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INTRODUCTION TO JOSHUA Principle: Joshua holds the key to the abundant life Christ came to give His people. Use this lesson outline to record your notes as you watch the Introduction to Joshua video.

I. 

JOSHUA: PLACE IN HISTORY The book of Joshua confirms God’s faithfulness in fulfilling His promise to Abraham.

JOSHUA: THE PERSON God is delighted to use the one who believes His word and is willing to act on it.

JOSHUA: ITS PURPOSE The book of Joshua teaches us how we can live in the fullness of what Christ has done for us.



LESSON #1 GOD’S COMMISSIONING OF JOSHUA Joshua 1:1-18 Subject: Joshua is called by God to lead Israel into the land upon Moses’ death. Please answer these lesson questions for next week prior to watching the Lesson 1 video.

Review Introduction to Joshua 1. What was given in the lecture that made you look forward to studying Joshua?


What helped you begin to see the Book of Joshua as more than simply an historical account of the taking of Canaan?

Read Numbers 27:12-23 and Joshua 1:1-9 God’s call to Joshua 3. How do you think Joshua must have felt when Moses, his mentor and leader, died?


When God called Joshua to lead Israel, what might have been some of the challenges he faced?


What three promises in verse 5 did God give Joshua upon his call to leadership?


How do you think these promises encouraged Joshua? How do God’s promises to Joshua help you in your Christian life?


Besides God’s presence with Joshua (verses 5 and 9b), what else did God give him? What is meaningful to you about this provision?


What four things was Joshua to do with this gift from God (verse 8)? Apply it to your own life.

9. Can you explain the way to success as God sees it?

Read Joshua 1:10-18 Joshua assumes command 10. How do you see faith being exercised by Joshua in this section of scripture?

11. What was Joshua’s first recorded command to his people? How does his command apply to all Christians?

12. What repeated exhortation does God give Joshua throughout the chapter and how does it apply to you?

13. How do you see effective leadership being exercised by Joshua even at this early stage?

14. Since the Reubenites, Gadites, and half tribe of Manasseh had previously been granted land on the east side of the Jordan River, what special direction does Joshua now give to them? What are some applications you might make for yourself from this situation?

15. How did the people respond to Joshua’s leadership at this time? What does this teach you about leaders and followers?

Reflection and Personal Application 16. Taking Canaan to symbolize the life of spiritual rest and victory promised to the believer in Christ, what do you think it takes to experience this life? Look for repeated words in the passage to help you.

17. What is your personal challenge in “taking your land”?