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Lift Your Head Weary Sinners David Crowder, Ed Cash, Seth Philpott Lift your head weary sinner, the river's just ahead Down the path of forgiveness salvation's waiting there You built a mighty fortress 10,000 burdens high Love is here to lift you up, here to lift you high If you're lost and wandering Come stumbling in like a prodigal child See the walls start crumbling Let the gates of glory open wide All who've strayed and walked away, unspeakable things you've done Fix your eyes on the mountain, let the past be dead and gone Come all saints and sinners, you can't outrun God Whatever you've done can't overcome the power of the blood If you're lost and wandering Come stumbling in like a prodigal child See the walls start crumbling Let the gates of glory open wide If you're lost and wrecked again Come stumbling in like a prodigal child See the walls start crumbling Let the gates of glory be open wide

Come Thou Fount Robert Robinson and John Wyeth Come, Thou Fount of every blessing Tune my heart to sing Thy grace Streams of mercy, never ceasing Call for songs of loudest praise Teach me some melodious sonnet Sung by flaming tongues above Praise the mount, I'm fixed upon it Mount of Thy redeeming love Here I raise my Ebenezer Here there by Thy great help I've come And I hope, by Thy good pleasure Safely to arrive at home Jesus sought me when a stranger Wandering from the fold of God

He, to rescue me from danger Interposed His precious blood Oh, that day when freed from sinning I shall see Thy lovely face Clothed then in the blood washed linen How I'll sing Thy wondrous grace Come, my Lord, no longer tarry Take my ransomed soul away Send Thine angels now to carry Me to…

Sovereign Grace O’er Sin Abounding John Kent and Sandra McCracken Sovereign grace o’er sin abounding! Ransomed souls, the tidings swell; ’Tis a deep that knows no sounding; Who its breadth or length can tell? On its glories, Let my soul for ever dwell. What from Christ that soul can sever, Bound by everlasting bands? Once in Him, in Him for ever; Thus the eternal covenant stands. None shall take Thee From the Strength of Israel’s hands. Heirs of God, joint-heirs with Jesus, Long ere time its race begun; To His name eternal praises; O what wonders love has done! One with Jesus, By eternal union one. On such love, my soul, still ponder, Love so great, so rich, so free; Say, while lost in holy wonder, Why, O Lord, such love to me? Hallelujah! Grace shall reign Hallelujah! Grace shall reign Hallelujah! Grace shall reign eternally.

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go


George Matheson, Albert Lister Peace

Sandra McCracken, Leslie Jordan, Joshua Silverberg

O love that will not let me go I rest my weary soul in thee I give thee back the life I owe That in thine ocean depths its flow My richer, fuller be O light that followest all my way I yield my flickering torch to thee My heart restores its borrowed ray That in thy sunshines glow its day May brighter, fairer be O joy you seek me through the pain I cannot close my heart to thee I trace the rainbow through the rain And feel the promise is not vain Then morn shall tearless be O cross that liftest up my head, I dare not ask to fly from thee; I lay in dust life’s glory, dead, And from the ground there blossoms red Life that shall endless be.

I will build my house Whether storm or drought On the rock that does not move I will set my hope In your love, O Lord And your faithfulness will prove You are steadfast, steadfast By the word you spoke All the starry host Are called out by name each night In your watchful care I will rest secure As you lead us with your light You are steadfast, steadfast I will not trust in the strength of kings On your promise I will stand I will shout for joy, I will raise my voice Hallelujah to the Lamb! You are steadfast, steadfast In the moment of emptiness All was fulfilled In the hour of darkness Your light was revealed In the presence of death Your life was affirmed In the absence of holiness, You are still God. You are steadfast, steadfast You are steadfast, steadfast.