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Joshua I.  Entering the Land (1-5)

a.  Joshua charged (ch.1) by God, 1:5-10 and men,1:16-17, as well there is the fulfillment of Genesis to Numbers 1:7-8. b.  Jericho spied (ch. 2) Thus the need for prudence even in God’s call and promise. c.  Jordan crossed (ch. 3) The next display of God’s power for their faith. d.  Memorials built (ch. 4) Journals are a good facsimile. e.  Gilgal occupied (ch5) circumcision, Passover, allegiance of Michael 5:13-14 and Hebrews 1:14

Joshua II. Overcoming the land’s evil Genesis 15:16 a. Jericho (ch. 6) b. Ai, Achan, Achor (ch. 7-8) altar of 8:30 and John 10:10 c. Gibeon and failure (ch. 9:14-15) d. Victory (ch. 10-12)

Joshua III. Land Occupied (ch. 13-24) a. Division of Canaan (ch. 13-19) b. CiYes of Refuge (ch. 20) c. LeviYcal ciYes (ch. 21) I Samuel 9:7, 21:41) A Republic d. Altar of wisdom (ch. 22:7, 21-27) e. Joshua’s farewell (ch. 23-24, 24:15, 31)

Key Verses (A) Genesis – sin and man’s failure and God’s offer (3:15) (B) Exodus – man’s redempYon (19:4-6) (C) LeviYcus – subsequent holiness (19:2) (D) Numbers – calling or purpose based on faith (14:6-10) (E) Deuteronomy – desYnaYon (6:4-12) (F) Joshua – basis of future hope (24:15)