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Christ Church Vestry Minutes January 19, 2017 7:00 PM Present: Ruth Beresford, Hardy Drane, Andrew Farquhar, Beth Faulkner, Nancy Greenberg, Margaret Higgs, Lee Kallos, Fred Moran, Al Smith, Sandy Van Wormer, Annie Woolard-Provine, Joe Zakielarz Absent: Hardy Drane, Rick Gessner, Greer Silliman Also Present: Stephen Setzer The meeting was called to order by the Rector at 7:16 PM. Opening prayer was offered by Sandy Van Wormer. 2017 Budget: Finance Update: The latest numbers Financials were distributed to the Vestry showing latest results for 2016. Income for 2016 exceeded our goal; however, expenses also exceeded our goal. The net result was a $47,582 deficit. There was also some revenue shortfall not offset totally by the increased pledge income. Ruth highlighted several numbers. $109,274 in pass-thru in 2016 and $18,392 received at Christmas. For 2017 pledges, we have had more lost pledges due to relocations, deaths, and other circumstances than in 2016. Some families have decided that CCCH is not a good fit. This is offset by new pledges. Ruth and staff identified several adjustments to be implemented: $10,500 in donations to seminaries for 2016 will be cut; a special $21,000 donation given to the Rector will be added to 2016 income for the ministry budget; $7,650 in rectory maintenance was transferred from the ministry budget to the capital budget; $1,245 in 2016 previously omitted has been added; and an additional 2016 contribution of $1,200 was identified. The net result is a $6,085 deficit for 2016. Discussion then shifted to the 2017 budget. The adjusted budget amount for 2017 parish giving income is $1,443,000. This is $60,000 less than the prior draft budget. We also have $60,000 in 2016 pledge income not received. The special ask letter that was sent out in December had a positive effect with additional donations and pledges. Discussion followed. The revised budget was then presented. The Endowment draw was increased back to 5%. CCEP allocation was reset at $124,355. The pass-thru line was increased due to actual results of the Green Show. Total income for 2017 projected to be a 2.86% increase over 2016. The ministry budget reflects a total decrease in expenses of 6% compared to 2016. In Administration, a third clergy position has been included, and we have unfunded a sexton position. We will reduce funding to our pastoral clergy. Concern was expressed about the proposed cost of the computer migration project. This will be investigated to see if we can lower that cost, as the migration is needed. We acknowledge an increase in copy paper expense due to the new format for service bulletins. Discussion continued. The total Administration budget is an increase of 4.5% over 2016. For Buildings & Grounds, several unexpected expenses occurred in 2016. The new budget is a 2.2% increase over 2016. The net result for our 2017 budget is a $30,588 deficit. Options are to pass a deficit budget or find more areas to adjust. We are attracting a wide variety of new folks, some with means

and some without. Discussion continued. Other line items were discussed. Eliminating the hiring of a third clergy person is not an option. The Vestry is committed to this. Ruth proposed a reduction of the Clergy Discretionary Fund to $10,000. It was suggested we focus on better development of converting newcomers to pledgers. It was suggested we increase income by $10,000 in expectation of results of our stewardship efforts. It was proposed that $10,000 from Outreach be allocated if needed for balancing the budget. Ruth also proposed a decrease of $5,000 from the Music budget, specifics to be determined by the Music Director. Ruth asked for discussion about the proposed reduction of budgeted Outreach allocations. It was suggested that if Outreach is cut, we use any increase made up during the year to put back into Outreach. The sense of the Vestry is that these adjustments are prudent. Revenue estimate will be increased by $4,000. Outreach giving will be adjusted as follows:   

  

Theological Education from $13,959 to $6,500 Clergy Discretionary Fund from $14,000 to $10,000 Outreach Allocations undesignated from $80,010 to $70,010 (in this version the Millennium Development Goals allocations is now combined with Undesignated, as the MDG program is concluded; the Outreach Committee has always allocated this money.) Increase the Unbudgeted Pass-through Income from Green Show from $72,000 to $105,000, the number reported as our net from last December’s good effort. Reduce the Preschool Allocation further from $128,746 to $124,355 to reflect the elimination of the fourth sexton (allocation for 10% of their compensation). Increase the Parish Giving by the remaining $9,129 to reach a balanced budget

Nancy Greenberg moved, Fred Moran seconded the motion to approve the 2017 as amended. Communication and Action Plan for 2017 Ministry Budget Annie Woolard-Provine will work with the wardens and rector to prepare communications to the parish about the budget and the desire to grow our parish. Talking points will be developed quickly. Information: Rector’s Report Candidates were interviewed this week for the open clergy position. A number of parishioners and parish leaders participated. There are currently a number of pastoral concerns. The recent Baptism was a wonderful service, and the women’s retreat was also very worthwhile. Also, the MLK Communication Contest was quite successful, and the second place winner will be invited to speak at Christ Church. Wardens’ Report Notes from the vestry retreat were circulated. A number of action items around growth were underscored in light of our budget discussions. New member growth as well as current member engagement growth is of importance. We need a strategy for growth. The Wardens acknowledged the wonderful Friday Night Bites last week, with a good turnout and good fellowship. Please wear your name tags and engage new people at church and coffee hour.

Discussion and Decisions The December minutes were approved as presented. Other Matters Stephen Setzer circulated information about Family Promise. Homeless families are hosted for a week in different parishes. Stephen proposes Christ Church participate and offer two host weeks. On March 3rd, we will have a speaker from Family Promise, in place of our Lenten Quiet Day. The Vestry is asked to support and participate in this event. It is time for vestry nominations. There are notes from the prior year, and retiring vestry members will begin to ask for names. The closing prayer was offered by Sandy Van Wormer. Meeting adjourned at 9:25 PM. Next meeting: February 9 at 7:00 PM. Respectfully submitted, Dana Robertson, Clerke