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JAN 2017

UNITED BUCKING BULLS, INC *Partial & Subject to Change January 20-21

Rock N Bull Series- Mineral Wells, TX

February 3-4

Rock N Bull Series- Mineral Wells, TX

February 17-18

Rock N Bull Series- Mineral Wells, TX

March 4

Ante -Up Futurity - Mineral Wells, TX

March 24-25

Boston Porter Memorial - Palestine, TX

April 7-8

Spring Spectacular - Locust Grove, OK

A pril 21-22

R ed River Chute Out - Ada, OK

April 28-29

Cowboys Arena - Seneca, WI

May12-13 May 29 June 16-17

Gold Standard & Black Gold - Ada, OK Monday Madness - Orchard, TX Battle of the Bull - Palestine, TX

June 24

Elroy UBBI- Elroy, WI

June 24

Burlington Bulls & Boots- Burlington,CO


B attle of the Bull - Palestine, TX

July 28-29

Red Dirt Round Up - Locust Grove, OK

August 4 August 18-19

Sand & Sage Round Up - Lamar, CO Battle of the Bull - Palestine, TX

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Humps N Horns January 2017

On The Cover - Sage Kimzey rides Half Nuts from Pete Carr Pro Rodeo for 87.50 points in round 6 at the National Finals Rodeo.

Photo by Greg Westfall / Courtesy of PRCA

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Youth National Finals - Chris Shivers MBR


Elite Rodeo Athletes World Championships

Andy Gregory Kelly Robbins Barbara Pinnella Andy Watson

2016 Season Concludes with Inaugural Champions

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Letter from the Editor

Happy New Year! The start of a new year always seems to be an exciting time with the anticipation of what might come as we turn the page on the calendar. It is my desire that this new year finds you and your family doing well. The holiday season is bittersweet for bull riding fans with the PBR, PRCA, ERA, and many other associations closing out their 2016 seasons with their finals. The downside being that there is a short window of time with a smaller number of events to attend in person or watch on TV. I like to think of it as bull riding detox. Thankfully that time is over! We have a great issue for you with this coming hot off the press. We were able to witness the very first season of the Elite Rodeo Athletes as Chandler Bownds became the first bull riding World Champion for the new association. It will be interesting to see how things progress with the ERA for year two. We also saw a young man who is definitely making his mark on the history of bull riding and professional rodeo. Sage Kimzey became a three time world champion as the PRCA held the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. Mr. Kimzey is being very efficient as he has been competing in the PRCA for three years, has made three trips to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, and has won three world championships. Not too shabby, right? The PBR also said goodbye to a true champion, Valdiron de Oliveira, as he announced his decision to retire at the conclusion of the PBR World Finals in November. Humps N Horns wishes Valdiron and his family the best as he begins a new phase of his life.

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I appreciate each and every one of you who take the time to read Humps N Horns. I am also grateful for those who help make this possible each month including our writers, photographers, and support team. I am looking forward to another great year and being able to take this journey with you. May God richly bless you in 2017! Until next time, Terry

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Mercedes, TX RGV Livestock Show Arena Fees: $75 +$25 permit good all weekend

$6000 ADDED Monsoon-Frontier Buckle to Event Winner Award given to each Contestant entered

Saturday, January 28th @ 7:30 pm *****NEXT EVENT***** Kingsville, TX J.K. Northway Coliseum February 24th & 25th

$4000 ADDED $75 Fees +$25 permit good all weekend

Sunday, January 29th @ 2:00 pm NPBR Office:

11515 11th Street Santa Fe, TX 77510 Office: (409) 771-6058

Call  In:  Monday,  January  23rd @  (409)  925-­1695 7:00-­9:00  PM

You are Worthy....... Sometimes the impact of someone’s life on the world is not fully realized or appreciated until they’re gone. Since my son Aaron left the world in 2011, I’ve been able to recognize some of the impact his life had on people because he simply knew his worth and walked in it with ease. You may not know what kind of impact your life has on the world but let me assure you that you’re very very important to those around you. Aaron was unique in who he was but not unique to humanity. We all have virtues that will impact other people’s lives for The Father’s kingdom. Because of the Father’s love for humanity and His value for each of us, we have been given the gift of being allowed to take part in His Kingdom. We are often told that we aren’t worthy of His Love or His Kingdom. It’s a lie and if we don’t really understand the depth of His Love we will just accept that we aren’t worthy without thinking twice about it. I say we are worthy of His Love, but it’s all because His character is to have relationship with each of us. You are worthy and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t, just remember that it’s all on Him as to why you are worthy and not on you at all. He would not have gone to the extreme of sending His Son (JESUS) into the world to prove His desire for us to be included in His Kingdom if He didn’t think we were worthy. Relax in His Grace, be confident in His heart toward you, Rest in His Peace and Love!!!!! Jesus Loves You, Cody Custer Humps-Horns.com · 8 · January 2017

the pain and inflammation. When you are experiencing back pain, aerobic activities are best. This will do wonders to get you moving and feeling better. Just make sure to judge how you are feeling at all times and go slow. Light exercise is optimal when you are injured or experiencing any sort of pain; nothing strenuous until you are no longer feeling pain. Opt for low or non-impact aerobic activities such as swimming, bicycling, or even walking. NON-IMPACT EXERCISING

10 Tips to Ease Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common ailments affecting adults today. It can be caused and aggravated by varied occurrences such as lifting improperly, arthritis, and even bone disease. It is a simple fact of life that most of us will experience intermittent or even chronic back pain at some point in our lives. If you ever feel tingling in your hands or feet or numbness in the affected area, you are urged to consult your doctor immediately. Back pain can make functioning through your daily life very difficult. When this is affecting you, it is important to have some simple tips on hand to alleviate some discomfort. STAY ACTIVE Movement may be the very last thing on your mind when you are suffering from a back injury or wake up with a sore back. Being active and maintaining even a general level of fitness will do wonders to strengthen your entire body and ward off back pain. The spine is no different than the rest of the body when it comes to exercise. Our bodies were not meant to sit all day; we were meant to stay active and be functional. Failing to do this will result in a greater number of injuries and overall lack of body functionality as your muscles atrophy, your heart weakens, and your bones become brittle. When you experience soreness in the back, you should assess the level of pain and experiment with the level of activity you can tolerate. Only do what you feel you are able to, but do not let yourself stay sitting or lying flat for too long. You may find that movement helps your body stretch out and alleviates some of

Water therapy is ideal for people whose injuries and pain won’t permit traditional exercise or any kind of impact. When someone is immersed in water the gravity is countered so that no weight applies pressure on the back. The individual can move slowly and gently without aggravating their condition. This is especially ideal for someone who has difficulty lifting their legs. The water acts as a spotter to guide movements in a safe manner and prohibits the kind of injuries that are caused or worsened by balance problems. Patients often notice a remarkable reduction in their pain while they are in the water. The gentle movement of the water currents on the skin can be a huge benefit to painful areas of the body. Warm water will provide even more relief if available. Patients also find it easier when rehabilitating an injury to start a program in the water before transitioning to the gym because of the guided support of the water beneath their limbs to enhance the balance and flow of the movements. The practice of Tai-Chi is another great form of nonimpact exercise that has been around since the 12th century. It has recently gained huge popularity for its stress and anxiety reducing effects. It has been described as movement based meditation. It involves the execution of slow and gentle gliding movements that bring harmony to the mind and body. A Tai-Chi regimen has been shown to effectively improve the inflammation and pain in those suffering from back issues. The fundamentals of Tai-Chi require an individual to transcend into a feeling of total peace and tranquility. Steady and graceful movements induce a calm state of mind. Tai-Chi does not place any stress on the back or joints. Tai-Chi is an affordable activity. It does not require any kind of equipment and can be performed both indoors and outdoors. Another non-impact activity that is quickly gaining popularity is yoga because it is a great way to increase core strength and flexibility. These are the two biggest components to warding off back pain as well as correcting back issues. Classes with a qualified yoga instructor have been shown to promote very promising results. Even those who attend a yoga class once a week report improvement in their back pain and functionality compared to those undergoing a physical therapy regimen. Most towns have yoga classes available. It is important to start with a beginner’s class. You never want to push yourself beyond your limitations because it could result in an injury. As with any exercise program, you should consult your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough for this type of activity.

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STRENGTHEN CERTAIN REGIONS OF THE BODY To improve or prevent back pain, it is very important to employ and work the muscles that help support the lumbar region in the lower back. For instance, the back extensor muscles are crucial to keeping your posture in alignment and your spine straight. It is also beneficial to work the muscles of the abdominals, hips, and pelvic regions. A word of warning on abdominals: avoid crunches since they place pressure on the lower back and can aggravate any preexisting back problems. As with any exercise regimen, you should consult your doctor on the best way to approach a routine and you should always start slowly. A thorough warm up is a must before proceeding to a light intensity workout routine. Over the weeks, you will notice an improvement in your back strength, as well as your muscle and spine flexibility. A great exercise for improving even the toughest pain felt in the lower back is the pelvic tilt. The importance of pelvic strength is often overlooked, but it is vitally important for the functionality of the entire core. The pelvic tilt is completed by simply lying on the floor with your knees bent and feet placed about hip-width apart, flat on the ground. While keeping the lower back flat on the floor, simply raise your buttocks one to two inches off the floor. Hold this position for five seconds and then return to the ground. Repeat this movement ten times. It is also possible to do this movement with your feet placed on a chair to make the movement easier. Bend your knees to a 90-degree angle keeping your upper legs perpendicular to the floor. This method may be better for beginners or for those who are experiencing a lot of pain in their back. STRETCH OUT Many of us spend hours at a time hunched over a computer monitor in a cubicle or behind a desk. After sitting hunched over all day long, when you do stand don’t be surprised to find your back not as cooperative as you had hoped. Eventually, the muscles and joints become stiff as our bodies try to cope with the lack of movement, but there are a few things we can do to improve the situation. Stretching is very important for the muscles, nerves, and joints in order to ensure that there is no musculoskeletal system does not develop any imbalances. It is important to stand as often as possible and stretch the body out. For best results, try to stand and stretch every hour or so. Most people are amazed at how much their back pain begins to decrease by simply doing this. After a few weeks, you will be amazed at the results. Another beneficial thing to do for the back is to stretch the hamstrings. Most people don’t realize that tightness in the hamstrings can lead to chronic pain throughout the back region. Having stiff hamstrings also places a great deal of stress across the sacroiliac joint which will make the pain more intense. There are a few easy stretches that will help to control this pain:

Prone Press Up: Lie on the floor with your elbows bent and your palms placed down on the ground. Then lift your upper torso off the ground making sure to keep your hips and legs in contact with the ground beneath you. Make sure to keep all of your muscles relaxed and never push yourself to go further than what is comfortable for you. Hold for 10-30 seconds. Repeat at least 10 times. Standing Stretch: Stand up straight and simply bend forward from the waist. You should let the arms dangle down by your sides and make sure to keep your legs straight. Reach for your toes but if you cannot make it all the way to touch them do not force yourself to. It is not necessary to cause pain and the possibility of harm. This stretch should provide a nice gentle release across the back of the hamstrings. It is important to hold each stretch for ten seconds and do several repetitions. Chair Stretch: This stretch is similar to the standing one but even less strenuous on the back. From a seated position stretch your legs straight out in front of you. Gently reach forward again, trying to touch the toes. You can even do this one leg at a time to make it easier and less stressful on the back and the core muscles. Single Knee to Chest: Lay on your back with your knees bent. Then begin to pull one leg to your chest and hold like this for about 30 seconds. Repeat on each side at least 3 times. AVOID GRAINS AND SUGARS Many doctors are now advising patients who experience chronic pain in parts of their body to give up grains and sugars for a few weeks. With the increase in popularity of the low-carb diets, many people have noticed how much cleaner their body feels from the inside. Studies have recently shown that insulin and leptin levels are directly responsible for the increase in inflammatory prostaglandins in the body. Those suffering from pain and chronic inflammation usually see a remarkable difference in how they feel when they adopt a lower carb diet due to the reduction of sugars and grains. Researchers believe this occurs because some bodies react to specific proteins in foods and when this happens their immune system produces antibodies that attack these proteins and lead to pain-causing inflammation to develop throughout the body. Gluten, found in many grains like wheat, oats, rye, and barley, as well as milk proteins, is the main culprit. Doctors recommend avoiding carbohydrate foods, and instead, consuming lean meat proteins such as fish, poultry, and seafood. Viable plant-based protein sources are also great options; if you are not allergic, consider eating Legumes, Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans, Brazil Nuts, Seeds, or soy products. Patients are encouraged to try this diet change for at least 90 days just to see if they notice a difference. It can be a difficult adjustment period for the first few days, but patients usually begin to see noticeable results by the end of the first week. What you feed your body affects how you feel on a daily basis. And this is most evident in chronic pain sufferers.

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FOAM ROLLERS Using a foam roller is a cheap and easy way to instantly relieve back pain. You can find them in most department stores. They are five or six inches in length and a few inches thick. They also vary in density and firmness. If you are a beginner to this method, you should start with a lower density foam roller until you get more acclimated to the movement and how it affects the problem areas. The Foam Roller is simple to use. You will begin by lying on the floor with the roller directly under the small of your back. Then pull your hips up off the floor just enough to get your shoulders and your head off the ground as well. Now using your feet you will propel yourself forward and backward over the roller. The sensation is very similar to rolling a golf ball under your foot to soothe your arches. This does virtually the same thing to your back. It is best to start out with five to ten minutes the first time you do this and then wait awhile. You should notice a great improvement in your back pain. Eventually, you will aim for 15-minute sessions. REDUCE STRESS AND RELAX THE BODY When people think of back pain, they don’t automatically associate it with stress or mental burnout. Studies have shown that recurring thoughts of negativity and bouts of anxiety enhance one’s chances of suffering from back pain and injuries. There is a wide range of techniques available to help with reducing the amount of stress and anxiety that can contribute to this kind of pain. Many involve acupuncture techniques that are psychological in nature. Instead of using needles on the body the therapist will use the fingers to tap certain parts of the body, and using psychological techniques, “link” that pressure with a certain thought or emotion. There has been an ongoing debate about the effectiveness of such techniques, but solid research has returned favorable results. The link between the mind and the body can never be underestimated. The daily grind many people are under such as trying to juggle work and home life responsibilities can create a significant amount of stress. Occasionally seeking treatment from a qualified counselor or therapist is necessary to find the root of the problem. It is important to learn to manage stress and anxiety in the mind, but it is also crucial to learn to physically relax your total body to ensure that the muscles and joints operate in perfect harmony together. Learning how to relax your muscles will do wonders for your back

pain. The following muscle relaxation technique is best thought of as meditation for the muscles: First, sit or lie down in a calm, quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Turn off any distractions in the environment. It is often helpful to play relaxing music softly in the background as well. Then take five minutes to get into the proper relaxing mindset. Strive for a tranquil feeling of peace in yourself and let go of anything in the world that is worrying you. Begin with the muscles in your feet. Clench the muscles tightly for a period of three to five seconds and then relax completely. Then move up to the muscles in the legs. Slowly work your way up the body clenching then relaxing each muscle group. NATURAL PAIN RELIEVERS A great way to naturally ease back pain is to find a topical pain relief lotion that contains ingredients including Arnica, Aloe Vera, Menthol, Capsicum, Emu Oil, Willow Bark, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and so on. Ingredients such as these absorb into the skin and provide relief from pain and are viable sources to reduce inflammation, both of which are key factors for helping you manage your back pain. It is important to find a topical product that has low amounts of menthol because concentration greater than 3% have potential health risks of skin burns and an increase in Substance P. In comparison to over-the-counter NonSteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), topical products provide relief without all the scary risks that accompany NSAIDs. Even short-term use of NSAIDs has been known to raise risks of kidney failure, high blood pressure, heart problems, stomach issues such as bleeding and ulcers, and to cause fluid retention in ankles, feet, legs, and hands. TOSS YOUR MATTRESS Many people have tried numerous ways to cure their chronic back pain but to no avail. It is easy to get frustrated and feel as if there is no hope for relief left. Some even resign themselves to the fact that their life is going to be limited because of their back issues. However, the culprit is often right under your nose the whole time. When you lay down on your bed to sleep, you may be causing yourself more pain than rest. An easy fix for your back problems may be simply changing your mattress. If your mattress is old, dipping, or just not providing you with the specific support that you need, it can cause horrific pain in your back. Did you know that there are specific beds that cater to your sleeping position? If you are a side sleeper, you do not need the same type of bed that a stomach sleeper needs. It is easy to find online guides that will help you buy the perfect mattress for you. It is worth taking your time to evaluate what is going to be best for you and also vitally important to test mattresses thoroughly before buying them. It is easy to become distracted by impatient salesman and their disapproving looks,

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but you must take your time and make the right decision for yourself. Doing so can drastically improve your quality of life and be a positive factor in curing your back pain for good. VITAMIN D Treatments with Vitamin D supplements have proven very effective at reducing back pain. Vitamin D is a vital factor for strong bones and joints and is highly valued for its regenerative effects for the body. Deficiencies in this nutrient have been directly linked to chronic pain. Researchers from the Mayo Clinic published a study in 2009 that revealed that patients who were deficient in Vitamin D needed at least twice the amount of strong narcotic painkillers to achieve relief than the patients who had adequate levels of Vitamin D. This essential vitamin is widely prevalent in many foods such as milk and fish. It is also produced by the body when exposed to UV rays of the sun, but one should limit sun exposure because of its damaging effects on the skin without proper protection. Since it is very difficult to obtain the necessary level of vitamin D on a daily basis from food sources, most doctors recommend consuming 2,000 IU of a vitamin D supplement daily. Taking a Vitamin D supplement may not completely cure your back pain, but many people have found beneficial relief from adding this supplement to their daily routine. Other supplements that have proved helpful in relieving back pain are Glucosamine (500mgs, 3 times per day), 2 teaspoons per day of flaxseed oil, a Cal/Mag/Zinc supplement, and 2,000mg of Vitamin C daily. The treatment of chronic back pain is not an exact science. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but luckily there are many options and treatment methods available. Work with your doctor to customize the best plan of treatment for you and you will be well on your way to living a long and pain-free life. Published by Real Time Pain Relief At Real Time Pain Relief, we not only care about the quality ingredients that go into each and every one of our products – but also about the people who buy them. We hope this article becomes a valued resource for your own personal journey to better health. We know natural products that reduce your pain at the source are important to you, and for more than 17 years, our Real Time Pain Relief rub-on has been providing fast acting, targeted pain relief with natural ingredients to thousands of satisfied customers. From the useful information in our articles to our high-quality natural products, we hope you become one of the thousands of customers telling us they “Enjoy Living Again!”

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Inspiration Point

We can make all the resolutions we want, but we can’t change ourselves. But when we willingly offer our lives to God, He will change us. The NIV translation of Romans 12:2 says, “…be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The renewing of our mind requires inward change and comes from God at work in us. It requires diligence on our part. It requires changing our thoughts, our priorities, and goals to be aligned with those of Christ.

by Keno Shrum

My New Year’s Offering “Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, goingto-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering.” Romans 12:1a (The Message)

It’s baby steps. And it doesn’t require changing everything all at once. Let’s begin today with our first step … a simple prayer, offering our hearts to God. Written by Wendy Blight, Proverbs 31 Ministries www.proverbs31.org

Happy New Year! During this first week of January, many of us will begin anew. New diets and exercise regiments. New Bible studies and reading plans. New organization and time management routines. We’ll commit to break bad habits, restore broken relationships, and be “better” people. We call these New Year’s resolutions. I confess. I’ve made more than my fair share of these in the last 25 years. But most, like me, soon forget our good-intended resolutions. We mean well. But life gets busy. We return to our old habits. To that which is comfortable and doesn’t require so much sacrifice. I want something better. Something new. What about you? Will you join me in doing a new thing this year? Let’s begin the very best place we can … God’s Word. Romans 12:1-2 says, “So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering … Fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it … God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.” (The Message) Using this passage, let’s write a New Year’s Prayer. But not just any prayer. Reread Romans 12:1. There is a powerful little word tucked in that first sentence. Paul tells us to take our lives and place them before God as an offering. Together, let’s make a New Year’s offering.

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Cowboy Tater Tot Casserole

Ingredients 1 lb ground beef 2 Tbsp dried minced onion 1/2 tsp garlic powder 1/8 tsp salt 1/8 tsp ground pepper 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 can corn (15 oz) drained 16 oz bag tater tots

Directions 1. Preheat oven to 425 and bake tater tots while browning ground beef. 2. Brown ground beef with minced onion. Drain and stir in garlic powder, salt, and ground pepper. 3. Stir in corn and cream of chicken soup. Pour in to 8X8 baking dish. 4. Top with browned tater tots and bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes until bubbly and hot. Top with cheese if desired.

Submitted by Alexis K. - Lafayette, IN Humps-Horns.com · 15 · January 2017

ded·i·ca·tion [ded-i-kay-shuh n] n](noun ( )

by Jill van Egmond As we enter a new year we would like to say thank you. We have had another successful year and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing volunteers from our Board of Directors to the wonderful individuals who represent Rider Relief Fund by working at our booth on the various concourses throughout the year. Nonprofit organizations succeed because of the generosity of others through their finances, knowledge and time. One of the greatest assets Rider Relief Fund possesses is its amazing team of volunteers who donate their time and incur travel expenses to represent and be an ambassador for Rider Relief Fund at events across the country. Our volunteers ensure that we are able to continue providing assistance to athletes injured in the sport of bull riding by sharing our mission and encouraging people to give through a straight donation or by purchasing tickets for our opportunity drawings.

awards namesake to a tee. In her personal life, Robin is a Corporate Secretary for a nonprofit in Hillsboro, Missouri, a mother of two and a mimi of one with another on the way in January. A Missouri native, Robin attended her first PBR events 10 years ago with her two children in Kansas City and St. Louis. They fell in love with the sport!! She and her daughter first began volunteering with the PBR Fan Club and built many relationships. At her daughter’s insistence they always donated, but at one event they stopped by the Rider Relief Fund booth and met Bri Wills, a great ambassador for the organization. She was so friendly and enthusiastic about Rider

Our volunteers are second to none! They take time to talk to passersby on the concourse and have developed lasting relationships that result in people looking for the Rider Relief Fund booth just to give a hug and say hello. In 2016 we had a team of 40 volunteers who logged over 1,158 hours with a value of $27,294 for their time. This doesn’t take into account their personal expenses for travel and lodging. Their dedication and support goes above and beyond and the success of Rider Relief Fund is a direct reflection. In an effort to acknowledge our volunteers contributions, the Randy Little Award was established in 2015 to be awarded to an individual who exemplifies what it means to be a volunteer and give generously. The inaugural year award was given to Randy Little for his years of service and dedication. This year’s recipient was Robin Bradford. With so many amazing volunteers it was a difficult decision, but Robin modeled the values that were established by the

Megan Bradford, Robin Bradford, Carla Lyne (l to r)

Humps-Horns.com · 16 · January 2017

involved in, but I don’t think you could find one more dedicated to their cause. I am proud to volunteer for Rider Relief Fund because I know how hard everyone works to squeeze every dollar to help these cowboys and competitors at all levels. The people you meet along the way are some of the best you’ll find!” As an organization we are so honored to have Robin Bradford as part of Rider Relief Fund, along with all of the other amazing and wonderful volunteers that have been a direct part of our success. Personally, working with and getting to know all of these incredible people has changed my life and provided me with a RRF family that is near and dear to my heart and deeply loved. Thank you for all you do!! If you would like to find out how to become involved with Rider Relief Fund, please visit our website at www.riderrelief.org or call 719-242-2900.

Relief Fund that Robin asked how they could help and that is how her 6 years of service began, volunteering with her daughter Megan at an event in Des Moines. Throughout her years of service Robin has embodied what it means to be a part of the Rider Relief Fund team. She has represented the organization with a spirit of generosity and dedication. Her best memories are traveling the country alongside her daughter and building lifelong relationships with fans, competitors and supporters of the sport, which she credits for helping form who she is as a person. She shared that one of her proudest moments came this year when she was presented the Randy Little Award. “I was unable to attend World Finals this year. It was the first time in 8 years. I got a message from Aubrey asking if I could Face-Time her the next day. I assumed it was so I could say hello to my “RRF family” that were all at the appreciation luncheon and to see her baby that I have yet to meet. We made the Face-Time connection and Aubrey said a few people (a few Board Members) wanted to say something. It was then that they told me I had been chosen for the First Annual Randy Little award! I was completely surprised and so honored! I am so proud to be associated with Rider Relief!! I just received the award in the mail and it’s beautiful!!” When asked if she would encourage others to become involved she answered, “There are so many charities and organizations to get

Beau Hill rides Secret Agent for 79 points at the ERA World Championship but has a rough dismount. Photo by Todd Eschberger

Humps-Horns.com · 17 · January 2017

Valdiron de Oliveira A True Champion Says Good-Bye

By Phillip Kitts

Photos by Phillip Kitts / Avid Visual Imagery

As the curtains fell on the PBR World Finals, it was much more than just an ending to a great season of bull riding. It also closed out a chapter for an amazing bull rider and an even better man. On Saturday, November 5th, Valdiron de Oliveira came into the media room of the T-Mobile Arena to announce his retirement from bull riding. In a very emotional moment, Valdiron spoke to the media about how he has enjoyed his career but felt it was time to hang up his gear. By the end nearly every member of the media were doing their best to fight back the emotions they shared with this great man. On November 6, the last day of the 2016 PBR World Finals, Valdiron slid down into the bucking chutes for the last time. He had battled hard through the first five days of the World Finals to qualify for the short round and a chance at a nice farewell check. In true Valdiron fashion, from the crack of the latch to the sound of the buzzer, every jump and twist was 100% pure hustle. Valdiron completed his last 8 seconds of the PBR with a 86.5 on Nailed. As Valdiron collected his gear from the arena floor, the raw emotion was more than apparent on his face. All he could do was express his gratitude as he walked from the arena the last time while the cheers of the crowd displayed how much he was appreciated for a job well done. Valdiron de Oliveira has been much more than a bull rider during

the course of his career in the PBR. Throughout the years he has established himself as both a fierce competitor and a friend to the fans and other bull riders in the sport. On June 17, 2007 Valdiron made his Built Ford Tough Series debut and during the next 11 years he accumulated some very impressive statistics. He has logged 983 outs on the top bulls in the business, which makes it even more impressive that he closes out his career with a 57.15% qualified riding percentage and 35 rides scored above 90 points. His career includes over $2 million dollars in career earnings. Valdiron competed at all three levels of the PBR and had success at each level. His biggest highlights have come with his participation in the Built Ford Tough Series where he has had some big wins, such as his victory in 2012 at Madison Square Garden, the 2010 Iron Cowboy in Arlington, Texas, and the Versus Invitational in New York City where he won his first Built Ford Tough event in 2008. As impressive as these numbers are, they only tell the public version of what Valdiron has accomplished. You will never talk to anyone in the bull riding world without hearing a long list of accolades about what a great presence Valdiron was, and is, in the locker room or on the arena floor. His popularity extends to every corner of bull riding from the United States to his native Brazil and around the world. As Valdiron moves on to a new phase of life where he will spend more time with the family and friends that are near and dear to him, he does so leaving both a reputation for being a great athlete and an ambassador for the sport.

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By Kelly B. Robbins

Rodeo Company I once heard a comment that cowboys are a dying breed. But if you look at the huge numbers of rodeo events that are scheduled every week from coast-to-coast, you realize that cowboys are alive and well and rodeo is the fastest growing spectator sport in America. The spirit of the west is about the cowboy way: trust, respect, hard work and loyalty. That spirit burns in the hearts of men and women all across this great nation. Rodeo is flourishing because the people behind it have passion and vision. People working very hard to make it the best that it can be. Promoters giving professional cowboys the opportunity to win good money, while providing wonderful entertainment for the ever-growing number of rodeo fans. Cowboys who work hard to be the best they can be at what they do. Sponsors willing to put up big money to promote rodeo and the western lifestyle. And stock contractors who are successful because they choose to invest the effort and intensity it takes to breed and raise champions.

Lowry and Simpson extended their vision and became partners in 2009, forming the 4L and Diamond S Rodeo Company. They provide stock for PRCA, IPRA, NIRA and PRCA Xtreme Bulls. In 2011, their bulls Palm Springs and Big Iron were named the number one and number two PRCA Bucking Bulls of the Year. In 2012, their bull Cat Ballou was named PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year. 4L and Diamond S Rodeo Company has had bulls in the WNFR every year since being formed. This year they have five bulls in the WNFR. They are: 2148 Girl Money, 267 Diamond in the Rough, 2244 Juice Box, 270 House of Pain, and 0112 Little Turbo.

4L and Diamond S Rodeo Company is an example of successful men of passion and vision coming together to provide a better product for cowboys and fans alike.

“The vast majority of our bulls are raised right here in Weatherford, Texas. Once the younger bulls turn professional, we take them to Georgia, and bring the Georgia bulls back west. I’d say we keep 2530 bulls in Georgia.”

Champion calf roper and steer wrestler Charlie Lowry and wife, Wanda, started the 4L Rodeo Company in 1985 in Summerville, Georgia and soon became one of the most outstanding rodeo stock contracting companies in the southeastern United States. Charlie was named Stock Contractor of the Year in 2002 and 2012 by the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association. David Simpson and wife, Amie, started Diamond S Bucking Bulls in 2002 in Weatherford, Texas. They had bought a ranch next to Bob Tallman, which sparked David’s interest in the bucking bull business. David bought a few cows and some Bodacious semen and by 2007 they were named runner-up contractor of the year at the PBR World Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Our breeding program is really starting to take off,” shared Scott Pickens, who hauls and handles the bulls for the western 4L Diamond S Rodeo. The eastern operation of 4L and Diamond S Rodeo in Summerville, Georgia provides all the calves, steers, bucking broncs and bulls for a full rodeo. Charlie Lowry handles that stock.

“We run a commercial cow operation here in Weatherford, as well as our bucking bull program,” Scott continued. “Our bucking bull program has 30-35 bucking cows and 150-200 bucking bulls of all ages. I try to keep 50-60 bulls ready to go at any time. We have a “starting line-up” that we start with, then we rotate to the “second string” which allows us to constantly change the line-up and provide fresh bulls throughout the event. Our goal is to provide any event with the best selection of bulls that gives the riders the best chance to win.” Scott is a former bull rider and also managed the Stock Registry before he began working with David in 2001. “I rode bulls for 12

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NFR qualifier Sandi’s Dream hanging out on the ranch in Weatherford, TX.

NFR bull, Rustler’s Paradise on the Diamond S Ranch in Weatherford, TX.

Humps-Horns.com · 21 · January 2017

Diamond S #283- winning ABBI Futurity in Stephenville TX. years,” Scott revealed, “I wasn’t very good, but I got on a lot of bulls.” He and David are both shareholders in the A.B.B.I. (American Bucking Bull Inc.) and Scott is currently an A.B.B.I. board member. David is also a partner in Exclusive Genetics. “My favorite bull of all time is Big Iron,” Scott said. “He was the PRCA reserve champion in 2011. We’ve had other great bulls like Cat Daddy, Cat Ballou, Palm Springs, Wicked Stick, Rustler’s Paradise and Sandi’s Dream.” “I enjoy the fact that bull riding is really an individual deal,” Scott explained. “You versus that bull. Just show up and do your job. But it takes a heck of an attitude to make it through a season. Bull riding is such a physically demanding sport. You are always sore! And you have to be mentally tough as well, because every time you get on that bull you are putting yourself in a life or death situation.” “We are dedicated to the sport of rodeo, and we strive every day to provide a strong breeding foundation to raise the kind of quality animals that helps promote our company and further the sport of rodeo. It is so rewarding to provide high quality bovine athletes that cowboys can ride to win.”

Photos courtesy of 4L & Diamond S Rodeo Company

“I really love the sport of rodeo,” Scott said as we concluded our interview. “I like traveling and the relationships you develop along the way. There are a lot of young kids coming up that are very, very good. I work hard to make the sport of rodeo continue to grow.”

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The Cinch Boyd Gaming Chute-Out was held for the second year in a row at the Orleans Arena. It features world class competitors vying for over $200,000 purse. A total of 64 participants competed during the afternoon rodeo in the traditional rodeo events including: Bareback Riding, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, Saddle Bronc Riding, Tie-Down Roping, Barrel Racing and Bull Riding.

Brett Stall rides Short Cut for 86.5 points to win the Finals and the championship (right). He receives the trophy buckle from Don Gay and Joe Beaver (above). Photos by Phillip Kitts / Avid Visual Imagery.

Sage Kimzey By Barbara Pinnella

Kimzey Stamps Name in the Record Books Again! Last year Sage Kimzey won the PRCA bull riding championship. By doing so, he became the first man in bull riding history to win that world title in his first two years as a card holder in the PRCA. He clinched his victory in the ninth round in 2015. This year Kimzey was able to three-peat, setting yet another record by doing so. In contrast to last year, however, the race in the bull riding, and most of the other events this year, was by no means in the bag for him.

was too low to add any money to his lead. Kimzey split second and third in the sixth round with another score of 87.50 on Half Nuts, from Pete Carr Pro Rodeo. In Round 7 his score of 79 split another round, this time for fifth place, after covering Long Haired Outlaw. That bull is owned by New West Rodeo Productions. In that all-important tenth and final round, Sage rode the Lancaster & Jones Pro Rodeo bull Total Bulls Battle Born for an 83 score to insure that new World Championship.

“I came into the Finals with a really big lead, I had a great regular season,” he told us. “When I got to the Finals I drew some pretty tough bulls and just didn’t ride as good as I needed to. I had a pretty rough Finals honestly, but my regular season was good enough that it didn’t really matter.

It was a very big deal that Kimzey put his name in the record books last year, but winning again this time was really exciting for him. Winning three years in a row in his first three years as a PRCA card holder is something that no one will ever be able to take away from him.

“Actually, I can’t say that I had a terrible Finals, I still rode six bulls. But a couple that I did ride were not as good as others in the pen, so it cost me a lot of money in those go-rounds that I did stay on. And then the other ones that I let get by me, they cost me a lot too.

“Winning the Finals, it’s a pretty incredible thing to do, and now to be able to do it my first three years is pretty special. I’m a huge rodeo history fan, so I love the rodeo history part of it. Having my own part of history in there is really special.”

“It came down to the tenth round.” Sage continued “All you can do is just stay on your bull and let the chips fall where they may. Honestly, there is nothing else that’s going to help you besides staying on and riding that bull as good as you can. I’m really happy that it worked out the way it did.”

Throughout his career Sage has been able to, by bull riding standings, remain injury-free. He did admit to being pretty sore by about the seventh round, and did get stepped on in the ninth, so his foot wasn’t feeling too great. But for a bull rider those things are minor.

As he previously mentioned, on his way to that third world title Sage did take down six out of ten bulls. He won the first round with a score of 86.50 on Aftershock from Frontier Rodeo. He was second in Round 3 after his ride on the Calgary Stampede bull Night Moves with an 87.50. He covered his bull in the fifth round, but his score

There are always reminders of the hazards of his chosen profession. His good friend Cody Teel wasn’t able to avoid injury at this years’ National Finals Rodeo. He suffered a broken collar bone in the fifth round and was unable to compete any further. Last year Teel won the average, so it is yet another illustration of just how quickly things can change.

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Shane Proctor rides Midnight Bender (Andrews Rodeo) for 91 points to win round 3 at the National Finals Rodeo. Photo by Greg Westfall, provided courtesy of PRCA.

Tim Bingham conquers Magic Bullet from the Smith, Harper & Morgan herd for a score of 90.5 points in round 9 at the National Finals Rodeo. Photo by Greg Westfall, provided courtesy of PRCA.

Humps-Horns.com · 25 · January 2017

With a nice season total of $311,451, Sage and his girlfriend Alexis will take a bit of time for some rest and relaxation before the season starts up again.

Brennon Eldred rides SweetPro’s Bruiser (D&H Cattle Co.) for 94.5 points and the win in the ninth round at the National Finals Rodeo. Photo by Greg Westfall, provided courtesy of PRCA.

“We have talked about a couple of places, either New York City or Hawaii. If we went to New York we could go to D.C. and see all of the monuments. We both love history, so that would be a pretty cool trip. And Alexis worked in New York for awhile and she wants to show me around, see the big Christmas tree. It might be cool to experience Christmas in New York. “But I’ll definitely take a little time off and be ready to kick it off. There is Odessa and Denver the first couple of weekends in January, so it won’t be too long that I’ll be back on the road.” Look out for Sage next year! He will be rested, healthy, and ready to make yet another statement. Humps N Horns want to wish him the best of luck as he heads off down the road next season.

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by Heidi Kitts

Photos by Phillip Kitts / Avid Visual Imagery

The Las Vegas Convention Center has been hosting Youth National Finals Rodeo over the last couple years. And, this year’s Cowboy Christmas did not disappoint with the MBR (Miniature Bull Riders) events, as a rodeo fan favorite and it’s large, crowd attendance, over a 10-Day span! These young bull riders are the future of the professional bull riding world and even as young children and teenagers could give the current professionals some real competition! This year’s MBR events blessed fans with endless entertainment, by the bullriders, bullfighters, the bulls themselves, as well as the intervention as a pickup man and improv bullfighter, by the 2X PBR World Champion Bull Rider, Chris Shivers, who is the namesake of the MBR. Within the MBR ranks lie 3 divisions, Peewee (8-9 years-old), Junior (10-12 years-old) and Senior (13-14 years-old), where each level of youth bull riding had a great opportunity to showcase their talents as well as seize the opportunity to advance their experience in the bright lights of Vegas. From December 1-10, the days were split into 3 groups of contestants; whereas, each group competed for 3 consecutive days. with each rider climbing onto a total of 3 bulls, and on the 3rd day the contestant’s scores are tabulated, resulting in the group’s winners and awarded at the close of each group’s events. Over the course of this year’s 10 day event, each group’s winners were chosen on Day 4, Day 7 and Day 10.

Group 1 Winners Peewee ~ Tucker Willis, Junior ~ Braxton Thompson, Senior ~ Brady Turgeon (pictured above) Group 2 Winners Junior ~ Mecate Trammell, Senior ~ Wyatt Terrazas Group 3 Winners Peewee ~ Gavin Firnekas , Junior ~ Brock Poulan, Senior ~ Bradlee Miller

Regardless of how each youngster placed, the knowledge and experience that they gained, here, is priceless.

Humps-Horns.com · 28 · January 2017

Brody Poulin rides Half Rack for a score of 70 points.

Gavin Firnekas hustles for a score of 66.5 on Gus

Humps-Horns.com · 29 · January 2017

Where greatness never goes out of style!

The Bull Riding Hall of Fame is created to recognize, commemorate and celebrate the bull riders, bull fighters, the bulls, stock contractors, events and individuals that have made a history making impact and have achieved exemplary excellence in the sport.

• Annual and Lifetime Memberships • Individual and Corporate Sponsors • Tax Deductible Donations

For more information visit our website-


Located in the Cow town Colieseum in the Historic Fort W orth Stockyards

facebook.com/BullRidingHOF twitter.com/BullRidingHOF



For a fifty dollar entry fee, NJ bull rider Dan Mcallister hit the jackpot at the Dec 3 edition of the Sundance Rodeo based in Fredonia, Pa. The policy at Bullride Mania Shows, who produce the event, is that if none of the bull riders qualify on two head (qualification round and championship round) the aggregate prize money along with any go round money where there are no qualified rides carries over to a future show. The October show had $1500. roll over into the November show and Derrian Metzinger was the only one to ride both bulls. A hefty $2,160. is what he earned for his efforts. Then on November 19 at the Harrisburg, Pa Bullride Mania Finals not one bull was covered all night. A whopping $6,600. carried over to the December 3 Fredonia Show. The finals featured a free concert with Craig Campbell, whose newest single “Outskirts of Heaven” is climbing the charts. Many of the county fair boards from the Bullride Mania Carnival of Carnage summer tour were represented in the near capacity audience. Joe Hostetler from Homer City, Pa received a fractured skull in spite of the fact that he was wearing a helmet. He is now released from Hershey Medical center and doing well.

In addition to stock contractor Dave Martin’s bovine lineup, Mike Miller and Shawn Zarowka provided bulls also. After the finals bulls pitched their no hitter, one fan remarked “if the bulls weren’t so good the guys could cover them”. Promoter Dave Martin responded with “I don’t like to see anyone get hurt. I do like it when a rider does well. The fan has a valid point. However these guys know that when they enter a Bullride Mania show they are going to get on a bucker. I cannot sell tickets to a show where guys are sixty-five points in the bull riding. That would be like promoting a Nascar race where the cars go sixty-five miles an hour and everyone gets a ribbon for participating. Also our shows and our ranches are up North. These bulls, like many others have to walk on frozen ground and so on. The harsh weather can make a mediocre bull into a re-ride and a good bull into one that is just nice to get on.” These words rang true two weeks later on December third at Sundance Arena when seven bulls got ridden for the eight. Six in the long go and one in the short go. Dan McAllister was 82 points in the long go on #28 Sandman to win second. Then he was the only one to cover a Mike Miller bull in the short go. An 85 point ride on #1122 Sin City paid him an additional $2,500 plus an additional $2,500 for the 167 point total for two rides in the aggregate, giving him $5,747 total. 2017 Sundance shows are scheduled for Jan. 7, and 21, Feb 4,11,18, 25, Mar 4, and 18, and April 1. The New Sundance Rodeo Finals will be held in Harrisburg, Pa on April 8, 2017. Contestants can call 717-334-7724 anytime 24/7 to enter Sundance Rodeo, Fredonia, Pa but you must call at least forty-eight hours prior to showtime, or before it fills up. Enter early, entries are limited. It’s a beautiful thing to not have to call during a limited period of time for books. When you arrive at the show, you get to pick your bull- that’s beautiful too.

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Chandler Bownds (far left), the 2016 ERA bull riding world champion and the other inaugural world champions of the ERA. Photo courtesy of ERA.

rs in the neck for a wild Bradley Harter keeps his spu e. start to this saddle bronc rid

Chayni Cham berlain - 11 ye

ar barrel raci ng phenom. Photo courtes y of ERA.

Special thanks to Todd Eschberger for the photos from the ERA World Championship.

Jesse Anderso n leans way b ack on Jailhou string. se Rock

lp on a little he r fo p u s es look Bray Arm

Cort Scheer

this steer.

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from the J-J

ERA Crowns its First World Champions The world’s premier professional rodeo athletes and animals that represent the new Elite Rodeo Athletes (ERA) tour brought the year-long competition to a thrilling end at the American Airlines Center, crowning 16 final event and overall champions and handing out more than $1,000,000 in cash purse prizes.

Round 2 Results Name Bull Score 1. Cody Campbell Alligator Arms 82 2. Jory Markiss Sniper 81.5 3. Beau HIll War Party 72

“What started out as a fresh idea between a few cowboys on how we could advance and better the sport of rodeo turned into a dreamcome-true this weekend in Dallas,” said ERA interim President Bobby Mote. “We couldn’t be happier with how the ERA World Championship turned out over three days at the American Airlines Center.

Round 3 Results Name Bull Score 1. Chandler Bownds Spotted Canyon 86.5 2. Cannon Cravens Frostywhirl 84.5 3. Neil Holmes Ruff ‘Em Up Truck 80.5

“Rodeo is a big part of Texas’ great heritage and boy did the ERA deliver to our fans at the event and tuning in worldwide on FOX Sports 2 TV, SiriusXM Rural Radio and FloSports.com.” Saluting the newly-crowned champions of the ERA’s inaugural season, Mote tipped his hat to winners Chandler Bownds (Bull Riding), Bray Armes (Steer Wrestling), Clay Tryan & Jade Corkill (Team Roping), Cort Scheer (Saddle Bronc Riding), Lisa Lockhart (Barrel Racing), Shane Hanchey (Tie-Down Roping) and Steven Dent (Bareback Riding).

Bull Riding World Standings 1. Chandler Bownds - Lubbock, TX 2. Cody Campbell - Summerville, OR 3. Beau Hill - Columbia Falls, MT

3350 points 3025 points 2600 points

Said Bownds on his Sunday win and overall title: “It feels great to get this title. I had a tough bull in the second round, Bushwacked, and he bucked me off pretty quick and sored me up a bit. But I came back today got another round win on a bull who was just good right there in the gate and around to the right and lucky enough to get the round win.” Article provided courtesy of ERA. Photos by Todd Eschberger. Round 1 Results Name Bull Score 1. Chandler Bownds Doc Mosely 85 2. Zack Oakes King Buck 83.5 3. Cannon Cravens Delco 79.5 Neil Holmes rides Ruff ‘Em Up Truck for 80.5 points.

Humps-Horns.com · 34 · January 2017

Jory Markiss rides Cody Ohl’s bull, Down Under, for 80 points but was disqualified for having his spurs in the knots of his rope.

Cody Campbell rides Ground Control (80 points) on his way to second place in the 2016 ERA world standings.

Chandler Bownds rides Spotted Demon for 86.5 points in round 3.

Cannon Cravens tops Frostywhirl for 84.5 points and 2nd place in round 3.

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Bullriders of America, Inc Newsletter November/December 2016

Dec 30—Sioux Falls, SD Dec 31—Sioux Falls, SD Jan 20—Lincoln, NE Jan 21—Lincoln, NE

Feb 3 & 4, 2017—2016 BOA Finals

2016 Standings


2017 Schedule

October 22, 2016—Sheriden, AR Place Contestant

1 2 3 4


Jared Desalvo Dakota Holt Ryan Nutt Devon Dutton

85 79 75 70


$1,076.40 $807.30 $538.20 $269.10

Congratulations to Finals Bullfighters, Travis Petersen and Possum Gibson as well as Finals Judges, Jarrod Berg, Tony Moyer and Kevin Dessel. Announcer and barrelman will be announced shortly. Final standings will be set after the event in Sioux Falls on the 31st. Contestants will be contacted by the secretary over the next few weeks regarding the finals. The Finals schedule should be finalized in early January. Details will be posted on our website www.bull-of am.com as they are finalized, If you have any questions in the mean time, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 712.261.0241. Memberships for 2017 can be renewed anytime. An application is included with this newsletter and available online at bull-of-am.com/forms.

Upcoming Events

Bull Riding Challenge December 30 & 31, 2016 - 7:30 pm Sioux Falls, SD

Bull Riding Challenge January 20 & 21, 2017 - 7:30 pm Lincoln, NE


1 Levi Miller 2 Clayton Jacob 3 Casey Coulter 4 Skyler Sims 5 Gray Essary® 6 Trey Engel 7 Levi Stepp 8 Dakota Eagleburger® 9 Daniel Lambright 10 Coleman Rude®

11 Lance Schwartz® 12 Ueberson Duarte 13 Austin Martin

14 Dustin Rains 15 Freeman Yoder 16 Keith Hall

17 Trevor Reiste 18 Matt May 19 Nick Midtlien 20 Kyle Jones

21 22 23 24 25 26

$10,436.38 $10,412.82 $9,022.50 $8,516.16 $7,514.92 $7,418.88 $6,866.19 $6,237.00 $5,967.85 $5,525.10 $5,290.38 $5,246.58 $4,569.84 $4,509.98 $4,413.40 $3,422.39 $3,079.44 $3,069.45 $2,690.10 $2,413.80 $2,252.70

Henry Schwartz Lain Hartzog®


Cristiano Figueredo


Location: WH Lyon Fairgrounds Added Money: $2,000 Each Night Contractor: Mossbrucker/Double S Producer: Mossbrucker Rodeo Central Entry #: 701.674.3214 Mon, December 19, 2016 - Noon to 6 PM Card holders given preference.

Location: Lancaster Event Center Added Money: $2,500 Each Night Contractor: Mossbrucker/Double S Producer: Mossbrucker Rodeo Central Entry #: 701.674.3214 Mon, January 9, 2017 - Noon to 6 PM Card holders given preference.

28 Danny Schlobohm 29 Colton Grenniger

Call Backs: Monday, Dec 27, 9-Noon Entry Fee:$50 ea night + $4 Central Entry Fee Contestants: Limited to first 40 to enter & prepay Mail fees to: PO Box 212, Mandan, ND 58554 BOA sanctioned Emergency Number: Motel: Comfort Inn & Suites -605-2759577

Call Backs: Monday, Jan 16, 9-Noon Entry Fee:$50 ea night + $4 Central Entry Fee Contestants: Limited to first 40 to enter & prepay Mail fees to: PO Box 212, Mandan, ND 58554 BOA sanctioned Emergency Number: Motel: New Victorian Inn - 402.640.8400

34 Dixon Hestetune



Cole Fischer Travis Smith

Matt Moore 27 Kolby Phillips

30 John Mincey 31 Amos Yoder 32 Rudy Borntrager 33 Luke Bradley® 35 Garrett Heinert® 36 Dakota Nye 37 Zach Peterson

38 39 40 41 42


Casey Woodhouse Mason Ormesher Ty Francis Brennon Lashley Zach Mienzma

$1,992.33 $1,714.32 $1,533.60 $1,275.75 $1,181.25 $1,134.18 $1,078.65 $980.21 $944.46 $892.80 $799.20 $777.60 $773.69 $761.40 $586.53 $515.70 $491.40 $292.50

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Photos courtesy of Casey Martin Photography

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For more information, please visit www.texasbuckingbullassociation.com


RESULTS Cowtown Coliseum - Fort Worth, Texas November 20, 2016 YEARLING BULLS

Owner Bull 1. 01 Cattle Company Double Coverage 2. Tomaski / Fowler Raymond’s Last Shot 3. 01 Cattle Company Big D 4. Jesse Kral Little Man 5. Tomaski / Montgomery Sloppy Joe 6. Just for Kicks #2208 6. Tomaski / Simpkins Playin w/ Emotions

2016 YEAR END CHAMPION BULL #C-6 Big D - 01 Cattle Company 2016 FINALS CHAMPION BULL #C-8 Double Coverage - 01 Cattle Company

m E ‘ k c u B s ’ Let 2017

Owner Bull 1. Shawn Davis Crank It 1. 8-K Bucking Bulls Buck Snort 3. Jerry Lindley #4-0172 4. 8-K Bucking Bulls No Tequila 5. Just for Kicks Psycho 6. Denton Creek Farms Just Another Demon

2016 FINALS CHAMPION BULL #021 Buck Snort - 8-K Bucking Bulls #422 Crank It - Shawn Davis DERBY BULLS

Owner Bull 1. 01 Cattle Company Big Dirty 2. 01 Cattle Company Hustlin Kitty 3. Jacky Heflin Devil’s River 3. 01 Cattle Company Hotel Hustler 5. Dean Wilson Alaska

6. Robert Newton 6. Jesse Kral 6. Brashear / Hisner

940-393-3730 940-445-0379 940-391-0153 940-636-1691 817-692-3858 817-233-5909 940-210-2171

Defiance Hell Ya #713

2016 YEAR END CHAMPION BULL #A10 Big Dirty - 01 Cattle Company 2016 FINALS CHAMPION BULL #A10 Big Dirty - 01 Cattle Company CHAMPION BULL RIDER Ronny Kitchens on #96A Hotel Hustler

TBBA Directors Cullen Calame Danny Mason Rodney Lidgard Jody Mataska Dewey Brashear Lee McLaughlin Barry Neely

2016 YEAR END CHAMPION BULL #021 Buck Snort - 8-K Bucking Bulls

Denton Creek Farms -M- Arena Hubcap’s Bull Pen South of the Red Arena Circle B Arena LMC Bulls Neely Rodeo Cattle

Humps-Horns.com · 40 · January 2017

though we are an association, anyone can participate with a permit fee that covers the weekend event. If you place and win money, this permit money is applied to your membership. Your schedule may not allow you to attend all our events but we enjoy new participants as well as our friends and past members anytime. If you have any questions, feel free to call our office. Next events: Mercedes, TX – January 28 & 29, 2017 Kingsville, TX – February 24 & 25, 2017

National Professional Bull Riders Association News HAPPY NEW YEAR!! From everyone at the National Professional Bull Riders Association. We start out the 2017 season and end the 2016 tour, down south, in sunny Mercedes, Texas on January 28 & 29, 2017. This will be an exciting event to watch as our bull riders in the 2016 standings will be competing for the 2016 NPBR World Champion Monsoon Silver Trophy Buckle. J.T. Moore, Alvin, Texas, will be going into this event leading the pack but has several top competitors following behind him as he tries to hold on to his chance at this World Champion title. Three Monsoon Silver Trophy Buckles are up for grabs in Mercedes so hold on to your cowboy hats as the fun begins. We are looking forward to this bull riding and will follow-up with the results and announce our 2016 NPBR World Champion in the February issue. Making a return again this year will be the South Texas Bull Fight Challenge. We are fortunate to have several World Champions that compete in this bull fight event while keeping you sitting on the edge of your seat. Thank you to Blue Jeanes, Winnie, Texas, for providing us with such talent.

We would like to extend our best wishes to everyone for a safe and prosperous 2017.

2016 Standings 1. J.T. Moore 2. Ralph Benson 3. Ouncie Mitchell 4. Keyshawn Whitehorse 5. James Mack 6. Jonathon Brown 7. Hondo Flores 8. Bryan Titman 9. Koal Livingston 10. Zachary Miles 11. Kurt “Roostaa” Lynch 12. Douglas Ferreira 13. Jackson Landgraf 14. Trevor Hudnall 15. Troy Garcia

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

6,630 3,040 2,944 2,472 2,145 2,048 1,794 1,737 1,454 1,373 1,242 1,225 977 895 842

As of November 1, 2016

Monsoon Silver Trophy Buckles – We would like to thank Monsoon Silver, formerly Frontier Trophy Buckles, for continuing to sponsor and support the National Professional Bull Riders since 2000. They have provided us with a design and quality buckle that any bull rider would be proud to wear for many years. After sixteen years of the same design, Monsoon Silver has provided the NPBR with a new buckle design. We are excited about this change and look forward to giving it out in 2017 starting in Mercedes, Texas. All Bull Riders – The NPBR would like to invite you to attend one or all of our events. Even

Marcus Chancey rides a rank one in 2016.

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Practice Pens


JACKSONVILLE, NC - Aleck Barnard, Elite Cowboy Rodeo Assoc., Onslow Rodeo Arena, 6pm Every Other Sunday, Call First, 910-381-8597

NEW MARKET, AL - EC Hunt, 5:30pm Sun., 256-683-8169 BATESVILLE, AR - James Bechdoldt, Anytime, Call First, 870-307-9923 CONWAY, AR - Mark Lindsey, Ride & Shine Cattle Company, Anytime, Call First, 501-730-4557 ELFRIDA, AZ - D Davis Bucking Bulls, 4pm Sat., Call First, 520-642-3737 LINCOLN, CA - B Bar Ranch, B Bar Indoor Arena, Rain or Shine, All Rough Stock, 916-206-4059 MARYSVILLE, CA - PacWest, 5pm Wed., Steers & Bulls, Call First, 530-7516643 FRESNO, CA - Toro Bravo Arena, Thur. by appt., Call First, 559-577-2445 ELIZABETH, CO - Tuff Garcia, Tuff E Nuff, 6pm Mon., Rain or Shine, 970-8460788 STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO - Tuff E Nuff, 6pm Wed., Apr-Nov., 970-8466828/3354 ALDEN, IA - Circle C Rodeo, 6pm Wed., Rain or Shine, Call for alternate dates 641-373-3625 WOODBINE, IA - Tom & Kristina Kelley, every Sun. (weather permitting). Beginner - rank bulls. Call 712-592-2493 KENDALLVILLE, IN - B Bar A Bucking Bulls, Heidi Speicher, 7pm Every Thur, Call First, 260-564-5864/Troy JACKSONVILLE, IL - Lazy C Rodeo, 10am3pm Sun., Rain or shine, Call First, 217-245-8280

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CHANDLER, OK - JAM Bulls, 2pm Sun., 7pm Wed., Call First, 405-570-9010 SOPER/HUGO, OK - RBL Rodeo Bulls, Anytime with 4-6 hour notice, Rain or Shine, 307-461-1741 EAGLEVILLE, TN - BF Cattle Company, 2pm Sun., Jackpot, Call First, 615-336-4313 EMORY, TX - Oakes & Greene’s, 7pm Wed., 903-348-8630 LORENA, TX - Rocking S Ranch, Tue., Jackpot, Call First, 254-716-0779 MANSFIELD, TX - JC Knapp Ranch, 4pm Sun/6pm Wed., $5 at the gate to ride as many as you want, 817-223-3692 SIMMS, TX - Wilburn Bucking Bulls, 7pm Every Other Thur., 903-543-3025 PETROLIA, TX - Norris Dalton, 7pm Wed., 940-733-3020 DECATUR, TX - Cullen Calame, Denton Creek Farms, Call First, 940-393-3730 NOCONA, TX - 4x Arena, Call First, 501-944-1907 STEPHENVILLE, TX - Young Arena, every Sunday 2:30pm (rain or shine). $5 at gate to ride as many as you want or to watch. Variety of bulls - beginners to rank. Young Arena Facebook page or call Mike Young 254-967-2313

Livestock Layovers BATESVILLE, AR - James Bechdoldt, White River Rodeo, 870-307-9923 RAYMOND, IL - Randy Littrell, Shop Creek Cattle, 217-556-0551

CLASSIFIEDS Livestock Layovers MARYSVILLE, KS - Gary Hershey, 4H Bucking Bulls and Marysville Sale Barn, Call First, 785-292-4952 LAKE CHARLES, LA - Keith Strickland, Deep South Rodeo Genetics, 337-304-1493 SALEM, MO - Hwy 32 & 72, Salem Livestock Auction, 573-729-8880 HELENA, MT - Jim Horne, Bull Horne Ranch, 406-459-5706 FERNLEY, NV - Nathan Pudsey, Circle P Bucking Bulls, 775-750-2168 CLAYTON, NM - Justin Keeth, Lazy J 3 Bucking Bulls, 575-447-0877 BETHESDA, OH - 15 Miles off I-70, TCB Ranch, 304-281-4530 SOPER/HUGO, OK - RBL Rodeo Bulls, Anytime with 4-6 hours notice, 307-461-1741 BOX ELDER, SD - Gus “Duane” Aus, Lazy Heart O Ranch, 605-923-3426 BUCHANAN, TN - Parsons & Milam 731-642-8346




WINNERS RODEO SUPPLY - Gary Leffews Dare to Be Great DVD $45.00 or I am Hot DVD $35.00-free shipping. Also some remaining Hotman and Lostroh bullropes plus all other bullriding gear. Gold Buckle Rodeo Supply [email protected] 320-328-4000 Dealers wanted !!

Free bull riding tips on Facebook at Gary Leffew Bullriders Only.

CLARKSVILLE, TX - Brian Agnew, BA Livestock, 903-669-9189

13 World Champions and counting! Learn the guru’s winning techniques: Bull riding drills and mental tricks for a smokin’ hot career!

DUBLIN, TX - Mike Godfrey, Godfrey 4X Cattle, 817-235-2852

FMI and to register for school, visit www.hotmanrodeogear.org

MANSFIELD, TX - JC Knapp Ranch, JC Knapp Rodeo, 817-223-3692 MIDLAND, TX - Ted Norton, Norton Bucking Bulls, 432-413-8433

* 2016-2017 School Schedule * Jan 6-8 ~ Denver, CO ~ Ground School ​Feb 24-26 ~ CSI, Twin Falls Idaho ​Jun 7-11 ~ Rifle, CO ~ Special 5 Day Clinic

RENOWNED HIGH QUALITY BULL ROPES - From $400, 1-580-225-3208, DickCarrBullRopes.com, PO Box 18, Elk City, OK. 73648, Be Blessed.

Do You Have a Livestock Layover or Practice Pen? List it for FREE in the Classifieds.

DECATUR, TX - Cullen Calame, Denton Creek Farms, 940-393-3730 PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BULLROPES SIMMS, TX - Near I-30 Texarkana, Wilburn Raymond Branch, Custom Braider Bucking Bulls, 863-381-2799 Maker of World, NFR, & PBR Champion Bullropes CHEYENNE, WY - Floyd & Ann Thomas, Strictly custom-braided to your specifications. TTnT Ranch, 307-778-8806 (928) 289-9611 www.mypqb.com

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Call our office at 325-500-BULL (2855) For More Information on listing your facilities


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WEEKLY EVENTS Fri / Sat Wichita, KS $500 Mon 6-10pm 316-204-2624 Club Rodeo Fri / Sat Oklahoma City, OK $500 night Wed 9pm 405-309-7724 Cowboys OKC Fri / Sat Fort Worth, TX Thur 6-10pm 254-371-7343 Stockyards Champ Rodeo Fri / Sat Fort Worth, TX Thur 6-10pm 254-371-7343 Billy Bob’s Texas DECEMBER Dec 30-31 Sioux Falls, SD $2,000 night 12/19 12-6pm 701-674-3214 BOA Dec 31 Erick, OK Tues-Thur 10pm 580-210-8164 Outwest Junior Bull Riders JANUARY Jan 6-8 New York, NY PBR BFTS Jan 7 Fredonia, PA $1,000 48 hrs prior to perf 717-334-7724 Bullride Mania Jan 7 Oakland, CA RTPR Velocity Tour Jan 7 Erick, OK Tues-Thur 10pm 580-210-8164 Outwest Junior Bull Riders Jan 9-11 Denver, CO RTPR Velocity Tour Jan 10-11 Guthrie, OK 1/3-1/4 612-839-9568 IFR Bucking Stock Sale Jan 13-15 Chicago, IL PBR BFTS Jan 14 Portland, OR RTPR Velocity Tour Jan 14 Augusta, GA $10,000 1/2 6pm 864-682-9578 American Bullriders Tour Jan 14 Erick, OK Tues-Thur 10pm 580-210-8164 Outwest Junior Bull Riders Jan 20-21 Youngstown, OH RTPR Velocity Tour Jan 20-21 Mineral Wells, TX UBBI Rank Bull Rider Tour Jan 20-21 Lincoln, NE $2,500 night 1/9 12-6pm 701-674-3214 BOA Jan 20-21 Vernal, UT 12/28 435-454-3549 Lane Frost Challenge Jan 21-22 Oklahoma City, OK PBR BFTS Jan 21 Erick, OK Tues-Thur 10pm 580-210-8164 Outwest Junior Bull Riders Jan 27-28 Roanoke, VA RTPR Velocity Tour Jan 27-29 Sacramento, CA PBR BFTS Jan 28 Erick, OK Tues-Thur 10pm 580-210-8164 Outwest Junior Bull Riders

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^-Added Money Amount Is For Each Night (E)EST · (M)MST · (P)PST Information Subject to Change Without Notice



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Jan 28-29 Mercedes, TX $6,000 1/23 7-9pm 409-925-1695 NPBR FEBRUARY Feb 3-4 Anaheim, CA PBR BFTS Feb 4 Reno, NV RTPR Velocity Tour Feb 4 Fredonia, PA $1,000 48 hrs prior to perf 717-334-7724 Bullride Mania Feb 11 Grand Rapids, MI RTPR Velocity Tour Feb 11 Fredonia, PA $1,000 48 hrs prior to perf 717-334-7724 Bullride Mania Feb 11-12 Kansas City, MO PBR BFTS Feb 18 Arlington, TX PBR Iron Cowboy PBR BFTS Feb 18 Dayton, OH RTPR Velocity Tour Feb 18 Fredonia, PA $1,000 48 hrs prior to perf 717-334-7724 Bullride Mania Feb 24-26 St. Louis, MO PBR BFTS Feb 24-25 Kingsville, TX $4,000 7-9pm 409-925-1695 NPBR Feb 25 Worcester, MA RTPR Velocity Tour Feb 25 Fredonia, PA $1,000 48 hrs prior to perf 717-334-7724 Bullride Mania

Play Fantasy Bull Riding at www.classroomcowboy.com

1. Create An Account. 2. Pick Your Team. 3. Win Real Cash & Prizes! www.classroomcowboy.com Follow on Twitter @ClassroomCowboy Email: [email protected]

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PLUS PBR WORLD FINALS • NOV 1-5 IN LAS VEGAS For tickets and information visit pbr.com, or call customer service at (800) 732-1727

PO Box 34172 Fort Worth, Texas 76162 325-500-BULL


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