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Jesus Never Said THAT: You’ll Never Change Sarah Burtt May 10, 2020 Virtual Life Group Discussion Encouragement: Share something that Jesus has changed in you since you’ve surrendered your life to Him. [Leader: if the group has been meeting for a year or more, members can encourage one another by calling out growth and changes they have seen in one another.] Scripture: Galatians 5:13-14 and :22-26 What does Paul mean when he says that we are called to Freedom? How does the fruit of the Spirit enable us to love our neighbors? Where does the power to walk in the Spirit, to bear fruit, come from? [Leader: Consider asking group members to watch Kyle Idleman’s discussion of Galatians 5 on RightNow Media before your meeting. OR you can watch it together online. Look for the “watch as a group” button below the video.] Prayer: Have each group member pray, asking God to continue working in them to bear a specific fruit they recognize is still lacking in their daily life. Next Steps: What 1 daily choice will you make that will allow you to more fully surrender to the Spirit’s work in you? (example: find your chair daily, regular prayer time, less screen time, etc) Continue to encourage one another to Be the Church (

Family Tip: Study the Fruit of the Spirit with your kids using RightNow Media (if you need a free account, register at Night Owls & Early Birds- a 3 part study of the Fruit of the Spirit.

SMB, 5/10/20