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Series: Ecclesiastes

April 5, 2020


III. Living this life in light of the next. A. Revelation 21:1-4.

(Various Passages)

Central Idea: Ecclesiastes helps us to live well in this present world, but as Christians we look forward to the world to come.

I. Recapping Ecclesiastes

II. Ecclesiastes 12:9-14. Parting words. Questions for Group or Personal Study A. 12:12. The warning.

B. 12:13. Trust and humility.

1. Read Ecclesiastes 12:13. How does the content of Ecclesiastes lead the reader to trust, obey, and live in humble reverence before God? 2. Ecclesiastes talks about the nature of life on this earth. As Christians, how does Revelation 21:1-4 change how we think about life on this present earth? 3. What stood out to you most from the book of Ecclesiastes? 4. In what ways will you take what you’ve learned from Ecclesiastes and implement it into your everyday living and your relationship with God? Community Bible Church Seth Gheen, Associate Pastor of Discipleship This outline is provided to assist you in understanding and applying today’s message. “Ecclesiastes: Living This Life in Light of The Next” is the fourth and final message in a series on the book of Ecclesiastes. This message can be watched, listened to or downloaded at You may also stream and download CBC podcasts from itunes or google play.