July 17, 2018

Jul 17, 2018 - Attendees: Pastor Mathew St. John, Pastor Paul Schoolmeesters, Jeff ... Marco Villar, previously with Teen Challenge, has been hired as...

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ELT Meeting Minutes July 17, 2018 Attendees: Pastor Mathew St. John, Pastor Paul Schoolmeesters, Jeff Westman, Dan Johnson, Saado Abboud, Jerry Hoffman, Armando Mazon, Tony Ringsmuth, Zach O’Neel, Jim Fultz, Jot Turner, Steve Grosser, Cort Cieminski (via speaker phone) Absent: Ken Young Chairman Jeff Westman shared thoughts from his morning devotions based on Romans 4:4-8: the sadness of recent realities in the lives of family members was softened by the use of "blessed" (happy/fortunate) in this passage; strength and joy in spite of his circumstances. Jeff opened in prayer.


Leadership Development Studies - Pastor Matthew St. John Subtlety of Spiritual Warfare. Subtlety can be positive but may also be negative, indicating Insidious/crafty/cunning. Several passages were cited pointing to Satan's subtleness, including Eph. 6:10ff, "Our struggle is not against flesh and blood…" Luke 4 (temptation of Jesus): employ Word of God; Satan leaves waiting for a more opportune time. The Subtle-D's used by Satan: 1. Dread/fear; 2. Doubt (cf. Cal Hanson: "Don't doubt in the dark what God has shown in the Light"); 3. Deception; 4. Disorder; 5. Discord; 6. Drain/exhaustion. Response needed: prayer is the heart of spiritual warfare.


Call to Order and Approval of Minutes - Jeff Westman The meeting was called to order. The Minutes from the June 19, 2018 meeting were amended for a few minor wording changes. Minutes were approved as amended.


Senior Pastor’s Report - Pastor Matthew St. John A. Vision Dashboard Overview - This Fall, Life Groups will be resourced through weekly sermon questions developed by a team of NHC writers. - The Life Group core team is going through some changes with a few new members. - Church Planting: Matthew and Paul continue to have conversations with a few individuals interested in church planting. B. Deep Dive: Divided By Faith Conversation The ELT discussed several issues/challenges/frustrations arising from pages 76 ("racially important cultural tools in the white evangelical tool kit"), 110-112 (parable), 171 (conclusion). Pastor Matthew reminded the ELT that perhaps our gift to NHC needs to be that we SEE (and acknowledge/own) what the issues are in our midst and wider community, even though we may not have solutions to offer. The next book to discuss will be a new book by John Perkins: One Blood.


Senior Associate Pastor’s Report - Pastor Paul Schoolmeesters A. Financial Update The 2017-18 fiscal year wrapped up with spending to budget consistent with previous years (about 95%). Net giving slightly above compared to this time last year, but percentage of giving to budget a bit lower. Jump start in giving for 2018-2019 because of June's final week giving posted for following Sunday, July 1.

B. Facilities / Property Council - Sandberg Chapel Expansion Project is on target; Pastor Paul gave a guided tour of the room. - Extended Campus & Hope Bridge Feasibility Study Needs of these facilities have been discussed over the past year; what is their actual condition? An outside company will be engaged to give inspections with a view to what needs to be done which will be helping information for future decision making. C. Staffing / Ministries - Jess Giah, finished last Friday (July 13) and will move to Philadelphia for seminary. - Marco Villar, previously with Teen Challenge, has been hired as the new Facilities Director. - As previously shared, Jerry Posey to retire in late fall; hiring process for replacement is underway. - Worship Pastor: Is the right fit for NHC a one-person leader? a team? Continue to pray for those who are engaged in this discussion. V.

New Business A. EFCA Credentialing Letter for Dave Burkett was handled through handled by e-mail; no need for the ELT to physically sign a letter.


Old Business A. Proposed 2018-19 ELT Assignments: moved and passed to accept as presented in July meeting.


Upcoming Elder Meetings A. Tuesday, July 31, 2018 - 5th Tuesday Prayer @ NHC, facilitated by Tony B. Tuesday, August 21, 2018 - 6:30pm - ELT Orientation Dinner @ Pastor Matthew’s home


Senior Staff Report – Andrea Tyson (Women’s Ministries Director) - Andrea talked through two documents presenting women's ministries. The vision of women’s ministries remains to be helping women be compelled by the Gospel for God’s glory, so that all women would be moving toward Jesus and taking others with them. Much of the ministries are aimed to equip them to do that. There are many women’s ministries, which Andrea gave a brief summary of. Key focuses for this ministry year are developing leaders and a heart toward diversity. - Jerry and Tony concluded with prayer for Andrea and the women's ministries.


Share and Closing Prayer

Respectfully Submitted, Jim Fultz Elder Leadership Team