January, 2017

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Average Weekly Worship Attendance New Members First Time Guests Unique Attenders (total #)

2016 YEAR-END 1241

2015 YEAR-END 1275

2014 YEAR-END 1249

190 384 4905

189 366 4998

208 402 4688

WEEKLY WORSHIP ATTENDANCE COMPARISON CHRISTMAS 2016/2015/2014 Service 7pm Eve Eve 11am Eve 5pm Eve 7pm Eve (Herndon) 7pm Eve (Reston) 9pm Eve 11pm Eve Live Stream Christmas Day

2016 681 492 1009 686 262 860 303 98 562

2015 769 411 1048 588 173 837 282 55 168

2014 606 350 1018 555 0 965 352 120 83







Worship Ministries – 2016 Highlights: 

In May the Contemporary Music Team offered Inexpressible Joy, a Christian concert/worship service to celebrate joy in Christ. The team was also invited to lead worship for the 5 Talent Academy in the spring, the Bi-District Fall Meeting and the Created-2-Be Conference in Centreville, Virginia in November. This group is becoming known for their professionalism as well as their spirit-filled worship leadership. The choirs participated in intentional community interaction this year by singing in various community settings. The men’s quartet and Call-2-Harmony visited The Gardens on November 12th to perform and have a sing along with the residents. The Sanctuary choir visited Dulles International Airport on December 21st to sing carols, followed by visiting a few homes of choir members who are shut in due to illness. The choir directors are spending intentional time creating a spiritual community by devoting time to the study of scripture as a group. The Christmas cantata choir and Sanctuary choir studied “The God Story” by Jacob Armstrong for six weeks. The Contemporary Music Team regularly prays and has joined together in a small group study. Each group prays for one another daily. During Holy Week the music groups, drama groups, AV techs and pastors worked to share the message in a unique and God-honoring way. The contemporary and traditional music groups worked together to offer services that helped focus the congregation on a common thread from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday. The special services during Holy Week included; Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Saturday Night Baptism Service. These services welcomed over 1,500 people and the Easter services welcomed over 2,600 people. Advent and Christmas Eve was a similar experience with Full Circle and the Traditional music groups providing excellent worship experiences throughout the season. Christmas Eve alone welcomed approximately 4,400 people to Floris United Methodist Church. The special services during the year blessed many persons. The Lenten Communion services averaged 35 persons each week, the newly created Election Eve Prayer Service provided opportunities for our congregation to spend intentional time in prayer together, and The Darkness-to-Light service was attended by more than 200 persons. Nadeem Khokhar led a Christmas Day multicultural service again this year and a Watch Night Service on December 31st. These special services offer an additional worship style that helps participants experience God in a fresh way.

New in Worship in 2017  

The focus will be on bringing a greater diversity of styles of music to our worship services for people of multiple cultures and ethnic backgrounds. It is planned to utilize the 5:00 p.m. service to feature three worship concerts in 2017. This will provide an opportunity to invite the community into Floris UMC to enjoy exceptional music.


Grow Ministries - 2016 Highlights FUMC Preschool  Just prior to opening in September 2016, the Preschool had a complete renovation for the first time since the building opened. The facility was painted and new flooring was installed in all the classrooms creating a bright and clean environment. The new logo was also introduced and is used as a welcoming focal point in the lobby area.  2016 was the first full year of the new successful management structure of the Preschool. The previous board was reintroduced as a Parent/Teacher committee that has provided essential volunteer support in the areas of classroom volunteers, fund raising, and activities. The day-today management decisions are handled by the Director who works through Grow Ministries and the Executive Director for budgetary projections and decisions.  The various programs both morning and afternoon were increased in time from 2.75 hours to a full 3.00 hours. This brought the FUMC Preschool in line with local competition which offered a 3.00 program. In anticipation of increased expenses, tuition was increased and may need to be increased again in the future to bring the Preschool more in line with area competition.  Diversity continues to be an emphasis within the Preschool and 2016 was no exception. A special needs shadow assistant was added to accompany one of the preschoolers throughout the child’s time in the classroom which has been a great success. English speaking ratios within the classroom is another area of focus within diversity. While ESOL is not offered, peer language mentoring (matching English proficient children with others of their native language) has been implemented to allow children with limited English to gain better language skills and be able to fully participate. Children’s Ministries 2016 was a remarkable year for both Sunday morning program development and for special events. 

The 11:00 a.m. Children’s Christmas Eve program, with 492 in attendance, had an increase of approximately 20 percent above those attending the 2015 service. The story this year centered on a mouse who thought Christmas was a selfish holiday, but came to learn the real story of Christmas. September kicked off the third year of a three year scope-and-sequence strategy which was developed and introduced by Kelly Crespin, Children’s Ministry Director. With a large visual timeline in each classroom, students are learning about key people from the Bible. Students are learning not only who these people were but discussions about emotions, why things happened the way they did, and how one person’s actions often influenced future events. This program was made possible with the help of over 125 weekly volunteers. The Nursery Kids Crossing was created which targets 2 and 3 year olds who are not quite ready for Sunday school but have outgrown the nursery. Using a separate space and entrance, Kids Crossing offers a story, craft, snack, and music time. Continuing to reinforce the habit of tithing each week, classes have been competing for the largest percentage of tithes each week which puts the focus on bringing a tithe not on the amount of the tithe. In the months of September through December, the third grade classes had the highest totals. 2016 experienced a 200% increase in the amount of tithing at $2,424 vs. $1,205 in 2015. -3-

Events continue to be a major focus of Children’s Ministries. During this past year the following highlighted events occurred: o

Floris Family Easter Celebration: Approximately 1,100 people were welcomed to this event with children participating in egg hunts, games, and crafts. o Trunk or Treat: Over 800 people visited the nearly 40 decorated trunks. This was a 200% increase in attendance from 2015. Refreshments and a fun scavenger hunt provided additional entertainment beyond trick or treating. o The second annual Father/Daughter Autumn Ball was a huge success! With Tom Berlin as our guest speaker and a unique Apple Dipping Bar, almost 175 fathers, grandfathers and girls danced and enjoyed the well decorated ballroom that was created by volunteers in the fellowship hall. The purpose of the event was for daughters to learn how they should be treated by boys as well as providing much appreciated father/daughter quality time. o The second annual Floris Family Challenge was held with 37 teams of parents and kids (a 47% increase from 2015) being put through a series of rigorous physical, mental and team building activities. Fun and family time was the goal with prizes for the top 3 fastest teams in various age categories. The Vacation Bible School program, Joseph: From Prison to Palace, had children and adults learning about Joseph and God’s plan for him. The lower than expected attendance of 245 students (down from 340 in 2015) has led to changes planned for this year. The current format is being reviewed and changes are being considered to reach more families. The third annual Happy Birthday Jesus Celebration was held in December with 247 children in attendance. Students heard the nativity story, enjoyed ice cream, games, and crafts. Over 150 baby items were donated which will be given to Hope – a local organization that helps lowincome mothers with newborns. The inaugural Preschool Winter Wonderland was held in January 2016 and was very popular! Over 50 preschoolers and their parents enjoyed winter-related crafts, games, science activities and snacks. This was a great opportunity for preschool parents to meet one another and for children to have a fun playtime designed just for them. The fifth grade FISH (Fifth in Service for Him) group continued to grow with a 10% increase in attendance from spring 2016 to fall 2016. The October Scavenger Hunt brought 46 fifth-graders to Floris. Activities in the fall included an Ice Cream Social, the aforementioned Scavenger Hunt, our BUNCO Games Night and a Christmas Party. In January, 2017 the FISH students will be serving as volunteers for our upcoming Preschool Winter Wonderland. Service projects for the fall included decorating placemats for the upcoming Guest House, donating new games to be given to the Ronald McDonald House, and assembling treat bags for Grace Ministries families.

Student Ministries 2016 was a year focused on creating opportunity to address the issues the students face on a day-today basis and to model and teach them how Christ and the church can be a source of strength, comfort and peace. In addition, strategic staffing decisions were made. 

The Compass Sexual Ethics Retreat was held in April for the high school students. This curriculum was designed in-house by Dan Willerth, Bill Gray, Ashley Allen and Tom Berlin. The team also received outside consultation from Rob Vaughn. This was a powerful time of learning -4-

 

 

and community-building for the high school students. The focus of the weekend was 4 pillars of sexual ethics; self-worth, gratification, boundaries, and heart check. Retreats were held throughout the year including one in November, a Journey spring retreat for middle school, and a December retreat for high school students. Due to the recent rise in student mental health issues, student ministries focused on providing opportunities for training and conversation that will help families care for their students in crisis. In addition, focused pastoral care training opportunities were held in January for parents and students and in May for the congregation. In October, student ministry staff joined leaders from Floris and surrounding churches to host Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST). The Intensive two day weekend session certified those attending in providing safe and immediate assistance to those in danger of suicide. A total of 76 students and 17 leaders attended 4 mission trips this summer. These teams journeyed to Costa Rica, Reading, PA, Romney, WV and Winchester, VA. The teams served these various communities through construction, vacation bible school, and relationship building while being the hands and feet of Christ. In 2016 mission trip interviews were launched that explained the purpose and expectations of mission teams. Each team member met with a student ministry staff member to go over what is anticipated with a mission trip, the context of the trip they are going on and the expectations for each team member while on the trip. We found this helped create cohesion within the teams and made for a better mission experience. This year’s annual Student Mentor Training was held on August 14th and the 28th. This training was focused on building upon the leaders’ gifts and helping each person learn strategies to create greater self-confidence where they feel less gifted. Leaders came together for a 3-hour training program which included a refresher and break out session on building relationships, communicating with students, and maximizing time in small groups. This summer several block parties were held during three weeks in August. During each of these themed block parties, students from grades 6-12 enjoyed games, food and fun while celebrating summer and reconnecting in preparation for the fall. Meeting times of Krew and CrossRoads were changed to 6 and 8 p.m. The Sunday evening program is structured in 30 minute increments. During these blocks of 30 minutes students enjoyed food, games, activities to include service projects, small groups and closing worship. Closing worship is the new addition to the structure this year. During this time both Krew and CrossRoads come together in the sanctuary for creative worship which includes music, messages, multimedia, prayer stations and testimonies. With regard to strategic staffing, on October 21st, after much discernment and council, a change was made with the Middle School Director. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive for the manner in which Floris handled the situation. Management has begun consulting with experts in the field of Student Ministry such as Kenda Creasy-Dean from Princeton as it relates to the opportunity to restructure this area of ministry. In addition, several small group discussion meetings with parents are being scheduled to help better define the goals of student ministry and the impacts on the lives of students.

Adult Ministries 

During 2016, 222 individuals signed up for one of the Core Discipleship Courses (Alpha, Bible Basics and Disciple) enabling the goal of 25% of small group sign-ups in a Core class to be


achieved. In addition, Christian Believer was offered for the first time in five years. Participants will examine the core parts of creedal beliefs and early church doctrinal development. Over the past few years different curriculums have been used to help the congregation begin their discipleship through small groups and bible studies. For the past four years Alpha has been offered as a constant. Looking at the results of Alpha graduates since September 2012 it is clear that Alpha is successful and will continue to develop strategic initiatives. Floris leaders participated in Alpha USA training hosted locally in McLean. Highlights of the study reflect the following: o Alpha has a pronounced effect on volunteer and group participation. Alpha graduates participate in serve and grow activities 1.5 to 2.0 times more often than those who did not go through Alpha. o Twenty-two percent of Alpha graduates went on to Disciple versus 5 percent of the general population. o Alpha graduates attended worship 34 percent of the last 4 years as compared to 24 percent for the general population.

Alpha Graduates - Participation Rates in Key Discipleship Areas Sept. 2012 - April 2016 5%


22% 24%


No Alpha 34% 34%



65% 45%








67% 60%


The Open-to-Discussion series was launched during the spring of 2016 with very positive feedback and attendance. The series was hosted by Lead Pastor Tom Berlin, and covered healthcare, income disparity and global terrorism. Each topic offered expert opinion and analysis of these key issues with over 300 in attendance for the three sessions. Lent continues to be a key Discipleship opportunity with 47 groups signed up to participate and 4 groups at Restoration. Nearly 700 people were on the roster of the Lenten groups, a high number considering the curriculum was not written by Lead Pastor Tom Berlin. An added challenge surfaced in 2016 of condensing the normal six week curriculum into five weeks in order to accommodate Holy Week and the previous sermon series. Celebrate Calm, kicked off the back-to-school season with nearly 200 in attendance. As part of the “Parenting with Heart” series, nationally recognized speaker, Kirk Martin offered parenting tips to minimize family dissonance, tension and negativity. Floris made an additional commitment by purchasing the entire series of instructional videos which are available to anyone through the Library. -6-

Serve Ministries – 2016 Highlights: 

  

The third Floris Guest House successfully accommodated up to 43 guests from January 25 to January 31, 2016. With 239 volunteers, including a leadership team of 20 church members, FUMC provided meals, activities, music, showers and other services to the guests. Volunteers worked a total of 1,493 Hours. The annual Easter Basket Ministry distributed approximately 800 basket kits that were filled and returned in March. Approximately 49 volunteers helped with this endeavor and delivered them to the participating shelters and organizations so that they reached the children by Easter. Camp Hutchison occurred for three weeks in July. This summer enrichment program, with an “ocean” theme, served 86 students through the work of two college interns and 37 volunteers. In November, the Advent Giving team set up Christmas trees in November which were filled with ornaments that represented the needs of children, families and organizations in the community. All 1,270 ornaments, representing 7 organizations, were taken and returned in December. In total, the congregation returned 1,859 gifts (some ornaments had multiple items) and 478 gift cards totaling $9,300.00. The Help Hungry Kids ministry hosted multiple packaging events throughout the year to maintain our support for children at Hutchison and McNair Elementary Schools. In the spring of 2016, we supported 170 children per week. In the fall, we transitioned to only serving Hutchison and currently provide them with 150 bags per week. Mission teams in 2016 included two domestic teams, four teams to Sierra Leone, a spring team to Haiti and a team to Cuba. In total, 54 Floris members engaged in domestic and/or international missions.

Connections Ministry – 2016 Highlights: 

The annual Bi-District Training Day was held at Floris in January. Over 20 Floris staff and volunteers welcomed the district staff and about 500 guests into the building to enjoy keynote speaker Joe Daniels, 30 workshops and the Cokesbury bookstore. Connections ministry provided volunteers, shuttle transportation to offsite parking, refreshments and guidance for guests. On February 13, Connections Ministry hosted the 25th annual Chocolate Festival, offering new stations, such as a cake auction, cookie decorating and a chocolate tasting. Raising a total of $8,000 for Help Hungry Kids, the event was attended by more than 300 families and staffed by over 150 volunteers. The event was featured on the front page of the Herndon Connection. On March 8th Connections Ministry worked with the worship team and the UMC Conference office to host the Five Talent Academy presentation “POWRful Worship.” Utilizing 10 staff members, Floris UMC provided hospitality support such as food service and greeters to guide attendees and presenters. The event drew about 120 participants and was live-streamed to over 400 viewers. The Dinner for 8 Wrap Up potluck was held on May 13 and drew approximately 80 participants. Coordinated by two volunteers over a 4 month period, 170 people from the church participated in the weekly and monthly dinners following our “Race Matters” sermon series. Connections Ministry hosted the annual picnic and 125th anniversary celebration at Frying Pan Park on September 18th. Three hundred guests were in attendance and participated in outdoor -7-

games and enjoyed food and drinks. Over 40 volunteers worked to host the event by organizing food service, a photo booth and setup and breakdown of the space. Floris UMC welcomed Wesley Theological Seminary to host Seminary for a Day on Saturday, November 12. Attendees of the event included clergy, Wesley alumni, and lay leaders interested in learning about Wesley resources. Connections ministry provided breakfast and lunch refreshments to over 120 guests before and after the worship service, as well as TEDx style talks and breakout sessions.

Fellows Program: 

The Fellows Program officially launched in the fall. Jonathan Fuller was hired as the part time Fellows Coordinator and began the process of building a Fellows leadership team. The Fellows Program is set to launch with its first group of Fellows in 2017.

Congregational Care Ministries – 2016 Highlights          

Hosted NAMI “the basics”, 6-week education program for parents and family caregivers of children and teens who are experiencing symptoms of a mental illness or whom have already been diagnosed. Hosted NAMI “family to family” 12 week education program for family, significant others and friends of people living with mental illness. Recruited volunteers for Care ministries to include the new Caregiver Support ministry that will provide caregivers respite time when they have a loved one with chronic illness. Opened a Caron support group for parents and adult siblings whose loved one has or is recovering from drug and alcohol problems. The group meets two times each month. A total of 26 memorial services were supported. Hosted a panel discussion on suicide prevention. Trained and commissioned 8 Congregational Care Ministers (CCM’s). Hosted a workshop in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Associational and Fairfax government day care centers. Held 3 sessions of divorce care with each session being 13 weeks in duration. Started a Celebrate Recovery step group meeting for women. This is a 9-12 month meeting where people work on their road to recovery.

New in Congregational Care in 2017   

A Congregational Care Minister training will be held in the fall for persons who wish to become CCM’s. A Celebrate Recovery step group meeting for men is being planned. The duration of this meeting will be from 9-12 months. A widow support group is being planned for this year. More details to follow.

Diversity Ministry – 2016 Highlights:


 

    

The Diversity Ministry continued to bring together South Asian families currently at Floris and helped them build relationships. Monthly fellowship gatherings are still a successful means of accomplishing this goal. The year 2016 witnessed an increase in volunteerism and the willingness of the South Asian families to serve while also worshipping at Floris UMC. Examples include volunteers as ushers, greeters, scripture readers, Sunday school teachers, and parking lot attendants. Two sponsored Floris UMC open mic night events were held with good turnout for the events. One member of the South Asian community performed on December 17th at the Christmas family dinner event, which made the event special for the families in attendance. A Christmas Day service was held for the South Asian families and anyone else who wished to attend, with 146 people present for this special event. A Watch Night service was held on New Year’s Eve and continued into the early morning hour of New Year’s Day. This event had 95 people in attendance. Nadeem continues the home visits that were started in 2015 in order to get to know each family better and foster relationships.

Communications Ministry – 2016 Highlights The Communications team received 274 communication requests and several additional projects of varying size and scope in support of the ministries of Floris UMC and Restoration Church. Floris UMC Website:  

 

Roughly 7,500 visits per month, up from 7,000 in 2015. The live stream audience continues to grow with an average attendance of 126 persons each week compared to 119 in 2015. Attendance is counted only for those persons who choose to register their attendance online. Households that join a live stream service but don’t register their attendance are not counted in overall worship attendance numbers. Mobile use of the website for 2016 averaged 3,890 visits per month, an increase from 2015 of an average of 3,470 visits per month. This indicates that more than half of our visitors view our website via a mobile device. Floris UMC’s most popular events/programs were: Vacation Bible School, Celebrate Recovery, Preschool Registration and the Chocolate Festival.

Restoration Church Website:   

Approximately 580 site visits per month in 2016. (Data for 2015 began in June 2015 so 2015 yearly stats are not available.) Mobile use of the website continues to increase. December 2015 received 365 mobile visits, compared to 404 mobile visits for December 2016. Restoration’s most popular events/programs were: Easter Service and Egg Hunt, Lenten Study “Renegade Gospel,” Restoration Ralph and Ashes to Go.

Floris UMC Social Media:


 

A new URL, ChristmasInHerndon.com, was used on a new banner at the corner of Centreville Road and Frying Pan Road, published on community mailers that were mailed to 18,000 households and received 55 website visits. The Facebook page has 2,028 likes—up 173 from 2015—and continues to grow. o Our most popular post was the mannequin challenge posted on December 20, 2016.  This post reached 7,816 people. It had 3,415 video views with 3,014 unique views, 862 post clicks, 106 reactions and 27 shares. o The #FlorisXmasCountdown campaign was very successful with the majority of posts reaching over 1,000 people and creating engagement scores (post clicks, likes, comments and shares) of about 100 per post as compared to a standard post score of around 10-40. Approximately 10 of the posts reached over 2,000 people, with some reaching 3,000-7,000. o In 2016, Floris UMC ran Facebook Ad campaigns for Christmas, successfully reaching over 8,000 people for just over $150. The Twitter page has 698 followers—up 78 from 2015—and continues to grow. o Twitter posts go out three times a day. Our engagement for 2016 (including quotes, retweets, likes and replies) is 382 with the majority in like and retweets. The Instagram page has 419 followers—up 168 from 2015—and continues to grow. o Instagram didn’t begin recording statistics until September 20, 2016. However, since then, the most liked post received 51 likes and the most commented on post received four comments. o As on Facebook, the #FlorisXmasCountdown campaign was very successful. Most posts received 20-50 likes with ten of the posts generating comments. The blog, “Today I Saw God,” shares transformational and reflection stories of how God is working in lives of people associate with Floris UMC. o 2016, the blog had an average monthly readership of 1,901—up 400 from 2015. o Total readership for the year reached 22,806, which is the highest number of views since the blog started in 2013. o The post “Not the Plan,” published August 23, 2016, had 1,153 views—our highest viewed post of all time.

Restoration Church Social Media:  Restoration’s Facebook page has 601 likes—up 67 from 2015. Videos and pictures of recent events are the highest performing posts on Restoration’s Facebook page.  Restoration’s Twitter page has 135 followers—up 36 from 2015. o Restoration continues to grow engagement on their Twitter page by retweeting and sharing local events in Reston and following other Reston-oriented accounts. Floris UMC eNote:  Floris UMC’s eNote is sent to 2,019 people and has an average open rate of about 45 percent, above industry standards (religion) of 26.39 percent. Restoration Church eNote:  The Restoration eNote is sent to 240 people and has an average open rate of about 40 percent, above industry standards (religion) of 26.39 percent. FINANCIAL OPERATIONS – 2016 HIGHLIGHTS: - 10 -

   

Receipts were $4,096,123, an increase of $115,637 (2.91%) over the prior year. Expenses were 98.4% of planned budget. Reserves at year-end were 2.44 months of operating expense. In addition to $4,096,123 in operating fund receipts, $1,008,631 was received for the Imagine Campaign

DECEMBER YEAR-END FINANCIAL DATA YEAR OVER YEAR COMPARISON 2016 2015 2014 General Fund $4,096,123 $3,980,485 $3,961,150 Receipts Imagine Fund $1,008,631 $1,014,052 $1,353,194 Receipts Reserves 2.44 months 1.87 months 1.77 months Indebtedness $6,912,000 $7,660,000 $8,605,000

REVENUE/EXPENSES – 2016 Revenue - Pledged Revenue – Unpledged (loose offering) Expenses

Actual - % 86% of estimate of giving card 42% of receipts that were pledged 98.4% of budgeted expense

IMAGINE CAMPAIGN STRATEGIC INITIATIVES Restoration Church – 2016 Highlights      

This year Restoration packaged more than 2,500 meals for Forest Edge Elementary School. In addition to this Restoration provided monthly meals to the Embry Rucker shelter. 262 people attended the Christmas Eve Services at the United Christian Parish. In addition to this 80 people attended a breakfast with Santa followed by worship that day. Of note, 13 people from the Santa breakfast attended the Christmas Eve service. This year two families were transitioned from homelessness to new homes. Restoration provided furniture as well as assistance in moving. Both families are now regularly involved at Restoration. In November a mother and her three children were baptized. It was a beautiful gift for Restoration. Restoration did its first mission trip this summer for fourth through sixth graders to Richmond, VA to participate in the Virginia Conference Helping Hands Mission trip. Great attendance at major events this year including Oktoberfest, Trunk or Treat, Easter Festival and the Back-to-School Bash. In total these events reached more than 1,000 new people.

- 11 -

Palm Sunday- March 20, 2016: During KidsLife on Sunday morning, the elementary children took part in a live re-enactment of the Last Supper including props and costumes. This was a great way to teach the story and prepare for Holy Week, and also to prepare the children for Communion. In subsequent months, on the last Sunday of the month, the children come into worship for Communion with the congregation. The preschool and elementary children processional into worship was comprised of a record 40 participants waving palm branches. The children later lined the hallway to wave palms as members of the congregation left the worship space.

Hutchison Afterschool Programs - 2016: 

Floris UMC welcomed and introduced the Principal of Hutchison Elementary School at the Sunday morning worship services on September 18th. A check in the amount of $42,000 was donated and presented to the school for afterschool assistance.

90-Day Program/Events Outlook

January               

New Year’s Watch Night Service: January 1, 12 a.m. Divorce Care (Winter Session Starts) – January 5 South Asian Monthly Fellowship – January 7 Student Winter Kickoff – January 8 Student Summer Mission Trip Registration Opens – January 11 Kids Night Out - January 13 Student Summer Mission Trips Registration Opens – January 11 Winter Wonderland for Preschoolers – January 15 FISH Service Event – January 15 Touched by Song – January 16 Coffee with the Pastors – January 18 Preschool Open House – January 18 Sierra Leone Mission Trip Information Meeting at HCW – January 22 Floris Guest House – January 22-29 Shaun Casey Speaker – January 29

February         

Lenten Cantata Choir Practices Begin – February 1 GRACE Ministries – February 3-4 South Asian Monthly Fellowship – February 4 Help Hungry Kids Packaging Event – February 5 Art Gallery Reception – February 5 Confirmation Retreat – February 10 Open Mic Night – February 10 Chat and Chew with Bishop Lewis – February 18 Touched by Song – February 20 - 12 -

   

Floris Family Challenge – February 24 “For the Love of Chocolate” – February 25 Parenting with Heart – Date TBD Hurricane Matthew Mission Trip – End of February

March           

New Art Gallery Exhibit Opens – March 2 GRACE Ministries – March 3-4 South Asian Monthly Fellowship – March 4 Haiti Mission Trip – March 8-18 Kids Night Out – March 10 FISH March Madness – March 10 Coffee with the Pastors – March 14 Middle School Spring Retreat – March 17-19 5 Talent Academy – March 18 Touched by Song – March 20 Confirmation Retreat – March 31

- 13 -