January 2017

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GOOD SHEPHERD STAFF Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Newsletter January 2017 Epiphany Service / Cook-off


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Epiphany Service and Chili & Corn Bread Cook-off to be Held Jan. 6 Join us Jan. 6 as we gather to celebrate Epiphany with chili and corn bread followed by a brief service. Our annual chili and corn bread cook off will be in the FAB at 5:30 p.m. where we can enjoy fellowship together over our meal and learn who are the best GSLC chili and corn bread chefs to kick off 2017. We then will have our traditional “procession of Kings” and the singing of “We Three Kings”. Afterwards we will have a service for Epiphany in the FAB. As the Magi gave gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, we invite you to give to help those in need. We are asking for donations of coats to help keep others warm this winter. We also are going to start collecting Hats, Underwear, Gloves and Socks to get a jump start on our H.U.G.S. for the Homeless campaign. There will be a place for you to drop these items off in the FAB when you come for our Epiphany celebration.

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Our collection of filled stockings and dressed teddy bears overflowed in the narthex. Thanks to your kind generosity, around 150 children could enjoy receiving a special gift this Christmas.


Pastor’s Message Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, I’m curious: Did you receive one of the most commonly given gifts this past Christmas? I don’t mean electronics or toys, or even ties or fruitcakes. I wonder if you got a calendar for Christmas. Calendar sales are big business, and most of them are sold in December. People get wall calendars with beautiful nature scenes, pocket calendars with cats and dogs on them, and those calendars where you rip off a page each day to reveal a “word of the day” or a “joke of the day” or even a “Bible passage of the day.” A few years ago, a meme was going around on Facebook about a “Bible Passage of the Day” calendar. It seems that whoever was in charge of publishing this particular calendar found this scripture passage and thought it would be good for one of the days: “If you, then, worship me, it will all be yours.” –Luke 4:7 Now you might see that and think, “Yeah, that makes sense, when we worship God, God provides for us.” But read this passage carefully. This is not a quote from Jesus. This quote is from the Devil as part of his dialogue with Jesus during the Temptation in the Wilderness! This error by a copy editor at a calendar company reminds us that we are called to hear God’s word in the fullness of its context, not in snippets. Too often we tend to use God’s word when it is helpful to us and ignore it when we don’t need it or want it. Being faithful to our Baptismal Covenant to remain rooted in the word means that we have to give God’s word, and how it impacts our lives, the time and the respect that it deserves. That begins with worship. Gathering together each week for worship and faith formation is essential to our life together and the core of what we do as a church.

As we begin a new year, I ask that you pray about how worship will be a regular part of your life in 2017. I invite you to resolve to commit to take time to read scripture and pray. I pray that you will be part of what God is up to at Good Shepherd in this New Year. Our calendars are filled with our commitments, appointments, and life milestones. I look forward to sharing in your life together as a community of faith in the year ahead. Wishing you a blessed and worshipful 2017! Pastor Paul

Associate Pastor’s Message Food for the New Year Around the world, people associate eating certain foods at the New Year. In the South, we eat cooked greens. Eating collards, cabbage, et cetera on New Year’s Day is supposed to bring financial fortune because the food looks like folded money. Legumes and pork also bring prosperity and money (so they say). I suspect the reason we connect food to prosperity is because we have such a fundamental need for food: if you have it, you live, and if you don’t, you die. As we begin another year, we should all hope 2017 will be a good year for us and for the multitudes of others. It is the most common desire across humanity that people have good fortune in their future, at least to the extent of having food to sustain themselves. I can’t think of anyone who didn’t hope for or seek good fortune at some level. An example of this can be found in John 6: “When [the crowd] found [Jesus] on the other side of the sea, they said to him, ‘Rabbi, when did you come here?’ Jesus answered them, ‘Very truly, I tell you, you are looking for me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate your fill of the loaves. Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you’” (vs 25-27a). This dialog continues for a bit, ending with Jesus’ declaration that “the bread of God is that which comes down from heaven and gives life to the world” (v33). I imagine the crowd thinks, “Gives life to the world? That is what we all desire! Forget collards, black eyed peas, and pork. Give us this food that is capable of so much more than our superstitions!” Jesus ends by saying, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty” (v35). After he elaborates on this awhile, we read the people’s response: they complained (vs 41, 44, 52, 61). Ultimately, many of his disciples left him over these words. “Because of this many of his disciples turned back and no longer went about with him. So Jesus asked the twelve, ‘Do you also wish to go away?’ Simon Peter answered him, ‘Lord, to whom can we go? You have the words of eternal life’” (vs 66-68). So eat all the collards, lentils, and pork you want this year. If you seek good fortune for your life, note that this “fortune” is delivered in a form that is not about earthly prosperity but rather eternal life. The quality of this life is measured by its proximity to Jesus. Even today, some people find this revelation to be disappointing or too challenging. I hope that you view this as an invitation to draw closer to the mysteries of our faith and to the fellowship we share in worship. May drawing closer into the eternal life in Christ be the food you seek during this new year. Pastor Kris


Congregation to Meet, Gather Around YOGS Annual Souper Bowl of Caring Feb. 5 Sunday, Feb. 5, will be a unique day of opportunity, service, and fellowship for Good Shepherd members. First, a special congregational meeting has been called for that day to discuss constitutional changes that have been proposed. The opportunity presented at this meeting has the potential to greatly impact the quality of service that members will be able to offer. So that we can hope to get the best turnout for this meeting, one worship service only will be held. Immediately after the service, the congregation is invited to the FAB to participate in the 28th Souper Bowl of Caring put on by the Youth of Good Shepherd. The YOGS will collect monetary donations and offer congregation members and guests the fellowship occasion of a soup-and-sandwich lunch together. Donations also will be received for the lunch. All proceeds from the post-worship collections and the lunch will go to St. Lawrence Place.

Foundation Announces Awards The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Foundation has chosen its 2016 Grant Recipients, to be recognized at the 10:30 a.m. worship service on Sunday, Jan. 8: Seminarian Support, awarded to Good Shepherd members Jonathan Sanchez (Yale Divinity School) and Lexi Barnhill (Duke Divinity School); Camp Lutherock, to provide an AED at their base camp, and Novus Way, to provide scholarships for children who attend Lutheridge and Lutherock; The South Carolina Synod, to help start a ministry of Faith Formation for young people with special needs; The GSLC Small Group Task Force, to help start new Small Group ministries within the congregation. Both GSLC members attending seminary and being supported by the Foundation will be present on Jan. 8 They will be our special guests at a combined adult Sunday School class that day to talk about their process toward becoming Ordained Ministers. The Foundation Board encourages members to be part of this grant-making process. Active Good Shepherd members are invited to pick up an application and be a “Shepherd” for the next grant cycle. Applications, available at www.gslc.com or from the church office, should be returned to the office by May 1, 2017. If you have questions, contact Teri Holmes, Foundation Board Chair, at [email protected] or via cell at 803-381-7912.

The Best Time to Join Choir Is ... Choirs can sometimes be tricky. It’s hard to know when it would be a good time to join. January is a wonderful time to get started with any of our choirs. We will start with a lot of new music for the new seasons of the church year.

The capacity of our choir loft is 28 seats. This fall, we’ve had about 15 members on a regular basis in our choir. I would love to see the choir full most weeks. If you are interested in joining the choir, please talk to me. There is no audition required, but it’s good for me to know you’re coming and to have a notebook ready for you! Our Children’s Choir will begin again on January 11. This includes children from First to Fifth Grade. We make music together on Wednesdays 5:30 to 6:15 p.m. This is not your typical children’s choir! They will move and sing and be creative in many musical ways! Our Early Service music team will continue to rehearse at 8:10 a.m. Sunday mornings each week. If you’re up for learning some new music and leading the congregation in singing, come over and sit with us! The time is right! Cody Jones, [email protected]


2017 Committee Chairs Named The Congregational Council elected as officers for 2017 Ed Beaman, President, and Sid Havird, Vice President. Anna-Marie Plyler will serve as Secretary and David Hill will be Treasurer. Committee chairpersons and council representatives to the committees are as follows (* indicates chairperson): Communication: Evangelism: Finance:

Wade Wingard* Jim Johnson*, Stacy Gross Rebecca Richardson*, Jason Ortiz Gifts: Becky Shealy* Learning: Katherine Wollner*, Tim Mueller, Becky Anne Struthers Parish Life: Mary Stallings*, Susan Weaver Property: Sid Havird* Social Ministry: Don Caughman* Worship Life: Nancy Hyatt* Youth & Children: Virginia Aull*, Amy Kemp Committee chairs will be in contact with those who volunteered to serve on their committees about meeting dates and times for 2017.

January Focus: Woodyard Fund Our social ministry emphasis for January is The Woodyard Fund. A joint project of The State newspaper and The Salvation Army, The Woodyard Fund helps residents in crisis in Richland, Lexington, Newberry, and Fairfield counties pay utility bills. The Salvation Army screens applicants, who are selected based on income level, illness, or special circumstances such as a house fire. From December 2015 through March 2016, The Woodyard Fund assisted 301 households with an average payment of $295.54 per household. The fund dates to 1816, when the Ladies Benevolent Society provided firewood and coal to families in need in Columbia. In 1930, The State began publicizing the fund each winter. Donations are needed to help the neediest in the community stay warm in the winter. If you’d like to support this effort, you may put your contributions in the offering plate any Sunday in January. You may also send your donation to the church office. Checks should be made out to Good Shepherd and designated for The Woodyard Fund.

Parlor Class Sets 2017 Transitions Chili Dates The Parlor Class has set its 2017 dates for serving chili at Transitions. The prep and serving dates are January 2829, April 29-30, July 29-30, and October 21-22. Prep work and cooking are done in the FAB on Saturday. In 2016, the Parlor Class served chili five times. Over 100 volunteers participated, and the group served over 1,00 people chili, cornbread, salad, and a cookie. This is an increase of 300 people over 2016! Everyone is invited to participate in this project by cooking on Saturday, serving on Sunday, or contributing financially. The cost for each service date is about $400. If you would like to volunteer or more information, please contact Susan Weaver at 803-600-1936.

There’s A Need For… Personal-sized toiletries for various shelters Wide-mouthed pill bottles Plastic grocery bags Food donations Shoes Yarn Collection bins are in the hallway across from the office. Please note: If no bin is available for an item, that item is not needed at this time. Thank you for your support!

Noisy Offering for Therapy Place The recipient of the January 29 noisy offering at Good Shepherd will be The Therapy Place, the only nonprofit pediatric therapy center in the Midlands. The Therapy Place provides services for children with developmental disabilities. While some therapy services are covered by private insurance and Medicaid, two innovative and costly programs at The Therapy Place depend on community support to make the services available to families with special needs children. For more information about The Therapy Place, check their website at The Therapy Place. Noisy offerings are collected on the fifth Sunday of a month. The social ministry committee designates a recipient in the community to receive the donations. Over the years, many nonprofit community services and church organizations have benefitted from noisy offerings at Good Shepherd.


January Sunday School Classes Adult Sunday Church School classes meet downstairs below the sanctuary. Come at 9 a.m. for fellowship, hot coffee, and brief announcements before class. Join any class you like or give all our adult classes a try. Our classes are always open for new folks!

“Come & See” Class—Classroom I The “Come & See Class” on Jan. 8 will have special presentations by our GSLC seminarians who received GSLC Foundation grants. The last three January classes will be led by Pastor Kris.

Around the Corner Class—Classroom 2 The Around the Corner class will join the “Come & See” class on Jan. 8. The last three January classes will be led by Pastor Paul.

Parlor Class—Classroom 3 The Parlor Class will join the “Come & See” class on Jan. 8, and Mitch Mackinem will lead the Parlor Class the last three Sundays in January.

Fellowship Class—Classroom 5 Bible study, hymn singing & fellowship led by Walter Robertson.

Worship Service Notes Service during worship is crucial to the functioning of our church services, so it is important to be present on the date assigned. If you cannot be here, get a replacement and notify the church office (787-4413) by 9 a.m. on the Wednesday morning before your assignment. If you can’t trade with someone and need assistance, please contact the following: SERVICE AREA Worship Life

CONTACT PERSON Becky Shealy 788-8469 8:30 a.m. Susan Weaver 600-1936 10:30 a.m. Wade Wingard January Usher Chair 783-0809 Worship Assistants Becky Shealy 788-8469 Acolytes & Crucifers Neal Inman 788-5421 Nursery Sarah Evans 803-315-7141 Contemporary Coord. Susan Weaver 600-1936

Pastor Paul: 803-331-5970 Pastor Kris: 803-629-0263 Cody Jones: 828-238-7916 NOTE: On Sunday mornings, the pastors do not carry their phones with them and the church office is closed.

January Birthdays (according to church records) 1 Donna Haigh Rachel Richardson


Penny Pedersen 17 Betty Fellers Shane Porter

2 Susan Weaver

10 Kathy Strunk

3 Luvelle Terrio

11 Joey Allison

4 Chandler Ford

12 Becky Silvia

5 Eden Rowell

Greg Sox

18 Kitty Howard Rosemary Nance 18 Adams Smith Michael Stallings 19 Maddie Boozer

6 Pat Quattlebaum

13 Brayden Jones

Alycia Fortner

7 John Allen

16 Ansley Seay

Mike Traufler

20 Preston Haigh


Stacy Gross

Gigi Middlebrooks


Katie Aller

John Van Duys


Kathy O’Quinn

22 Lachlan All-Black Brooke Grosh

Ellen Sheppard 29

Marian Dunlop

23 Phyllis Nilson

Lila Smith

24 Matthew Herrmann 30


Silas Holmes




8:30 am Contemporary Service with Holy Communion 9:00 am Coffee & Fellowship (Downstairs) 9:25 am Sunday Church School 10:30 am Traditional Service with Holy Communion

January 2017







10 a.m. Coffee & Fellowship One Service Only at 10:30 am No Sunday School

Church Office Closed Day School Closed

11:30 am Bible Study (FAB)

6 pm NA (Conference Room)

5:30 pm OA (Conference Room) 6 pm Centering Prayer (Cl-4)



10 10 am Sarah Group (FAB) 11:30 am Bible Study (FAB)

GSLC Foundation Gifts Sunday 4 pm Confirmation Class (Cl-2) 5 pm Jr. YOGS Program 6 pm All YOGS Dinner 6:30 pm Sr. YOGS Program


4:30 pm Executive Comm. Mtg. 6 pm Lutheran Men in Mission 6 pm NA (Conference Room)

5:30 pm OA (Conference Room) 6 pm Centering Prayer (Cl-4)



Food Pantry Sunday

11:30 am Bible Study (FAB)

6 pm NA (Conference Room)

5:30 pm OA (Conference Room) 6 pm Centering Prayer (Cl-4) 7 pm FANA Meeting (FAB)



6:30 pm Congregational Council Mtg.


NEWSLETTER DEADLINE Noon GYF “Game Day” (FAB) 4 pm Confirmation Class (Cl-2) 5 pm All YOGS Event


11:30 am Bible Study (FAB)

6 pm NA (Conference Room)

5:30 pm OA (Conference Room) 6 pm Centering Prayer (Cl-4)



6 pm NA (Conference Room)

5:30 pm OA (Conference Room) 6 pm Centering Prayer (Cl-4)

Noisy Offering Sunday Parlor Class Transitions Project 4 p.m. Selma Movie Event (see page 11)


Every Monday: Pastor Kris’s day off

Every Wednesday*:

Day School Chapel 9:30 a.m. Children’s Choir 5:30 Adult Choir 7 p.m.

*Unless otherwise noted

Every Friday: Pastor Paul’s day off

Wed 4

Thu 5

Fri 6

Sat 7

10 am Mary Group (FAB) Noon Staff Retreat

6 pm NA (Conference Room) 7 pm Adult Choir resumes

5:30 pm OA (Conference Room)

5:30 pm Chili and Corn Bread Cook-off (FAB) 6:30 pm Epiphany Service (FAB)




14 11 am Germany Trip Prep Meeting (FAB) 5 pm Tanzania Meeting (FAB)

5:30 pm Children’s Choir resumes 6 pm NA (Conference Room)

5:30 pm OA (Conference Room)





Live Wire to Shealy’s for lunch (leave church at 10:45 am) 2 pm Visitation Ministry 5 pm Weston Mgmt. Forest Lake HOA Mtg. (FAB) 6 pm NA (Conference Room)

5:30 pm OA (Conference Room) 6:30 pm Tamar Group 6:30 pm Dorcas Group (FAB) 6:30 pm SC Native Plants (Cl-1)




28 FAB Kitchen reserved for Parlor Class Transitions Project

6 pm NA (Conference Room)

5:30 pm OA (Conference Room)


Traditional Worship Stewardship for January DATE








Jerry & Judy Rogers

Greg & Carole Sox

Wayne & Bonnie Hammond

Jerry & Donna Vaughn

Earl Butler Jean Cockrell



Wade Wingard Jerry Vaughn Stan Wilson Wayne Hammond

Wade Wingard Daniel Wingard Rebecca Richardson Stan Wilson

Jerry Vaughn Wayne Hammond Rebecca Richardson Stan Wilson

Wade Wingard Jerry Vaughn Rebecca Richardson Stan Wilson

Wade Wingard Wayne Hammond Rebecca Richardson Jerry Vaughn

Team 5


Kathlyn Holt

Jaden Porter

Anna Ross

Eden Rowell

Lennae Sox

Noah Adams


William Foster

William Foster

Corley Frierson

Forrest Havird

Millie Sox

Emily Headley


Don Caughman (L&C)

Alice Buckner (L) Lillie Wilson (C)

Mitch Uehling (L) Joey Allison (C)

Shawn Holt (L) Becky Shealy (C)

Katie Miller (L) Penry Gustafson (C)



Jordan Herrmann Katherine Wollner

Kimi Dail Ashleigh Taylor

Sarah Evans Stacy Gross

Kimi Dail Becky Anne Struthers



Janet Lockhart Sabra Lindler Kathy Ferry Clarissa Ferry

Janet Lockhart Sabra Lindler Kathy Ferry Clarissa Ferry

Janet Lockhart Sabra Lindler Kathy Ferry Clarissa Ferry

Janet Lockhart Sabra Lindler Kathy Ferry Clarissa Ferry

Janet Lockhart Sabra Lindler Kathy Ferry Clarissa Ferry



David Lucas Rebecca Richardson

Jerry Vaughn Terri Tokaz

Karen Lucas Lavina Chandler

Mary Stallings Mary Margaret Hoy

David Lucas Rebecca Richardson

Betty Cox Mitch Uehling



Joey Allison

Contemporary Worship Stewardship for January DATE








One Service Only (10:30) NO SS

Mike Brown Jim Donovan

Mike & Susan Weaver

Steve Hanayik Frances Plyler

David & Karen Lucas

One Service Only (9:30) NO SS


Brad Aller (L&C)

Charlene Fink (L&C)


Anna Lawson (SS TBD)

Kimi Dail (also SS)

Beth Mackinem (SS TBD)

Kimi Dail (also SS)


Connie Donovan

Mike Weaver

Steve Hanayik

Karen Lucas

Connie Donovan Ryan Rodriguez (L&C) (L&C)


Lutheran Men to Meet Jan. 9

YOGS Go Caroling for Christmas

Good Shepherd’s Lutheran Men in Mission will have its first gathering of 2017 on Jan. 9 in the FAB. All men of the congregation and guests are invited to join us for fellowship beginning at 6 p.m., followed by supper at 6:30 and then a program at 7 p.m. The gathering will be finished in plenty of time for attendees to get home to watch the college championship football game!

The YOGS Christmas Party Extravaganza was a huge success. We visited many of our members and shut-ins and sang Christmas Carols, watched the Cayce Holiday Parade of Lights, ate dinner together, and had a gift exchange. The YOGS and Youth Committee would like to thank the adult chaperones and volunteers that made this possible: Kathy Ferry, Lisa Boozer, Greg and Carole Sox, Deborah and Mark Whitlow, Phil and Leigh Ann Tollison, and Pastor Paul.

Live Wire Heads to Shealy’s Jan. 20 The Live Wire Society will leave the church parking lot at 10:45 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 20, to head to Shealy’s Restaurant for their annual barbecue lunch. Those age 55 and over are invited to join the group. This excursion is always a good time with good food!

Mark Your Calendars! The In-Betweens will host a Super Bowl Party on Feb. 5 at Neal and Richard Inman’s home. All adult members and friends are invited for football, food and fun. Bring your favorite tailgating dish and adult beverage. The kick-off is about 6:30 pm. Hope to see you Feb. 5!

Day School Offers Thanks Our Christmas Program on December 19 was a big success! The Christmas Skit performed by the teachers really brought home the meaning that we should never be too busy for the Lord, even if it is Christmas. A special thank you goes to Pastor Kris, Mr. Jim for rehearsing with our little ones, and our wonderful teachers and parents for helping the children learn the lines and songs. Thank you to all of the families and friends who attended. The children did a wonderful job! Thank you to the parents who contributed to the Christmas bonus for the teachers, the teachers’ luncheon, and for the individual gifts and cards. The teachers appreciated everything very much. We are sad to say that Mrs. Joyce, our long-time two’s and young toddler teacher, retired at the end of December. She has been here for almost six years. She has been a true inspiration to me and the lives of children and their families. She has expressed her love for the Day School and has even volunteered to come back and substitute if we need her. We will miss her greatly! Thank you for your service to our children. We are looking forward to a fun and exciting New Year. Tria Brown, Director

God’s Young Followers Have Game Day Call all 3rd, 4th and 5th graders! God’s Young Followers are invited to the FAB on Sunday, Jan. 22, for “Game Day” from noon until 1:30 p.m. We will also discuss activities for our upcoming meetings. Bring a board game to share if you want, and lunch is on your own. For more information, contact Lisa Sanchez at [email protected] or 803 736-2070.

Communication Corner The church office sends out weekly emails about GSLC events. Make sure we have your current email address. Announcements for Sunday bulletins are due by noon each Wednesday. Articles for the February newsletter are due Monday, Jan. 23. Email your newsletter information to [email protected], and contact the office if you want to receive your newsletter digitally.

Two Staff Celebrate Anniversaries Throughout January, we are observing Pastor Paul Wollner’s seventh anniversary of pastoral ministry and Joey Allison’s 24th year with us as Sexton. As a congregation, we give thanks for their talents, dedication, and commitment to serving with us here at Good Shepherd. During the month, take some time to personally express your gratitude and appreciation to each of them!


Lectionary for January 2017 JANUARY 1 – FIRST SUNDAY OF CHRISTMAS

SECOND READING – 1 Corinthians 1:1–9

Our gospel today confronts us with the death of innocent children at the hands of Herod. The birth of Christ does not remove the power of evil from our world, but its light gives us hope as we walk with all the “holy innocents” of past generations and today who have suffered unjustly. .

Though God’s church in Corinth is a fractious congregation beset with many conflicts, Paul opens this letter by spotlighting the multiple ways God has enriched and sustained its life as part of the divine call into the fellowship of our Lord Jesus Christ.

FIRST READING – Isaiah 63:7–9

John the Baptist’s witness to Jesus initiates a chain of testimony as his disciples begin to share with others what they have found.

God does not delegate divine intervention to a messenger or angel. God’s own presence brings salvation. The prophet and all who read these words join in celebrating God’s gracious deeds.

PSALM – Psalm 148 The splendor of the Lord is over earth and heaven. (Ps. 148:13)

SECOND READING – Hebrews 2:10–18 Through Jesus’ suffering and death, the trail to eternal salvation has been blazed for us. We do not fear death, because he has conquered the power of death. Thus Christ, our merciful and faithful high priest, has the final say over the destiny of our lives.

GOSPEL – John 1:29–42

JANUARY 22 – THIRD SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY Jesus begins his public ministry by calling fishers to leave their nets and follow him. We who have walked in darkness have seen a great light. Light dawns for us as we gather around the word, the font, and the holy table. We are then sent to share the good news that others may be “caught” in the net of God’s grace and mercy.

FIRST READING – Isaiah 9:1–4

Matthew relates the slaughter of babies in Bethlehem as one example of evil in the world. Jesus has been born into this world to manifest God’s presence and save his people from their sins.

The northern tribes of Zebulun and Naphtali experienced defeat, but they are assured that their condition will be reversed when God makes a light-filled appearance. The joy they will experience will resemble celebrations of great harvests. The people in the northern parts of Israel have experienced “darkness” because of the destruction wrought by Assyrian military forces. To these people, the prophet announces the shining of a great light of salvation.


PSALM – Psalm 27:1, 4–9

In the waters of the Jordan, Jesus is revealed as the beloved Son of God. Through this great epiphany, Jesus fulfills all righteousness and becomes the servant of God who will bring forth justice and be a light to the nations. Our baptismal mission is to proclaim good news to all who are oppressed or in need of God’s healing.

The Lord is my light and my salvation. (Ps. 27:1)

GOSPEL – Matthew 2:13–23

FIRST READING – Isaiah 42:1–9 God’s servant Israel is endowed with the Spirit in order to bring justice to the nations. The servant will not exercise authority boisterously or with violence, nor will weariness ever keep it from fulfilling its task. God’s old promises have been fulfilled; the new assignment of the servant is to bring light to the nations.

PSALM – Psalm 29 The voice of the LORD is upon the waters. (Ps. 29:3)

SECOND READING – Acts 10:34–43 Peter crosses the sharp religious boundary separating Jews from Gentiles and proclaims the good news of God’s inclusive forgiveness in Jesus’ name to Cornelius, a Roman centurion. As a result of Peter’s preaching, Cornelius and his family become the first Gentiles to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

GOSPEL – Matthew 3:13–17 Before Jesus begins his ministry, he is baptized by John, touched by the Spirit, and identified publicly as God’s child.

JANUARY 15 – SECOND SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY Today’s gospel opens with further reflection on Jesus’ baptism. He is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, and the one anointed by the Spirit. In the liturgy we come and see Christ revealed among us in word and meal. We go forth to invite others to come and worship the Holy One, and to receive the gifts of grace and peace made known among us.

FIRST READING – Isaiah 49:1–7 Here Israel speaks for herself and acknowledges herself as God’s secret weapon. Called before her birth like Jeremiah and John the Baptist, the servant is not only to restore Israel itself. The servant’s ultimate assignment is to bring news of God’s victory to the ends of the earth. God in faithfulness has chosen Israel for this task.

PSALM – Psalm 40:1–11 I love to do your will, O my God. (Ps. 40:8)

SECOND READING – 1 Corinthians 1:10–18 Paul calls on the Corinthians to end their dissensions and share the unified outlook of the gospel. Discord arises when we forget that we belong not to human leaders or institutions but to Christ who was crucified for us. Indeed, the unifying word of the cross of Christ is the center of the gospel and the power of God’s salvation.

GOSPEL – Matthew 4:12–23 Jesus begins his public ministry shortly after John the Baptist is imprisoned by Herod. He proclaims the nearness of God’s reign and calls four fishermen to be his first disciples. .

JANUARY 29 – FOUIRTH SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY Who are the blessed ones of God? For Micah, they are those who do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God. For Paul, they are the ones who find wisdom in the weakness of the cross. For Jesus, they are the poor, mourners, the meek, those who hunger for righteousness, the merciful, the pure in heart, the peacemakers.

FIRST READING – Micah 6:1–8 With the foundations of the earth as the jury, God brings a lawsuit against Israel. God has “wearied” Israel with a long history of saving acts. God does not want or expect lavish sacrifices to attempt to earn divine favor. Rather God empowers the people to do justice, to love loyalty to God, and to walk shrewdly in God’s service.

PSALM – Psalm 15 Lord, who may abide upon your holy hill? (Ps. 15:1)

SECOND READING – 1 Corinthians 1:18–31 According to the world’s standards of power and might, the message of the cross seems stupid and offensive. Yet this word reveals the paradoxical way God has chosen to work power and salvation through weakness, rejection, and suffering. Hence the message of the cross becomes true wisdom and power for believers.

GOSPEL – Matthew 5:1–12 Jesus opens the Sermon on the Mount by naming those who are blessed in the reign of God. .


Keeping in Prayer

Relatives and Friends Jonathon Baker—son of Loujean Baker

Raynette Kempf—sister of Loujean Baker

Tara Baker—daughter of Loujean Baker

Becky Shutz—sister of Amy Moyes

Toby Fetner—son of Violet Fetner

Lily Cummings—granddaughter of Bob & Alycia Fortner

Erna Allison—mother of Joey Allison

Schuyler Carter—grandson of Wayne & Bonnie Hammond

Bennie Branham—father of Patty Branham

Larry Cummings—son-in-law of Bob & Alycia Fortner

Mary Massey—mother of Gaye Collnis

Pete Smolen—son-in-law of Ginna Caughman

Adeline Ferry—mother of John Ferry

Larry Hamilton—son-in-law of Jerry & Judy Rogers

Millie Cooper—mother of Sandy Gundlach

Cole Reider—nephew of Penry Gustafson

Ty Haigh—father of Ben Haigh

Joyce Vanshrauss—family of Molly Brady

Nilda Beaumont—mother of Beth Jirel

Emily Wollner—cousin of Paul & Katherine Wollner

Thelma Stewart—mother of Jerry Rogers

Wanda Brasington—friend of Patty Branham

Henry Richardson—father of Amanda Snodgrass

Gabriella Holland Giovannone—friend of Ellington & Gross

Sarah Herlong—mother of Mary Stallings Elke Smelser—mother of Michael Stallings


Bob Uehling—father of Mitch Uehling

Family of Kathleen Murray

Shirley Zornow—mother of Peter Zornow

Family of Dearl Correll

As noted in the December newsletter, the Prayer List has been refreshed for 2017. If you want to add a name to the prayer list, please provide the church office with the name of your friend/relative, your relationship to him/her, and the length of time you would like the name to be on the prayer list. Thanks for your help in keeping our prayer list current!

Selma Event to Be Held in Forest Acres Jan. 29 You are invited to a community dialogue and Selma movie event. Join together with others from around the Forest Acres area on Sunday, Jan. 29, at 4 p.m. at Beth Shalom Synagogue on Trenholm Road. Come together to view the acclaimed movie, Selma, and join in a time of shared fellowship and conversation as we seek to further break through barriers of race to build unity, increase understanding, and foster reconciliation in our communities! Sponsored by congregations of Forest Acres and in partnership with the ELCA South Carolina Synod.

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Mark Your Calendar for These Upcoming Events! Jan. 1 — Happy New Year! Jan. 2 — Office closed Jan. 6 — Epiphany Service & Chili & Corn Bread Cook-off Jan. 8 — GSLC Foundation Gifts Sunday Jan. 29 — Selma Movie Event

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