January 2018

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January 2018 SundaySun

Monday 1 The Holy Name of

Tuesday 2


7 The 1st Sunday after the Epiphany The Baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ

8 6:00p Boy Scouts






6 The Epiphany of

9 9:30a Staff meeting 5:30 Choir Practice











Vestry Retreat

Vestry Retreat

Our Lord Jesus Christ 8:30a Morning Prayer 6:45a Men’s Prayer Brk Office Closed

Thursday 8:30a Morning Prayer

Our Lord Jesus Christ

9:30a Staff meeting 5:30 Choir Practice 6:45a Men’s Prayer Brk

8:00a H.E. - Rite I 10:30a Holy Baptism & H.E. - Rite II

6:30pm Trinity Deanery Pre-Convention Meeting (Christ Church, New Bern)

Boar’s Head Festival: 3pm & 5pm Banquet follows 5pm Fest.

14 Second Sunday after the 15 Epiphany

Martin Luther King, Jr.

8:00a H.E. - Rite I 9:15a Christian Formation 10:30a H.E. - Rite II 1:30p EFM 8:00p A.A.

21 Third Sunday after the Epiphany

Office closed


7p Boy Scouts

8:00a H.E. - Rite I 9:15a Christian Formation 10:30a H.E. - Rite II 1:30p EFM 8:00p A.A.

28 The fourth Sunday after the Epiphany

8:00a H.E. - Rite I 8:45a - Breakfast for all! 9:15a Christian Formation 10:30a H.E. - Rite II w/ Vestry & ECW Installation 1:30p EFM 8:00p A.A.

9:30a Staff meeting 5:30 Choir Practice


6:45a Men’s Prayer Brk

3:00p Homework Hangout 5:30p EYC 5:45p Holy Happy Hour 6:15p Parish Supper

23 8:30a Morning Prayer 9:30a Staff meeting 5:30 Choir Practice




8:30a Morning Prayer 9:30a Staff Meeting 5:30p Choir Practice 6pm Glory Ridge Chaperone Social @ MEB Tap Room

6pm CHILI COOK-OFF: A Fundraiser for the Glory Ridge Mission Trip - invite your friends!

6:45a Men’s Prayer Brk

3:00p Homework Hangout 5:30p EYC 5:45p Wednesday Worship 6:15p Parish Supper

6:45a Men’s Prayer Brk 2:00p Blind Assoc. 3:00p Homework Hangout

18 The Confession of

Saint Peter the Apostle

8:30a Morning Prayer

25 The conversion of

Saint Paul the Apostle

8:30a Morning Prayer

January 2018 Serving Schedule 2018


Lectors/ Eucharistic Ministers


Altar Guild

Greeters  

January 7

(Baptism at 10:30am & Boar’s Head Sunday)

January 14

January 21

January 28

Cr. Raelynn Sheffield Gospel: Kirby Ballard T. Br.: Chloe Albritton and Dori Ballard

Cr. Jack Yarbrough Gospel: Brandon Zoltek T. Br. Anna Haddad and Lexi Connolly

Cr. George Haddad Gospel: Ellie Wooten T. Br. Ty Wentz and David Brown

Cr. Jacob John Gospel: Rebecca Brown T. Br. Eagan Ballard and Jane Herring

8:00 a.m. Lector: Ron Michalowicz EM: Andrew Duppstadt 10:30 a.m. OT& Ps: Terah Archie NT: Bert Saville Prayers: Elizabeth Maxwell EM: Jay Barker and Jo Parrott

8:00 a.m. Lector: Kay Turner EM: Dirk Griffin 10:30 a.m. OT& Ps: Kelli Stroud NT: Dianne Bowen Prayers: Bill Connolly EM: Dick Archie and Barbara Crumbacker

8:00 a.m. Lector: Allan Turner EM: Carol Harper 10:30 a.m. OT& Ps: Anne Cooper NT: Sam Gilmore Prayers: Elizabeth Hamm EM: Susan Fox and Melissa Glen

8:00 a.m. Lector: Andrew Duppstadt EM: Ron Michalowicz 10:30 a.m. OT& Ps: Renee Herlong NT: Stephen Hill Prayers: Frances Herring EM: Emma Herlong and Stephen Hill

8 am Ron Michalowicz 10:30 a.m. Randy Holton Randy Jones Richard Lane George LaRoque

8 am Scott Turik 10:30 a.m. Stuart Lindley Jimmy Parrott Walter Poole Jim Purnell

8 am Earl Harper 10:30 a.m. Bruce Rafferty Dan Sale Phil Sanders Jon Sargeant

8 am Bob Bright 10:30 a.m. Sandy Shimer Dee Warner Harry Wooten Ron Albertson

Diane Bowen Anne Lindley Sarah Warner Sandra Warren Dianne Stadiem

Susan Fox Louise Mauck Carrie Dale Purnell Linda Hines Amy Albritton Pat Patrick

Cyndi Rafferty Jo Parrott Crystal Wooten Audra Haddad Marvel Turik Gilda Hollar

Emily Exum Tempe Younger Beth Webster Allyson Sugg Judy Sanders

Jim and Carrie Purnell

Bruce and Cyndi Rafferty

Sue Schaffer

Jon and Laury Sargeant

Ushers are asked to arrive and be in place 25 minutes before the service (10:05am ) - - - Acolytes are asked to arrive, be vested, and ready to go 15 minutes before the service (10:15am) * If you find that you are not able to minister on the Sunday you are scheduled, it is your responsibility to find a replacement and notify Lori Kelly, Parish Administrator [email protected],com by Wednesday of the week you are scheduled. Thank you!