lesson #5

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LESSON #5 THE MIRACULOUS FALL OF JERICHO Joshua 5:13 – 6:27 Principle: Obstacles to our life of faith must be overcome by obedience to the Word of God. Use this lesson outline to record your notes as you watch the Lesson 5 video.

I. DIVINE DIRECTION FROM THE COMMANDER 5:13-6:5  Unless God is the commander of our lives, we live in vain.

II. DESTRUCTION OF JERICHO 6:6-21  Our spiritual battles can only be won through obedience to God.

III. DELIVERANCE OF RAHAB 6:22-27  In every generation there are those to whom God shows mercy and grace.

LESSON #6 ACHAN’S SIN AND JUDGMENT Subject: Achan’s sin affects Israel and results in God’s judgment.

Joshua 7:1-26

Please answer these lesson questions for next week prior to watching the Lesson 6 video.

Review 1. Did you experience spiritual victory in any way as a result of your study of the battle of Jericho?

Read Joshua 7:1-5 Israel’s defeat at Ai 2. Was there anything confusing or difficult for you to understand in verse 1?

3. What was the sin in verse 1 which went against God’s command given in Joshua 6:17?

4. In view of God’s previous promise to Israel and the fall of Jericho, what do you think Israel must have anticipated at Ai? Was it faith or arrogance on Israel’s part, in your opinion?

Read Joshua 7:6-9 Joshua intercedes for Israel 5. Despite his words, how did Joshua act in faith upon Israel’s defeat? What does it teach us?

6. How did the Israelites and Joshua respond to their experience at Ai, and how do we often respond the same way when we feel God has let us down?

7. In view of God’s previous word to Israel in Deuteronomy 28:1-2 and 28:7, how should Joshua and Israel have understood their defeat?

8. What impresses you about how Joshua evidenced his leadership, and how might we do the same for those we lead?

Read Joshua 7:10-15 God’s instruction to Joshua 9. How was Joshua moved from self-pity and blaming God to recognizing the sin against God so it could be owned and judged?

10. Relate Israel’s experience to that of the Corinthian church in 2 Corinthian 7:5-12. Can you share a time in which you had the same experience?

11. Can you remember other instances in scripture where the action of one individual affected the whole? Give references.

Read Joshua 7:16-26 God’s judgment of Achan’s sin 12. How is Achan’s sin reflected in our culture today?

13. Exactly what is involved in true repentance? Do you think Achan experienced it or not?

14. How did Achan’s sin affect his people? How does ours?

15. Explain the importance of the articles sinfully gained being “spread out before the Lord” (NIV). How can we do the same thing?

16. In this chapter how is the grace of God evidenced?

Reflection and Personal Application 17. Spend some time in prayer asking God to show you those areas in your life you have not devoted to the Lord. What will you do about what He reveals to you?