January 2017

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JANUARY 2017 A publication of Holy Spirit Episcopal Church

Parish begins new year at Annual Meeting on January 29

Sign up to be a delegate to Diocesan Convention The next Diocesan Convention will be held October 6-8 at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Helena. We will elect delegates and alternates to the convention at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 29. Holy Spirit is entitled to 14 delegates to Diocesan Convention; alternates are also needed as people’s plans change during the course of the year. Any interested parish member who is willing to serve in this capacity should notify the church office at 542-2167 by Wednesday, January 25. Thank you for your willingness to serve our parish in this way.

Don’t forget to attend the Annual Meeting to be held in the parish hall after the 10:15 service on Sunday, January 29. A light meal will be served at the meeting at a cost of $4. Reservations for the meal will be taken after services starting January 15 and continuing each Sunday until the Annual Meeting, or you may call the church office at 542-2167 before Wednesday, January 25. If you would like, you are welcome to bring your own snack. There will be supervised games and movies for the children,

preschool through grade 5, and babysitters will be available. Do plan to attend this very important Annual Meeting. New members for the Vestry will be elected as well as delegates to next fall’s Diocesan Convention, and the budget for the coming year will be presented. Reports from various parish organizations will also be given. This is your church meeting, and we hope you will be here to help get the year off to a great start for our parish!

Just a reminder: delegates to Diocesan Convention attend at their own expense.



PARACLETE OUR STAFF Clergy: The Rev. Terri Ann Grotzinger, Rector [email protected] The Rev. Judy Anderson, Pastoral Assistant The Rev. Doug Anderson, Prison Ministry The Rev. Myrna Chaney, Director of School for Deacons The Rev. Anita Rognas The Rev. Dorcie Dvarishkis Organist/Choir Director: Dr. Nancy Cooper Director of Spiritual Formation: Gretchen Strohmaier [email protected] Youth Director: Lindsay Iudicello [email protected] Nursery Caregivers: Katie McDonald & Ella Crowder Parish Administrator: Judy Parock [email protected] Office Assistant/Bookkeeper: Elizabeth Serviss [email protected] Sexton: Lori Cordis

NEWSLETTER Paraclete, from the Greek meaning ‘Holy Spirit,’ is published monthly, September through May, by Holy Spirit Episcopal Church. All material is due by the fifteenth of the month preceding the month of publication.

January 2017

From the Rector

We journey on, bearing the gift of hope to the world For many, Christmas ended on December 25th, and New Year’s resolutions have been made; end of story. But the story continues for us! Those astrologers, what we know as the Three Wise Men or the Three Kings, have been following a star in the east bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby born in a manger, travelers on a journey of faith, trusting that they will find what they seek and it will be worth all the effort. They arrive, have an encounter with a newborn babe in the humble abode of a manger, leave their gifts, and head home by a different way to avoid having anything to do with relaying word of their encounter to King Herod who had asked for it before their departure. And so, the three Wise Men journey on, and like the shepherds, are gone. Soon after, the babe, Mary and Joseph must also flee for their lives to avoid Herod’s edict to kill male children of Jesus’ age. And so the story goes. The world around all of the characters in the story hadn’t changed. Life continued on under Roman rule. Some had it good; others…not so much. But for those who responded to the call of angels or followed a star to go and see, life was different. It was still lived

out in the setting of the world about them, but they interacted with it differently because of their encounter with that babe in the manger. They had received a gift, a gift of hope given to remind them that all is not lost; there is more to the world than despair and

oppression, that God is not gone but active in our midst. So it is for us. We are the inheritors of their story, with additional chapters of our own encounters with the Holy One in our lives. The world may seem unchanged, but God’s work of renewing life goes on. And so, like those in the story, we journey on, trusting God’s presence and action in the world about us, and bearing the gift of hope to a world still yearning for its touch. ‒ REV. TERRI+

Read more about the Vestry nominees in the Sunday bulletin

130 South 6th Street East Missoula, MT 59801 406.542.2167 [email protected] www.holyspiritmissoula.org

The members of Holy Spirit Episcopal Church will be electing four members to the Vestry at the Annual Meeting on January 29. Each of these members will served a three-year term. In order for you to know the people who have been nominated to the Vestry, we will print the profiles of the nominees in the January bulletins and Spirited Times,

as well as posting the slate on the website, holyspiritmissoula.org. Those who have accepted nomination to the Vestry are Jesse Jaeger, Helen Matveyeff, Glenn Hladek, and Don Gisselbeck. We are grateful for their willingness to serve our parish in this capacity. – THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE www.holyspiritmissoula.org



January 2017

Church School celebrates Welcome Sunday on January 8 Our roots of faith enable us to bear fruit. All fall the children have been focused on their roots of faith and how those roots stabilize and ground them. Such roots give courage and strength. In the new year, we’ll turn our attention to the ways those roots enable us to reach out to others, to bear fruit, if you will. And on their first Sunday back to Church School they will have a great opportunity to practice this outreach. Sunday, January 8th, children celebrate WELCOME Sunday! Kids won’t want to miss this first day back to Church School. Our special guest, Clem Work, will be in children’s worship to tell us about Soft Landing and the

number of refugee families who have recently made Missoula their home. Children will see the refugee kit that they purchased with their offering money before it is given to Soft Landing, and kids will have the opportunity to participate in different art stations to make Welcome Art in French, Swahili and Arabic for the refugee families. Kids can decorate a Welcome mug or create a Welcome mosaic as they reach out and share God’s love with some of Missoula’s newest residents. – GRETCHEN STROHMAIER DIRECTOR OF SPIRITUAL FORMATION

Youth Group plans service and fun events Mark your calendars for these upcoming youth events: Youth Group will meet January 15 from 6-7:30 p.m. In addition to our regular games, pizza, and fellowship, we'll make care kits for Missoula's homeless. If you'd like to volunteer to help with this effort, please let me know! On Saturday, February 11, Youth Group will ski at Discovery Ski Area. Please check skidiscovery.com for lift ticket prices based on your student's age. Financial assistance is available. We'll need adult volunteers to drive and ski with students. Please let me know if you can help. ‒ THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF YOUTH MINISTRY! LINDSAY IUDICELLO

Here’s what’s happening in January in Church School Sunday January 8th Sunday January 15th Sunday January 22nd Sunday January 29th

Regular children’s worship & activity stations; WELCOME Sunday with guest Clem Work Regular children’s worship & activity stations; Lesson theme: Disciples Drama with Diane Rasmuson Regular children’s worship & activity stations; Lesson theme: Disciples Discipleship quilt making with Diane Rasmuson Regular children’s worship & activity stations; Lesson theme: Disciples www.holyspiritmissoula.org



January 2017

Learning to Walk in the Dark:

New book study begins in January

Explorations: Opportunities to cultivate, challenge and live our faith

Join us for a book discussion of Learning to Walk in the Dark in January facilitated by Margaret Watson. What does “the dark” mean to you? From the literal dark of night to the metaphoric dark times in our life’s journey, we all face the task of “Learning to Walk in the Dark.” Life brings the challenges of leaving home, broken relationships, bereavement, illness, loss of faith, and fear of the unknown that lies ahead in many of life’s crises and transitions. Some of us endure great trauma. We may or may not come through these challenging times with both a deeper spirituality and a more intense love of life itself. What is your experience? In the season of Epiphany, as we move from long hours of darkness to longer hours of light, you are invited to join with others as we read, reflect and share our associations to Barbara Brown Taylor’s book of that title. This book study will meet in the Guild Room for five Thursday evenings, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., beginning January 12, 2017.

To sign up for the book discussion group, please notify the church office by calling 542-2167 or [email protected] The book by Barbara Brown Taylor, Learning to Walk in the Dark, may be obtained through Fact and Fiction bookstore or from Amazon.com.

Who am I in the world? Pursuing this question is at the root of what it means to be a person of faith. Who has God created us to be? How can we uncover that gift and live into it for ourselves, our families and our world? Join Reverend Terri Grotzinger and Director of Spiritual Formation Gretchen Strohmaier for a two-part workshop, Spiritual Gifts & Discernment. Participants will complete a Spiritual Gifts Inventory survey at home. It can be found online at http://home.earthlink.net/~haywoodm/SpiritualGiftsDiscernment.html; copies will also available at the church. After completing the survey the group will review and reflect upon their own survey results, and they will begin the ever-new process of discerning God’s direction in their lives. Some participants who have previously completed the survey may choose to attend just the second part of the workshop which is devoted to discernment. A third session for more in-depth group discernment may be available for those who are interested. Please sign up for the workshop by Sunday, January 22.

Tuesday, January 31, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 7, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. www.holyspiritmissoula.org



January 2017 Our Wider Church...Prayer Book Revision

New to the parish? Join us for an Adult Inquirer’s Class in January New to the parish? Want to know more about The Episcopal Church and the Parish? Have questions about how to become a member? Come join me in an Inquirer’s Class to be held in the parish office from 9 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. on the Sundays of January 22, 29, February 5 and 12. Members of the parish are

always invited as well! Please let me know if you plan to participate by calling the office, 542-2167, or emailing me at [email protected] I look forward to being with you! ‒ REV. TERRI +

September 2013

At our 2015 General Convention, Resolution A 169 directed the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music (SCLM) “to prepare a plan for the comprehensive revision of the current Book of Common Prayer and present that plan” to the next General Convention in 2018. Recently the Commission issued a press release outlining its current plans to present four options – 1. Revision of the prayer book beginning after the Caecilius gravitate 2018 General Teren tius arte Convention;

Reaching out in faith to serve children/youth/families at risk Our research and strategy teams who will lead Holy Spirit’s exploration of expanded/new service, advocacy, faith community partnership and financial support opportunities at Hellgate High School and The Parenting Place have been formed. With our collective thanks, I wanted to ask your prayers for them as they begin their outreach: Hellgate Research Team Jim Clark Torian Donahoe Kirsten Hands Jeff & Elizabeth Serviss

Parenting Place Research Team Pru Randall The Rev. Anita Rognas Margaret Watson

Hellgate Strategy Team Michelle Gray Pat King

Parenting Place Strategy Team Anne Cohen Bob Deaton

If you have friends in other churches who are involved at Hellgate High School or The Parenting Place and who may want to connect with us in our future work, please feel free to send me their names, contact information and area of involvement. Thank you for your prayers and for keeping your hearts and minds open to the ways the Holy Spirit may move us in relationship in the months and years ahead! ‒ THE REV. DORCIE DVARISHKIS 239-7655 [email protected]

Iste quidem veteres inter 2. Creation of a book or ponetur an honeste, qui vel books of alternative men se brevi vel toto est iunior services beginning after anno Utor permisso, est the 2018 General caudaeque pilos utwith equinae Convention no paulatimaccompanying vello put unum, demo revision etiam unum, dumbook; o cadat of the qui prayer elusus ratione ruen tis id acervi, redit in fastos et. 3. qui Postponement of the decision on the prayer book and supplemental resources until the completion of a churchwide conversation on liturgical theology and practice during the 20182021 triennium; 4. A step back from Iste quidem veteres inter liturgical revision and a poneturcommitment an honeste to exploring the theology of the Iste quidem veteres inter current prayer book in ponetur an honeste, qui vel greater depth. men se brevi vel toto est iunior anno Utor permisso, est It is interesting to note that caudaeque pilos have ut equinae since 1549 there been six paulatim vello put unum,1789, demo revisions, in 1552, 1662, etiam unum, qui dum o cadat 1892, 1928, and most recently elusus in 1979.ratione ruen tis id acervi, qui redit in‒ fastos et PRU RANDALL virtutem aestimat annis. Onetur an honeste, qui vel men se brevi vel toto est iuni. www.holyspiritmissoula.org




September 2017 2013 January

Bring your donations on January 22 and 29

Socks, gloves and hats needed for homeless men and women

We’re updating our Prayer List An important part of our worship at Holy Spirit is the opportunity to pray by name for people in need. We pray for members of our congregation and for many others for whom our prayers are requested. On January 1, we will make a fresh start with the Prayer List included in the Sunday Prayers of the People. In order to keep our prayers current and meaningful, we are asking for your help. If there is someone whose name you would like to have on the list, please give that information to Judy Parock ([email protected] t). The renewed list will include only the names which have been sent to us and the names of our shut-in parishioners. We will renew the list again in six months’ time. People may remain on the Prayer List for as long as necessary because we know and understand that many needs are ongoing. However, when someone is ready to be removed from the list, we ask that you let us know. Thank you for your help and for your understanding. ‒ JUDY PAROCK

It's time again to ring in the new year with donations of new or gently used socks, gloves, and hats for our brothers and sisters in need. On Sunday, January 22, and Sunday, January 29, the Social Concerns Committee will be collecting socks, hats, and gloves for the men and women of Missoula's Poverello Center, which provides shelter to our community's homeless and underserved population. The men and women who spend many hours in Missoula's cold and windy weather value the warmth

clean, dry socks, hats, and gloves can provide. There will be a red-andwhite-striped box with dangling socks and gloves to catch your eye and collect your much-needed donations. Look for the box in the Parish Hall on January 22 and 29. Check out the postholiday sales many stores offer. Bring your purchases when you come to the annual meeting, or the Sunday before. Please be generous. Thank you! ‒ LUCIA WORK SOCIAL CONCERNS COMMITTEE

MAC Day in Helena is January 23 If you would like to speak to your local representatives about important social justice issues, including refugees and immigrants, children and strengthening families, prisoner reintegration and abolition of the death penalty, circle Monday, January 23 on your calendar. The Montana Association of Christians (MAC) has organized a Day at the Legislature, when you will have an opportunity to meet with Missoula-area senators and representatives at a luncheon in the Capitol Rotunda at 11:15 a.m. MAC is organizing a bus to Helena, which will be joined by buses from Great Falls, Billings, Bozeman and Kalispell. On the bus, you can fuel up with complimentary coffee and pastries during the ride to Helena. MAC will prepare you for the day with up-to-date information on specific bills and who to meet up with. For more detailed information about MAC’s priority issues and to register, go to MACMT.org. www.holyspiritmissoula.org



volume 7 • number 3 January 2017

February 23 is the 17th Annual Blood Drive at Holy Spirit The Red Cross estimates that more than 200 units of blood have been contributed in the 16 years that Holy Spirit has held its annual blood drive. On February 23, 2017, our 17th annual blood drive will take place from 2:006:15 in the Parish Hall. Regular donors please note that there must be at least 56 days between donations, which means that the last day to give blood for the February drawing was December 28th. Here are some facts about the urgent need for blood:  In the US, every two seconds someone needs blood, and every 27 minutes someone in Montana does.  About 38 percent of the national population can give blood, but only 8 percent actually do.  The American Red Cross provides blood to more than 30 hospitals in our area. Most adults in generally good health can give blood. Youth 16-18 can be donors with a signed parental permission form. Most men and women 5’6” or taller weighing at least 110 pounds qualify. Women 5’5” and

shorter must weigh more. The most common donor exclusions are low hematocrit (iron) in the blood, high blood pressure, and travel to certain foreign countries. More information is available at 1800-733-2767 or at redcrossblood.org. Please consider being a donor. The entire process takes about an hour, but the actual blood collection takes only about 15 minutes. It will be a priceless gift to someone who needs it. We will be signing up people for the drawing the three Sundays in February before the drawing event after Sunday services and coffee hours. Registration can also be done by contacting the church office or Bob Deaton, 370-0650 or at [email protected] gmail.com. Volunteers are also needed to help host at the recovery and refreshment table for one or two hours the afternoon of the blood drawing. A few dozen cookies or cheese and crackers are also needed. Please contact Bob Deaton if you are able to help by donating time or refreshments. ‒ BOB DEATON AND ORSON MURRAY, BLOOD DRIVE COORDINATORS

Join us for Compline on January 1 Compline, the ancient service of plainchant and contemplative prayer, will take place at Holy Spirit on Sunday evening, January 1st. The service will take place at 8 p.m., and will last no longer than a half hour. This communal and contemplative service, rooted in the very beginnings of the church, invites a return to the deep chambers of the heart for healing, renewal, and the appearance of new life. Here we drink from underground, sacred waters, to resolve the day in preparation for restful sleep, which, in the end, is in God’s hands. This will be a time of quiet, of meditation and prayer; the church will be candlelit, and music will be provided by members of the Holy Spirit Choir. Our daily lives are full of activity and sound and multitasking and hurrying. Come join us, on the first Sunday of each month, the first day of the week, for a half hour of quiet and calm. Compline. www.holyspiritmissoula.org


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Missoula, MT Permit #157

130 South 6th Street East Missoula, MT 59801-4222