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Elevated Lesson 5 July 28/29 1

Large Group Elevated Series at a Glance for Elevate About this Series: We use the word “Elevate” a lot, but what does it mean? To be elevated means to be lifted up, or to feel important. We like to feel elevated by others, but Jesus gives us a challenge. He says that instead of working to show others how great we are, we should elevate them instead. When we do, incredible things can happen. Memory Verse: Romans 12:10- “Love each other deeply. Honor others more than yourselves.”

Weekly Overview: Lesson:


Big Idea:

Lesson 1: June 30/July 1

The call to serve Great servants, Matthew 20:20-28

Jesus wants me to serve others.

Lesson 2: July 7/8

Being a friend Matthew’s story, Matthew 9:9-13

I can serve because God loves others.

Lesson 3: July 14/15

Thoughtful serving Nehemiah helps, Nehemiah 2-6

I can serve by thinking of others.

Lesson 4: July 21/22

When I serve Jesus heals lepers, Luke 17:9-11

When I serve others, it makes a difference.

Lesson 5: July 28/29

“You First” Nehemiah honors, Nehemiah 11

I can serve by honoring others.

Elevated Lesson 5 July 28/29 2

Elevated Series at a Glance for Elevate (continued) Lesson 1: The call to serve When two of Jesus’ disciples asked how they could be the greatest, he gave a surprising answer. He said that to be great, we need to serve others. Jesus didn’t just say that, though. He lived it! This week, we’ll find out how Jesus served us, and learn that every time we serve others, we’re following his example. Lesson 2: Being a friend Matthew probably didn’t expect much from Jesus. He expected him to just pass by. After all, no one wanted to be seen with a tax collector like Matthew. Jesus, however, didn’t feel that way. He wanted Matthew to know that he was valuable, he was important, even though not everyone thought so. Jesus served Matthew, just by being his friend. Lesson 3: Thoughtful serving Serving others can be amazing, but where do we start? What can we do to serve others each day? The first step is to look for ways to serve. That seems easy, but there are tons of chances to serve others every day, and we miss a lot of them! In our story this week, we see Nehemiah take a break from something super important to help others, and find out how we can spot chances to serve all around us. Lesson 4: When I Serve This week, kids will see for themselves the difference they can make! They will be teaming up to serve an organization that is making an impact in their community, and serving others in a big way. Through Jesus’ story, they’ll see that even when we don’t see the results of helping others right away, it still makes a difference. Lesson 5: “You First Have you ever told someone “You first”? We usually hurry to try to be first, but what happens when we let someone else take the top spot instead? Nehemiah writes down the names of many people and families, in order to honor them. Through his story, we’ll discover how honoring others can feel pretty great for us, too.

Elevated Lesson 5 July 28/29 3

Elevated Lesson Outline for Elevate Lesson 5: “You First.” Lesson Segment

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Tech Notes Elevated Lesson 5 July 28/29 4

Opening Song


(Roll when directed) Elevate Opener

Welcome to Elevate! Come on up to the front! While you’re headed up here, do any of you have any funny or crazy tricks you can do? Like can you jump super high, or put your leg behind your head? Do This: Choose 2-3 kids to show you their “tricks.” Make sure you listen to what they will be doing before letting them try. If it seems dangerous, or like they won’t be able to do it, feel free to say “That sounds cool, I’m not sure we can do it here, though,” and go on to another person. (Auto advance) Elevate Slide and Underscore

Welcome and Opening Activity


My name is _____________. I’m super excited to be here, because this hour is going to be awesome! It’s just about time to hear a cool story, sing some great songs, and think about a way you and I can start changing the world today, but first, I think we should get started with a game! Game Title Slide: “Everybody’s it!”

This game is called “Everybody’s it!” This is a game that’s a lot like tag, but with one big difference. Everyone is it! If you tag someone, they have to sit down, and can’t move. If you get tagged, you have to sit down. If the two of you tag each other, you both have to sit down. When you sit down, you’re still playing. If you can tag someone who is standing, you get to stand back up! You can’t tag someone who is on the ground, they have to be standing. Remember, you can’t move if you’re on the ground, you have to stay right where you are. Ready? Remember, everyone is it, so before we start, you should spread way out. Ready, set, go! Elevated Lesson 5 July 28/29 5

Do This: Allow the kids to play until they seem to be getting tired, or time is close to running out. Feel free to allow them all to stand up again once or twice, especially if some are looking bored. If there is ever only one person left standing, they won that round! Know This: If you have an extra large number of kids, or it seems like kids can’t handle running in your space, you could make this a walking game of tag, where kids can only walk (or speed-walk). If they run, they have to sit down! Fun Game Music!

Game Title Slide: “Everybody’s it!” and clear audio

Wow, that was tiring! You can all come back to the middle, and find a place to sit. It takes a lot to try to stay standing in that game. It’s fun in a game, but sometimes in life we feel like everyone’s trying to drag us down, and we pull others down, too. It’s like we’re competing to be the best at everything, but the only thing that really happens is that everyone feels bad. Have you ever had someone brag about getting a higher grade than you, being better at a sport, or having something you don’t have? It doesn’t feel good. We can choose whether we help people up, or bring them down. We’ll keep thinking about that, but for now, let’s answer our question of the day!

Question of the Day


Question of the Day Video

(Auto Advance) QOTD Slide: What’s an award or prize you’ve won?

What’s an award or prize you’ve won? If you can’t think of one, have you won a game, or done something you’re proud of? Turn to someone next to you and find out their answer. Then, tell them your answer, too! Do This: Emcee as the kids are sharing their answers. Encourage them to share with the people around them, and encourage any kid whose story you hear. Know This: Allow kids time to interact with one another. Feel free to ask a few of them what their answer is. Elevated Lesson 5 July 28/29 6

It feels great when we win awards or do well at something. Another word for that feeling is “honor.” When we feel honored, it feels like people look up to us, as if they think we’re really good. It’s a great feeling. Have you thought about how powerful it could be when we choose to honor other people? We can give them that great feeling through our words and our actions.



Worship Slide

Someone who deserves all the honor we can give is God. He is so incredible and great, we can’t even understand all He has done. This song, “All the Glory,” is about how everyone needs to know how amazing God is. Song 1: All the Glory (Auto advance) Worship Slide

Singing is a great way to honor God. When we sing, we remember and think about how great God is. Another way to do that is by spending time with God, or praying. You can pray anywhere, and anytime. God will hear you, whether you’re in a deep dark cave, or an airplane up in the sky. He will hear you in your home, and He even hears the prayers you just think, and don’t say out loud. Here, we usually put our hands in our laps and close our eyes, to help us focus on talking to God. Let’s do that now! God, thank you for always listening. We want to give you all the glory, to let everyone know how great you are. Help us to share your love with others. Amen.

Lesson Intro


Bumper Video (1:00) Elevated Lesson 5 July 28/29 7

Series Title Slide: “Elevated”

During this series, we’re learning about ways we can elevate others. Sometimes, when we elevate something, it means to lift it up, like a Ferris wheel elevates the people inside it, or a ski lift carries people to the top of a hill. That’s one way to think about it, but elevating someone could also mean making them feel good. Pointing out what’s good about them, putting them first, and being a friend to them can all make someone feel like they are on top of the world. When we take time to serve and elevate others, we can make a big difference in their lives. Last week, many of you took some time to elevate others in a big way, by serving them! We’ll find out how that went in a few minutes, but first, we have someone to check in with, one more time.



Our friend Calvin is making a video log of ways he is serving others. He has had some awesome ideas so far, let’s find out what today’s episode is about! Calvin on Serving: Episode 5 (8:00) (Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Elevated

What an awesome thing Nehemiah did. I’m sure there were times where he wanted to say “I built this wall myself, I deserve all the credit,” but he didn’t. He gave honor and credit to everyone, which is a great way to do something good for others. Our memory verse has a lot to say about honor, too.

Memory Verse


Memory Verse Slide: Romans 12:10- Love each other deeply. Honor others more than yourselves. Do This: Read the verse from the screen.

Elevated Lesson 5 July 28/29 8

Nehemiah is a great example of this verse. He honored others more than himself. If you asked him how the wall was built, he would tell you about all the workers, their names, the parts of the wall they worked on. He would give them credit and say how great they are. That’s what it means to honor someone. When we point out good things about someone else, we have the chance to make them feel great. This is a good verse to remember, because whenever you think of it, you can find a way to honor someone around you. Could you tell your parents about something good your brother or sister did? Could you tell someone on another team that they are great at soccer, or baseball, whatever sport you are playing? Could you tell someone thank you for something good they did? You can! To help us remember the verse, we’re going to practice it a couple times together. Let’s have all the boys say the first part, “Love each other deeply,” and all the girls say “Honor others more than yourselves.” We’ll read the book, chapter, and verse together. Let’s go! Do This: Say the verse with the kids.

Alright, now I’m going to call out either “boys” or “girls,” and when I do, say your part of the verse! Do This: Call out “boys” or “girls,” and let them say their part of the verse. You can mix this up, call the same group multiple times in a row, or even have them all say their different parts at once.

Great job! We’ve got one week left to get this verse memorized, so keep practicing it on your own, too.

Group Activity


Know This: Since this is summer, the schedule for group time looks different than usual. There is an option to do this activity as a group time, if enough volunteers are available. Know ahead of time whether you are doing this activity as a large group or in small groups. Do This: If you are doing this activity in small groups, tell kids to meet with their group leader now. After ten minutes, call the kids back and continue with the “Application” section of this script. Game Title Slide: “Honor Role”

Elevated Lesson 5 July 28/29 9

Our next activity is called “Honor Role.” One great thing about honor is that all of us can do it. You can say good thing about a friend, choose to obey your parents, and encourage someone on another team, no matter how old you are. In this activity, we’re going to be talking about different people we can show honor to. So, if we’re going to give the gift of honor, who can we give it to? Do This: (Optional) Give out the numbered “Verse Cards” to kids before the hour begins. Make sure they are kids who feel comfortable reading loudly, and tell them clearly what they will be doing. You’ll be allowing them to read the following verses. If you do not do this, or one of the kids loses his or her card, just cue the slide and continue with the script. You may want to have a volunteer read the first one, so the first kid doesn’t feel like he or she is singled out.

I’ve given out several verses, each one with a number on it. The Bible is totally packed with ideas of people we can honor. If you have the verse with the big number one on it, could you read it loudly? 1 Corinthians 6:20- “Christ has paid the price for you. So use your bodies in a way that honors God.”

This first one is the most important. We have to honor God. God made this world, and every person in it. God’s Son, Jesus, died for every person on earth, so they could know how much God loves them. That’s what this verse means by “Christ paid the price for you.” The way we talk, the things we do, and even the things we think, can all either honor God, or disobey and disrespect him. What are some ways we can honor God? Do This: Allow 2-4 kids to answer. Write “God” across the top of a large notepad, and write their answers underneath. Be prepared to suggest ideas like telling others about God, singing to him, and talking to him.

Alright, those are great ideas. Next, we’re getting closer to home. Could the person with the number two verse read it? Exodus 20:12- “Honor your father and mother.”

Great job. This verse says we can honor our fathers and mothers. How often do we take time to say good things about our parents? Some of us may do that a lot, but for others, that might be a completely new idea. Whether you’ve done this before or not, honoring your parents can make a big difference in your home. Elevated Lesson 5 July 28/29 10

What are some ways you could honor your parents? Do This: Allow 2-4 kids to answer. Write “Parents” across the top of a large notepad, and write their answers underneath. Be prepared to suggest ideas like saying you love them, thanking them for the things they do (cleaning, cooking, taking care of you), and choosing not to complain or say bad things about them.

Awesome ideas. You could even try honoring your parents today. You might surprise them! Could the person with the number 3 on their verse read it for us? Leviticus 19:32- “Stand up in order to show your respect for old people.”

This verse tells us about some people we can honor, but it also gives us an idea of how we can honor them. People that are older, like our grandparents, have done a lot, and lived a long time. We can honor them in a lot of ways. Can you think of any? Do This: Allow 2-4 kids to answer. Write “Elders” across the top of a large notepad, and write their answers underneath. Be prepared to suggest ideas like giving them our seat, visiting people who are in nursing homes and can’t see their families a lot, and listening to them tell stories and talk.

Those are great ways to honor people who are older. Remember, we can show honor to everyone in different ways, but there’s one more kind of person I want to talk about showing honor to today. If you have the number four verse, could you read it? 1 Peter 2:13- “Follow the lead of every human authority.”

Great job. An “authority” is someone in charge. Sometimes we like people that are in charge, and sometimes we don’t, but we can always respect and honor them. A lot of people who have authority don’t get a lot of thanks, and it can be a tough job. Here are some examples. Police, Firefighters, Nurses, Teachers, Coaches (images)

Police officers are in charge, but we may not think about them a lot. They risk their lives to keep us safe. Firefighters go into super dangerous fires and car accidents to save people’s lives. Nurses deal with some gross and awful things to keep people healthy. Teachers and coaches give their time to try to help you learn. It’s important to Elevated Lesson 5 July 28/29 11

honor all of these people. Can you think of any ways we could show these authorities honor? Do This: Allow 2-4 kids to answer. Write “Authorities” across the top of a large notepad, and write their answers underneath. Be prepared to suggest ideas like writing them a thank you letter, making something for them, or just saying “Thank you” when you see them.

Great ideas. You can make such a big difference when you honor others.



If there was one thing I want you to remember from our time together, it’s this. Big Idea Slide: I can serve by honoring others.

I can serve by honoring others. We can honor everyone around us, because God made everyone around us, and loves them. Even people we don’t like, we can say good things about them, and treat them with honor. I’m sure all of us are ready to go out and say thank you to a police officer, spend time with an older person, or serve our parents, but there’s one more important thing you need to know about honor. Do This: Take out a gift box.

Honor is a gift. Sometimes we act like people have to earn our honor. We only say good things about the best soccer player, the most popular person, or the people we like. If we don’t like someone, we don’t honor them. That’s not what honor is about, though. It’s not something anyone earns, or something you can only give to certain people. Some people deserve to be known and respected, but there may be some people out there we don’t like. We can honor all of them, just the same. Series Title Slide: Elevated

Think about it. Could you give the gift of honor to someone who isn’t very good on your sports team? You could tell them “I’m glad you’re part of the team.” You could look for good things that they do, and compliment them. That can mean a ton to someone. In fact, I’d love to do some honoring right now, for all of you. Last week, something amazing happened right here! Elevated Lesson 5 July 28/29 12

Do This: Read the “results card” for your campus’ serving project. Get kids excited about the impact they have made in their community, and the people they helped!

Some of you might know that we’re not the only place people go to Eagle Brook church. In fact, there are seven cities where Eagle Brook meets, and all of them did a service project last week. We’ve got a short video to watch that shows some of the awesome things that happened last weekend! Highlights Video (2:00) (Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Elevated

That is amazing! Your serving has made such a huge impact already, and when you look for ways to honor and serve others, you can keep making a difference in their lives every day.



Worship Slide

The most important one to honor is God. He is so great, and deserves all of our thanks and worship. When we honor God and others, we’re making a huge difference, doing something that can even change our world! That’s what this song is about: rocking our planet for God! Song 2: Rock this Planet (Auto-Advance) Worship Slide

Let’s keep the fun going, and get jumping as we worship God! Song 3: Jump

Elevated Lesson 5 July 28/29 13

(Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Elevated

That was great, I love worshipping with all of you! You can sit down.



Let’s finish up by talking to God. To help us stay focused on Him, let’s close our eyes and bow our heads while we pray. God, thank you for how much you honor us. Help us to love and honor others, too. In Jesus’ name, amen. I’ve had so much fun hanging out with you all today, I hope to see you next week as we start a new series! Elevate Slide

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Elevated Lesson 5 July 28/29 14