FD Series. Energy Controls. FD Series. Decorator Series. The FD Series Decorator Auto-Off Timers are designed to replace .... set-up thermostats using SPDT timer. LOAD. LOAD. CR1. CR1. 24. VAC. Hot. Neutral. Loa