Laserfiche Software Assurance Plan (LSAP)

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Whatcom County Request for Proposal RFP #15-39

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed proposals will be received by Whatcom County Purchasing at their office in the Administrative Services Department on the fifth floor of the Whatcom County Courthouse, 311 Grand Ave Suite 503, Bellingham WA 98225 for purchase of the following:

Laserfiche Software Assurance Plan (LSAP) UNTIL: 2:30 PM Tuesday May 5, 2015 At which time and place proposals will be publicly opened and the names of the submitters read aloud. All interested people are invited to be present. Late proposals will not be accepted. Whatcom County Administrative Services is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide the Laserfiche Software Assurance Plan (LSAP) as further described in the RFP document. RFP










[email protected] (preferred), or phone (360) 676-6734. Whatcom County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, and to waive any irregularities. Publication Dates: April 22 and 29, 2015

Invitation – Whatcom Co RFP #15-39

Whatcom County Request for Proposal RFP #15-39


Whatcom County is seeking the services of a qualified provider for the Basic Laserfiche Software Assurance Plan (LSAP), and to provide technical support for the Laserfiche products purchased by Whatcom County and covered by the LSAP. The LSAP provides access to technical support, new product releases, product patches and hot fixes, and provides credit toward product upgrades. Vendors responding to this request for proposals should optionally be able to provide professional services for software installations, upgrades, and product integrations. The County is seeking current pricing for the LSAP per license, the total LSAP cost for each product based on the number of licenses, and the total annual cost including sales tax. Appendix A lists the Laserfiche products currently owned by Whatcom County and the number of licenses for each product.


Vendors responding to this RFP must provide the following: 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

11. 12.

Company Name & Address An organization chart for your company. A brief description of the company as it relates to providing LSAP services. Contact information, including: • Contact Name • Telephone number • Email Number of staff providing technical assistance for Laserfiche products and service. Describe staff training, certification and experience. Pricing for LSAP on each product listed in Appendix A. Technical support hours. Anticipated response time and escalation path after receiving a request for support. Rates for services outside the scope of the LSAP. Such as: • Installation • Integration • Updates • Patches, etc. • Hourly and daily rates • Mileage • Any other charges List of state and local government client references with contact name and telephone number. See Appendix A for information regarding the Washington State Interlocal Cooperative Act, RCW 39.34.

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Whatcom County RFP #15-39 Laserfiche Software Assurance Plan (LSAP)


Responses must be received no later than 2:30 PM, Tuesday May 5, 2015. Submit an Original and Two copies of the proposal that includes all of the requested information in a sealed package marked on the outside as follows: • •

Name of Submitter RFP #15-39, LSAP

Send or deliver the proposal to: Administrative Services Finance/Purchasing Whatcom County Courthouse 311 Grand Avenue, Suite 503 Bellingham WA 98225 It is the submitter's responsibility to deliver the document to the proper address by the assigned time. Late submittals will not be accepted. Responses transmitted directly to Whatcom County Government electronically or by fax will not be considered. Whatcom County accepts no responsibility for lost or misdirected submittals. The County is not liable for any costs incurred by the vendor before issuance of a contract. All costs incurred in responding to this RFP are solely the responsibility of the vendor. Proposals submitted will not be considered public information until after the award of the contract to the successful proposer. All materials submitted in response to this RFP become the property of Whatcom County, and will not be returned.


Submittals will be reviewed and rated by Whatcom County. During the proposal evaluation, the County may choose to interview any or all applicants. The County may request additional clarifying information from any applicant during the proposal evaluation. The County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or to request or obtain from respondents supplemental information as may be needed for the County to analyze the proposals pursuant to the selection criteria contained in this RFP. The following criteria will be used to determine the best qualified respondent: • • • • •

Number, expertise, certification, and overall experience of trained support personnel. Experience supporting state and local government Proximity to job site. Price for LSAP. Price for additional products and services.


Please direct all questions to Mark Burnfield, Records & Project Administrator (360) 676-7684.

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Whatcom County RFP #15-39 Appendix A

Product Name

License Quantity

Laserfiche Rio Full User


Laserfiche Rio Retrieval User


Laserfiche Public Portal


Laserfiche Quick Fields Complete


Laserfiche Quick Fields Basic


Laserfiche Quick Fields


Laserfiche Rio Scan Connect 10-Pack


Laserfiche Rio Scan Connect 5-pack


Laserfiche Rio Scan Connect


Laserfiche Rio Import Agent


Laserfiche Rio Toolkit (SDK)


Laserfiche Rio Quick Fields Agent


License Purchase Price

LSAP Price

Total LSAP per Product

Subtotal Sales tax (8.7%)





In accordance with the Washington State Interlocal Cooperative Act RCW 39.34, other municipalities or political subdivisions may purchase the same equipment or services from the Vendor over the subsequent time period for which the Vendor is willing to honor the bid price. Whatcom County shall assume no legal or financial responsibility for any transaction between the contractor and another agency under this contract. Please indicate by checking the box to the right if you are willing to provide access to this contract to other agencies. Participation is not mandatory.

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