July 2010 Newsletter

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Monday, September 13, 2010

InMotion has been in business offering excellent customer service and solutions to manufacturers for more than twelve years. Customers like John Deere, Amerex, Self Industries, and many more, work with InMotion to solve various challenges in the world of manufacturing. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Tim Warhurst at (931) 242-8177 for more details or to plan a meeting at your location.

Reasons to Consider InMotion: • Reduction of labor • • • • • • • •

intensive practices Increased throughput Improved process control Increased Quality Operator safety Correction of ergonomic issues Drastic labor savings Reduced product defects Local support

Manufacturing Solutions Offered by InMotion: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Robotics Automation PLC Support Custom Machines Assembly Presses Welding Systems Palletizing Systems Case Packing Robots Machine Tending Material Handling Controls Automation Equipment Fabrication Machine Refurbishment Tool and Fixture Design Tool and Fixture Building Total System Integration Call For Other Solutions

180 Harvester Avenue Lawrenceburg, TN 38464

InMotion offers equipment refurbishment as an affordable alternative to new machinery In these tough economic times successful companies have learned to adapt their equipment strategies to the changing financial environment. Fortunately the end of the recession is on the horizon and those who are still in business have a bright future. Lessons learned since late 2007 have been many. Some companies have realized the importance of maintaining and upgrading existing equipment in situations where the cost of new systems isn’t feasible. In the case of one of our automotive customers, this was the correct solution for getting machinery to run new products after being purchased by a larger company. InMotion accepted the challenge of refurbishing assembly line machines

formerly used in production many years ago and saving them from the scrap yard. Our services included stripping each machine down to bare frames, sandblasting, and pressure washing. Then we rebuilt each with new tooling, wiring where needed, hoses, clamps, shields, guards, safety systems, controls, and other mechanical/electrical components. We finished each machine with a coat of new paint and safety/instruction labels. The end result is a new assembly line with machines for various processes at a fraction of the cost. For example, one machine would have cost over $100k new and we saved it for less than $6,000. The customer is more than satisfied with this savings.

Torque Machine Before InMotion Refurbishment

Torque Machine After InMotion Refurbishment

InMotion offers complete and custom turn-key robotic systems InMotion offers many solutions, but our roots are in industrial robotics. You will be hard pressed to find another system integrator in our region with the robotic welding experience, level of service, and professional support offered by our group. In

addition to welding, we also offer complete systems for palletizing, machine tending, case packing, material handling, and other procedures. Our team will design your system, build it in our facility, and provide

Phone: (931) 762-9217 Web: www.inmotionrobotics.com

training for your team. We will also come to your facility for installation and offer one week of integration support. We have a partnership philosophy and will work closely with your group throughout the process, and our continuing support is best in class.

InMotion LLC Sales: (931) 242-8177