Keratherm - Ferrite

Thermal conductivity λ. W/mK. 1.0. 0.6. Dielectric breakdown Ed; ac. KV/mm. 4.0. 0.4. Hardness. Shore A. 95. 55. Viscosity. mPas. 80000. 25000. Densi...

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Keratherm® - Ferrite Keramold® (compound) Applications:


EMC - shielding power supply interference suppression motor engine interference suppression




Colour component A Colour component B Mix ratio A : B Thermal conductivity λ Dielectric breakdown Ed; ac Hardness Viscosity

W/mK KV/mm Shore A mPas g/cm³ Density ρ Drip time at room temperature Min. Shrinkage % Application temperature °C Curing time at 80°C Min.




PU basis

silicone basis

white black 4:1 1.0 4.0 95 80000 2.35 85 ca. 1 -40 to +100 30

black black 1:1 0.6 0.4 55 25000 2.40 85 <1 -40 to +180 30

Keramold® consists of a two-component ferrite-sealing compound and is used to encapsulate or embed electronic components. Both components are already packed in the correct mixed proportions.

ohne Keramold


Keramold shields electronic assemblies, acts as an electrical insulator, dissipates heat extremely well and exhibits very low shrinkage. The solvent-free Keramold® is characterized by its high mechanical strength and good impact and vibration protection.


Shield factor as function of the frequency at different thicknesses shield factor (%)

60 50 40 30 20 10 0 0,5



2,5 3,5 frequency (MHz)

2,0 mm


shield factor at 5 Mhz (%)

mit Keramold

Shield factor as function of the thickness at 5 MHz 60 50 40 30 20 10 0










thickness (mm)

4,0 mm

5,0 mm

10,0 mm

15,0 mm

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