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Choosing to do what you should even when you don't want to

BOTTOM LINE: Choose your words carefully.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Read Proverbs 16:24

Kind Words

the shape rs, and cut your paper into Grab some paper and scisso ks, it e of you, admire how nic loo of a heart. Lay it out in front up all ong with it. Now, crumple it and how there is nothing wr flatten ce you are finished, carefully On it. ash sm and l bal a o int ent the those wrinkles and rips repres it back out. Imagine that all rol. ont f-c sel to others when we lose mean things we do and say ore bef heart will never look like it did No matter what we do, the rts and actions can hurt others hea we hurt it. Our words and rds wo r you to always choose make them sad. So, remember ir heart. carefully so you don’t hurt the people’s words and actions that help ose cho you p hel to d Go K AS hearts and not hurt them.

Honey Words

With the help of an adult, write a list of a few people in you r life that you can share some kin d words with. Over the next few days, talk to the people on your list and share some kind words ! Give them a compliment or tell them something you appreciate about them. Just use this time to bless others with your words! LOOK for ways to show oth ers kindness by the words you speak to them.

Words that He lp

The best person to talk to when you need help choosing the righ t words is God. Take some time and talk to Him right now. Pray so mething like this:

this week’s an adult, look up With the help of rough it rbs 16:24. Read th ve ro P e: rs ve le ib B finished, es. After you have tim w fe a er th in the toge t, uplifting words ee sw , nd ki e m so write words with Try and use these honey jar below. others this week! ides us ord and that it gu W is H r fo od G K THAN rs. nd words to othe in how to speak ki

“Dear God, You have taught me how important it is to use kind words when I ta lk. It’s not always easy, bu t please help m e to remember stop and think be to fore I speak. I w ant to be able to use my words to help others an d not hurt them. I love you, God. Amen.” KNOW that whe n we speak to G od, He will give us the words w e need to speak to others kindly.