Lesson 8

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Psalm 119:113-128

Lesson 8

First Day: Before you begin your reading today, ask the Lord to speak to you through His Holy word. Read Psalm 119:113-120. 1.

Verse 113 in the ESV reads: “ I hate the double-minded,but I love your law.” In the NLT it reads: “I hate those with divided loyalties, but I love your instructions.” Read and compare James 1:5-8. (NLT) How does the double minded man or man with divided loyalties relate to wavering in faith? In v. 8, everything he does is _________. The scripture here indicates his loyalties are divided between who? What are some things we may find ourselves putting our faith in besides the Lord?


When our faith is tested, it can be difficult to endure. Now go back and read James 1;2-4. (NLT) Was there a time your faith was tested? How has this brought you to a deeper mature faith? Look back through Ps. 119:113-120 and list where the Psalmist’s faith is unwaveringly in God alone.

Second Day: Read Psalm 119:113-120. 1.

How does the Psalmist refer to His God in vs. 114? Read and compare Psalm 32:6,7 and Psalm 91:1,2. The need for a quiet place of refuge implies threatening circumstances. Tumultuous waters lead a ship to a safe refuge in the harbor. Have you found the Lord to be that place for you? When anxiety rages and fear escalates and dangers mount up, what are some ways we could call upon our God and make Him our shield?


Read aloud verse 116 and 117. The Psalmist’s cry for the Lord to uphold him or sustain him (NLT), clarifies the Psalmist’s hope in his God. In contrast Psalm 33:17,18, speak of a false hope. What example of a false hope is given here? Write down some examples of a false or vain hope that we can find ourselves looking to for deliverance?


Read verses 118 and 119. Read here the Amplified version of v. 119 “You have removed all the wicked of the earth like dross [for they have no value]; Therefore I love Your testimonies.”


As the dross is removed, the pure silver remains to make a vessel. Ezek. 22:18-22 speaks of God’s judgement on rebellious Israel. God’s day of judgement will remove the wicked in like manner. We can take the opportunity now to cleanse ourselves and choose to be pure vessels. Read 2 Timothy 2:19-21. What would you say an honorable vessel looks like?

Third Day: Pray and ask God to reveal wonderful things to you in His word. Read Psalm 119:121-128. 1.

Now read aloud v. 123 and 124. The Psalmist’s longing here is for the righteous promise of God, His salvation. His cry is for His steadfast love and mercy. Knowing our state, for all have sinned (Rom. 3:23) we have need of salvation. Read the conflict Paul speaks of in Rom. 7:21-25. Write a prayer of praise to God for His steadfast love and salvation.


Compare the Psalmist’s plea in v. 125 to Prov. 2:6-15. Note here in verse 7 and 8 the Lord is a ______to those who walk in integrity. ___________ the paths of justice, and ___________over the way of the saints. (ESV) What two things are noted in verse 11 that will watch over and guard us? There is a rest for us, as we ask God like the Psalmist, for discretion and understanding. We will in like manner, know and follow His testimonies. Write a prayer asking God for these attributes which guard our way.

Fourth Day: Read Psalm 119:121-128. 1.

In v.126 the Psalmist looks on at those that are evil and calls for God to act. Often when we witness offense we want to take matters in our own hands. Read Romans 12:19 and write it in your journal. Is there a time you waited on the Lord when you saw injustice and He came and answered you in your cause?

2. Verse 128 in the New Living Translation reads: “Each of your commandments is right. That is why I hate every false way.” In this verse, what is stated to be the standard of what is right? Every other way is deemed ________. Today, what does the world give as a standard of right and wrong? Read and meditate on Revelation 15:3,4 What is the Lord worshiped for here? Write out some of the great and amazing deeds and righteous acts you have seen the Lord perform in your own life. Share them this week with a friend.

Fifth Day: Read Psalm 119:113-128. Write and share what God has shown you to be of great value from these scriptures.