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From sensors to the cloud Join the Internet of Things with Acal BFi

1 consult. design. integrate.

About Acal BFi We are a technology-led provider of customised electronics for industrial applications with design, manufacturing and distribution capabilities. With our roots firmly founded in design expertise and engineering knowledge we are able to provide our customers with an extensive range of additional custom services along with access to leading-edge technologies. Working closely with world-leading suppliers we act as a technical partner to help solve our customer’s design challenges. We offer a strong and stable partnership to help you develop your products and bring them to market quickly. Carefully selected technologies to support our chosen markets We offer products across 12 specialist technology areas. Customers use our design-led expertise and expert consultation services to find the best technology solutions for their design, prototype and production needs. Each product area has a dedicated team of technical and sales support specialists available to ensure our customers get the best technical advice and pre- and post-sales support. Consult. Design. Integrate. As well as offering off-the-shelf products, we can also provide technical consultation for your design process, provide design and application advice and we can integrate the latest in advanced technologies seamlessly into your design, ensuring a cost-effective solution with optimum performance.

IoT solutions contents The complete IoT offer from Acal BFi 3 A world of wireless solutions – Design and consultancy 4 A world of wireless solutions – Technical support, Products and solutions 5 Sensor solutions for IoT applications 6-7 2G / 3G / 4G LTE connectivity 8-9 Cloud connectivity and airtime services 10 Multi-GNSS solutions – GPS, Glonass, Gallileo and BEIDOU 11 WiFi modules and embedded Ethernet 12-13 Bluetooth® connectivity solutions 14 ISM solutions – M-Bus / SIGFOX / LoRa® / ZigBee 15 Beacons 16 Antenna solutions for IoT applications 17 Frequency control solutions for IoT applications 18 RF solutions for IoT applications 19 Kick start your design with evaluation boards 20-21 Time to connect? 22 World-leading suppliers 22 Further information about Acal BFi 23 Contact details 24

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The complete IoT offer from Acal BFi The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly expanding, and consumers now expect devices to communicate with each other and the internet instantaneously. Acal BFi are at the forefront of the IoT revolution with an extensive portfolio of products supported by established in-house technical expertise. From simple plug-and-play solutions and technical support services through to our class-leading design and consultancy services, we can support all levels of IoT design and production. Regardless of application, sector or level of support required, we can enable your products and devices to connect to and thrive in the IoT universe. Whether you need technical advice and support, a simple boxed solution or a custom development, we can deliver the right IoT solution to your specific requirements.

Access to world-leading manufacturers Partnering with a wide range of leading manufacturers, we combine our design and support with the latest technologies to deliver the right solution for your individual requirements. Vendor and technology neutral We are not restrained to any technology or manufacturer, so you will always get the best solution for your needs. Extensive range of products With a portfolio of products that encapsulates every aspect of IoT, we cover every element from sensors and wireless modules to airtime services and frequency control. In-depth product knowledge With engrained product knowledge and experience across our comprehensive portfolio, our technical team provide you with the latest technology and the knowledge to best apply it.


A world of wireless solutions The complete IoT offer Acal BFi can support every aspect of the design and production stages of IoT products. Regardless of sector and application, we work with you to find the right product or solution to meet your time and budget requirements.

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Design and consultancy


Acal BFi’s engineering team of specialist wireless design experts understand the evolving technologies that underpin current and future wireless connectivity. As an extension of your team, we listen to your ideas, understand your requirements and build a tailored proposal that will bring your concept into reality.

Specialist services

Working with you, we identify the most appropriate wireless technology to achieve your desired functionality and design a solution that adds wireless functionality to your product, leaving you to concentrate on your core technologies. Together with your in-house teams, we create wireless solutions that meet your needs, budget and timescales.

Dedicated project management

Expert RF hardware and system design

PCB layout

Software development

First article samples

Testing support

Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors – Data – Airtime – Transfer / share – Wireless

A world of wireless solutions Technical support Throughout your design and development stages, our field-based engineers are available as an extension to your internal design teams, working hand-in-hand to support you when necessary. Support can start from the design phase, with initial advice on the best wireless technology to meet your specific requirements, and lasts as long as you need it, through to pre-production, final testing and post-production support. At every stage, you can benefit from our specific IoT expertise. Design phase support •

Advice on the best wireless technology for your needs

Full technical support from initial start to refined tuning

Detailed responses to technical queries

Direct access to manufacturer’s technical support team

PCB and schematic review to advise on optimum layout

Evaluation boards

Pre-production phase support •

Access to our European Technical Competence Centre to solve complex design issues

Advice on regulatory compliance issues

Access to our UK-based EMC chamber for pre-compliance testing

Design support on impedance matching for optimum antenna performance

Production phase support •

Continued technical support for unforeseen production issues

Products and solutions We offer a complete portfolio of class-leading wireless products to add internet and M2M connectivity to your products. From wireless sensors to system-inpackage solutions, WiFi modules to airtime services, we can provide multiple component options for every aspect of an IoT device. Our partnerships with leading suppliers and manufacturers provide you with access to the latest technology with unbiased advice and direct access to technical support, either from our technical team or direct with the manufacturer. Details are available in this brochure and on our website.

Contact us today To discuss your individual requirements, contact your local Acal BFi office. Full details are provided on the back cover of this brochure.

Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors – Data – Airtime – Transfer / share – Wireless


Sensor solutions for IoT applications Bringing the physical world into a digital universe At the start of any IoT journey is data generation. Many applications look to share information from remote or distant locations to other geographies around the world. You may need to collect data from multiple points and consolidate this to one central hub, or share data from one focal point with multiple users. Perfectly complementing our complete IoT offer is our comprehensive range of innovative sensors. Capable of measuring almost any physical parameter, our miniature and low-power sensors allow for multiple and combined parameters to be measured and shared with the cloud within one compact component, so you can measure almost anything from almost anywhere in the world and beyond. With our sensors you can be sure the data sent to and received from IoT is as accurate and reliable as if you had measured it yourself. Whether you’re sensing for indicative purposes only or require high precision measurements in a harsh environment, we can provide the knowledge, expertise and products required to start your IoT journey.

Accelerometers •

Low-power, digital-output, miniature LGA packages

MEMs based, 3 axis, measuring tilt, motion and shock

Ideal for wearable and consumer applications

CO2 sensors •

Wall mounted, duct mounted, handheld and PCB mount versions for domestic and industrial applications

No calibration required

High accuracy, wide measurement range (0-5000ppm)

Environmental sensors •

Temperature, pressure, humidity and gas measurement in one package

Low power consumption

2.5 x 2.5 x 0.93mm SMD package

Ideal for IoT applications

Dust / particle sensors


Detect dust and cigarette smoke

Ideal for indoor asthma trigger and detection

Particle detection as small as 0.3uM

Easy maintenance and installation

Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors Sensor – Data – Airtime – Transfer / share – Wireless

Sensor solutions for IoT applications eCompass •

Measures the earth’s geomagnetic field as well as dynamic and static acceleration in all three dimensions and outputs tilt-compensated heading and orientation information

6 axis / 12 bit digital resolution

2.2 x 2.2. x 0.95mm miniature LGA package

Gyro / angular rate •

3 axis integrated digital gyroscope

16 bit digital resolution

Low power (<5mA)

I2C and SPI (4 wire and 3 wire) interface

Humidity sensors •

Leaded and SMD variants

Small size and low weight

Low power

Analogue and digital output variants

Fast response time

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Humidity and temperature combined sensors •

Analogue or digital output

Fully calibrated and temperature compensated

Water resistant

Low power consumption

Optional wire length

Pressure sensors •

Miniature package size

Low power consumption

Digital and analogue output variants

Extensive variety of pressure ranges

Commercial, industrial and harsh environment variants

Temperature sensors •

Thermistor elements and thermistor sensors

Custom thermistor sensors available, custom R/T curves

Clip sensors

Overmoulded temperature probes, waterproof to IP68

Ideal for demanding, harsh environment applications that require precision and the very best performance

Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors Sensor – Data – Airtime – Transfer / share – Wireless


2G / 3G / 4G LTE connectivity Connect your product anywhere in the world When considering connectivity options, it is important to consider when, where, what and how long devices will need to communicate. Those which are deployed worldwide can leverage the benefits offered by the global cellular mobile phone network. There are multiple options with this approach, including the use of a modem, gateway or embedded module. Modem options offer the easiest connectivity solution for a product with an existing serial port; similarly, a gateway approach can provide the same ease of access to IoT for products with an ethernet port or WiFi connectivity. Embedded solutions are also desirable for many customers and modules provide the most viable option to achieve this method of connectivity.

Modems and gateways – the simplest way for IoT cellular connectivity Modems and gateways offer the most convenient way for remote devices to connect to the internet via the cellular mobile phone network. Typically these modems offer ethernet-to-cellular connectivity or serial-to-cellular tunnelling with I/O capabilities. Fully standalone and ready to deploy, modems are designed for enterprise-class quality and reliability. Key features of our range of modems and gateways •

Options available for 2G / 3G / 4G LTE

Ethernet-to-cellular failover/failback

Serial, I/O and USB interface options

Remote configuration, deployment, monitoring and management

Easy to use

Ready to deploy

What you need for a successful cellular connectivity In order to have successful cellular connectivity the system designer should consider the three core elements concurrently, as all are required to work together for a successful cellular-based IoT implementation. Hardware – this is the electronics that gives your product or system the capability to connect to the cellular network. You will need to know the network variant (2G, 3G, 4G LTE) that you plan to use and the geographic region you plan to operate it in. Air-time services – these are the services provided by a network operator that will allow you to use the cellular network. Typically this relates to SIMs and air-time contracts. Cloud connectivity – this is the services provided by a hosting company to allow you to host data in the cloud.


Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors – Data – Airtime – Transfer / share – Wireless

2G / 3G / 4G LTE connectivity The most cost-effective cellular connectivity – 2G, 3G, 4G LTE modules Embedded modules are a cost-effective, flexible and functional option to add cellular connectivity directly into your product. We have a comprehensive range of 2G, 3G, 4G LTE modules from Sierra Wireless.

AirPrime® HL series – scalable cellular 2G to 4G IoT modules The AirPrime® HL series offers reliable IoT and M2M connectivity in the standard CF3™ form factor for use across 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. It is ideal if you want a compact size, long life cycle and the ability to support multiple product lines with a single platform. •

Small – CF3™ form factor, 22 x 23 mm

Flexibility – solder-down or snap-in socket options

Scalability – 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE versions in same CF3 form factor

Security – free firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) updates keep connectivity optimised and secure

Future proof – LTE cat 1 devices available with LTE cat M1/M2 planned

AirPrime® WP series – 3G and 4G smart modules running Linux OS If you are looking to simplify your overall system design, the WP series smart application processing solutions let you build a connected product on a single module. The secure deviceto-cloud architecture enables you to build a Linux-based product on a single module, reducing overall system complexity and time to market. •

ARM core application processor with dedicated Flash and RAM running Legato™ (Open Source Linux) enhances security, reduces system complexity, and lowers overall BOM

CF3™ form factor, 22 x 23mm, with solder-down or snap-in socket options

Security – secure boot and free FOTA updates keep the connectivity optimised and secure

Rich set of interfaces including USB, UART, SDIO, HSIC, I2C, SPI, GPIO, ADC, PCM, and more

Open hardware reference design from Project mangOH™,  enables rapid prototyping

Connect to any cloud or use the secure device-to-cloud architecture with AirVantage®, which is pre-integrated into the Legato platform

AirPrime® MC and EM series – high-speed, standards-based modules The EM and MC series offer unprecedented LTE speeds, bandwidth, and network performance on PCI Express Mini Card (MC series) and M.2 (EM series) form factors commonly used in networking equipment. •

LTE-A cat 6 for download data rates of up to 300 Mbit/s

Global coverage on LTE-advanced networks with only two module variants

Up to three different certified firmware variants on board (MC/EM74xx)

Linux SDK is available to extend control over the module using APIs instead of AT commands.

GNSS integrated with GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo satellite system

Secure boot and FOTA updates

Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors – Data Data – Airtime – Transfer / share – Wireless


Cloud connectivity and airtime services

Air-time and cloud connectivity services Cellular connectivity often brings data requirements. We are proud to provide the Sierra Wireless IoT acceleration platform, currently a unique solution in the world of IoT platforms. The platform combines SIM and connectivity management with over-the-air device management and a fully fledged application enablement service. This combination of services provides all of the infrastructure you need to build, connect and operate your IoT application in a single platform, from a single distributor.

Smart SIMs for use around the world To successfully connect your IoT application to the world you’ll need a solution designed for machines, not people. IoT deployments are fundamentally different from roaming smartphones which is why the Sierra Wireless solution is optimised for IoT applications. The Sierra Wireless smart SIM and connectivity service delivers multi-operator coverage, superior data service quality and resilience to outages, whether your application is global, regional or local. Key benefits •

Global multi-operator connectivity – devices connect more often with a simplified, more cost-effective single SIM solution

Smart network selection – automatically connects to the best network, ensuring you’re always connected

Resilient to outages – smart SIM tests for a valid data connection and autonomously finds a new network when outage occurs

Central management – unique ability to manage all aspects of deployment and legacy third-party SIMs with the IoT acceleration platform

Plan flexibility and scalability – flexible plans that support global, regional or local deployment supported by best-in-class coverage in all countries

Key features •

Device monitoring and management

FOTA updates and configuration for deployed devices

Data storage, alert rules engine and notifications

Cloud connectors for easy interfacing with third-party cloud platforms

SIM management of multiple operators

Comprehensive set of web service APIs

Supports standard protocols including lightweight M2M, MQTT and HTTP(S)

End-to-end data security

Real-time, bi-directional communication with connected devices


Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors – Data – Airtime Airtime – Transfer / share – Wireless

Multi-GNSS solutions – GPS, Glonass, Gallileo and BEIDOU

Locating, tracking and timing on a global scale We offer a wide range of multi-GNSS modules for both navigation and timing. Our range includes some of the smallest, fully integrated module solutions on the market, with the Origin GPS Nano Spider measuring just 4 x 4 x 2.1 mm. For each series we offer versions with fully integral patch antenna or modules designed for use with external antennas.

Small size, high performance Our modules are easy to integrate from both hardware and software perspectives. Designed to be completely plug-and-play, with easy access to the data you need, these modules are suitable for a wide range of end markets uses including tracking, wearables and drones. Key features of our range •

True multi-GNSS offering with products supporting GPS, Glonass, Gallileo and BEIDOU

Integral antenna versions available for each range

Very small, surface-mount form-factors

Rapid time to first fix (TTFF), as low as 1s from hot start

Excellent accuracy (1-2m depending on module)

Evaluation boards available for all families

Versions optimised for timing applications

Multiple power management options

GNSS open-source reference design Whilst the layout considerations are relatively straightforward, many engineers may not be familiar with layouts using on-board RF antennas. To help with this issue, our European wireless technical competence centre have developed an opensource reference design for the multi spider GNSS module from OriginGPS using a Proant GNSS antenna. This layout is fully approved by OriginGPS with an optimised RF layout that can easily be adapted for other OriginGPS modules or antennas. The design can be used as a plug-in board to easily add GPS functionality, or as a reference PCB layout that can be used as part of a ‘cut and paste’ approach, saving time in the design process.

share – Wireless Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors – Data – Airtime – Transfer Transfer // share


WiFi modules and embedded Ethernet Easily connect any device via Ethernet or WiFi WiFi and Ethernet connectivity is synonymous with the internet, with both options well established as popular and easy ways to connect devices. With WiFi ever present in our everyday lives, it is a compelling choice when thinking about IoT connectivity for an embedded product. We have developed a comprehensive, complementary portfolio of products that address all levels of integration, from easy-to-use WiFi modules with on-board software stacks and device servers to PCIe and mini-cards designed specifically for embedded applications.

WiFi for all levels of integration Embedded device wireless servers – these modules take the hard work out of WiFi connectivity by providing an AT-like command set running over a serial interface which easily connects to any host via an SPI, USB (device) or serial interface. Features of our range: •

Complete device server application with full IP stack and web server

Production ready, easy to configure with zero host load

802.11 b/g/n support

Simultaneous soft AP and client mode

Security – IEEE 802.11i WPA-personal, WPA2-personal, 256-bit AES

Modular RF certification – FCC Class B, UL and EN EMC certification

Industrial temperature range (-40°C to 85°C)

On-board and off-board antenna versions

SIP modules – for medium- and high-volume opportunities Acal BFi offer Wireless SiP modules from USI. Based on the Broadcom WICED™ chipset, these modules are highly user configurable with the use of the WICED™ development tools. Typically users of the SIP modules would use the protocol stacks supplied with the SDK and then develop their own application layer using the SDK tools which would run on the module. •

Highly integrated SiP package with metal-lid shielding

Low power consumption

Excellent power management performance extends battery life

IEEE 802.11b/g and 802.11n 1x1 single-band 2.4 GHz

Advanced security with WEP 64/128, WPA and TKIP, AES, CCX

WAPI support

WiFi direct and software AP function

Simple APIs to access WiFi and network functions

Serial interface to host – SPI, UART and USB

RF certification – FCC, CE


Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors – Data – Airtime – Transfer Transfer / share share – Wireless

WiFi modules and embedded Ethernet Industrial USB / PCIe / mini-card modules We have a wide range of industrial WiFi cards from world-leading manufacturers in the most commonly used form factors. Our factory-trained Field Application Engineers can recommend the most appropriate solution based on your preferred form factor and price vs performance trade-offs. Features include: •

802.11ac, 802.11n, 802.11 b/g/n support

M.2 mini card, PCIe, PCI and USB form factors

Commercial and industrial temperature ranges

On-board and off-board antenna with or without diversity

Dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth

Ethernet-to-enterprise WiFi bridge module For mission critical industrial and commercial applications, we can offer 5G Wi-Fi (802.11ac) connectivity. With a production-ready software stack, enterprise-class security and modular RF certification, it reduces development and deployment risks and accelerates the availability of robust WLAN connected IoT products. •

Dual band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band WiFi

IEEE 802.11b/g /n and IEEE802.11ac support

Extensive security

Modular RF certification – FCC, CE

Intemo case study As part of the Smart Emissions project, Intemo were approached to develop an innovative sensor capable of measuring up to 63 environmental variables and feeding this data back to a central point for analysis. Intemo chose to work with Acal BFi and the Lantronix xPico WiFi for the following reasons. •

xPico WiFi promised shortest time to market

Long-term reliability of Lantronix products

Superior technical support from Acal BFi including: - Hardware verification - Firmware development support - Bug fixing support

share – Wireless Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors – Data – Airtime – Transfer Transfer // share


Bluetooth® connectivity solutions Short-range wireless for cable replacement When looking for a simple wireless cable replacement, one of the best solutions is Bluetooth because of the light-weight stack and the proliferation of Bluetoothenabled products. With the arrival of Bluetooth 4.1 (also known as Bluetooth LE or Bluetooth Low Energy) it is now also suited to very low-power applications, such as connecting remote sensors to intelligent peripherals such as smartphones and tablets. We offer a range of Bluetooth modules with embedded Bluetooth software stacks from Fujitsu, Skyworks and USI. For more details on Bluetooth beacons see page 17.

Bluetooth 4.1 modules These ready-to-use modules are perfect for quickly adding Bluetooth 4.1 functionality to any product with a serial port (UART, SPI, USB). The module is pre-configured with Fujitsu’s data communication (FDC) profile. This is an SPP (serial port profile), ideally suited for sensing, monitoring and wearable applications.

Chip-based SIP modules For applications requiring a higher degree of flexibility and customisation Acal BFi offer a range of Bluetooth 4.1 modules from USI. These modules use the latest WICED™ chipsets and support application specific code developed using the WICED™ development platform. With a compact form-factor and built-in antenna these modules are ideal for midto high-volume applications that require customised functionality and low power consumption. Modules are available as Bluetooth only or dual Bluetooth / WiFi.

Front-end modules Designed with cost and space savings in mind, Skyworks Front-End Modules combine the company’s industry-leading power amplifier (PA), low noise amplifiers (LNA) and switch functions into single low-cost, laminate-based multi-chip modules (MCM). Furthermore, the new module requires no external matching components, accelerating time to market. Manufactured using Skyworks’ proprietary heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) power amplifier process and low-loss pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (PHEMT) switch technologies.

Bluetooth 4.1 explained The popularity of Bluetooth technology continues to grow aggressively year on year, but it’s the recent evolution and release of Bluetooth 4.1 that has captured the imagination of IoT developers around the world. Bluetooth 4.1 allows for short transmissions of data rather than a continuous data stream. This key change reduces power consumption and improves efficiency, a necessary quality for IoT applications such as wearable technology. Embedded into all of Apple’s operating systems as well as Windows 8.1 and Android 4.3, this low-energy, short-range wireless technology is set to continue as one of the most popular wireless connection methods the world over.


Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors – Data – Airtime – Transfer Transfer / share share – Wireless

ISM solutions – M-Bus / SIGFOX / LoRa® / ZigBee Custom solutions and modules for the ISM frequency bands Working with our ISM module partner, Embit, we are able to offer a wide range of custom solutions and standard products designed specifically for the ISM frequency bands, particularly the 169 MHz, 868 MHz and 2.4 GHz bands. Custom solutions Our technical competence centre work with Embit to bring you a variety of design services aimed at developing a wireless module solution tailored to your exact needs. Our expertise and support services cover all stages from the product idea to the product deployment. •

Feasibility study

Design and prototyping

Test and diagnostics




ISM modules Our off-the-shelf modular ISM solutions cover the following standards: •

Wireless MBus (169 MHz and 868 MHz)

Zigbee / 802.15.4 ready modules (868 MHz, 915 MHz and 2.4 GHz)

LoRa® / LoRaWAN™-ready modules

SIGFOX-ready modules

Low-power, wide-area networks (LPWAN) explained Many existing M2M and IoT applications only require low bandwidth as they are transferring small amounts of data. With low bandwidth and small data packets comes the opportunity to look at alternatives to cellular based networks, including SIGFOX and LoRa®. These technologies and networks operate on frequencies in the ISM band and use ultra-narrow band (UNB) technology. Typically these networks operate in a star format where client devices connect via the UNB technology to gateways, which then connect to the cloud. Whilst the technology is restricted to geographies with installed networks capable of using these protocols, the advantage for client devices is simpler hardware and software, and much lower power consumption than traditional cellular networks. This makes it ideally suited to remote monitoring applications with low bandwidths and small data requirements.

License - exempt spectrum Licensed spectrum

Range (m) 5,000



EC-GSM LoRa Weightless-P RPMA


1,000 LTE 802.11ah

100 802.15.4/ ZigBee



1 100 bps

20 kbps

100 kbps

1 Mbps

10 Mbps

Data rate

Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors – Data – Airtime – Transfer Transfer // share share – Wireless


Beacons Bluetooth® beacons for IoT solutions Driven by the popularity of smartphones, beacons provide marketing messages and indoor location information to any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Inside every beacon is a Bluetooth LE transmitter. We offer two products to enable rapid development of beacons.

Smart sensor beacon FWM8BLZ02-109047 A complete, production-ready beacon with the following unique features: •

Possible to set arbitrary advertising data / scan response data

Easy beacon setting / maintenance by text-based command

Remote updating and configuration

Three operating modes selectable: Broadcast mode – sending advertise data one way Peripheral mode – sending and receiving data bi-directionally Recovery mode – initialise beacon setting

Bluetooth LE module MBH7BLZ02 The ideal embedded module for use inside a beacon with all the features required to support beacon functionality.

Beacons explained Beacon technology allows mobile apps running on a smartphone to listen for signals from beacons in the vicinity and then react accordingly. Based on Bluetooth LE, the system effectively allows the mobile app to understand its position on a micro-local scale and then receive hyper-contextual information, based on the location. Using a standardised format for Bluetooth LE advertising, the beacon broadcasts an advertising packet at frequent intervals, typically 100ms. The advertising broadcast contains a unique ID (UUID), which is identified by an app running on a smartphone which then triggers push messages, app actions or prompts. Bluetooth LE-enabled devices typically have ranges of 100m, making the technology ideal for indoor location tracking and awareness. The powerful nature of the beacons is that any app running on the smartphone will be able to understand exactly where the customer is in a given physical environment and then deliver a highly contextual, hyper-local and meaningful message.

16 Design and consultancy

Transfer//share share – Wireless – Technical support – Sensors – Data – Airtime – Transfer

Antenna solutions for IoT applications Multi-frequency or multi-band devices to satisfy connectivity challenges Having the right antenna can literally make or break your design. Acal BFi, working with our carefully selected antenna partners, can source the most appropriate antenna for your application and frequency, whether internal or external. Our field applications engineers work with you, explaining the options, advising which one is best for your design and then work with you on matching the antenna to the RF input/output. This ensures that your end product has the best possible range with the lowest possible power consumption.

Antennas for all applications Our antenna range covers all applications and technologies, including: • • • • • •

Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G LTE) WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee SIGFOX, LoRa GNSS (including Beidou, Galilleo, Glonass, and GPS) ISM, bands Custom designs for non-standard frequencies

Our antenna range includes: • Single and multi band • External connectorised antennas • Internal chip, patch, PIFA and PCB antennas • Customised antennas

Challenges with embedded and miniaturised antennas In many data gathering and wearable IoT applications it is desirable to make the product as small as possible, which mandates the use of an on-board antenna. These antennas can be chip, patch or PIFA antennas, or embedded into the PCB itself. Many factors affect the performance of these types of antenna including ground planes, position of other components, orientation of the unit, materials used in the outer casing, and proximity to the outer casing. A poorly optimised or tuned antenna will have adverse effect on the wireless range and power consumption. Acal BFi, through our antenna suppliers, have access to the latest RF antenna modelling tools to help you determine the optimum antenna for your system.

Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors – Data – Airtime – Transfer / share – Wireless Wireless 17

Frequency control solutions for IoT applications Improve systems performance with a wide portfolio of product solutions In medium- and high-volume applications it is often more economical to move away from a module-based solution towards a chip-set-based solution. These solutions require good, affordable and stable frequencycontrol solutions. We have over 30 years of experience in working with frequency control products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Our engineers are available to help you identify the most cost-effective products from our range, whatever your application.

Frequency control Our extensive range includes: •

Ceramic resonators

Crystal oscillators

MEMS-programmable oscillators



Real time clocks

SAW resonators


Watch crystals

MEMS oscillators explained MEMS oscillators combine MEMS technology and analog CMOS circuit design to produce a unique, silicon-based timing technology that competes well with the traditional quartz-based alternatives. Typically MEMS-based oscillators offer the following benefits over their quartz-based equivalents. •

Better frequency stability over temperature

Lower phase noise and jitter

Lower power consumption

Superior resilience

Superior vibration sensitivity

Superior shock sensitivity

Wide range of package types with ultra-small footprints

Commercial, industrial, automotive and military temperature ranges


Quartz Performance Features

Silicon Better stability, Aging No activity dips Programmable silicon


Samples - 48 hrs Production - 3 wks

Resilience / Reliability

Up to 50% better


Silicon cost and trajectory

SOC integration

Quartz cannot be integrated

Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors – Data – Airtime – Transfer / share – Wireless Wireless

RF solutions for IoT applications Comprehensive range of RF components We have over 30 years of experience in supporting RF design engineers on some of the most innovative radio designs in Europe. We believe our technical expertise is second to none, supporting our customers with expert advice, evaluation boards, samples, data sheets and, where necessary, S-parameters. Our RF product portfolio covers frequencies from as low as 100 MHz to as high as 30 GHz, and offers a broad product offering from world leaders in RF component design. The range covers: •

RF amplifiers, including general purpose, power and LNAs

RF attenuators and baluns

RF diodes including pin, Schottky, limiter, detector and varactor

RF couplers and dividers

RF filters

RF front-end modules

RF mixers, modulators and demodulators

RF capacitors, inductors, switches and transistors

FEMs simplify product design and manufacture Front-end modules (FEMs) is the name that is increasingly being adopted by manufacturers of RF sub-systems. These sub-systems are generally application-specific and designed to support one or more specific frequency bands or base-band chip sets, particularly in the ISM, ZigBee and WiFi space. These modules are the ideal complement to the chip sets as they are complete, fully tested and matched radio sub-systems, which generally offer power and space savings over discrete designs. Typical features include: •

Complete RF sub-system including LNA, filters and switches

Pre-configured, matched and aligned reduces final test time

Low current consumption extends battery life

Small, low-profile packages reduce footprint

Available for all common RF technologies including Bluetooth, ZigBee and WiFi

Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors – Data – Airtime – Transfer / share – Wireless Wireless


Kick start your design with evaluation boards IoT solutions that require cellular communications mangOH™ Project mangOH™ is an open-source reference design for the CF3 form factor modules, including Sierra Wireless WP series and HL series. When used with the WP series it provides an out-of-the box wireless and cloud connected reference design, and enables rapid prototyping of new ideas for IoT developers. With its Arduino connector and its three IoT connectors fully supported by the Legato™ platform, you can try out multiple wireless and sensor technology combinations to best meet your specific requirements. Once your prototype is complete, you can then re-use the industrial-grade design and IoT modules in final production. Features •

CF3™ socket-compatible processors, including wireless processors (2G to 4G and LTE-M)

Legato™ open-source, Linux-based embedded platform designed to simplify connected IoT application development

IoT connectors based on industrial-grade QSFP+ interface to adding any combination of wired, wireless and sensor technologies in both prototypes and final products

Industrial-grade, on-board components or footprint-compatible options to quickly turn prototypes into final products

Support for other open hardware projects (for example mangOH™ Green has Arduino-compatible connectors to support Arduino-compatible shields)

IoT solutions that require WiFi communications XPCW1003100K – xPico WiFi module evaluation kit The xPico Wi-Fi evaluation board provides a test platform for the Lantronix xPico device server products. It uses 5V power from a USB device port connector and provides a header for connection to a 2.2V to 5.5V external source, such as a battery. It includes a 5V wall adapter with a USB plug to allow powering from a standard power strip. It also includes all necessary regulators to power the 3.3V xPico module. Features •

One DB9 serial port connector with a multi-protocol RS232, RS422, RS485 transceiver at rates up to 1 Mbps. Serial port modes are configured by on-board jumpers

A second RS232 serial port is available on a header

One RJ45 10/100 Ethernet port

One mini-type B USB device port connector for 5V input power. This port also has an integrated USB-to-serial converter, which can be connected to the xPico second serial port via a board-jumper setting

A second mini-type B USB device port is available for connection to the xPico module USB device port


Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors – Data – Airtime – Transfer / share – Wireless

Kick start your design with evaluation boards IoT solutions that require Bluetooth communications Fujitsu Bluetooth evaluation kit – KS/MBH-FUJI2 and daughter board To evaluate and develop applications for Bluetooth LE modules, Fujitsu provide a standard board that supports multiple daughter boards with the different LE modules. This evaluation board can be used for evaluation and testing of modules that incorporate the Fujitsu Data Communication (FDC) profile and those that support the Nordic Semiconductor SoftDevice platform to develop your own application. The main board supports the Segger J-Link LITE debugger for firmware development with the Nordic Semiconductor SoftDevice SDK. Features •

Easy evaluation of different modules

Perfect for antenna performance measurements

For all Bluetooth LE products

USB serial port (UART over USB)

Power via USB or dedicated pin with power measurement pin

Access to the digital I/O

IoT solutions that require WiFi with and without Bluetooth communications USI evaluation board – WM-N-BM-02 evaluation board USI provide a standard evaluation capabale of testing all modules. The board provides one or more external antenna connectors (depending on the module capabilities), and those with more than one WiFi antenna connection can also be used for antenna diversity. Features •

Test firmware, tools and scripts included with product and design documentation

Externally connect to host processor / controller

Easy access to all modules pins

Power from USB or external VBatt


Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors – Data – Airtime – Transfer / share – Wireless


Time to connect? Conclusion of services and products offered by Acal BFi The IoT universe is set to become the largest electronic ecosystem in world. Can your idea, product or solution afford not to be part of it? Our portfolio of leading-edge products incorporates every aspect of IoT, supporting you throughout your entire product development and design lifecycle. Servicing every sector and supporting any application, we provide everything you need to succeed in IoT, from design and consultancy to technical support, with the very latest products and solutions. Contact us today and our technical team will find the right solution for your individual project and requirements, providing you with the latest technology and the knowledge to best apply it. Find details of your nearest Acal BFi office on the back cover.

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Design and consultancy – Technical support – Sensors – Data – Airtime – Transfer / share – Wireless

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