Let Justice Roll

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Let Justice Roll

Bobby Giles & Rebecca Bales


| Am | C | D | | Am | C | G | |

Verse 1

Am C For - give us Lord for passing by G Am When children cry for bread Am C For - bid it Lord that justice lie G Am In tatters cold and dead C G Out - side these walls run desperate streets Am E Where greed is law and life is cheap Am C We bar the doors, re - fuse to see G Am Or hear the Words You said:


Am C Let justice roll like a river G Am Like a river, let it roll

repeat 4x, add 3 bars Am @ end

Verse 2

Am C Con - vict us Lord, we dance and laugh G Am Ig - noring those who weep Am C Cor - rect us Lord, our golden calf G Am Has lulled our hearts to sleep CCLI# 4974842 Arrangement by The Ethnos Project: www.TheEthnosProject.com

C G The gap between the rich and poor Am E Grows ever wider, shore to shore Am C There’s racial hate, re - ligious war G Am And wolves among the sheep

Verse 3

Am C In - dwell us Lord, and purify G Am Our hands to work for You Am C En - list us Lord, to serve nearby G Am And ‘cross the waters, too C G Your image-bearers on the earth Am E Will never know how much they’re worth Am C Un - less we love and help them first G Am And show the way to You


F C G Let it ro - - ll repeat 3x

F C E Let it ro - - ll

Spoken Word

| Am | C | G | D :|

CCLI# 4974842 Arrangement by The Ethnos Project: www.TheEthnosProject.com