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J O S H U A 24 : 15 We are looking forward to a great week, July 26 - 29, of serving the Lord together as families! We ask that you just help us cover this special time for our FBC kids and their families in prayer. Below are some ways you can specifically pray for the week. PRAYER REQUESTS

• Pray that all of our FBC Families will be able to participate in this outreach event and recconnect to each other and the church. • Pray for all of those that are helping with the event. Pray for felxibility, wisdom and safety.. • Pray for health and protection from the virus and for everyone to willingly practice the safety guidelines laid out. • Pray that Satan will be bound from this and and there will be no distractions to take away from our focus of serving the Lord. • Pray for those making the intial contact through phone calls to our VBS visitor familie. Pray that they will be well received and that the families will be open to receiving the VBS bags. • Pray that the items and lessons in the bag will bring joy, comfort, and point the children to Jesus during these uncetain times. Prayed that they will feel loved. • Pray for meaningful family spiritual conversations to take place as our families do daily devotionals together. • Pray for our parents as they lead their children to understand exactly what it means to serve the Lord. • Pray for our children to have hearts and eyes that look outwardly. • Pray for our children to be able to see what a blessing it is to serve the Lord! • Pray for the boxes that will be packed for Operation Christmas Child and pray that God will direct them to the very child that needs exactly what is in that box. • Pray for creativity when purchasing items, due to the virus, shopping can be more challenging. • Pray for the Ministry of Samaritan’ss Purse as they have many obstacles caused by the virus to work through with the logistics and delivery of boxes to churches and children around the world. The need for boxes is greater than ever this year! • Pray that the children receiving the shoeboxes will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Pray that their families will be changed, and their villages and towns will know of God’s amazing love. • Pray this week will have a lasting impact on our FBC families and encourage them to find ways to serve the Lord together in the future. • Pray that God will receive the glory and honor for everything that is done this week. Thank you so much for partnering with us in prayer!