Lesson 5

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Explorers of the Lost Kingdom: Lesson 5 – March 16/17 Group Time Guide: 4-5th Grade

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Explorers of the Lost Kingdom: Lesson 5 – March 16/17 Group Time Guide: 4-5th Grade

Group Time Guide Supplies Needed: Set of Rule Cards

1. Getting Started Ask kids: What’s something you practice a lot? (Could talk about an instrument, sport, or talent)

2. Discussion Questions • What do you think the Source team should do? • Are there any rules you think are super important? What are they?

3. Hands-On Option Look Up and Read: Deuteronomy 10:13. Discuss: Why do you think this verse says that God gives us rules for our own good? (Point the discussion toward how good rules keep us safe and make our lives better.) Say This: This whole series has been about choosing what rules you’re going to live by. You might be wondering, though, why do I have to follow the rules now? What happens if I wait, and follow them later? I’m going to show you some rules. Some are God’s rules, and others are just rules people thought of that we have to follow. Do This: Show kids the “Rule Cards” one by one, and answer the question: What could happen if you don’t follow this rule? Then ask, after you break this rule, can you go back and follow it again? Examples will include road signs, referees, and swimming pool rules. The Point: We can decide to follow God’s rules now. That will keep us safe when we need to make a wise choice or are in a tough situation.

4. Wrap-Up and Prayer Ask: What was the best part of your week? What was something tough that happened this week? Do This: Pray with the kids. If they’ve mentioned things that would be good to talk to God about, you can talk about them in your prayer.