June 2019

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The Servant Spirit

June 2019

Mission Statement for Servant of Christ Lutheran Church: Making Disciples Core Values of Servant of Christ Lutheran Church: Prayer Weekly Worship Biblical Literacy Spiritual Friendship Serving Giving

Verse of the Month True Religion and Jeans ~ Pastor Ericrie n

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. ~ John 10:10 ~

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Worship & Learning Faith Walk & Talk Ministry & Mission Congregation News Children’s Ministry Next Gen Ministry Calendar of Events Outreach & Fellowship

Summer Worship Hours Mark Your Calendar

Just a reminder: Summer Worship hours are 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. through Labor Day weekend!

There is a clothing brand created in 2002 in California that is still around called “True Religion”. They are most famous for their blue jeans. There’s something very honest about their name in that the company wants consumers to take their jeans as seriously as religion. Very few people like to be called “Religious” anymore because of the negative baggage associated with it. Those who denigrate or have fled religion typically associate words like, closed minded, inflexible, intolerant and hypocrisy with those who they deem “religious.” What I find interesting is that true Christianity focuses on what Jesus has done and reminds us that we are complete in him, that we have been made “right with God” and because of that we can find our completeness in him not in our clothing, parenting, exercise etc. However, in this quickly changing modern world even those who aren’t what would be considered traditionally religious and who take pride in not being religious are still looking for that completeness. In a very real sense many look for that completeness in things like work, busyness, parenting, romance, finances, exercise, activism—whatever it is that a person is chasing to make them complete has become religion. In a very real way, everyone is religious in some fashion. It’s just a matter of what our real religion or our true religion is. As you go through the summer I invite you to think about that and join your brothers and sister at worship on a regular basis to be reminded that in Christ we have been made complete and in Christ you are enough. May God bless you with your best summer ever!!! Blessings, Pastor Eric

We will return to the 9 & 10:45 a.m. worship times on September 8, 2019. Enjoy your summer!


Worship & Learning Resources Prayer Resources on the Web Visit our website for a resource on prayer. Go to www.elca.org/prayer which is part of the ELCA website. The page provides resources for individuals seeking to expand their prayer life. Contents of the page include meditation, healing, prayer requests, daily Bible readings and a short course called “Prayer 101”. This is an EXCELLENT resource, check it out!

Our Mission Servant of Christ Mission Making Disciples We are committed in every aspect of life to encourage the ministry of the congregation and individuals to grow in the following biblical marks of discipleship: Prayer, Weekly Worship, Biblical Literacy, Spiritual Friendship, Serving and Giving

Upcoming Preaching Themes Sunday, 6/2/19 ~ Build On The Rock Text: Matthew 7:21-29 Questions to Think About as You Read:  What is something you would never skip doing during your week?  What are some storms that have happened in your life?  What is a Bible verse that is a foundation in your life?

Sunday, 6/9/19 ~ The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss, 1 of 4 Text: Isaiah 43:18-21, Matthew 9:4-17 Theme: Jesus Wants Us To Try and Taste New Things Questions to Think About as You Read:  When was the last time you tried something new?  Do you order the same thing when you go out to eat or do you try something new every time?  How open are you to new things being tried at church?

Sunday, 6/16/19 ~ The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss, 2 of 4 The True Nature of Friendship Text: Luke 5:17-19 Theme: When we see others through the eyes of Jesus we can find the unlikeliest of friends in the unlikeliest of places. Questions To Think About As You Read:  How does Jesus see people you don’t want to be friends with?  How would you like those who don’t like you to see you?  Have you ever had an unlikely friend?

Sunday, 6/23/19 ~ The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss, 3 of 4 Paying it Forward Text: Matthew 17:24-27 Theme: Jesus pays the price for God’s people with a coin found in the mouth of a fish


Bringing Communion to People in Their Homes! Please let Pastor Eric or Pastor Melissa know if there is a Servant of Christ member unable to attend worship due to medical reasons. The Pastors would be happy to bring communion to them in their home. Just call the church office at 763-427-5070.


Questions to Think About as You Read:  What is “Paying it Forward?”  Have you ever paid it forward or had someone pay it forward for you?  How does this passage reveal that we are both citizens of heaven and earth at the same time?

Sunday, 6/30/19 ~ The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss, 4 of 4 Water Into Wine Text: John 2:1-11 Theme: Jesus Does The Unexpected Questions to Think About as You Read:  When has God acted in an unexpected way in your life?  Have you ever been on the receiving end of a miracle?

Worship & learning Worship In The Park Sunday, June 30th at One service at 10:00 am Andrews Park in Champlin Picnic to follow Worship Service

Please join us as we praise God (rain or shine), enjoy some good food, fellowship and time at the Splash Pad & playground or just enjoying God’s creation. Bring a chair or sit at a picnic table.

Sign up in the bulletin or outer narthex to let us know if you can bring a salad or dessert to share at the picnic.

Servant of Christ Installs Calvin Konop as Pastoral Intern On Sunday June 23rd Calvin will be installed as Servant of Christ’s Pastoral Intern. As part of Calvin’s Seminary studies each student is required to complete a one year Pastoral Internship prior to graduation and receiving their first call to a congregation. Calvin will continue as the Director of Next Gen Ministries and will be part of other Pastor duties and receive other Pastoral experiences during the year. We are excited to be a teaching congregation helping to train future leaders for the church. When you see Calvin please congratulate him on this new chapter on his path to ordination.

Parents Night Out!

Learn about the meaning of baptism and how to arrange for baptism here at Servant of Christ. We invite all ages to be baptized. Classes are held on the first Sunday every other month at 12 noon in the Family Room at the back of the Sanctuary. The next Baptism class is June 2 August 4

Drop your kids off for all or part of the night so that you can enjoy a night out. There will be games, food and fun! June 28th from 4:00 — 9:00 pm at Servant of Christ All proceeds support the Intergenerational Mission Trip Ask Calvin, Pastor Melissa or Anne S for a registration form


Faith walk & talk Spring Blessings! During the sunny days of May my daughters and I have spent a lot of time outside. My daughter Emma loves to climb trees! While she was climbing a tree in our backyard one day I told her the story of Zaccheus.

There is no Lifetree Café during the summer months Questions? Contact the Church Office 763-427-5070

Zaccheus appears just once in the New Testament, and his story is brief (Luke 19: 1-10). It is also one of the few places in the Gospels where we’re given any visual detail. We’re told that Zaccheus was a runt, for one thing. That is why when Jesus was reported to be in route to Jericho and the crowds gathered to see what they could see, Zaccheus had to climb a tree to get a look himself. (My daughter loves that part of the story!) Luke says the tree he climbed was a sycamore tree. We’re also told that Zaccheus was a crook – a Jewish legman for the Roman IRS who, following the practice of the day, raked in as much more than the going tax rate as he could get and pocketed the difference. When people saw Zaccheus walking down the street, they crossed to the other side. The story goes like this. The sawed-off shyster, Zaccheus, is perched in the sycamore tree. Jesus opens his mouth to speak. All Jericho hugs itself in anticipation of hearing Jesus give Zaccheus a tongue-lashing. Saying something like - Woe unto you! Repent! Wise up! is the least of what they expect from Jesus. What Jesus says is, “Come down on the double. I’m staying at your house.” The mob points out that the man Jesus is talking to is a public disaster. Jesus’ silence is deafening.

2019 Altar Flower Chart The 2019 Altar flower chart is now available. Sign up on the Sunday you want to give flowers. The cost is $30.00 per Sunday. The flower chart is posted on the bulletin board in the Narthex. Please sign your name and phone number on the chart, fill out a form with the wording you would like in the Sunday bulletin, and attach your form with cash/ check payment and place them in the offering plate or turn them into the church office. Make checks payable to Servant of Christ and write Altar Flowers on the Memo Line. You are welcome to take the flowers you purchased home after the 2nd worship service or during the week. Thank you for your generous support.


It is not reported how Zaccheus got out of the sycamore tree, but the chances are good that he fell out in pure astonishment. He said, “I’m giving everything back. In spades.” Maybe he even meant it. Jesus said, “Today salvation has come to this house!” And then Jesus reminded everyone who was listening, “I have come to seek out and save the lost.” Hopefully all of us are seeking Jesus Christ in our daily lives (whether climbing a tree, reading the Bible or going to church), but the Good News is that Jesus is a seeker. He is seeking out the lost and all of us who are in need of saving! Let’s invite people to worship and fellowship and share the Good News of our Great God! Blessings, Pastor Melissa

Capital Campaign Update At the annual meeting in January the congregation voted to enter into a capital campaign that would include a significant mission component, debt reduction and facility needs for the future. The church council is excited to announce that SOC has engaged the services of Olson Advancement to help run the campaign. Steve Olson is the principal owner and campaign consultant we will be working with. He has worked with many churches and religious institutions over the years to help them meet their missional goals. We are in the very beginning stages of the process and you’ll be hearing more in the coming months. It is a very exciting time as we lay the groundwork for the future of SOC. If you have a heart for the future of SOC and would like to find out more about how the campaign will work and might be interested in being part of a capital campaign team please contact Pastor Eric.

Ministry & mission Your Gifts to SOC Matter One of the many ministries SOC supports is “Hope 4 Youth: Providing Pathways to End Youth Homelessness”. We recently received a thank you from Hope 4 Youth which included the following story. “Recently a young person, Erin, was sleeping in apartment complex alleyways when our Case Manager found her and brought her to the Drop-In Center. Erin did not want to stay in a shelter and she was scared for her safety and luckily, we were able to move Erin into house very quickly. Since moving into her new home, Erin has graduated from Andover High School with HONORS and is now enrolled at Anoka-Ramsey Community College, working toward a music degree. She also works part-time. Erin fills the halls of HOPE Place with her violin music and is looking forward to playing her violin in an upcoming wedding this Spring!” One of the teachers of the Law asked Jesus which was the most important commandment. He responded “Love the Lord your

God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this, Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these!

6 am Wednesday Women’s Bible Study Women of all ages are welcome to join our group every Wednesday morning at Mill Pond Gables in Champlin for about an hour to study God’s Word. This month we are starting a new study on Ephesians. Come join us! It is a great way to start the day. Don’t worry if you cannot stay for the whole hour/ come and go as your Schedule allows. For further questions call the church office at 763-427-5070. Remember, God loves each one of us. You are precious in His sight.


Resolute Men’s Bible Study

THANK YOU THANK YOU!! THANK YOU to everyone who is helping make the Father Hennepin Parade float possible. Thank you to Bill and Tina Walsh for coordinating the float and to all of the walkers and those who are supplying candy.

The RESOLUTE Men’s study is taking a break for the summer. Look for more information in August. For further information contact: Tim Carlson at [email protected] Bill Barnes at [email protected] Kevin Sinton [email protected]_id.com


Congregation news Brookdale-Champlin Worship Services On the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 1:15 pm, Pastor Melissa Maltman or Pastor Eric Walbolt leads worship for the residents and visitors at the Brookdale-Champlin Senior Living Complex. The worship service is open to all who wish to attend. If you know someone there, please feel free to invite them.

Giving Just as you rely upon receiving income on a regular basis, Servant of Christ relies on your regular contributions. Servant of Christ appreciates the efforts of congregation members to make consistent donations throughout the year — especially during popular winter and summer travel periods. To assist you, the church provides a convenient electronic giving option for setting up regular contributions. Go to our website of www.servantofchrist.com for more details about Electronic and Online giving.

Current worship service dates are listed below: Tuesday, June 11 Tuesday, July 9

24 And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, 25 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another— and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

~Hebrews 10:24-25

My husband and I recently became members of Servant of Christ. We are looking forward to getting to know you better and becoming more involved in our church. You have seen me leading the 10:45 am worship music on Sunday mornings for the past four years. Please feel free to introduce yourself to Matt and me. You perhaps know who we are, but we may not know you yet. This church is a real blessing to us as we grow in our faith. We are looking forward to seeing how God will use us in this place. I hope you will set aside time to attend church this summer. Remember our outdoor worship on Sunday, June 30th at 10 am at Rice Park. Barb Auer and I are planning the music for this special and fun event. May your summer be a time of community, worship and quality family time. We are pleased to have a new church home and a whole new set of friends and fellow Christians. Servant of Christ is a great place for us to call home. See you in church! Peace, Cathy Yseth


Children’s ministry from Anne Vacation Bible School! POWER UP: Raise your game! Join us this summer and discover how to raise your game by knowing God, trusting Jesus, and experiencing the Fruits of the Spirit.

June 24 – 28th 9:00 am - 12:00 noon 4 years old (as of 6/1/19) through 5th grade Last day to register June 16th Put these dates on your calendar and be sure to join us for Vacation Bible School! Bring someone with you to VBS. Inviting someone with a personal invitation is the best way to introduce someone to Jesus. The week will be full of fun games, songs, snacks and best of all learning what Jesus thinks about us! Yes, we do still need some volunteers to make VBS a great week for kids! Contact Anne Larsen at 763.427.5070. It’s a great way to make a big impact on kids with a short amount of time. What a fantastic way to spend your summer!

2019 Camp Wapogasset Still want to go to camp but not sure there’s a place for you?! Give Camp Wapo a call to see about open spots. It’s almost time for camp!!!! Are you registered but have some questions? Check out the camp website for an INFORMATION PACKET. It answers a lot of your burning questions! CLAIMED: Wildly Loved By God This summer at camp learn about your identity in Jesus Christ! Throughout scripture, God constantly reminds us that we are God’s children, and that we are claimed and wildly loved by Jesus. At camp this summer, explore our identity in Christ by studying who God says we are compared to who the world pushes us to be. Seeds - 1st – 3rd grades (new this year includes 1st grade) – July 26 -28 Wapo Youth - 4th – 8th grades – July 21-26 Ox Youth – 7th – 8th – July 21-26 Senior High – 9th-12th – July 21-26


Junior high ministry from Calvin

Wanted: Faith Guides

Incoming 7th Graders

God has given all of us unique gifts and tal-

If you’re finishing up 6th grade and going into

ents. Some people have the right gifts, and

7th grade, then you’re invited to all of our

the call from God to volunteer. Here’s what

Jr. High events this summer.

I want to tell you: Follow that call! When I have followed God’s call in my life, God has

Keep an eye on our website, in the bulletin,

taken me on amazing adventures. I have

and on social media for updates. Friend me

learned and grown in many ways, and been

(Calvin Youth-Director Konop) on facebook,

enriched in my own faith. Whether you are

follow me on instagram (cpk_soc), and like

called to children’s ministry, middle school,

our church page for social media updates.

high school, or young adults, don’t pass it up! Talk to me (Calvin) and I’ll help you get plugged in.

Also, we’ll be sending you registration forms soon!

Confirmation Registration 2019-2020 A letter to families with a registration form will be mailed to everyone this summer, so keep an eye out for it. We’ll be collecting registration forms and payment for the 19-20 year until the deadline on Sunday, August 18th by noon.

Summer Events Friday, June 21st from 7-9pm - FREE - Capture the Flag! Grades 7-12 Come and play the biggest game of Capture the Flag you’ve ever experienced. Inside and outside, splitting the church property completely in half. Invite your friends to come and play! We’ll need volunteers, so talk to Calvin or Anne S if you’re interested. Friday, July 12th from 8-10:30pm - $10 - Mission Impossible! Grades 7-9 Show up at 8pm (bring your friends) and have some pizza, do a devotion together, and split into teams. Dress in your darkest clothes (we’ll provide the face paint) because you’ll be tasked with completing a project while sneaking around the church property - but watch out! You don’t want to get caught by the security guards. (Sr. Highers, young adults, and adults: we need volunteers!) Friday, August 16th from 8:30-10:30pm - FREE - Night Games! Grades 7-9 Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, tonight we’re playing games in the dark. It’s our end of the summer bash, so invite your friends to come and play with us. We’ll also do a devotion and prayer together.

Young adults - come and help out as a last hoorah before your summer ends!


Senior high ministry from Anne

Mark your calendars for VALLEYFAIR – June 17th! All students who have finished grades 6-12 are invited to come spend the day hanging out and going on rides! Permission forms are available at church on the Youth Boards in the Narthex or on the website. Payment and forms are due by June 16th. WE NEED CHAPERONE/ DRIVERS, as well! If you are age 21+ and are willing and able to drive at least 4 students plus yourself, we will cover your ticket! Please talk to me or Calvin if you can help!

BIBLE CAMP!! Senior Highers are heading to Ox Lake/Wapo at the end of July, and we also have SUMMER FESTIVAL CAMP JULY 7-10TH. Summer Festival is held at Gustavus Adolphus, and is only $250*. Please let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll get you the registration form. Friends are strongly encouraged! The short week of this camp makes it much more feasible for busy high schoolers! YeeHaw! Polish your boots, tie your bandanas, saddle up your sheriff skills and come to a MURDER MYSTERY DINNER ON JULY 17TH. This western-themed night is complete with fried chicken, western puns and of course, a good ole fashioned (staged) murder! $15* will cover your meal, the stagehands and wild, wild laughter! Registration forms will be available by end of June. August 21 – CITYWIDE SCAVENGER HUNT! 9-12th graders, come try out your sleuth skills and compete to be the first team to find all the clues and get to the end! Of course there’ll be prizes! $10* covers the event and includes lunch!

SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!!! I am getting pretty excited about weekly WEDNESDAY NIGHT BONFIRES! We will spend time laughing together over s’mores and snacks, and we’ll be sure to dive into the Word as well! Our meeting time will be 8-10pm, June 12th through August 21st. No meeting on June 5th or July 3rd. YOU HAVE GIFTS that you can share with the kiddos at VBS! There are many ways to help – decorating, setting up, cleaning up, singing, dancing, playing games! Interested in serving God by loving God’s Children at VBS?? Talk with Anne Larsen or Anne Schaefer to get plugged in! VBS is June 24-June28. You will be a bless-

*Under NO circumstances do we find it ok to not come to an event because of the costs. IF YOU WANT TO COME TO AN EVENT BUT DON’T HAVE THE FUNDS, THEN YOU SHOULD STILL JOIN US. Please talk to me or Calvin to let us know. And for your sense of security, know that confidentiality is important to us!

This summer Servant of Christ is launching a brand new ministry for 18-25 year olds called five:43. This will be a space for young people to come together, ask difficult questions, seek God’s call and voice in their lives, dig into scripture, and support each other. five:43 will be on Thursday nights during the summer from 5:43pm-7:13pm (some kind of food will be provided). The dates for five:43 will be: June 13th

June 20th

June 27th

July 11th

July 18th

July 25th

August 1st

August 8th

August 15th

Questions about our new ministry? Feel called to volunteer with young adults? Questions about what five:43 is all about? Contact Calvin or Anne S. for more information. 9 - SERVANT SPIRIT

Calendar of events Ongoing Events Sundays: Worship Services 9:00 am Traditional 10:30 am Contemporary Childcare available for infants through 3 year olds Mondays: 6:00 pm Contemporary rehearsal 6:30 pm Celebration Choir Practice/Fellowship Hall Tuesdays: 11:00 am Staff Meeting Noon Bulletin Deadline *7:00 pm Al-Anon *7:00 pm AA Meeting Wednesdays: 6:00 am Women’s Bible StudyMill Pond Gables Thursdays: 5:43 pm Five:43 (starts 6/13) Fridays:

Upcoming June & July Events May 31, Friday

3:00 pm

Scrapbooking starts

June 1, Saturday

3:30 am

Scrapbooking ends

June 2, Sunday June 7, Friday

Baptism class Father Hennepin Parade

June 11, Tuesday

1:15 pm


June 12, Wednesday

8:00 pm

High School Bonfire

June 16, Sunday

Honoring Disciple of God recipients (both services)

June 17, Monday

9:00 am

Valley Fair (grades 6 –12)

June 18, Tuesday

7:00 pm

Church Council

June 21, Friday

7:00 pm

Capture the Flag (Jr/Sr High)

June 23, Sunday

*Not a church function

June June June June June

Holy Communion Services are 1st & 3rd Sunday

June 28, Friday


12:00 pm

24, Monday 25, Tuesday 26, Wednesday 27, Thursday 28, Friday

June 30, Sunday July 1,


July 4,


5:00 pm

Install Calvin Konop (SOC Intern) Servant Supper

9:00 am 9:00 am 9:00 am 9:00 am 9:00 am

Vacation Vacation Vacation Vacation Vacation

4:00 pm

Parent Night Out-High School

10:00 am

Outdoor Worship (One service-Andrews Park)

6:00 pm

School School School School School

Contemporary Band Office Closed—July 4th

Summer Worship Services May 26th through Labor Day 9:00 am and 10:30 am

Summer Office Hours Monday— Thursday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Friday: 8:00 am to Noon


Bible Bible Bible Bible Bible

Outreach & fellowship Servant Schoolhouse Preschool “Your kids were made to shine!” Matthew 5:16

Servant Supper Sunday, June 23rd from 5-6 pm

It’s hard to believe the school year has ended! It is a sad time for us because we have to say “good-bye” to so many families, but it is also an exciting time to know that many of you will be moving on to new adventures.

Come eat or volunteer at our Servant Supper meal. Enjoy getting to know our guests and in that visiting time with one another there can be a deeper understanding of Christ’s love for all people. This meal is for those in need in the surrounding community and is open to everyone. Meal time is from 5-6 pm

We would like to say “THANK YOU” to all of you for allowing us to spend these past nine months with your children. Each and every one of them is a special gift from God. We feel privileged that you chose us to help in a small way to help mold their young minds. They are very special kids!

If there are other groups or a few families that want to volunteer in the future for a particular month we would love to have you. Meals are planned, you just need to cook and serve. Look for sign up on the bulletin board of opportunities.

Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page at Servant Schoolhouse Preschool! Have a fun and safe summer!!

2019—2020 Disciple of God Award Recipients

Contact Diane at 763-427-7765 or [email protected] for more information. Thank you!!

The Disciple of God Award Committee recently completed its review of the 2019-20 applications. The committee was comprised of: Paul Ratajczyk, Julie Smith, Barb Winfield and Annette Carlson. We are starting our 7th year and have granted 72 individual awards totaling more than $120,000. This award is to provide support to the Next Generation of leaders and as a requirement includes each to develop and execute a leadership project within the Servant of Christ community and/or their own college community. This year there was an additional criteria for awards was their responses to faith based questions and involvement in the community. This year we received 21 applications and of those, 11 received awards. Awards granted range from $1,000 - $3,000 each. As a staff team, we appreciate your continued commitment to support these youth by prayers, congratulating them, and by giving of your time to provide formal mentorships. As a committee, we are committed to the Awards as know they are making a difference in the Christian leadership and engagement of each student.

The 2019-20 Award Recipients are: 

 

Blake Auer: Manage, promote and execute 3 monthly fun nights in summer at SOC Rose Eerdmans: Leading and developing advertising strategy for Calvin/Anne new young adult ministry Kailey Johnson: Lead, organize and manage park Clean up at Andrews Park Michaela Larsen: Develop, lead and execute a 5 K run/walk for DOGA fundraiser Payton Lehman: Lead, manage and execute a “stuff a truck" for CEAP Mikael Maier: Organize and implement Oral Health education at Champlin Shores Carter Nelson: Leadership with the Rescue Squad in Duluth and helping members overcome mentally challenging situations with their faith Olivia Stensvad: build a library by park by church Emily Stiyer: Organize, lead, make and execute a team to make fleece tie blankets for patients at Gillette Children's Hospital Brady Swanstrom: Organize, lead, make and execute a team to make tie blankets for kids diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the Amplatz Children's Hospital Grace Wojciechowski: Organize, lead, make and execute blankets to the homeless in River Falls Wi



740 East Hayden Lake Road Champlin, MN 55316


Time Value

Church contacts Servant of Christ Lutheran Church 740 East Hayden Lake Road, Champlin, MN 55316 Phone: 763-427-5070 Fax: 763-427-4379 Website: www.servantofchrist.com

Summer Worship Services 9:00 & 10:30 am Summer Office Hours 8:00—4:00 M-Thurs, 8:00—noon Friday Baptism Class June 2nd at Noon Remember to invite a friend to Servant of Christ!

Pastor Eric Walbolt: [email protected] Pastor Melissa Maltman: [email protected] Anne Larsen, Children’s Ministry Director: [email protected] Calvin Konop, Next Gen Ministries Director: [email protected] Anne Schaefer, Next Gen Ministries Assoc. Director: [email protected] Susan Huemann, Choir Music Ministry Director: [email protected] Cathy Yseth, Contemporary Music Ministry Director: [email protected] Pianist, Matt Harikian Pat Gallagher, Nursery Care Ministry Director Church office Tammy Lund: [email protected] Barb Ames: [email protected]

Scan this barcode with your smart phone and it will bring you directly to our website. www.servantofchrist.com 12 - SERVANT SPIRIT

Servant Schoolhouse Preschool 763-427-7765 Diane Poling, Director: [email protected]