March Newsletter

Jul 24, 2016 - Mountain House. There were many compliments on the service and the meal “Beef Stroganoff”. Special thanks to the Bernhardts, Belfor...

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March 2015

Volume 31, No.3

My biological father passed away when I was 3 or 4 months old. A few years later my mother remarried. Together with my sister, my family lived in California. Although my parents did not attend church, my mom wanted me to go to Sunday School, so each week I would go off by myself to the church on the corner. That is where I was introduced to Jesus. I went for about a year, but I kept seeing my friends playing outside on Sunday mornings; so one day I asked my dad about it. “Do I really need to go to church? Mom says I have to do go; what about you dad?” And he said, “No,” I didn’t have to go. So off I went to my room, where I got into my play clothes, and then went outside to play with my friends. After high school I tried college, but I dropped out and joined the Air Force because all I was doing was partying and I realized my life wasn’t going anywhere. I used to drink a lot then, and I actually showed up at boot camp drunk; which didn’t go over very well with the training instructor. Once I graduated from Basic Training I became an electrical linesman. I continued to drink and to party, which was not working very well for me. Then I was sent to Korea for a year, which is not a great place to go if you’re young, immature, and a drinker. I really thought I was having a great time over there, but as I look back on it now I realize that I was on the brink of hell’s gates. It was a terrible time of sin and indulgence for me. I got orders back to the. U.S. and soon got out of the Air Force. Later I got married and had two children – Priscilla (21) and Nicholas (20). But my life was still not going very well, and I ended up divorced. Later I met Tracy and we were married on April 6, 2001. At one point Tracy’s best friend’s nineteen year-old daughter was killed in a car accident in North Dakota. Her husband was a pastor. They invited us to attend the funeral as part of their family. So we went and spent time with them, which was really hard for both of us. On the way home in the car, Tracy told me she was going to find a church. And whether I want to go or not, she was going to find a church and attend. After that we found Thanksgiving! The first time we went to T!LC I was pretty nervous and uneasy. I had never attended a church service where people had their hands in the air. I leaned over to Tracy and said: “If they bring out the snakes, I’m out of here!” Then later in the service there was an usher standing in the aisle near where I was sitting, and I thought he wasn’t going to let us leave! (I didn’t realize he was only counting people for the attendance record.) Despite our unease, we kept on attending. This last year Tracy and I joined a T!LC group called REACH. We meet in homes, and the group has become an extended family for us to do life with. We talk about how our lives are going, what it means to follow Christ and to live a missional life. Continued on Page 2…….

I am so grateful that Jesus has always had my back, and has held my in the palm of his hand. Even when I turned my back on him, I always sensed he was watching over me – even when I was walking in the darkness. I am sure that he saved my life several times. (If you talked to some of the people who knew me in the military, they would probably be surprised I am still alive!) Recently Tracy and I returned from the Thankski trip to Colorado. It wasn’t so fun riding on the bus, but we had a great time of fellowship with some of our church family. I am so thankful that I have Jesus’ love. I have made a promise to him that I will never turn my back on him again. No matter how difficult my life might get – even if I am lying in a gutter, broken, homeless, and with nothing – I will always have Jesus’ love. I know I will always have Jesus!

PASTOR’S PAGE A.D. – Easter Was Just The Beginning! Jesus’ resurrection from the dead won the decisive victory over the powers of sin, death, and the devil! That means that his death and resurrection together mark the most important event in the history of the world. But Easter was just the beginning. The living presence and power of our Risen Lord continues to alter the lives and destinies of his followers even today. No wonder that the world dates its calendar to the birth of Christ. The Latin phrase Anno Domini, is translated “in the year of our Lord,” from which we get our abbreviation – “A.D.” Easter was just the beginning because the lives of the early Christians were so radically changed by their encounters with Jesus after his resurrection. Ever since that remarkable weekend, God has been at work in Christ reconciling the world to himself; calling and gathering a people who would live in relationship with him even as they bear witness to his kingdom reign and rule breaking into the world. On Easter Sunday we will begin a twelve week preaching series titled: A.D. – Easter Was Just The Beginning! Our series will dovetail with the television mini-series by the same name which will begin airing Easter evening on NBC, and will continue on Sunday nights through June 21. The television series is produced by the world-renowned team of Roma Downey and Mark Burnett – the same team that produced the epic series The Bible. A.D. will pick up where The Bible left off – with the resurrection. Then we will follow the action-packed journey of the first followers of Christ through as recorded in the first ten chapters of the Book of Acts. In addition, there are numerous other ways that you can engage in A.D., and be used by God. ♦ Small Group Studies - are available for anyone who would like to gather friends or neighbors to look more closely at the scripture passages covered in the weekly television broadcasts. ♦ Host Viewing Party Guides are also available for those of you who may want to host people in your homes to view the broadcasts. This would be a great opportunity to invite your friends and neighbors! ♦ Yard Signs and other promotional materials are also available. A.D. is a powerful opportunity for us to engage the Body of Christ at T!LC, and our neighbors and friends into our homes with the message of Christ! For more information contact Sara Zivny in the Church Office, 402-292-2695, or [email protected] You may also want to Google – NBC A.D. the miniseries to see some great video trailers.

2015 Lent and Easter Schedule Mid Week Lenten services will be held Thursday, February 26—March 26 beginning at 6:30pm. Each Thursday a T!LC Ministry will host a Soup Supper from 5:00pm-6:15pm with all free will donations going toward varies ministries in our community or church. The schedule is listed below. February 26 March 5 March 12 March 19 March 26

Student Ministry Boy Scout Troop 231 Diane Heying and her Bible Study Awana Club REACH Missional Community

Student camp and trip scholarships Scholarships for camp and summer trips Women’s Advent Devotional and Dessert Paul Harkness Awana Missionary Abide Network

Holy Week and Easter Schedule April 2—Maundy Thursday April 3—Good Friday

7:00pm 7:00pm

Family Life Center Family Life Center

Easter Sunday April 5, 2015 Sunrise Service Traditional Service Contemporary Service

7:00am 8:30am & 10:00am 9:30am & 11:00am

Family Life Center Heritage Sanctuary Family Life Center

**Easter Breakfast served in the Lower Level Gathering Room from 8:00am—10:00am

8th Annual T!LC Eater Egg Hunt T!LC is in the midst of preparing for our 8th annual community-wide Easter egg hunt! The collection basket is in the lobby for you to drop off your candy and plastic egg donations, and small groups are already filling eggs during their weekly meetings. And we need lots of eggs filled – how many?? Our goal is 30,000 eggs (give or take a few!) because this community outreach event continues to grow and we want to make sure the kids have lots of eggs to find! The Easter egg hunt is scheduled for 2pm Saturday, March 28th at Lakewood Villages Park, located just south of 370 and 48th Street, beside the Bellevue Elementary School. And we need your help to make this great event happen. We need lots of individually wrapped small pieces of candy, plastic eggs, and many people stuffing eggs with candy. And we need our T!LC family to come out in force to joint our community in celebrating the hunt. Just what does hunting for Easter eggs have to do with Lent and Easter? Lent symbolizes the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness where he endured the temptation of Satan and sought to grow and build his faith in God to prepare himself for the road that lay ahead. Lent culminates with Mary’s excitement of Jesus’ resurrection, as she finds Jesus’ tomb empty and then meets Jesus, who tells her he is ascending to the Father. In an Easter egg hunt, seeking for eggs symbolizes Jesus’ time in the wilderness seeking to grow and build his faith in God. And the eggs symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus. Even though an egg appears to be like the stone of a tomb, a bird hatches from the egg with life. The Easter egg is a reminder to all of us that Jesus rose from the grave, and that those who believe will experience eternal life. Wow – all that in an Easter egg hunt! I invite each of you to be part of bringing the good news of Jesus’ resurrection to our community. I’ll see you at the Hunt!

Egg stuffing parties on Saturdays, March 7th and 21st from 9am-noon. Youth earn service hours for stuffing the eggs!

UPDATE from T!LC’s Operations Manager, Harold Carlson Any Questions or Comments about the information below can be directed to Harold Carlson: [email protected] Staying the Course

make r e gul ar addi ti onal Is the name of our 2-year capital principal payments from the campaign that began the Staying the Course capital weekend of May 4, 2014. Like our campaign as they are received. former capital campaign, the goal of Staying the Course will be Kids Against Hunger Offering debt reduction as we continue The special offering for Kids to retire the mortgage on the Against Hunger was $5,808 Family Life Center. Estimates of which will purchase 23,232 giving received were; 102 meals. Thank you Covenant/ estimates of giving for $249,074 Kingdom partners for your over a 2-year period. Actual generosity! contributions received through January 2015 were $169,247.56 or Lenten Offering 68.0% of the estimates of giving. Again this year 100% of all Additional principal payments offerings received during our from the Pathway to Freedom mid-week Lenten services will go campaign and Staying the to support the work of Habitat Course campaign (May 2012- for Humanity of Sarpy County. Jan. 2015) now total $591,537.36 and will save approximately Simply Giving $488,341 in interest payments Did you know that T!LC has the over the loan period and ability to receive electronic effectively reduces the loan funds transfers (EFT) through a period by fifteen years and three program called Simply Giving? months. We will continue to


Automobile Donation Needed Do you or someone that you know, have a r eliabl e automobile that could be donate to T!LC? We continue to receive requests from families in need of reliable transportation. Please contact Harold Carlson at the church office for more information.

Thanksgiving! Lutheran Church General Fund - January 2015


Simply Giving is a safe and reliable electronic funds transfer program. To enroll go to our website ( and click on Give at the top of the home page. You can also contact our Simply Giving Coordinator, Harold Carlson at the church office at 402-292-269 for more information about the Simply Giving program.

Income January



Estimates of Giving Non-pledged Giving Other Revenue Ministry Challenge From Savings Acct.

Actual 105,267.10 35,347.85 19,187.34 0.00 0.00

Budget 95,454.00 25,078.00 17,426.00 0.00 0.00

Actual 105,267.10 35,347.85 19,187.34 0.00 0.00

Budget 95,454.00 25,078.00 17,426.00 0.00 0.00

Total Income





Line Item Facility/Operations Ministry Personnel

Total Expense


Expense January



Actual 34,567.96 44,139.03 81,860.48

Budget 34,309.00 39,512.00 80,962.00

Actual 34,567.96 44,139.03 81,860.48

Budget 34,309.00 39,512.00 80,962.00





T!LC Council Highlights (February 19th) ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Pastor Bruce led devotional regarding T!LC’s Discipleship Strategy. Dave Madden elected Council President. Tracy Townsend elected Council Vice President. Hugh Finerty elected Council Secretary. Tom Tritsch appointed Council member at-large for Benevolence Committee. Andy Cutinella appointed Council member at-large to Finance Committee. Mary Belford appointed Council member at-large to Executive Committee. Approved council minutes posted on bulletin board in Heritage facility across from T!LC Library.

ADULT Discipleship Pastor Bruce Kotila [email protected]

Seek Frist the Kingdom of God—a Guided Silent Retreat March 12-15, 2015 Held at the beautiful St. Benedict Retreat Center in Schuyler, NE For registration information contact Pastor Bruce as soon as possible. Be Still “Be still, and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10 In the busyness of today’s world ‘being still’ isn’t always valued or sought after. Some people even experience feelings of guilt and anxiety if they are ‘just’ being still. Yet the LORD tells us to be still so that we will know Him. The Hebrew word translated as still is raphah. Raphah has a much deeper meaning than just ‘sitting still’. It means to relax, to cease striving, to cause yourself to let go, to wait, to become weak, surrender, to release. The T!LC Silent Retreat provides an excellent opportunity to relax, cease striving, and wait upon the LORD in order that we might draw closer to Him, hear His voice, and know His great love for us. Following are a few testimonies from folks who have discovered the value of being still during a T!LC Silent Retreat. When the retreat started we were asked to give everything to God – all our worries - so you could go in with no distractions. So I gave my children, my Awana ministry, my marriage - anything that might distract me from communicating with God. I’m an extrovert and feel a need to process things by talking to people so at first I struggled to hear God’s voice. But then I had a kairos and felt God telling me ‘you don’t need to talk to other people – I’m the person you need to bring these problems to.’ That was a huge breakthrough for me. Also, before the retreat I had some bitterness and anger stored up inside of me. After the retreat I realized that those feelings were gone. They just disappeared. I can’t explain it – it’s nothing I could have done in my own power. But they were gone. Lisa Sager I know God is continually trying to flag me down and get my attention. He invites me to withdraw from my chaotic life of work and kids’ schedules and just abide in him. To rest and recharge. The silence and slow pace during the retreat allows me to filter out day-to-day distractions. Initially, it is difficult to transition into the silence, but as I remain faithful to it, an accumulative effect begins to set in and my focus narrows on what God is trying to say to me. It is in these times God and I have achieved the greatest levels of intimacy. I have come to know him as Abba Father and have learned to embrace his loving heart towards me. I leave with a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit, a new level of intimacy with God, and a determination to make the silent retreat life the normal life and the Chaos abnormal. Rob Wegner My first Silent Retreat last November was like a Sabbath rest magnified. It was so rewarding to set aside work and daily responsibilities for several days to receive from God what He created me for- to wait on Him, enjoy Him, learn from Him and rejoice in Him. The last day of the retreat I was struck with a simple but crystal clear realization that all I need is the Lord. It brought back to me Psalm 16:2, "I said to the Lord, You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing". It's a statement that sounds simple but transforms my life. The Lord delights in our desire to know Him and rewards us for our response to His invitation. How can we neglect the call to such a relationship? Lori Hunt


from Pastor David

Mission. What is our mission statement by the way? Our mission is to reach out and gather people into the family of God, equipping them to be disciples of Jesus Christ in our community, nation, and world.

KIDS AGAINST HUNGER 2015 Thank You T!LC. With God’s help, we not only met our goal of $15,000, but we exceeded it!! We will provide over 60,000 meals for hungry & starving people all over the world (including our own backyard). Thanks to our Lord for His blessings on this ministry. Save the Dates T!LC Family and Friends Packing Event : Date: April 18th Time: 10:00 to 12:00AM and 12:30 to 2:30PM Where: KAH Warehouse at 13823 Industrial Rd. (138th & L), Omaha. Plenty of free parking available. Handicap Accessible. Sign Up To Pack: Dates: March 28 & 29 and April 11 &12 Time: Before and after all services. Where: The Narthex. So gather your family and friends, remember to sign up, and let’s make this an awesome experience for all of us.

Mission Trip Announcement June 1st - June 9th You are invited to join the T!LC 2015 short-term mission trip to the Dominican Republic. We will stay in Sosua and work in one or more Samaritan Foundation villages. We will also visit Aqua Negra and meet Sandra Tineo and learn of the work that she and her family do in that area. The primary focus of our activity will be to help in the construction of a home which will be given to a poor family once completed. We will have the honor and privilege to meet the family and dedicate the home to them. We will visit many hospitals, retirement centers, orphanages, families, and individuals. These visits will give us opportunities to help and pray for them. This is the kind of trip that can change how you look at life, how you live life, and give you a greater appreciation for the life you have. Please call or email to sign up or for more information about the trip. Mike Albers 402-490-1556 [email protected]

Bellevue Food Pantry Update THANK YOU ! members of T!LC for your support of the Bellevue Food Pantry during 2014. We delivered 9797 lbs. of food/supplies to the Food Pantry over the past year. The support and donations made an impact on the lives on many hungry families in our area. We are very thankful for your contributions. We are starting off 2015 with 307 lbs. off food/supplies during the month of January. In the past two weeks have collected about 105 lbs. of food for the month of February. Thank you for your continued support. If you are interested in learning more about the Food pantry or volunteering please contact Joyce Dunaway at 402-331-7776 or Karen Griffith at 402-331-1935.

wsletter e N y r t is in Children’s M Children’s Ministry

March 2015

Connie Barnhart

2015 Children’s Ministry Director

Did you know that March is National Teacher Appreciation month? I would like to invite you to show your appreciation for the dedicated Kingdom Kids Sunday School teacher volunteers. I feel honored to work with this team of fun and God loving people. Serving and doing “Kingdom Work” has an element of sacrifice. This group makes many sacrifices to be on a team that is asked to serve most Sundays and they do it with a smile and love of the children they serve. If you see or know one of the following Kingdom Kids team members, please share a thank you with them. 2014/2015 Kingdom Kids Team Chris Plambeck Ryan Meyer Christine Miles Mary Belford Heather Kouba Kristi Waszak Ben Althof Elaine McHenry Shelly Haer Lisa Peterson Joy Lee

Marsha Gunderson Melissa Polson Lindsey Lee Sandy Van Cleave Andy Cutinella

I would also like to give a “shout out” to those I call-“Friends of Sunday School” that help behind the scenes. Laurie Piper Carol Schuster Fran Taylor

Cindy Sand Tina Lichtenfeld

Susan Betchel Tracy Knights

Mark your calendar ♦ March 8, 9:30am we will not have Sunday School- The teachers/team will be attending a training session. ♦ April 5- Easter No Sunday School He is Risen! ♦ Vacation Bible School- June 22-26

March 8, 2015

March 2015

For 5th and 6th Grade Students!

Molly Miller [email protected]

For 9th—12th Grade Students!

For 7th and 8th Grade Students!

Gary Olson & Molly Miller [email protected]

Gary Olson & Jon Miller [email protected]

Club 56 Last month was a very special month for 40 of our fifth graders as they celebrated their First Communion! They spent two evenings with Pastor David and Molly, learning about the significance of Jesus to the Passover meal and how we use the sacrament of communion to remember the sacrifice he made for each of us. Each student then made their own stole with unique symbols they chose to remind them of Jesus and their faith. We challenge our congregation to actively engage these new communicants, ensuring they feel they are truly a part of the Thanksgiving! family.

Addison Johnson and his family following First Communion Sunday.

As a reminder, summer will be here before we know it! Please be looking at the website for more details on upcoming events. Take a special look at the registration information for the spring recharge at Okoboji May 1-3 and summer camp at Riverside July 19-24. Deadlines are approaching quickly! Upcoming Events March 1 - Bowling @ Papio Bowl; 2:00pm-4:00pm; Cost: $5/student March 7 & 21 - Egg Stuffing Parties for the T!LC Easter Egg Hunt; 9:00am-12:00pm March 15 - Food Drive Scavenger Hunt; 2:00pm-4:00pm; Cost: FREE! March 28 - Easter Egg Hunt @ Lakewood Villages; 12:30pm-2:15pm; help needed with set up, helping small children line up and collect eggs and clean up. Pizza provided for volunteers! April 5 - Easter Breakfast; 8:00am-10:00am; Help needed with food prep and serving April 19 - Papio Fun Park; 2:00pm-4:00pm; Cost: $16/student May 1 - 3 - Spring Recharge @ Okoboji Lutheran Camp; details on website July 19 -24 - Summer Camp @ Riverside Lutheran Camp; details on website

Junior High The spring retreat at Camp Kitaki is scheduled for March 27 & 28. To ensure your student is registered to attend make sure you have completed your universal registration form (handed out in the beginning of the school year) and submit a $45 payment to the office. Students, as always, you are more than welcome to bring friend! We always have a great time! As a reminder, please be looking at the website for more details on upcoming events. Take a special look at the registration information for summer camp at Riverside July 5-10. Deadlines are approaching quickly! Upcoming Dates! March 7 & 21 - Egg Stuffing Parties for the T!LC Easter Egg Hunt 9:00am-12:00pm - earn services hours! March 27 & 28 - Spring Retreat @ Camp Kitaki; Cost: $45 March 28 - Easter Egg Hunt @ Lakewood Villages; 12:30pm-2:15pm; earn service hours! April 5 - Easter Breakfast; 8:00am-10:00am; help needed with food prep and serving April 24 & 25 - 30 Hour Famine @Youth Room; 6:30pm Friday - 6:30pm Saturday May 13 - Confirmation Pictures @FLC; 6:30pm May 15 - Confirmation Banquet @FLC; 6:30pm; Cost: TBD May 16 - Baptism and Reaffirmation of Baptism @ FLC; 12:00pm May 17 - Confirmation Sunday @TLC; 8:15am and/or 11:00am July 12-17 - Summer Camp @ Riverside; Cost: $210/camper prior to April 12 ($225 after)

High School Recently seven of our students (and one mom) shared their testimonies with the congregation as part of Pastor David’s sermon on “Why Would I Want To Tell Anyone About Jesus?”. Here are a handful of the responses that came out as a result of their testimonies: “She’s my best friend and I wanted her to know more about Jesus.” “I invited my friend because I really didn’t know anyone there.” “My brother asked me to come and see what we’re doing there” “I find joy and support in God and wanted to share that experience.” “If my friends are there it makes it easier to bring my church life into my everyday life.” “My mom is always sending us devotionals to encourage our relationship with God.” “I can tell when my kids haven’t been to church or D-team; they aren’t as centered on Christ.” “I invite people because I care about this and want them to experience God’s love.” “I wanted her to experience everything I was learning about God.” “I want them to see what it’s like to live for Him.” “I’m glad he asked me, I’m making better decisions now.” The best response we got was to the question “Do you have any advice for people who are wondering how to ask someone?” The answer? “JUST DO IT!” So how about it? Do you share your faith with your friends no matter where you are? Have you ever invited them to church or a youth event? We are called to be disciples and the chasm between those who know Him and those who don’t is ever widening – it’s your job to make Him known! So go out there and “JUST DO IT!” Upcoming Events March 1 – Family Potluck Dinner in Youth Room; 6:00pm-8:00pm March 7 & 21 - Egg Stuffing Parties for the T!LC Easter Egg Hunt; 9:00am-12:00pm March 28 - Easter Egg Hunt @ Lakewood Villages; 12:30pm-2:15pm; help needed with set up, helping small children line up and collect eggs and clean up. Pizza provided for volunteers! April 5 - Easter Breakfast; 8:00am-10:00am; Help needed with food prep and serving July 6-10 – MOVE Conference @ University of NE – Lincoln; COST: $200/student plus the cost of one meal

THANKSKI XXII REVISITED Perfect! That’s how Thankski XXII went! We encountered dry roads, great weather, and NO INJURIES! Sixty-two folks made the trip to Colorado for winter fun on Saturday, January 24th. Fifty-two made the trip by bus and ten joined us from Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. We were delighted that Tom Perdue, our very popular driver, could join us for the sixth consecutive year and happy to have twenty newcomers on the trip. Once we arrived safe and sound in the high country, the skiers pronounced the snow conditions “great” as they conquered the slopes at Keystone and Breckenridge. The group enjoyed temperatures in the 40s. Those who snowmobiled had a FANTASTIC time! This year the Common Meal was held in the Ten Mile Room of the Keystone Lodge, instead of the Mountain House. There were many compliments on the service and the meal “Beef Stroganoff”. Special thanks to the Bernhardts, Belfords, and Ericksons for all their help with the January Meeting and the Common Meal. Greg Ventura made good use of his camera by taking condo photos and a group photo – no small task. Thanks also to Deb Dydyk (scrapbook) and Roger Gemar (website), The “Bucket Brigade” got the skies, boards, poles and helmets off the bus and into the ski shop for return in 1:36.93 (1 minute, 36 seconds, 93 hundredths, but who's counting). This was not a new Thankski record but everyone had a good time and there were no injuries. Thanks to all for your great attitudes, cooperation, and generosity in planning and executing this trip. We look forward to reuniting and welcoming new folks at our summer picnic, reunion and planning session scheduled for August 2015. Look in the newsletter and bulletin for more information as we get closer to the month. Start thinking ahead to Thankski XXIII, scheduled for January 23 – 27, 2016 (start filling your piggy banks).

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans support to T!LC in 2014. Thrivent (a Fraternal Financial Agency) provides investment and insurance options, as well as gives money back to churches and communities (that's the fraternal part). The "Thrivent Choice" program was established by Thrivent to allow some members to designate how Thrivent Charitable Outreach Funds should be shared. During 2014, T!LC Thrivent members directed $9,930 toward T!LC ministries to include: Sunday School, Youth, Nursery, Worship and Music, a Ministry Fair, Quilters for Christ, T!LC Pre-School and some funds were set aside for new Heritage Service paraments. In addition to "Choice" dollars, "Thrivent Care Abounds in Communities Programs" granted $3,300 for T!LC Quilting Ministry, Christmas in North "O," the Christmas Serenade at T!LC, a Seminar for Education on Mental Health, and a fund raiser to help pay medical bills for a T!LC member. Also, Thrivent started a new program in 2014 - Thrivent Action Teams - granting $250 for each event. T!LC members sponsored three events this year at church: Coats for the Sudanese, Food for the Poor and Advent by Candlelight. In addition, Thrivent has partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County over the past 8 years granting funds to build new homes - in 2014 Thrivent granted the local Habitat Affiliate $47,500. If you would like more information about Thrivent or how the Thrivent Choice or Action Teams programs work or would like to help out with an event, please contact one of the T!LC Thrivent Advocates: John or Fran Taylor 402-291-5035 Mike Dunn 402-293-0212

Julie Costello 402-884-2560 Marsha Gunderson 402-292-2066

Jan Pasteka 402-292-4656 Jan Elliott 402-291-9547

Those of you with Thrivent Choice dollars - make a difference! Designate your 2014 Choice Dollars by March 30, 2015 or those dollars are gone. Go on-line or call Thrivent.

The T!LC Library Corner It’s Your Library March 2015 We are once again in warp speed moving through our 40 days of lent. . The Easter section of books/DVD’s/CD’s /VHS tapes will again be found on the cart as well as in a special Easter section in the library. Studying God’s word and reading how he has worked in the lives of others shows how the Holy Spirit extends itself to us daily whether it be a fictional character or a biographical read. There are many new books to be found in the Spiritual Growth section, too, so make sure you take a good look at this section. The items featured on the cart this month concern Spiritual Growth as well as the Easter season. PRAYERS AT EASTER TIME by Pamela Kennedy & Stephanie McFetridge Britt “Celebrate the joys of the Ester season with this collection of simple prayers. THE STORY OF THE FIRST EASTER by Thomas Nelson Publishers Wording and illustrations to help the children in the family understand Easter. THE STORY OF EASTER by Alice Joyce Davidson Follow the adventures of Alice who steps through the looking glass and observes the first Easter morning. SIGNS OF HIS COMING By David Allen Lewis “As the world that groans and travails for redemption races down the slope to a new Millennium, Bible prophecy comes more sharply into focus. The author rejoices that the Bible can interpret itself.” LIVE TO GIVE by Austin Gutwein “God doesn’t need your help but he definitely wants it. Discover your gifts and see what plans God has for you!” THE KING AND THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN by Watchman Nee THE BETTER COVENANT by Watchman Nee The Ministry of God’s Word by Watchman Nee GOD’S JOYFUL SURPRISE by Sue Monk Kidd “This delightful new book makes an important statement about devotion to God rather than activity” – Virtue “I SAW THE LORD” by Anne Graham Lotz “Anne shares the revival lessons she has carried to audiences throughout the world, showing you how you can experience an authentic, deeper, richer relationship with God in a life changing fire-blazing revival. FORGIVENESS – HOW TO MAKE PEACE WITH YOUR PAST AND GET ON WITH LIFE by Dr. Sidney B Simon and Suzanne Simon WHAT REALLY MATTERS by Kyle Dodd “This devotional book gives the reader an opportunity to delve into the divine message of historical truth with immediate application to the present. Any additional items centered around Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas, Thanksgiving or any of our national holidays would be well utilized if donating to the library. Thank-you for looking for missing items and for all the generous donations that are given to the library. God’s Peace, Vicki D

MARCH WORSHIP ASSISTANTS Heritage (Traditional) Worship: Sun 8:15am Jubilation! (Contemporary) Worship: Sat 5:30pm, Sun 9:30 & 11:00am Time

Worship Assistant Team

Ushers All of March

February 28 & March 1—Holy Communion 5:30pm Jubilation Service

Saturday Night Worship Team

8:15am Heritage Service

Team 3 Diane Heying & Tami Maxwell

Kermit Erickson, Kirk Maynard, Tom Turner, Frank Mitchell

9:30am & 11:00am Jubilation Services

Team 4 Deb Brandt

(9:30) Von Townsend, Tex Teixeira Dennis Hollenbeck (11:00) Dan Walters, Kirk Engelbart Craig Christians, Andy Cutinella

March 7 & 8 5:30pm Jubilation Service

Saturday Night Worship Team

8:15am Heritage Service

Team 1 Molly & Gary Baumert

9:30am & 11:00am Jubilation Services

Team 5 Amber Zakaras

March 14 & 15—Holy Communion 5:30pm Jubilation Service

Saturday Night Worship Team

8:15am Heritage Service

Team 2 Shelly Haer & Melissa Polson

9:30am & 11:00am Jubilation Services

Team 1 Sue Hoogeveen & Pam Engelbart

March 21 & 22 5:30pm Jubilation Service

Saturday Night Worship Team

8:15am Heritage Service

Team 3 Diane Heying & Tami Maxwell

9:30am & 11:00am Jubilation Services

Team 2 Lo & Hugh Finerty and Denise & Dave Boever

March 28 & 29 5:30pm Jubilation Service

Saturday Night Worship Team

8:15am Heritage Service

Team 1 Molly & Gary Baumert

9:30am & 11:00am Jubilation Services

Team 3 Rhonda Wiebers/ Chrys Frey

QUESTIONS OR NEED A REPLACEMENT? PLEASE CALL ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: Alter Guild: Karla Koval—712-323-4559 Usher Director: Kirk Engelbart 402-292-6249; Usher Captains (5:30) Steve Tyler 402-291-7192 (8:15) Tom Riggs 402-292-3653 (9:30) Terry Wilson 402-215-5135 (11:00) Craig Christians 402-658-9647



HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 03/01 Tristan Cameron 03/01 George Rein 03/01 Lisa Sutton 03/01 Vicki Hansen 03/01 Stephanie Patzer 03/01 Simar Puk 03/02 Alana Smith 03/02 Ken Summerfield 03/02 Alexis Christensen 03/02 Melinda Dodge 03/02 Lauren Ballain 03/02 Carla Schneider 03/02 Lillian Olson 03/03 Mary Schliesman 03/03 Ethan Haeder 03/04 Mary Moore 03/04 Ronald Barnes 03/04 Corey Weitzel 03/04 John Leaders 03/04 Carter Wardell 03/04 Heath Phillips 03/04 Nicholas Drew 03/04 Guy Alther 03/04 BreAnn Svendsen 03/05 Betty Marlenee 03/05 Brianne Kruger 03/05 Roxanne White 03/05 John Jr Johnson 03/05 Dana Thomas 03/05 Holly West 03/06 Amy Peterson 03/06 Tyler Henningsen 03/06 Sonia Bewley 03/06 Lauren Boever 03/07 Carl Crawford 03/07 Clara Fundus 03/07 Adeline Pederson 03/08 Lucas Natho 03/08 Amanda Koeppen 03/08 Kenneth Bischoff 03/08 Sandra McAcy 03/08 Thomas Ingram 03/08 Bruce Hardester 03/08 Cheryl Atkins 03/09 Roger Christensen 03/09 Barbara Madden 03/09 Michelle Blasey 03/09 Ella Blasey 03/09 Nolan Gillen 03/09 Robert Jensen III 03/09 Leslie Wise 03/10 Christopher Smith 03/10 Mike Scanlan 03/10 Mackenzie Tackett 03/10 Stanley Aarhus 03/10 Elizabeth McAcy 03/10 Bonnie Severson 03/11 Juanita Jenison 03/11 Mary Stawniak 03/11 Christine Boyd 03/11 Lillian Anderson

03/11 Gwen Goduto 03/11 Angela Hansen 03/11 Bryan Boyce 03/12 Brianna Mussman 03/12 Susan Tonn 03/12 Kimberly Flegle 03/12 Barbara Jeppesen 03/12 Lisa Witkop 03/12 Brian Holtzen 03/13 Lisle Babcock 03/13 Cade Richards 03/13 Douglas Haug 03/13 Bailey Goetz 03/13 Alexandra Mashek 03/13 Grant Schneider 03/14 Lisa Strohmyer 03/14 Alden Schmitz 03/14 Timothy Frederick 03/15 Egon Kerstetter 03/15 Sarah Livingston 03/15 June Towne 03/15 Diane Smock 03/15 Erik Ingram 03/15 Alek Balaberda 03/15 Josie Stephens 03/15 Pam Clark 03/16 Timothy Stawniak 03/16 Michael Stawniak 03/16 Rebecca Peacock 03/16 David Hebert 03/17 Matthew Sutton 03/17 Vicki DeRoo 03/17 Jake Balaberda 03/18 Lynn Erickson 03/18 Jennifer Johnson 03/18 Richard Moser 03/18 Amanda Mills 03/19 Brandon Thorne 03/19 Erin Haeder 03/19 Jon Pestel 03/20 Rachel Grzywa 03/20 Mike Hegarty 03/20 Emily Grafelman 03/20 Brady Wallman 03/20 Dan Kauk 03/20 Sidney Jensen 03/20 Britani Fletcher 03/20 Alex Beckham 03/21 Norah Meyer 03/21 Pam Swanson 03/21 Payton Kothe 03/21 Justin Hansen 03/21 Alice Boeckman 03/21 Sam Griffith 03/22 Ted Pryor 03/22 Donald Tyson 03/22 Destiny Lutterman 03/22 Rachel Kinzer 03/22 Carol Umberger 03/22 Amara Mitchell 03/22 Nathan Camp 03/23 Geneva James

03/23 Eric Mears 03/23 Joshua Cassell 03/23 Don Glasnapp 03/24 Gage Ryba 03/24 Doris Wrage 03/24 Ryane Shaw 03/24 Daniel Irwin 03/24 Aaron Stumme 03/24 William Pierce 03/24 Tanner Swanson 03/25 William Carlson 03/25 Max Carnley 03/25 NaCarra Eona 03/25 Evelyn Hall 03/25 Patricia Branson 03/25 Rachel Albracht 03/25 Jeremy Martensen 03/25 Kristi Waszak 03/25 Dennis Gramps 03/25 Austen Koth 03/26 Abigail Klausen 03/26 Thomas Tritsch 03/26 Michelle Shoning 03/26 Betty Albanez 03/26 Stephanie Gaulin 03/26 Brandi Shapland 03/26 Olivia Roland 03/26 Sandy Ballain 03/26 Ava Smith 03/26 Lindsey Walker 03/27 Bryce Woodard 03/27 Ashley Fox 03/27 Michael Dunn 03/27 Koren Michl 03/27 Sam Mounce 03/27 Samuel Stroberg 03/27 Sheridan Mason 03/28 Kirstin Mohr 03/28 George Swanson 03/28 Katherine Sell 03/28 Douglas Johnson 03/28 Jordan Tipton 03/28 Kyle Davidson 03/29 Joyce Hahn 03/29 Marissa Brazda 03/29 Tammy Henningsen 03/29 Denise Boever 03/30 Carol Power 03/30 Daniel Griffith 03/30 Jonathan Anania 03/30 Lisa Zaloudek 03/30 Andrew Lansman 03/30 Matt Peterson 03/30 Jon Costello 03/30 Joshua Velehradsky 03/31 Spencer Melvin 03/31 Lori Talty 03/31 Karin Ingram 03/31 Kiah Haslett 03/31 John Toman 03/31 Ryan Ruhge

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 03/24/1955 Everett & Doris Wrage 03/26/1966 Bill & Nancy Pierce 03/26/1967 Darrel & Linda Jensen 03/25/1972 George & Pam Swanson 03/02/1974 Larry & Lana Fox 03/02/1976 Doug & Lori Woodard 03/24/1979 Gary & Molly Baumert 03/30/1984 Terry & Lori Morgan 03/08/1985 Mike & Susan Connett 03/28/1986 Terry & Ramona Lucas 03/04/1989 Phillip & Lisa Nichols 03/19/1990 Joe & Lisa Graff 03/24/1990 Dudley & Kim Allen 03/22/1991 Greg & Mindy Dodge 03/26/1994 Brian & Jennifer Klausen 03/26/1994 Lawrence & Julie Copeland 03/28/1997 Walter & Kelly Marz 03/20/1999 Brent & Susan Jensen 03/22/1999 Brian & Debbie Bernhardt 03/16/2000 Joel & Michelle Blasey 03/20/2000 Marti & Chris Wolever 03/29/2003 Jon & Joy Lee 03/13/2004 Mike & Rose Haire 03/27/2004 Ken & Sharon Hofman 03/12/2005 Bruce & Sarah Kraeger 03/31/2007 Kevin & Marie Covi 03/27/2010 Karl & Ryan Duerk 03/12/2011 Michael & Nancy Penny 03/16/2012 Kyle & Joni Tyson 03/08/2014 Ben & Gina Foutch

BAPTISMS February 8, 2015 Camden Gary Toelle, son of Stephanie & Darin Toelle. Sponsors are Linda & Blake Westerhold and Brooke & Mark Toelle March 1, 2015 Emmalynn Bridget Greiner, daughter of Robin & Nick Greiner. Sponsors are Bridget & Scott Nelson

GODS PEACE AND COMFORT Dee and Bob Belsaas in the death of Bob’s sister, Jean Kelm, on February 24, 2015.

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Women’s Book Study will be held at 7:00 PM on Monday, March 9th at the Bellevue home of Linda Simodynes. To reach Linda’s home at 2724 Woodbine Court, drive Fort Crook Road. One block South of Cornhusker, turn West onto Bryan Ave (watch street signs only on West side; street name on the East side is Herman Drive). Two blocks later, turn left onto Willow Avenue. At the crest of the hill and beyond the sixth single family house on the left, turn left in front of the two-story townhomes. Linda’s home is the fourth door. We will be continuing our study of Gideon: Your Weakness, God’s Strength. Study leader Karen Rowell asks that we read and complete pages 122 through 145. We will watch Session 6 with viewer guide on pages 146 & 147. Call or email Linda (402-291-2617; [email protected]) or co-hostess Cathy Muhle, (402-291-2293; [email protected]) for more information or if you cannot attend. Remember this is a scent free evening.

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OUR VISION STATEMENT Our Vision is for All People to Live Transformed Lives by Belonging to the Family of God, Believing in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and Becoming Spirit-Empowered Servants of Christ!

OUR MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to reach out and gather people into the family of God, equipping them to be disciples of Jesus Christ in our community, nation, and world.

OUR IDENTITY STATEMENT We are followers of Christ who aspire to Be Like Jesus in every way, living life Up, In and Out!

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CHRISTIAN EDUCATION September through May….. ∗ Saturday Night Kidz Church (during 5:30 Worship) ∗ Children’s Sunday School 9:30am ∗ Youth Sunday School 9:30am ∗ Adult Sunday School 9:30am ∗ Wednesday Night Awana (PreK—6th grade) ∗ Confirmation (Grades 7 & 8) ∗ Numerous Weekly Senior High Youth and Adult Small Group Bible Studies

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