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Holy Spirit Experience This is the place to begin. Learn about the power and presence of the Holy Spirit and how you can encounter him! This class is generally offered on Saturdays and includes teaching and powerful opportunities to engage with the Holy Spirit.

Healing 1: Introduction to Healing Prayer A look at the biblical model for healing, some barriers to our understanding of healing and the Kingdom of God, the model that Jesus used and some practical instruction on how to pray for the sick. This class is prerequisite for Healing 2 & 3, and required for participation on the Prayer Ministry team.

Healing 2: Physical Healing, & Inner Healing Do you have a passion to see God heal? This class goes into greater detail regarding physical healing and begins to look at the issues involved in inner healing. You can become someone who brings the Kingdom of God into the lives of the critically or chronically ill. This class is required prior to shadowing with the Soaking Prayer ministry. Previous attendance at Healing 1 is required.

Healing 3: Deliverance, Generational Healing & Restoration Do you desire to see your brothers and sisters in Christ free to live as God has called them? This class is an introduction to learning how to pray for Kingdom freedom in the lives of others. Healing 1 & 2 must be completed before taking this class.

Growing In Hearing God A more in-depth look at how God speaks to us for ourselves and for others. We cover both biblical and practical aspects of the revelatory gifts, with lots of time for practice.

Soaking Prayer There are times and seasons in life, seasons of physical and emotional brokenness when immersion in prayer is helpful. The Soaking Prayer ministry of Vineyard Columbus exists to provide a place where anyone can come to receive prayer as often as they choose. Our primary venue is the Open Prayer session:

Open Prayer for Healing Sessions These sessions are open to everyone. They are held on the second and fourth Saturday of each month beginning at 9am. Additional sessions are offered on Monday or Thursday evenings as we have room and team availability. Please check the Mix for Evening session dates. Each person will be prayed for by trained soaking prayer team members throughout the session. This is an opportunity to be in the Lord's powerful Presence for two hours. NO appointment is needed and all are welcome.

Holy Spirit Empowerment Night A monthly gathering to worship God and seek the presence of the Holy Spirit. Realizing the importance of saturating our lives and ministries with the presence and power of the

Spirit, this service provides an opportunity for us to be freshly filled with the Spirit's presence and to pray for one another in His power. The night consists of three elements - a time of worship, a short teaching on some aspect of the Spirit-empowered life, and an extended time of ministry. We invite the Holy Spirit to come and minister to us spontaneously throughout the entire service with prophetic revelations, gifts of tongues and other spiritual gifts. During the ministry time, there is an opportunity for people to respond for various forms of healing, deliverance and a fresh touch of God's presence in their lives. This service is for anyone inside or outside the church wanting or needing more of God. Note: January—June 2012, 4th Fridays. Starting in July 2012 we will be moving to the 3rd Friday of every month.