January 2016

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Trinity United Methodist Church, Sarasota, FL


January 6, 2016

TAKE THE JOY DARE t’s habits that can imprison you and it’s habits that can free you. But when thanks to

God becomes a habit — joy in God becomes your life. With this habit of keeping a gratitude list persons: 1. Have a relative absence of stress and depression. (Woods et al., 2008) 2. Make progress towards important personal goals (Emmons and McCullough, 2003) 3. Report higher levels of determination and energy (Emmons and McCullough, 2003)

4. Feel closer in their relationships and desire to build stronger relationships

(Algoe and Haidt, 2009)

5. Increase happiness by 25% — (Who wouldn’t want a quarter more happiness!) Who doesn’t want all that? So! Print out each month’s Joy Dare!


(or we can print them for you in the church office)

1. Each day of the month has a prompt to look for three gifts. Or just write 3 things you are thankful for from that day’s experiences. 2. Print it out for the fridge, for the kids, for your family gratitude journal — and take the dare to live in fullness of joy — right where you are! 3. Joy is a function of gratitude — and gratitude is a function of perspective. So take these prompts to help you see and change perspective — give thanks — and live all His joy! 4. Use the daily joy dare prompts — to help you count your own One Thousand Gifts

Communion Offering

Our Offerings Jan – Dec YTD Income (this includes gift from Rev. Lionel Nelson’s estate)


Jan – Dec YTD Expenses


100% of apportionments paid for 2015 2016 Offering Envelopes are here. Please pick up on Sunday in the back of the Sanctuary. If you need yours delivered or mailed, call Church Office. 924-7756

2016 5-DAY BIBLE READING PROGRAM Reading the entire Bible in chronological order aids understanding of God’s Big Picture of Love, Grace and Salvation.. Using the enclosed practical and do-able 5-day Plan will help you reach your goal of reading the entire Bible in 2016. Or try just the New Testament this year… or just the Psalms.

Our offering during the Christmas Eve Worship Service of $1,153 will bless Imagine No Malaria. An extraordinary effort of the people of the United Methodist Church to end death and suffering from malaria, a preventable, treatable disease. 2

Congratulations! Your gift was matched! Praise the Lord! We received the matching grant from the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church for our covenant missionary, Connie DiLeo. Connie was assigned to the Dominican Republic in 2001. There she’s been engaged in a range of ministries from new church starts, to education, to disaster recovery, to community development, to healthcare. God’s saving work through her is especially evident in two villages where new people are now committed Christians experiencing new life in Jesus.

On Giving Tuesday, December 1, nearly 6,000 donors from 27 countries donated $2.8 million to support United Methodist mission and ministries around the world through the GBGM. Our covenant support donation of $2,500.00 to Connie was matched by GBGM bringing our support for Connie to $5,000 for the coming year.

GBGM allocated matching funds dollar for dollar up to the first $1 million in gifts received online on Giving Tuesday. More than 770 projects and missionaries received 8,757 gifts on this one day of online giving. Every gift, whether large or small, makes a real difference in lives around the world. Thank you for supporting Connie through your prayers and giving and thanks be to God for the lives that will be impacted through these gift.

Special Thanks to Shona Burtner who submitted our request online at 1 am on the first day the matching grants were available .

United Methodist Women MISSION WORK OF TRINITY UNITED METHODIST WOMEN For 2015 The Mission Work of THE UNITED METHODIST WOMEN focuses on the support of Women and children’s projects in the United States and around the world. In 2015, TRINITY UNITED METHODIST WOMEN supported the projects and mission work listed below in OUR Church and OUR Community. Our deepest appreciation goes out to ALL of our Trinity UMW Members who have made this mission work possible through their generous contributions and hard work throughout this past year. TRINITY UNITED METHODIST WOMEN’S PROJECTS: UMW Pledge to Mission $1850 (plus all projects listed below…) World Thank Program and Offering $193 Call to Prayer and Self Denial Program and Offering $555 Gift in Mission $10 Gift in Memory $45 Special Mission Recognition $120 UMW Golden Links TRINITY UM CHURCH MISSION & OUTREACH WORK & OTHER: 2 Pennies and Prayer-small coin program for mission projects $136 Trinity UMC Mission Projects: Hope’s Kids - $500 for Books, $100 for Parent Bus Passes, Blessing Gifts for Phillippi Shores Staff at Thanksgiving Trinity Promiseland $100 Trinity Youth $100 Trinity Vacation Bible School $100 Trinity Camp Program $200 COPA – 11 Children Sponsorships $1980 Trinity Christmas Eve Reception UMW Bookcase – Spiritual & Mission Books for UMW Reading Program and ALL Trinity UMC to enjoy. LOCAL COMMUNITY MISSION & OUTREACH WORK: Literacy Council of Sarasota, Inc. $100 Red Bird Mission $300 Everyday Blessings Foster Home $65 for Sports Equipment Resurrection House – Donations of Clothes Pines Retirement Home – Angel Gifts for Christmas 5 Gift Baskets donated to St. James UMC Raffle 1 Gift Basket donated to Phillippi Shores Raffle


Message Series January 10

Bible Sunday

Bring your personal Bible to church. We will also consecrate the new pew Bibles and song books as part of worship Sermon Title Scripture

The Gift of God’s Holy Word Isaiah 25:6-10

January 17 Guest Preacher from Time to Revive Time to Revive will be in our area teaching people how to share the Good News of Jesus in simple, humble ways. As followers of Jesus, we integrate witnessing into our way of life. The sermon will include a testimony of God’s transforming, saving work through this movement in other parts of the country. Sermon Series: Grace Upon Grace Grace is central to our understanding of Christian faith and life. Grace can be defined as the love and mercy given to us by God because God wants us to have it, not because of anything we have done to earn it. Our United Methodist heritage is rooted in a deep and profound understanding of God’s grace. This incredible grace flows from God’s great love for us.

January 24 Sermon Title: Scripture: January 31 Sermon Title: Scripture:

God’s Grace- Seeking and Meeting Romans 5:8; Luke 15:4-10 God’s Grace- Saving and Restoring Romans 10:9-10; Ephesians 2:8-9

February 7

Holy Communion at all services Sermon Title: Scripture:

God’s Grace- Growing and Persevering Romans 12:1-2

Wednesday, February 10 Ash Wednesday Special services at 7am, 11am, and 5:30pm Sunday, February 14 Valentine’s Day

Renewal of Wedding Vows at both worship services. Couples celebrating an anniversary in multiples of 5 (5th, 10th, 15th, etc.) have the option of standing before the congregation during the renewal and will receive a complementary photo. Reception to follow both worship services. Look for additional information and a sign-up form in the Sunday Bulletins. Sermon Title: Scripture:


The Many C’s of a Committed Relationship Ephesians 5:21-33

PRAYERS…. PRAYER PROMPTORS Please contact the Coordinator, Phyllis Pritchett with any special prayer request. Your request will be relayed through 60 prayer partners. Contact her by cell phone at 356-6943 or email [email protected] Please lift extra prayers for: Enos Allen, Eddie Aguilera, Ken Beck, Helen Cihlar, Louise Cowles, Vicki Davis, Joanna Garriott, Flo Goldner, Carol Lee Griffin, Bert Hooglander, Lois Hopkin, Barbara Hohl, Carl Jenkins, Dorothy Kendig, Helen Krotec, Jake Logan, Maryalice McIntyre, Dom Monge, Nancy Ostuni, Babs Pierce, Jan Potter, Jack Rall, Sharon Sanders, Jim Shive, Pat Woodyard, Gary Young. Also please pray for our military family: Justin Chivas, Ed Degrenia, Kevin Gifford, Tanner Holly, David Huston, Michele Isbell, Seth Isbell, Brandon Oberkamp, Leo Puhlay, Audrey Santana, Craig Scott, Greg Sutton, John Turley, Aaron Utter, Dylan Youngblood. If you have someone you would like on the Acorn prayer list, or if you wish to be removed, call the church office at 924-7756 or email [email protected]

Our Prayers are with Colleen and Troy Logan on the death of her brother, Tom Moriarty. Our Prayers are with family and friends of Irma Stafford who died on December 21st. Our Prayers are with Barbara Ellsworth and family on the death of her brother. Our Prayers are with the family and friends of Bob Meadows. A Celebration of Bob’s Life was on Tuesday, January 5, 2015.

It was our joy to welcome Melody Elizabeth Fitzsimmons and Matthias Eugene Liller who were baptized on November 29, 2015. Their parents are Gennie Gyurica and David Eugene Liller.

We welcomed the following New Members to Trinity United Methodist Church: Nov. 18th: Linda Cipoletti, Sam Cipoletti, Marci Chambless, Carolyn Thomas Dec. 13th: Jimmy Hilliard, Susan Hilliard, Jerry Ralston, Ruby Ralston


When the song of angels is stilled, When the star in the sky is gone, When the kings and princes are departed, When the shepherds are back with their flocks, The work of Christmas begins: To find the lost To heal the broken To feed the hungry To rebuild peace among brothers To make music for all to hear -Howard Thurman

Concert - Save the Date

Love, Love, Love A Valentine’s Weekend Concert Celebrating Loving Relationships,

Children Ministries News During the preparation for the rummage sale which occurs in Heritage Hall, 9 am Promiseland will be meeting on the stage during January. 10:30 Kidzone sign in and sign out will be in the preschool Yellow Door Room.

Loving Oneself, and Loving Others WELCOME TO HARMONY!

We'll be kicking off the New Year using a series of puppet plays and visiting a new town, meeting new friends in our 9 am Promiseland hour. Starting in January we'll meet a few of the residents of the town of HARMONY, they are ordinary people each with their own strengths and weaknesses, just like us. Harmony is the kind of place we would all like to live in. Through our visits to HARMONY, we'll be learning about faith, the church, and life in general with special delivery air mail scriptures! Featured Performers: LaTerry Butler & Bobbi English Eschenbach

Saturday, February 13

During the 10:30 Kidzone, games and crafts will be designed around the week's message from HARMONY and kids can help prepare for the next week's puppet play. Its going to be a great new year and we are excited for your families to be a part of it!

Noon, Trinity Sarasota Sanctuary A love offering will be taken to benefit the Trinity Sarasota Day of Hope - A back to school event benefiting needy children at Phillippi Shores Elementary School. Trinity Sarasota is proud to be a part of the Hope Kids Community network of congregations A preconcert, ticketed luncheon and silent auction will be offered beginning at 11am.

Christmas Eve Paper Bag Pageant


South West District THRIVE! Annual Leadership training on Saturday, January 30th. 9 am - 3 pm (Registration begins at 8:30 am.) First UMC, 507 W Marion Avenue Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Daniel Plan

United Methodist Women Hannah Circle will meet on Monday, January 11 at 1 pm at the home of Carol Harris. Carol and Jan Boardman are the co-hostesses for this meeting. We will have the Pledge Service. - Jan Boardman

Ruth Circle meets on Tuesday, January 12, at 9:30 am in Haley Hall. Happy New Year! Please bring your Pink Binder so the 2016 pages can be inserted. Looking forward to seeing you there - Ginny Lints

The Daniel Plan

40 Days to a Healthier Life Join us for a 6-week series called The Daniel Plan- a ground- breaking approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle that is both transformational and sustainable. The Daniel Plan is centered on five essentials that will guarantee your success: faith, food, fitness, focus, and friends. So are you ready to revolutionize your health once and for all?


New Class starting January 10, 2016. More info and sign up in Haley Hall on Sunday or contact Tammy Barnett: [email protected]


Roll up Your Sleeves The Roll-Up-Your Sleeves Ministry will meet on the SECOND Saturday in January (9th) at 8:30 am. Help is needed with taking down and putting away the Christmas Decorations in the Sanctuary.

Altar Flowers 2016 Altar Flowers If you would like to sponsor the Altar Flowers for a Sunday worship service, please see sign-up sheet on table in back of Sanctuary. Cost is $40 and you may take the flowers home with you at the end of the service or leave them to be delivered to someone in the hospital or homebound.

48th Annual Rummage Sale

Suncoast Blood Mobile


Pre-sale HAM Dinner (scalloped Potatoes, Green Beans, Applesauce, rolls, cheesecake or pie)

Wednesday, January 21st 2 seatings: 4:30 pm or 6 pm Tickets $10 for dinner and entry to the Rummage PreSale SALE Days: Thurs., January 21st 8:30 am - 8 pm Fri., January 22nd 8:30 am - 4 pm

Our next opportunity to give life-saving blood will be on February 21, 2016

Life Enrichment Center Registration is open for 2016! Dad & Me Weekend

April 15-17

Grandparents and Me June 27-30; July 18-21

Family Camp

July 22-24; July 29-31

Mom & Me Weekend

September 16-18

For more information visit: www.LECFamily.org

Sat., January 23rd 8:30 am - 12 noon

Help us get the word out!

Remember our Slogan: Reduce… Recycle… Rummage

Facebook Stay Connected – Our Facebook page, Trinity UMC Sarasota, is the best place for reminders, updates and the latest pictures. Check out the new Facebook page for Trinity Preschool, too. Head to the church website, www.iTrinity.org, for recordings of the Sunday messages and other great info. 8

Greeting Card Ministry Recycle those Christmas Cards We are collecting greeting cards of all kinds (Christmas, birthday, Valentines, etc.) both used and new for LOVELAND CENTER. Please put them in the designated basket under the missions bulletin board. They are used by them in many ways. LOVELAND CENTER is a productive and safe place for adults with developmental disabilities that focuses on offering individualized services. Services which empower adults with developmental disabilities to make informed decisions about their work, lifestyle and citizenship so that they may become more self-sufficient and interconnected with the community. Nancy Harter is coordinating this outreach.

Trinity’s 48th Annual Rummage Sale

RUMMAGE SALE DONATIONS NEEDED The church rummage sale needs the support of everyone and it’s so easy and painless. Here’s a checklist to help you decide what to bring: __Unwanted gifts from someone who won’t find out __Furniture, etc which your kids won’t ever bring into their own house __Working electric appliances you haven’t used in years __Tools you never learned how to use __Collections you know will go into the collection bins as soon as you’re gone __Duplicates because you found something better __Things saved for your own yard sale for the past ten years but…… If you think someone else would want it and be willing to buy it, please bring it to church.

IS EVERYTHING ACCEPTED? There are some things we know WON’T sell : NO stuffed furniture and mattresses, any thing mechanical or electrical that doesn’t work right, NO TVs, computers or printers, stained or damaged clothing, hazardous liquids, or kits/games/puzzles with missing pieces. And No Christmas Trees. SO, HOW DO I DO CONTRIBUTE? Bring everything to Heritage Hall’s outside entrance which will be open and usually staffed from 9AM TO NOON during the week beginning January 7th. The Rummage Sale Team - Evelyn Miller, Chairperson Volunteers needed for our Rummage Sale Please visit the Volunteer Board in Haley Hall. Many names have been “suggested” for helping in the various areas at the Sale. Check where you are being asked to serve and let us know if that is ok with you. If not convenient, just cross off your name and sign up where you can help.

If you don't find your name posted...forgive us....we still need you!! Just signup where you would like to help! Many hands are needed for this major fundraising event at Trinity! Thanks!


Bakers Needed! We need your bakery items for the Rummage Sale Bake Shoppe which will be open on Thursday Jan. 21st and Friday Jan. 22nd. This is a great opportunity to show the community what good bakers we have! Last year we had a wonderful array of goodies provided by so many of you...so we are hoping you once again can donate your favorite items! A sign up sheet is in Haley Hall so let us know! We welcome all baked goods and ask if possible, you bring them to the kitchen on Wednesday Jan. 20 so we can prepare and price! Please mark what the items are and if nuts are in them. Thanks! Ann Golm - Bake Shoppe Chair

Trinity 2016 Servant Leaders The following Trinity Members were elected at the November 15, 2015 Church Conference: A. CHURCH COUNCIL: Chairperson Church Council: Becki Carlin* (2016) Church Treasurer: Linda Lopez (2015) Financial Secretary : Tom Thayer (2013) Lay Member to Annual Conf.: Dave Masterson Alt. Member to Annual Conf.: Brenda Lee Hickman (2013) Lay Leader: Becki Carlin (2010) Recording Secretary: Terry Cale (2016) Membership Secretary: Dorothy Gifford (2013) Chairperson SPRC: Dave Masterson (2016) Chairperson Finance: Richard Hicks (2016) Chairperson Trustees: George Cook and Martha Mackey (2015) Missions Chair: Carol Harris (2012) Preschool Board Chair: Bill Smith (2015) UMW President : Sherrill Carr (2016) elected by UMW unit Stewardship Chair: Curt Eskew (2016) Hospitality Ministries: Dave Masterson & Glenn Wood Children & Families Ministry: Jennifer Means Director of Youth: Laura Gehman Director of xClaim! : Jan Potter Dir. of Traditional Worship: LaTerry Butler Parish Nurse: ______ Pastor: Rev. Lisa Degrenia (note: * indicates chair) B. ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEES: Staff-Parish BOD: Lay Leader Class of 2016: Susan Hicks John Ellsworth Glenn Wood (Becki Carlin) Class of 2017: Bev Quesnel Pru Beishline Brenda Lee Hickman Lay Member A.C. Class of 2018: Dorothy Gifford Sam Cipoletti Walter O’Loughlin (Dave Masterson*)

Pastor (Lisa Degrenia)

Nominations (note: chair is the pastor – by Book of Discipline) Class of 2016: Cindy Jorgensen Tonya Smith Marilyn Williams Class of 2017: Brad Pritchett Barbara Hunt Class of 2018: Jan Boardman Danielle Schwied Fritz Sprenger Trustees Class of 2016: Steve Cook (Grounds) David Francisco (office) Mark Aukland (sanctuary) Class of 2017: George Cook (Strategy)* Martha Mackey (liaison)* Scott Thirion (education) Class of 2018: Brad Pritchett (Haley) Linda Cipoletti (Heritage) ___________ (parsonage) b1. Endowment Fund/Wills & Legacies: Members by office: Pastor, Council chair, Trustee chair, Finance chair, Lay Leader, Treasurer b2. Memorials: Class of 2016: Dave Masterson* David Wyatt Class of 2017: Royce Miller John Ellsworth Class of 2018: Ginny Lints Brenda Lee Hickman b3. Scholarship: Scholarship Golf Tournament Coordinator: Glenn Wood Class of 2016: Marina Vastag Carol Eggers Solita Tay Class of 2017: David Wyatt _______________ Class of 2018: Glenn Wood Dave Masterson


Finance Elected members: Phyllis Landis Richard Hicks* BOD members: pastor, lay member of the annual conference, council chair, SPRC chair, Trustee chair, Stewardship chair, Lay Leader, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Business Administrator. d1. Stewardship Class of 2016: Russell Robbins Linda Lopez Dave Masterson Class of 2017: Ruby Cook Terry Cale Class of 2018 Curt Eskew* Ron Schwied Continued next page

Trinity 2016 Servant Leaders Continued from previous page Pre-school board (Note: term begins June 1st not January 1st) Class of 2015: Sally Wood Bill Smith* Term: 6/1/13 – 5/31/16 Class of 2016: Marla Wagler _____________ Term: 6/1/14 – 5/31/17 Class of 2017: Melissa Stalo Phyllis Pritchett Term: 6/1/15 – 5/31/18 Parent Reps: Alle Demes _____________ Term: 6/1/15 – 5/31/16 (1 year term) C. SPECIALIZED MINISTRIES: Disaster Response: Hank Lunsford Community Volunteers: Wendall Pritchett Campus Ministry: ______________ Children’s Home Rep.: Nancy Masterson Publicity: ______________ Prayer Advocacy: Phyllis Pritchett Coordinator Bereavement Team: Margot Stanton Coordinator of Greeters (9:00): Ginny Lints Coordinator of Greeters (10:30): Barbara Jackson & Diane Freestone Interpreter of Connectional Giving Dave Masterson (Annual Conf. Rep.) MISSION TEAM: Becky Carlin, Ginger Evans, Tom Evans, Carol Harris*, Hank Lunsford, Nancy Masterson, Phyllis Pritchett, Wendall Pritchett, Beverly Quesnel, Omer Quesnel, Russell Robbins, Sandy Robbins, Susan Royston, Hal Stanton, Margot Stanton.

AARP Smart Driver Course Why Take a Driver Safety Course? Because driving has changed since you first got your license, and doing so could save you money Cars have changed. So have traffic rules, driving conditions and the roads you travel every day. Some drivers age 50-plus have never looked back since they got their first driver's license, but even the most experienced drivers, including those who previously took a course, can benefit from brushing up on their driving skills and most insurance companies offer a three year, 5% discount to drivers 55 or older who take the course. By taking a driver safety course you'll learn the current rules of the road, defensive driving techniques and how to operate your vehicle more safely in today's increasingly challenging driving environment. You'll learn how you can manage and accommodate common age-related changes in vision, hearing and reaction time, and perhaps extend the number of years one can safely drive. In addition, you'll learn:  How to maintain the proper following distance behind another car  The safest ways to change lanes and make turns at busy intersections  Proper use of safety belts, air bags, antilock brakes and the new technology available on many cars today  Ways to monitor your own and others' driving skills and capabilities  The effects of medications on driving  The importance of eliminating distractions, such as eating, smoking and using cell phone  How to minimize the effects of dangerous blind spots This two day, six hour AARP Smart Driver Course, taught by Trinity member Lee Moyer, is being offered in Haley Hall on January 28 & 29 (Thursday and Friday) from 9 AM to 12:30 PM. The cost is only $15 for AARP members and $20 for nonmembers. Register now and reserve a space by calling Lee at 941-923-0398 11

January Birthdays Happy Birthday

Pam Anthofer 1/1 Julie Calmes 1/3

Jan Housinger 1/7 Nelson Pearson 1/8

The Pines We delivered 30 really full bags to The Pines. Karen Morse had to help as our car could not hold them all. The Pines could not thank us enough. Trinity people are awesome. Donated gifts filled 26 beautiful bags for the 21 residents. We also had 4 very full bags to give to the gift shop for the Residents’ Christmas shopping. - Margot Stanton

Pru Beishline 1/9 Jerry Voyles 1/9

Thank you notes

Susan Keyser 1/10 Lyn Campbell 1/12

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support during my recent illnss. I know that I am truly blessed to have my Trinity “family”. - Marlane Stidham

Cindy Sprenger 1/14 Louise Cowles 1/15

Henry Schnathmann 1/18 Bill Kraft 1/20 Revella Lee 1/20 Grace Stimson 1/20 Trent Rader 1/21 Don Lints 1/25 Thomas Welsh 1/25 Marlene Baldeweg-Rau


Phyllis Landis 1/27 Dawn Sutton 1/27 Bob Booth 1/28

THANK YOU Phillippi Shores Angel Tree Volunteers. As the number of Sarasota County families living below the poverty line increases, our help is needed right here in our neighborhood. Praise God for Trinity people who shopped for Christmas wish lists of 20 children whose families needed a helping hand this ear. This is another was we are partnering with the staff and families of Phillippi Shores IB World School. - Carol Harris

Beverly Nespor 1/29 Pat Woodyard 1/30

Anniversaries Lee & Joy Moyer1/5 Jim & Pat Shive 1/5 Dave & Nancy Masterson 1/20 Roy & Louise Cowles 1/28


On behalf of our staff and the SPRT I'd like to thank you for your generous donations to the Staff Appreciation fund and party. We have a wonderful staff and I know they love serving the Lord and Trinity. Thank you so much and may you feel God's love throughout 2016. Jan Boardman (Retiring) Chair


ALPHA Course! Trinity is hosting an ALPHA program beginning January 7th, at 6 pm in Haley Hall ALPHA is a 10-week program where each week we meet for a simple meal, watch a video from Nicky Gumbel, and then gather into small groups to discuss the topic. As the name “ALPHA” implies, the program addresses the questions that new or prospective Christians need answered. Nicky is a former atheist and fantastic speaker. He presents a logical and compelling argument for the very real existence of Jesus and his divine nature. Although the program is fantastic for those searching, it provides something for everyone. If you still have unanswered doubts, or your beliefs need some reinforcement, or you just want a safe forum to talk about your thoughts and reservations on Christ without judgement or religious trappings; then please consider joining this ALPHA program. If you know of someone else who has these needs, no matter what their background is, please invite them. Contact Trent Rader, John Lopez or Jason Means or church office if you need additional information.

Pahokee Mission PAHOKEE #19: Our mission trip was one of the most productive we've had thanks to our own Dave the Plumber! He was able to make repairs to 3 homes that would have easily cost the homeowner $500 or more, for each of the OLD houses. Dave the Plumber brought his father with him, Dave the Carpenter. He was great with coming up with solutions to carpentry problems that were inexpensive but effective in making the homes more livable. Larry the Good Guy was everywhere. Adam the Observer jumped in and helped with everything. Food is the most important item you can give. Canned food, or rice - like the 50 lbs we received from Trinity donations (which Trinity received from Old Miakka UMC), and non-spoilable items. Go with us. Just go one time. Your concept of mercy and compassion will be changed. The next trip will be "soon". Get 5 people together and I'll go with you. One person you need along would be a "mission chief" to help the team focus on the repairs. Hank Lunsford 342-4477

ESOL Classes ESOL classes restart the 1st Wednesday in January @ 7:00 pm. I encourage students to come and sit at different tables and groups so they get more experience in the way words are pronounced in different parts of the US. No registration, no fee, no books. Hank: 342-4477.


Acolytes and Crucifers: January 3: 9:00 am: Richard and Susan Hicks 10:30 am: Diane Freestone and Tom Surprise January 10: 9:00 am: Henry and Revella Lee 10:30 am: Karen and Bud Duffey January 17: 9:00 am: Mark and Julie Calmes 10:30 am: Diane Freestone and Tom Surprise January 24: 9:00 am: Don and Ginny Lints 10:30 am: Carol Swart, Diane Fey

January 7 Steve Cook, Ethel Paki Sharon Sanders, Barbara Smith

CENTER January 3: 9:00 am: 10:30 am: Becky Carlin

January 14: Ann Riviere, Barbara Smith Diane Freestone January 21: Karen McGuirt, Barbara Smith, Pru Beishline January 28: Charlotte Bryner, Ginny Lints, Margot Stanton, Barbara Smith

January 10: 9:00 am: 10:30 am: Barbara Hunt

January Communion Preparation: 9:00 am Service: Mary Raymond

January 17: 9:00 am: 10:30 am: Jim and Solita Tay

January 31: 9:00 am: 10:30 am:

Sanctuary Teams:

Coordinator: Barbara Smith 351-4219

January 31: 9:00 am: Thirion family 10:30 am: TBA

January 24: 9:00 am: 10:30 am: Ethel Paki

December 6: Taylor Rader, Ashley Rader Crucifer: Curt Eskew December 13: Dakota Alexander, Stephen Hunt Crucifer: Marguerite Hankins December 20: Addisyn Schwied, Maren Schwied Crucifer: John Ellsworth December 27: Jordan Means, Dakota Alexander Crucifer: Owen Woodyard

10:30 am: Diane Freestone, Laurie Ward Liturgist: Dave Masterson

Volunteers needed one Sunday a month at the Welcome Center… especially before 9 am Worship. Email your preferred week to [email protected]

OUR USHERS: Team Leaders: Ray Garriott, Jerry Voyles Ben Hopkin, Larry McDorman, Jerry Ralston, Tom Robertson, Patcherie Shive, Jim Tay, Owen Woodyard, Steve Zickel. Thank you for your faithful service each Sunday. 14

January 2016 SUN






Every Sunday: 9:00 am & 10:30 am Worship

Every Monday:

Every Tuesday

Every Wednesday: 7:00 am: 40 minutes of hymns, a devotion and communion in the Sanctuary

Every Thursday:

11 am: Pastor’s Bible Study and Soup lunch in Haley

10:00 am Al Anon, Mary Hill Room

Every Friday: 8:00 am Breakfast Group at Tasty Home Cookin’

5:15 pm Kidz Chorus 5:45 pm Bible Buddies

6:30 pm Chancel Choir

9:00 am & 10:30 am Adult Small Groups Nursery Hours 9 -11:30 a.m. Kids Promiseland 9 - 10:15 a.m. Kidzone 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. Middle School 10:30 am Youth Small Group 6 - 7:30 pm


Epiphany Sunday

6:00 am Breakfast Group at Denny’s

6:30 pm Young Adult Bible Study

8 am Prayer Group, Sanctuary 8:45 am Gentle Yoga, Heritage 9:00 am Trinity Vocal Band 10:15 am Program Staff


5 10 am UMW Board 3-7pm FDOT Public meeting, Heritage 6 p Trustees

6pm Youth Group

Contemporary Worship 10:30 am Traditional Worship 10:30 am Daniel Plan

11 1 pm Hannah Circle @ Carol Harris

6pm Youth Group

17 9:00 am XClaim! Contemporary Worship 10:30 am Traditional Worship 10:30 am Daniel Plan


6pm Youth Group 31 9:00 am XClaim! Contemporary 10:30 am Traditional Worship 10:30 am Daniel Plan 6pm Youth Group





7 am Communion 11 am Pastor’s Bible Study/Lunch 5:15 pm Kidz Chorus 4:45 pm: Bible Buddies 6 pm TGIW Dinner 7:00 pm ESOL class 7:00 pm Small Groups, x-Claim! Rehearsals

2 pm Daniel Plan

7 am Communion 11 am Pastor’s Bible Study/Lunch 5:15 pm Kidz Chorus 4:30 pm: PRESALE DINNER 6 pm RUMMAGE SALE DINNER 7:00 pm ESOL class 7:00 pm x-Claim! Rehearsals


27 7 am Communion 11 am Pastor’s Bible Study/Lunch 5:15 pm Kidz Chorus 4:45 pm: Bible Buddies 6 pm TGIW PotLuck Dinner 7:00 pm ESOL class 7:00 pm Small Groups, x-Claim! Rehearsals



12noon Men’s Lunch Bunch, Haley

9:30 am Arts & Crafts Group, Haley



8:30 am Roll-UpSleeves Ministry

6:30 pm Choir Rehearsal


7 pm SPRT


10 am FISH 6pm Alpha Course Wesley Room



(Other weekly small groups available call Church Office for more information.)

Happy New Year

13 7 am Communion 9:30 am 11 am Pastor’s Ruth Circle, Haley Bible Study/Lunch Hall 5:15 pm Kidz Chorus 6:30 pm: Mission 4:45 pm: Bible Buddies 6 pm Daniel Plan Dinner Team meeting 7:00 pm ESOL class 7:00 pm Small Groups, x-Claim! Rehearsals

12 noon: Women’s Lunch Lift, Hillview Grill

11am Book Study at Lifeway Church Office Closed

7:00 pm Small groups opportunities X-Claim Rehearsal


5 pm Youth Parent Info Meeting 24 9:00 am XClaim! Contemporary Worship 10:30 am Traditional Worship 10:30 am Daniel Plan

6 pm TGIW Dinner

7 pm ESOL Class

9:00 am XClaim! Contemporary Worship 10:30 am Traditional Worship 10:30 am Daniel Plan

10 9:00 am XClaim!

9:00 am Sanctuary Team






28 9am - 12:30pm 29


2 pm Daniel Plan 6 pm Alpha Class, Haley 6 pm Preschool Night Party Plan

2 pm Daniel Plan 6 pm Alpha class 6:30 pm Choir Rehearsal

8 am - 4 pm Rummage Sale

AARP Smart Drive Course, Haley Hall 9 am - 12:30 pm AARP 2 pm Daniel Plan Smart Drive 6 pm Alpha class Course, Haley 6:30 pm Daniel Hall Plan 6:30 pm Choir Rehearsal

8 am - Noon Rummage Sale

THRIVE 9 am - 3 pm First UMC Punta Gorda

Trinity United Methodist Church

4150 S. Shade Avenue Sarasota, FL 34231 Tel: 941-924-7756 Fax: 941-922-4986 Email: [email protected]


MIDWEEK WORSHIP: Tuesday Prayer Group 8 am in the Sanctuary

Wednesday Communion: 7 am in the Sanctuary Trinity UMC Sarasota

Pastor: Rev. Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia Organist/Choir Director: LaTerry Butler Director Community Connection: Buddy Royston Children/Family Ministry Dir.: Jennifer Means Youth Ministry Director: Laura Gehman Director of X-Claim!: Jan Potter Custodial Staff: Barbara Smith, Wendall Pritchett

Sunday Tech/Custodian : Leon Milner Childcare Coordinator: Rebecca Milner Kid Zone: Marci Chambless Preschool Director: Pam Rader Preschool Teachers: Glenna Schrock, Wanda Butler Accounting Coordinator: Shona Burtner Secretary: Karen Remfrey

The Mission of Trinity United Methodist Church: Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS Monday thru Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Closed Friday