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Mar 15, 2019 - discussions, but there's no reason why you and your family can't also get in ..... your Bible, an openness to God's touch….oh yes, an...

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Dear Friends in Christ, The season of Lent is a time when the church reflects upon the suffering and salvation accomplished by our Lord and Savior. Because of the cross, we have great consolation knowing our sins are forgiven. Lent is also a call to personal repentance and a time to recommit ourselves as followers of Jesus. As part of our Lenten journey this year, we will focus on certain questions that Jesus asks. There are hundreds of questions to consider—some are more significant than others. Some questions Jesus definitively answered Himself. Answers to other questions are more elusive or open-ended. Yet, the question is always worth considering. Often Jesus precedes new teaching with a question as a way of opening up the heart. You are invited to take part in special worship opportunities throughout Lent and Holy Week. March 6: March 13: March 20: March 27: April 3: April 10: April 14: April 18: April 19: April 21:

Ash Wednesday Lenten Midweek Lenten Midweek Lenten Midweek Lenten Midweek Lenten Midweek Palm Sunday Maundy Thursday Good Friday Easter Sunday

“Do you want to be healed?” (John 5:6) “For who is greater, one who reclines or one who serves?” (Luke 22:27) “But who do you say I am?” (John 14:9/Matthew 16:13) “For what can a man give in return for his soul? (Mark 8:37) “Do you want to go away as well?” (John 6:67) “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’ and not do as I tell you? (Luke 6:46) “Are you able to drink the cup that I drink?” (Mark 10:38) “Do you understand what I have done to you?” (John 13:12) “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matt. 27:46) “Why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?” (John 20:15)

Ash Wednesday, March 6th – 7:00 pm (Holy Communion) (optional imposition of ashes) Wednesdays, Soup Suppers 6:00 pm; worship 7:00 pm, “Questions Jesus Asks”  Palm Sunday, April 14th – 8:15 & 11:00 am (with Celebration Choir)  Maundy Thursday, April 18th – 7:00 pm (Holy Communion)  Good Friday, April 19th – 7:00 pm (with Celebration Choir)  Community Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, April 20th – 1:00 pm (up to 6th grade) Easter Sunday, April 21st (Holy Communion) Sunrise Service 7:00 am on the Patio Worship Services (with Celebration Choir) 8:15 am & 11:00 am Easter Breakfast 9:15-10:30 am Children’s Easter Egg Hunt 10:00 am Through this season of Lent, it is our prayer that the ministry efforts of our church would be used by the Holy Spirit to change hearts, deepen love, and strengthen faith in Jesus. Thinking and acting anew is a sign we have heard the question and received the answer. If you have needs or questions of any kind, please contact me or one of the Elders: Pastor Matt & Your Elders Ron Bischoff 208-514-6643 John Biar 208-866-7724

Ralph Cavalieri 208-336-0012 Lynn House 208-585-6034

Gary Chandler 208-573-1923 Aaron Hubler 208-859-9095

David Reinke 208-863-8535 2

John Wiemer 208-577-6807 Harold Klein 208-237-5347

Dear Friends in Christ, I was going to share with you a question or two from one of our favorite family books, The Kid’s Book of Questions. But after an extensive search turned up no sign of it at home, I asked Sally where it was. It turns out my eight-year old niece (who visited us over New Year’s) liked the book so much, she took the liberty of taking it home to Washington! Well, I can’t blame her. Questions are intriguing and great gateways to conversation. Jesus utilized questions in profound ways. He already knows the answer, yet He invites us to think differently and reach a different conclusion than what we would expect or think we already know. We live in a world that places a high value on questions and the conversation around them. Truth is still truth and hasn’t changed, but the way people arrive at it has changed. It’s no longer sufficient or effective for the church to claim to have the answer and therefore people should accept it. So, it means using a different method or model that engages the hearer and thinker. Instead of telling them what to believe or do, we can ask a question—not just any question—but a well-framed one that invites conversation and leads to truth. Jesus did this time and time again. As part of the regular worship experience, you’ll notice a set of “head-heart-hands” questions in the bulletin each week. These questions are written for you and designed to help you understand and apply the preached Word to your life. The head-heart-hand questions are the basis for life group discussions, but there’s no reason why you and your family can’t also get in on the experience too. So, I hope you will come to like these questions. I think they are an important step in God changing us and growing us as we listen to God’s Word as a congregation. Questions are also an emphasis in Lent this year. Everyone has questions for God, but He also has questions for us—hundreds of them! Some are more versatile or applicable than others, but each of them is compelling. Each midweek service, we’ll look at one question that Jesus asks. I think we’ll see that Jesus not only has the right answers, but He asks the right questions. You’re invited for these midweek Lenten services, starting on Ash Wednesday, March 6! Soup at 6 pm, service at 7 pm. My hope is our dialogue with each other and with the world at large reflects the way of Jesus. It might seem like a little thing, but I know one sign of success will be when people sneak the bulletins home and the questions that come with it, just like my niece did with the book! In Christ, Pastor Matt Henry


From Pastor Tom’s Pen


My parents were brought up during the Great Depression. They had a very strong work ethic and it was passed on to me and my brothers. We, of course, did our chores around the house, but all three of us wanted jobs we could do to earn spending money. Dad was a money saver and when I was 10 we moved to the country on a three acre parcel and I wanted a job. My first job was trapping mice and rats in a shed behind our house. Dad paid me a penny a mouse and a nickel for each rat. The job didn’t last for long because I cleaned out the rodents quickly. I sold night crawlers for a penny a piece. Then I went on to trapping muskrats for their pelts ($2.00 a pelt, that was big money) and gave the carcasses to the janitor at our school. My brothers and I helped with dad’s garden and sold fruits and veggies along the road in front of our house. The lists for me and my brothers goes on and on. Through high school, college and seminary I’ve always have had full or part-time jobs and I have loved it. I have learned so many things from special people that were my employers. It seems to be the dream of many people to quit working as soon as they can afford it. I have known some who quit their jobs and just took unemployment. With the entitlements they received just about as much as working full time. In God’s design, work is not a painful, necessary evil. Scrounging off other people is not His plan for us. St. Paul writes: “When we were with you, we gave you this rule: ’The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.’” 2 Thessalonians 3:10. We do our country and our God a great service when we teach our children and grandchildren the dignity and satisfaction of hard work. One of the greatest legacies parents can give to their children is to teach them how to work, defer gratification, keep their word, obey their boss, participate in a team, and “getter done.” There is a sad cynicism in our culture that the world of work is rigged, that hard work and thrift doesn’t matter anymore. Some think that a few people control everything and everybody else gets the shaft. They want to say with the country song: “take this job and shove it!” The Bible shows that God thinks differently. He watches us all the time to see if we are listening to Him, and willing to do things His way first and trust in His sustaining power. In God’s plan, faith, obedience and hard work are good for us. They pay off in eternity, but they also pay off in the here and now. King Hezekiah found out that they do: “This is what Hezekiah did throughout Judah, doing what was good, right, and faithful before the Lord His God. In everything that he undertook in the service of God’s temple and in obedience to the law and commands, he sought His God and worked wholeheartedly. And so he prospered.” 2 Chronicles 31:20-21. I believe God’s ways really do bring prosperity and not just in a material way. Put people first, live as a servant, tell the truth, develop your skills and spiritual gift(s), keep your word, admit your mistakes, listen to people, live within your means, do quality work – these have always been and will always be attitudes and behaviors that God will bless. I pray that I will be able to work until the day when God calls me home even though I may not be able to do all the things I would like to do. May God bless us as we seek to be productive servants in response to His unconditional love for us in our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

Pastor Tom 4

FRIENDSHIP CELEBRATION PRESCHOOL Registration for Fall Preschool Classes 2018-19 765 East Chinden Blvd., Meridian, ID 83646 [email protected]/208-288-2404 Preschool Director—Lori Jensen

Spring has sprung and our classrooms reflect the change. Our rooms are decorated with purple and green kites and paper bag chrysalis. We’re enjoying our outside time on lamb days and lion days. Our one and only fund raiser is Saturday, March 2nd, at 4:30pm and we’d love to see you there. There’s dinner, games, silent and live auction – something for everyone! Tickets are available at the door. Our Spring Sing is Thursday, April 25th at 7:00pm. Our music teacher, Jen Severance, has put together a very cute program and the children are enjoying the songs. Fall registration is going very well. If you’d like more information, please contact Lori Jensen at the Preschool. In His love, The Preschool Staff

Registration Process Includes: • Enrollment Form Complete • Registration Fee Paid – nonrefundable - $100 • Copy of updated immunization Records • Copy of Birth Certificate Preschool Classes offered for 2019-20 School Year: 3 Year old Classes Mon/Wed/Fri am……….3 days……..$180 month Mon & Wed p.m.………….2 days……..$130 month Tues & Thurs a.m.…………2 days……..$130 month Tues & Thurs p.m.…………2 days……..$130 month 4 Year old Classes Mon/Wed/Fri a.m.……….3 days……..$180 month Mon/Wed/Fri p.m.……….3 days……..$180 month Tues & Thurs a.m.…………2 days……..$130 month Tues & Thurs p.m.…………2 days……..$130 month Morning Class hours: 9:00 -11:30 a.m. / Afternoon class hours: 12:30-3:00 p.m. Mon-Thurs. a.m.…………….4 days……..$235 month Mon-Thurs. p.m.…………….4 days……..$235 month Morning Class hours: 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. / Afternoon class hours: 12:30-3:30 p.m. *More than one child enrolled-receive 10% on youngest child. Enrollment forms available online at or 5

The Elders Decision on the American and Christian flags in the sanctuary After careful study and deliberation, the Board of Elders voted in January to remove the US flag and the so-called Christian flag from the sanctuary and to create a new area in the narthex in which the US flag will be prominent and our veterans honored. The following is some background information about the Board’s decision. A relevant document is the following text copied from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod website section “Frequently Asked Questions – Worship and Congregational Life” [https://} Where should the American and Christian flags be placed? Q: What is the LCMS position on the American flag and the Christian flag being displayed in the sanctuary? And where should the flags be placed? A: The LCMS does not have an official stand on the inclusion of flags being displayed in the sanctuary. This is, ultimately, an adiaphoron–i.e., something neither commanded nor forbidden by Holy Scripture. We do have, however, a history and background to be considered in whether or not to display flags in the sanctuary, as well as the message that displaying such flags might convey. Rev. Prof. William Schmelder, seasoned parish pastor, historian and professor emeritus of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, has responded to a query from the LCMS Worship regarding this matter:

"To the best of my knowledge, the U.S. flag began appearing in our churches in response to two things: the desire to express an unquestioned loyalty as U.S. citizens (a reaction to WWI sentiment) and the growing sacralization of the flag in U.S. culture. In the history of my home congregation (Immanuel, Bristol, CT), the story of the responses to both WWI and WWII is given in some detail. However, the picture of the church after the renovation in 1948 does not show a flag. There was a flag on the grounds between the church and the school, and it was raised and lowered with considerable ceremony when school was in session. I think that is one response evident in many congregations: we could show our loyalty in many ways without placing the flag in the church; other congregations seem to have brought it into the building itself, with great debate about the proper location (nave, chancel, narthex, etc.).” "Non-Americans are often astounded to see a national symbol in the church (perhaps they have memories of the Nazi flag being touched to the altars of German churches).

"The so-called Christian flag is another matter entirely. It has no tradition of the church behind it. In fact, it violates much of what anyone knows of ecclesiastical heraldry. It seems to be the design of one man, who both drew it and profits from it. He or his heirs still get a royalty on every one sold. People seem to think that you need something to balance the U.S. flag on the other side, so you have a Christian flag." Obviously, the inclusion of the American and Christian flags is widespread in the LCMS. As Professor Schmelder mentioned, this probably developed out of the desire of congregations of prominently GermanAmerican heritage not to appear German during and after the world wars. Likewise, many veterans of those wars returned with great patriotic zeal, which probably manifested itself in the desire to display "Old Glory" in the sanctuary.


Today, however, it may be time to reconsider this short-lived tradition among us (Lutherans never did this prior to WWI, and then only in America). One may observe that many congregations today, when considering a sanctuary renovation or even building a new sanctuary, will opt to display the flag in a location other than the chancel or nave. Many will place a flag outside of the building proper, or perhaps in the narthex. In such ways, as Professor Schmelder noted, we can demonstrate our patriotism, but not blur the distinction between the kingdom of Christ with the kingdom of the world/government. Our Lord's words, of course, come to bear on this issue ultimately: "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and render unto God the things that are God's" (Luke 20:22). Both are good and right ... in their respective places and times. Guidelines for displaying the U.S. flag are directed in U.S. Code, Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 7. Subsections (i) and (k) are the pertinent guidance for flag placement in churches, whether in the sanctuary proper, or in a narthex/entranceway or other room. [In the cited document, details follow about placement of the US flag.]

With the foregoing and other information as background and with a clear understanding that during a worship service, in particular, the sanctuary is a holy place intended for worshiping God alone, we concluded that neither flag belongs in our sanctuary. However, and this is equally important, we are grateful for God’s providence in placing us in this great nation, a place where we can worship God freely and serve others. We noted that the US flag is prominently and centrally displayed on a tall flagpole located in front of the church. We also noted that our congregation has routinely given and wishes to continue to give thanks and honor to our many veterans. So, we voted to move the US flag from the sanctuary and into the narthex (the anteroom or foyer of our church) and to create a visible place of honor for the US flag and for our veterans. A committee to design this feature is being formed. (If you are interested in assisting, please let David Reinke know). As for the so-called Christian flag, we found the history of the flag (see text of LCMS document) and its lack of heraldic meaning to be persuasive in removing it from our church. We anticipate that this decision by the Board of Elders will be received by members of the congregation in different ways. We wish to emphasize that our clear priority is to keep our focus in worship on our Triune God alone. We also wish to honor appropriately the great nation with which our Lord has blessed us and also honor our veterans who have helped defend it. In His service, Board of Elders


LWML collected $60 in mites this past quarter. Thank you! If you have mites, leave them for Betty Reimann and she will get them sent in for you! Next zone event is at Christ Lutheran in Meridian on March 30. Pastor Matt Henry will be conducting an LWML Prayer Service. We should have a good Fellowship Celebration attendance since it is near! Bring store gift cards for the mission in gathering.


LCMS Churches Circuit #10 News

Caring Ministry reaches out in

(Churches of the Treasure Valley from Ontario Oregon to Mountain Home to McCall Idaho)

love to offer support, caring, comfort, and fellowship to those experiencing loneliness, illness, loss, or other life changes.. This is our mission.

Grace Lutheran, Caldwell has adopted raising awareness of Mental Health issues, and in particular Suicide, as a congregational emphasis for 2019. Amy Hubach distributed a sheet that noted four events Grace will host this year. All are invited to attend. The first event is a Mental Health Overview Town Hall Meeting on March 16 from 10am - 12:30pm and includes lunch. It is geared in particular for adults 24 years old and older and will deal with topics pertaining to all adults including Veterans. Kim Kane who works with the Idaho State Department of Health has been invited to present.

Our next meeting is on Monday, March 11th at 10:00 a.m. at FCLC. This is an open invitation to the ladies of FCLC. We would welcome your visit to the Caring Ministry meetings to see if this ministry might be where you feel you could best serve the Lord. We meet on the second Monday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at church, in the south Sunday School room, Room 132. Contact Carol Lipschultz (208-884-4597) or Patsy Kern (888-2979) if you are interested in join this awesome ministry.

There was significant discussion regarding Right to Life Issues in the Treasure Valley and Pastor Ross Shaver has agree to serve as a coordinator for our Circuit.

Sunday Morning Service

We will be holding Soup Suppers on Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm beginning with Ash Wednesday, March 6th. Please sign up to bring soups, breads, salads, and desserts on the Information Kiosk in the foyer.

Opportunities! Here are ways you can serve His Kingdom at Friendship Celebration:

Worship: Scripture readers Contact Darlene Biar (208-866-5201)

Ushers Contact David Reinke (208-863-8535)

Greeters: Alan Hieb (208-420-2287)

5th Sunday Offering Counters

The Quilters Group

Contact Kayla Liehe (208-288-2404)

Audio/Visual/IT including: Projection slide making Sound Lighting Contact David Reinke (208-863-8535) (Training available!)

The Quilters group is looking for donations of solid colored, new or gently used flat sheets. They also have an ongoing need of funds to cover the cost of quilt batting & shipping for quilts shipped to Lutheran World Relief. Any monetary donations are very much appreciated.

Fellowship Time Snack Coordinator Contact David Reinke (208-863-8535) 9

Sunday March 3rd: 3rd & 4th & 5th/6th Youth Group (Combined) 12:00pm to 3:30pm Going to Wahooz Cost $25 (lunch included) Youth Group (Jr/Sr. High) 6:00pm to 8:30pm Friday March 8th – Sunday March 10th: Sr. High Camp Perkins Winter Retreat Sunday March 10th: Confirmation 4:30pm to 6:00pm Youth Group (Jr/Sr. High) 6:00pm to 8:30pm Sunday March 17th: Youth Group (Jr/Sr. High) 6:00pm to 8:30pm Sunday March 24th: Confirmation 4:30pm to 6:00pm (Parent Included) Youth Group (Jr/Sr. High) 6:00pm to 8:30pm Sunday March 31st: Youth Group (Jr/Sr. High) 6:00pm to 8:30pm National Youth Gathering Meeting 8:30pm to 9:00pm


Celebration Choir We will be doing a cantata for Good Friday. It is called “It Is Finished”, by Mary MacDonald and you can preview it yourselves at Rehearsals have started on Monday evenings at 7:00 pm BUT IT’S STILL NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN! Contact Linda Hausch ([email protected]) if you are interested.

Our next Men’s Breakfast will be next Saturday, March 2nd. at 8:00 am. Our Speaker is Tom Cizmar (hospice pastor). Our cooks are Wayne Wierson, Clarence Lohrenz, and Rick Woodall. Men of ALL ages are welcome!

Easter Breakfast Help Needed! Easter Breakfast will be served on Sunday, April 21st from 9:15-10:30am. We need help! We usually serve breakfast to over 300 people; so you REALLY need all the service help we can get! The sign-up sheets will be available on the Information Kiosk on Sunday, March 31st. Please consider helping to feed the masses on Easter Sunday. 11

Women’s Monthly Breakfast The Women's Breakfast will be on Saturday, March 23rd at 9:30am. We will have the privilege of hearing Jacqueline Dwight & Margaret Conrad playing the Cello and Flute. They will also be speaking about their faith walks. Margaret is fairly new at Friendship but is already on a praise team. For March we will have the ladies with last names starting with N_Z bringing food. God's Blessings, Gail (208-996-9934)

Saturday Joy is coming to FCLC! Saturday Joy, a women’s fellowship ministry, was came to being back in 1999 when Juli Bokenkamp and Joan Hammerson recognized a need for women to connect with one another in life’s journey through fellowship, God’s Word, and sharing their lives with one another. Ladies of all ages! Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 27th at 10:00am for Saturday Joy—Rain, Mud Puddles, & Dirt Therapy (Finding God’s provision & grace in life’s storms). Prayerfully consider joining us for this special time. Our facilitator will be Joan Hammerson. There is a sign-up sheet on the Information Kiosk if you plan to attend. We are asking that you bring either a salad or dessert to share. Also! Please bring your friends, moms, aunts, grandmas, adult daughters, your Bible, an openness to God’s touch….oh yes, and also your sense of humor and adventure!

Nurture Groups

Weekday Bible Studies

Eagle Nurture Group 2nd & 4th Wednesdays at 7:00 at Dick & Ruth Kanemasu’s home at 990 W. Oakhampton Dr. Eagle (208-830-0706) Star-Eagle Nurture Group Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm at David & Susan Banker’s home at 300 W. Sutter Dr. Eagle Contact Mike Sivey (208-859-0079) Star Nurture Group Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm at Rick & Emelie Woodall’s home. Contact them at 208-286-7508 for more information. Safety & Preparedness Group Meets 2nd Tuesday at 7:00 at FCLC. Contact Lynn House for more information (208-830-0078)

Women’s Friday Breakfast (Star) Contact Dottie Basye 208-949-5020

Men’s Friday Morning Breakfast (50’s Café - Meridian) Contact Merlyn Schmeckpeper 208-888-9494 Men’s Friday Morning Breakfast (Star) Contact the church office Men’s Friday Morning Breakfast (Moxi Java - Meridian-Locust Grove at E. Fairview) Contacts Dale Bentley (208-859-4001) & Chuck DeVito (208-505-7579)


Here are ways you can serve in His Kingdom: Fellowship Ministry: Coffee Bar

March Birthdays Mar.2: Mar. 3: Mar. 4:

Contact Marla Olsen (208-631-3325)

Hospitality Committee Contact Susan Banker (661-619-3006)

1st Impressions Committee

Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar.

Contact Ruth Kanemasu 208-830-0706)

Caring Ministry Contact Carol Lipschultz (208-884-4597)

Helping Hands Ministry Contact Darlene Biar (208-866-5201)

Grunt Crew Saturday mornings and as needed, the Grunt Crew works on projects and facilities maintenance around the church grounds. Contact Pastor Tom (208-8601274) if you are interested in joining them.

2nd Saturday Church Work Day Every 2nd Saturday of the month is a Church Work Day. Church Work Day is on Saturday, March 9th. Cleaning and other projects are done. As always, you can find out what’s needed and work on your own time schedule. Regular Work Days are every Saturday at 9:00am AND lunch is provided! Mike Sivey Director of Properties (208-859-0079)


5: 8: 9: 11: 12: 13: 14:

Mar. 17: Mar. 19: Mar. 21: Mar. 22: Mar. 24: Mar. 25: Mar. 26: Mar. 31:

Susan Bischoff Jadon Buck Carol DeVito Gail Davis Joan Hammerson Josie Randall Tom Cizmar Eileen Lindemood Joyce Benscoter Faith Reinke Ardith Johnson Carly Carter Marcy Rue Jeremy Clark Julie Salvaggio Paige Cofer Georgia Goodlett Sarah Behring Lauren Tyler Jeff Johnson Valerie Mueller Elisabeth Chandler Tricia Shackle Andrew Wiemer Jeannie Reinke Vaugh Goodman Deborah Hawkins

March Anniversaries Mar. 2: Stephen & Becca Stokes Mar. 18: Harvey & Karen Beck

Sundays at Friendship Celebration Worship Services: 8:15 am & 11:00 am Fellowship Time: 9:15-9:45 am Children Sunday School: 9:45-10:45 am Adult Bible Classes: 9:45-10:45am (Nursery available both Services & Education Hour)

Adult Sunday School Classes Class: Wholly Citizens Teacher: Pastor Matt Henry Room 132 Description: If you don’t know your left-hand kingdom from your right, this class is for you! Drawing from Lutheran theology, doctrine and history, we will make application on how to live faithful and engaged lives as American Christians. How can we be faithful and effective followers of Jesus in an increasingly secular society? The church can’t isolate or withdraw from society but it also can’t expect to hold a position in society that it no longer has. Resources: . Our resource is a substantive but still conversational book called “Wholly Citizens” by Dr. Joel Biermann.

Class: The Book of Judges: Ordinary People, Extraordinary God! Teacher: Pastor Tom Hausch Room 111 Description: The Book of Judges is a highly relevant for Christians today. No other book shows so clearly how God uses ordinary people (in spite of their faults) to do mighty deeds for His glory. The study will guide you in discovering specific ways God desires to use you for His extraordinary purpose. Resources: The book of Judges, The Peoples Bible Commentary (CPH)

Class: Financial Peace University Teachers: Tracey Pingel & Scott Graham Room 113 Description: Does money stress you out? Are you overwhelmed with debt? Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Are you worried about your financial future? You are not alone. 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. But, you don’t have to be a math wiz or make 6figures to win with money. You just need a plan. Financial Peace University (FPU) is Dave Ramsey’s #1 proven program that will show you how to master budgeting, pay off debt, build wealth, and give generously. Start now with this 9-week class. Please register for the class ASAP and sign up [email protected] Resources: Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.

Class: Holy Land Study Teachers: Lynn House & Linda Varnes Room 130 Description: An introduction to the land and language of Jesus through travel pics from the House’s recent trip to Israel and the study of the Hebrew alphabet as evident in the Life of Jesus. Resources: Lynn and Donnette House’s pictures from Israel, “Finding Yeshua in the Hebrew Alphabet” by Linda Varnes, “I Know a Little Hebrew (and his name is David)” by Linda Varnes

Class: Adult Special Needs

Teachers: Jack Hansen & Neal Lindemood Room 112 Description: Miracles in the Bible Resources: The Bible 14

F Y I—Resources 

Worship Service available on DVD for those homebound, or anyone who would like to hear and see last Sunday's message. Call church office. To put a prayer on the Prayer Chain contact: Jenny Kandler 362-5410 or email her at [email protected] (Note: Also call to let her know you sent a prayer request) In the event that, Jenny Kandler. In the event that, Jenny Kandler can't be reached for prayer chain, please call/ notify, Donnette House (208-297-0775) at [email protected] Fellowship Time with coffee/juice and treats from 9:15-9:45am on Sundays. Thanks to various people/groups for providing each month. You may provide treats for a special occasion (Baptism, Birthday, Confirmation, etc.) if you wish for our Fellowship Time. Contact the church office at (208) 288-2404. Stay up to date on congregation happenings by receiving the Friendly 411 Weekly via email every Thursday afternoon. To subscribe email Joan Hammerson at [email protected] Your “Friendly Findings” Newsletter is available in the foyer at church or on our church website: Newsletter article deadline is 20th of each month and may be submitted by email to: [email protected] Or contact the church office at (208) 288-2404. Church Office Hours: Kayla Liehe (Office Mgr.) Monday through Friday 8:30am— 4:00pm. Joan Hammerson (Secretary) Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 8:30am-2:00pm.

Lay Leadership Council President: Karl Bokenkamp Vice-President: Wayne Wierson Secretary: Kathy Hieb Chief Financial Officer: Peggy Runcorn Director Discipleship: David Reinke Director Evangelism: Dale Bentley Director Education: Nicole Sarty Director Property Mgmt.: Mike Sivey

Church Staff: Senior Pastor: Matt Henry [email protected]

Founding Pastor: Tom Hausch [email protected]

Director of Christian Education: Brett Lindemood [email protected]

Preschool Director: Lori Jensen

Stay Connected!

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FCLC’s Friendly 411 Weekly is an e-newsletter that comes directly to your email inbox on Thursday afternoons. If you are interested in signing up to receive the Friendly 411 Weekly, please email the church office at [email protected] and mark the subject “Subscribe 411”. 15

Office Manager: Kayla Liehe [email protected]

Church Secretary: Joan Hammerson [email protected]



Choir Rehearsal 7pm


Choir Rehearsal 7pm


Choir Rehearsal 7pm

Caring Ministry 10am


Choir Rehearsal 7pm

Preschool Chapel BL 10am & 1:30pm


Every Sunday: 8:15 am & 11:00 am Worship Services 9:15 am Fellowship Time 9:45 am Sunday School for All Off-site Bible studies & Life/Nurture Groups: See Newsletter or online

3 3rd/4th/5th/6th Grade Youth Group 12pm Jr/Sr High Youth Group 6pm

10 Youth Confirmation 4:30pm

17 Jr/Sr High Youth Group 6pm

24 Youth Confirmation (with parents) 4:30pm Jr/Sr High Youth Group 6pm

31 Youth Confirmation 4:30pm Jr/Sr High Youth Group 6pm NYG Meeting 8:30pm



6 Ash Wednesday Quilter Group 10am Lenten Soup Supper 6pm Ash Wednesday Worship 7pm


Preschool Chapel PT 10am Quilter Group 10am Lenten Soup Supper 6pm Lenten Worship 7pm



Worship Team #2 7pm



Women’s Bible Study 10am


Women’s Bible Study 10am



2 Men’s Breakfast

Preschool Annual Auction & Fundraiser 4:30pm

Church Work Day 9am


Camp Perkins Board of Directors 7am-5pm

LWML Western Zone Meeting at CLC 9am

Church Work Day 9am


Women’s Breakfast 9:30am

Church Work Day 9am


Caring Ministry Game Day 10:30am

Church Work Day 9am


Sr. High Camp Perkins Retreat 3/8-10

Women’s Bible Study 10am


Women’s Bible Study 10am


Pastor Matt gone 3/13-3/25

Women’s Bible Study 10am


No Preschool-Parent/Teacher Conferences

14 Preschool Chapel PT 10am & 1:30pm

Worship Team #3

21 Worship Team #4 7pm

Preschool Chapel BL 10am & 1:30pm Quilter Group 10am Preschool Chapel BL 10am Lenten Soup Supper 6pm Lenten Worship 7pm

28 Quilter Group 10am

Worship Team #5 7pm


Newsletter Article Deadline


March 2019 Tue

Preschool Chapel BL 10am

PEO Meeting 12-3:30pm FCLC Staff Meeting 1pm PT’s HOA Meeting 7pm

12 WINKEL Meeting in Mtn. Home 9am Prep & Safety meeting 7pm

19 Lay Leadership Council 7pm


Lenten Soup Supper 6pm Lenten Worship 7pm

No Preschool-Spring Break Mar. 25-29