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Watchman on the Wall Newsletter

June 2016


Pastor’s Prayer Requests I. II. III.

Thank God for his provision and blessing in your life. Thank God for his discipline—for he disciplines those whom he loves. Ask God for his provision—for you, our church budget, and the still pressing needs of B3. IV. Ask God to prune the branches of your life that don’t bear fruit. V. Pray for middle school camp and for young souls to be saved and young disciples to begin their pilgrimage with Christ. VI. Pray the same for preteen camp. VII. Pray the same for high school camp. VIII. Pray that parents will become more devoted examples, expositors, and effective pray-ers for their children of all ages. IX. Thank God for the hope I sensed at the Southern Baptist Convention this year. X. Pray for the IMB as they change strategies. Pray that it truly would result in a new paradigm of multiplication. XI. Please pray for me to know God’s will and have the mind of Christ. Please pray this especially as it relates to pulpit and leadership responsibilities. XII. Thank God for the safe return of the Ukraine team—and for the fruit that was gleaned during the effort. Pray for follow up efforts and discipleship of those newly saved. Pray especially for Pastor Vasily as he leads in all of this. XIII. Pray for our upcoming revival. XIV. Pray for our staff. XV. Pray for our deacons. XVI. Pray for souls to be saved. XVII. Pray for us to be salt and light and an accurate reflection of Christ’s glory. XVIII. Thank God for a wonderful Vacation Bible School in all senses. XIX. Pray for those with troubled marriages. XX. Pray for those with troubled children.

Watchman on the Wall Newsletter

June 2016 Phyllis as she is working with Lauren to plan a great wedding!

Steven Hays Campus Pastor, Calvary North! Nehemiah 2:18 says: “And I told them of the hand of my God that had been upon me for good, and also of the words that the king had spoken to me. And they said, ‘Let us rise up and build.’ So they strengthened their hands for the good work.” •

Please pray about what God would have you give to the B3 Offering! Please pray that God would provide the money that He has called me to give for the B3 Offering! 

Please pray for Gail Ross, who was diagnosed with low-grade lymphoma. Please pray for her continuing treatments to be successful, and that God would give the grace to heal her body.

Please continue pray for my daughter, Lauren, whose wedding will now be in August. Please pray for she and Cody as they prepare for a life of ministry service together! Please pray for

Please continue to pray for my mom and dad, Steve and Helen Hays, as they are struggling with age related health issues.

Please pray for my brother, Ben Hays, and his ministry at the Church in the Center in Houston, Texas. Please pray for God to give the church wisdom as they are considering a move to a permanent location in the Medical Center District.

Please pray for the Calvary North ministry team as we wrestle with two questions pertaining to growth: “Where are the new people?” and “What is the “velcro” that keeps them at Calvary North?”

Please pray for the Calvary North ministry team as we follow up with new families encountered through VBS ministries.

Please pray for the children and preteen ministries as they disciple new believers from VBS!

Michael Roxas Minister to Internationals! “All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, O Lord; they will glory to your name.” -Psalm 86:9 Praises:  •

• •

Praise to our Father in heaven for calling to salvation Xi Chen. She prayed to receive Christ as Lord and Savior June 4, 2016. I thank God for the faithfulness of our brothers and sisters in faithfully sharing the love of Jesus to the lost community. Praise the Lord for the faithfulness of our ESL teachers: Ms. Joella Rice, Ms. Shirley Brown, and Bro. Tomas Rueda. We were able to minister to a total of 35 students. Though some attended for several meetings, God allowed us to minister to all of them. Praise the Lord for His daily protection and provision. Praise the Lord with me as I thank God for my dear brothers and sisters serving with me in the International ministry: Joy and Cesar Angulo, Manny and Pin Bartolome, Ilene Bartolome, Ferdie Arriola, Brandon Hebert, Patty & Grady Jones, Linda & Jeff Lu, Edorenyin Luke, Mike & Anna Magtaan, Rey & Ruth Medina, Colins Mefak, Raffy & Lorelei Miranda, Eleio Miranda, Sharon Montojo, Ka Cing & Khai Pau, Tomas Rueda, Jenny Solio, Michael & Dinah Yu Tiamco, Fiona & Sonny Wu “Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.” -Psalm 9:10

• •

Pray that our study of the Experiencing God Bible study series will lead us to clearly see where God is working in our area. Pray for our International Road Trip on July 27-30, 2016 in Corpus Christi. Pray that the Lord’s protection will be upon us as we travel, and that those who don’t know Christ will receive Him as Lord and Savior.

Pray for the B3 campaign, that Lord will lead people to give faithfully.

Pray for a safe summer for all.

Pray for revival, that it will start with me.  Page 2

Watchman on the Wall Newsletter

June 2016

Alex Alzamora Casa Calvario Pastor! •

Please pray for upcoming summer events and camps. We’ll have several of Casa children and youth directly involved as participants and volunteers, as well as parents who are beginning to get involved as well. Pray that God would bless our families through these ministries and that we would see even more involvement as time goes on. Please keep our Connection Groups in your prayers. Please pray that our teachers and leadership would catch a vision for what a Connection Group could be and what God has in mind; groups that Reach, Teach, and Care. Please pray for our Connection Group leadership positions to be filled: Directors, Secretaries, Reach leaders, Care Group leaders, and Apprentice teachers. We are thankful for and ask that you continue praying for our spiritual mentoring ministry, that as mature believers

go through the “Beginning Steps” studies with newer believers, we would have a harvest of mature leaders ready to make disciples. We are already seeing the fruits of this ministry and trust God to continue transforming lives through this beginning discipleship course. Please continue to pray for our families, for our marriages, and for those who are living as if married but are not. Pray that God would bring conviction, obedience, and unity in Him as the foundation of our marriages and families. Please pray for our “Courageous” Bible study for men which is already yielding fruit in the lives of our men. Please pray for our youth, that the Holy Spirit would work in their hearts and bring about a conversion experience that is their own and not their parents’. Please pray that we would practice sharing Jesus without fear. Please pray for spiritual protection for my family and me.

Pray for new leadership to accommodate the new classes and new growth. • Join us is praying for 65 students on Sunday mornings and 50 students on Wednesday nights. • Pray for our summer camps.  We are praying for God to give us several new students in hopes that many lives would be changed. Adults • Pray for God to give us vision and wisdom to reach the masses of Hardin County. • Satan is attacking marriages in Hardin County. Pray for victory for these couples.  Pray for reconciliation.  • Praise God for the B3 campaign.  Pray that He would provide the resources to needed to fun the new Gym at Calvary North.  • Pray for 6-8 new teachers to start new units. • Pray for new leadership to help staff our groups with a Teacher, Director, and Reach Leader. • Pray for real growth among the adults in our ministry. • Pray for 2 new home groups and 2 new Sunday morning groups by fall. Personal • Pray that God would protect my family and keep them healthy. • Thank God for continuing to shower me with innumerable blessings. • Pray for a friend of mine named Will.  He is lost and is in need of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Pray that God continues to give me opportunities to talk to Will. Pray that God will cause this blind man to see. 

Daniel Ward

Minister of Education and Student Minister, Calvary North! Preschool & Children • Pray for God to provide volunteers and paid workers to fully staff our preschool department. Preteens • Pray for CN Preteens to have courage to be bold when they are questioned about their faith.  • Pray for them to share Jesus without fear.  • Pray for them to have discernment in friendships. • Pray for them to be the example; 1 Timothy 4:12. • Pray for them to speak kindness and truth. • Pray for mental purity. • Pray for understanding in how to be in the world, but not of the world. Romans 12:2 Students • Pray that God will reveal Himself to students, and that they will call on Him in truth.  Nothing is more life altering than encountering the nearness of God.  • Pray for students to represent Christ well to their peers. • Pray that students will work in unity. • Pray for students to grow in wisdom and maturity. • Pray for our students as their minds and hearts are being attacked by secularism. • Pray for students to remain pure in heart, mind, and body. • Pray for our student ministry as we prepare to add a second hour of student connection groups on Sunday mornings.  

Page 3

June 2016

Watchman on the Wall Newsletter

Cliff Ozmun Minister of Education! Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full. (John 16:24 NKJV) Thank God for allowing us to partner with Him in the labor and ministry of prayer! •

Please pray for Preteen, Middle School, and High School camps. Pray for the kids who will come, for the adults who will serve, and for the lost to be saved!

Pray for the B3 projects as they progress throughout the rest of the year. Pray for the people who will ultimately be reached and built up for Christ through these projects.

Pray for all those who lead our Connection Groups in every department—from Preschool to Adults!

Pray for our Connection Groups to remain constant and faithful during summer, that they would use this time as an opportunity to grow and invite new members to join them.

Pray for our kids as summer gets underway. Pray for their safety and for them to stay in church at every opportunity.

Promotion Sunday is coming! Please pray that Promotion Sunday will see Calvary campuses burgeoning with new people!

Pray for marriages. They are under attack both inside and outside of our church. Pray for the Lord to strengthen the strong, heal the wounded, and restore the broken.

Thank you for praying for my family and me. Please pray for Jacob and Marishka in their marriage, for Beighlie and Tristan to make wiser choices, and for Chelsie and Jonathan as they continue to grow and learn over summer.

Please pray for the infant that we foster and pray that, wherever she finds herself in life, she will accept Jesus as her Savior.

Gary Rothenberger, Jr. Executive Pastor! “Thank you Lord for meeting our financial needs.” Pray for spiritual growth in giving, and what God wants you to give each week towards the church’s General Budget. ¬

The budget is where the work of day-to-day ministry happens.

Pray for God to cause us to be good stewards of all that we have, while we have it, for His glory.” ¬

Consider Christ’s example for us...

“Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.” Ephesians 5:1-2 Continue to pray for the capital needs of your church. ¬

A new multi-purpose BUILDING at the CN campus.


Access to the CN campus off of highway 96 in the form of a driveway/BOULEVARD between the campus and highway 96.


Access between the Calvary Beaumont Main campus and Tuscany Park in the form of a BRIDGE.

Pray for wisdom as we use and manage Tuscany Park for His glory. Pray for a spiritual awakening in America. Let it take root in the Church and in Christian families. Ask God to keep families together, committed to the Lord and to each other. Ask God to fill our small groups and worship services. Pray for people to come to Christ and to grow in their relationship with Him. ¬

Being in God’s house on a regular basis is essential to that process.

Pray for a family who will move to Central Saskatchewan to serve as missionaries along-side NAMB missionaries, Jason & Karla Johnson. ¬

Pray for servant leaders...Are you serving in the Kingdom...? The Lord is clear...”The greatest among you shall be your servant.” Matthew 23.11.

Page 4

June 2016

Watchman on the Wall Newsletter

Bill Morgan Pastoral Care and Minister to Median and Mature Adults! Praise God for: For His loving-kindness. Pastoral Care Ministry: Pray that the Lord would continue to minister comfort and healing to those who attend our Grief Share Ministry. Pray for the Lord to give our Grief Share Ministry Leaders strength and endurance. Pray for the Lord to give our DivorceCare Ministry Leaders strength and endurance. Median and Mature Adult Ministry: Pray for those currently serving and those inquiring about serving in our Adult Connection Groups to remember that “we are co-workers in God’s service.” Pray that all current CG workers will invite “just one more” to be a member of their Connection Group. Pray that each teacher will have just the right words of encouragement for those who attend. Pray that each teacher and director will be effective in communicating the principles of a reaching, teaching, and caring Connection Group. Continue to pray that each one of our Adult CG’s would contact absentees and invite them back to class. Continue to pray that each one of our Adult CG’s would help create a new Connection Group this Fall. Personal: Pray that Pat and I would “… let our love abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment, that we would approve the things that are excellent, that we may be sincere and without offense till the day of Christ, being filled with the fruits of righteousness which are by Jesus Christ to the glory and praise of God.” (Refer to Phil. 1:9-11 when you pray this.)

John Griffin

Worship Ministry!

There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Sprit. Romans 8:1 NKJV •

Thank You, Jesus, for the forgiveness of confessed sins and for Your refreshing presence in my life.

Please pray for the souls that will be won to Christ through God’s provision for B3 (Building, Boulevard, and Bridge).

Please pray for our Ukraine Mission Team as they share the gospel in Ukraine, June 10-21. Pray for God’s Spirit to fall fresh upon Calvary. Pray for revival! Please pray for God to call new worship choir and orchestra servants.

Pray for God’s wisdom and anointing upon my life and ministry.

Page 5

Please pray for the salvation of Frank, Dennis, Randy, Mark, and Thomas. Pray for God’s people to be burdened and fervent in sharing Jesus Christ. Who will you share the Gospel with today? Please pray for God’s protection and blessing upon my daughter, Hollyn, and her husband, Conor, who are stationed at Beale AFB, CA. Please pray for Peniel and Justin and for our grandson who is due July 3. Pray for my brother, Robert, who is battling severe depression and medicine issues. Please pray for my brother, James, and his wife, Kendra, as they seek God’s will for their ministry. His current church has decided to go in a different direction. James’ last Sunday at his church is June 26. Pray for their hurting hearts. Please pray for my father, Clarence, who has congestive heart failure. Please pray for people to respond to Christ’s invitation to repent and to trust Him as Savior and Lord during our Sunday worship gatherings.

Watchman on the Wall Newsletter

June 2016 and that they would feel the comfort and presence of God in the midst of their distress.

Kevin Goodwin •

Minister to Students, Calvary Central! •

Pray for me, our adult leaders, and our student leaders as we seek God’s will for our ministry. Pray we would be of the same mind, and that we would meet needs and opportunities as they arise in the student ministry.  Pray for a spirit of discernment in dealing with difficult issues, and pray that we would communicate the Word of God effectively.  Pray that we would be willing and able to be used of God wherever and however He may lead us. Pray for the Outreach efforts of our student and adult leadership.  Please pray that as we support their efforts to reach their communities we would strive to be a part of the greater mission of Calvary.  Pray that we would effectively build up our people and send them out for the purpose God has for them.  Pray against the spiritual darkness of our culture.  Our students are struggling with their Christian identity in a society that openly rejects them progressively more and more.  Pray that our students would know the peace of Christ fully, and that this would give them a passion for reaching the lost. Pray that their strength would come from the Lord and not in what others may think about them. Please continue to pray for all of the families in our church that are struggling with the loss of a loved one.  We need to remember that loss continues to affect families on a deep level after because after other family and friends move on, they are still grieving.  Pray that we would continue to be Jesus to them,

Please pray for the members of the Student Leadership Teams and the Worship Team.  Pray for unity of thought, and a focus on the common purpose that we have in Christ.  Pray that divisions would crumble, and that authentic community would foster an atmosphere of Christian fellowship. Pray for the families of our church.  All around us families are crumbling, so please pray that God would raise up in us a desire to bring about His healing in the most broken places.  Pray that we would be able to discern His will in every situation, and not allow sin to rule in ourselves or in the families of our church.  Pray for true and genuine fellowship that comes from hearts that are centered on Christ. Please pray for Middle School and High School Camp this summer.  Pray that our students would have a passion for their relationship with God that would overflow into the lives of their peers.  Pray for the student ministry staff as we prepare for all that will take place this summer! Praise for adult leaders whose passion for the Lord is contagious!  God has blessed the Student Ministry with men and women who have a strong desire to be used, and their obedience is fostering that same attitude in our students.  God is at work at Calvary! Praise for students who are willing to serve in all aspects of ministry, not just in the Epicenter, but in the greater church as a whole.  We have students serving in technical jobs in other venues, teaching in children’s Connection Groups, serving in choirs, and a whole host of other activities.  Our students are a testament to active obedience, and God continues to use them in amazing ways!

Judith Coley Minister to Preschoolers! • •

Continue to pray for VBS. Pray for those that have not made a profession of faith that God will speak to them in ways that they can understand and use the lessons they learn to take that step of faith. Pray for those who made a profession of faith. Pray that God will protect them, guide them, and continue to teach them as they grow in their faith. Pray for those who were already Christians before VBS. Pray that God would use the lessons to help them in their walk and how to share who he is to others. Pray for the families who don’t have a church home. Pray that they will seek God for a place that will teach God’s Word and partner with them as their children grow in the Lord. Pray for the Moms who came to Mom’s Café. Pray that God would continue to make Himself real to them and for the Bible Study that will start on Monday nights for these Moms.

Pray for Preschool’s Wednesday night programing for the summer “Wrong Way, Jonah”.

Pray that many adults would answer God’s call for this fall to help families connect to Jesus in the preschool.

Pray for me and all the volunteers that will be leading during Middle School Camp. (June 20-24)

Praise for Emma! After many months of testing the doctors are satisfied with where she is and do not see any new issues. Page 6

Watchman on the Wall Newsletter

June 2016 •

Debby Martin Minister to Preteens and Children! Preteen Ministry

Pray for our preteens to seek the Lord with all their heart. Pray for preteen parents to “Be still” and take time to read the Word with their preteen, encouraging spiritual conversation. Pray for the Planet 56 Bible Study leadership. Ask God to speak to their hearts in ways they can understand how to teach His word so that preteens “get it.” Pray for our preteens, that when they are afraid they would trust in God and He would bring them comfort. Pray for AWANA Preteens, that they would be bold warriors for Christ’s army, standing on the Word of God this summer. Pray for Korissa Stewart as she leads and directs Seek N’ Swim this summer. Pray that God would give wisdom beyond measure and discernment to lead. Pray for our son, Bill, and his wife, Michelle, as they seek a church home for their family in Lufkin and find a place to serve.

• •

• •

• •

Children’s Ministry Pray for those who have gone through the waters of baptism that they would ask God for wisdom from His word as they begin their new journey of faith.

• •

Please pray a prayer of “Praise to the Lord” for the Leadership Teams He has provided for the Galaxy, the Planet, Planet Life, AWANA, VBS/VBX, Preteen Camp, Divin’In, Seek N’ Swim, Live Pure, and other ministry events for Calvary’s Kids! Pray for moms to live out unconditional love for their spouse and children. Pray for God to bless to our kids and families who take a stand for biblical ways in their homes and schools, and that those watching would see Christ. Pray and ask God to send workers for the harvest to fill the openings we have for 2016-2017 for Directors, Teachers, Assistants, and Check-in/ Welcome team workers. Pray that our kids would not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ and would boldly tell kids in their schools what they are learning about God. Pray for God to provide men and women to disciple our children on Wednesday nights this summer, taking them through the Book of Jonah. Pray that we would not be deceived. Pray for Bill and me, that we would treasure His word in our hearts and proclaim with our lips what great things He has done. Wednesday nights this summer, taking them through the Book of Jonah. Pray that we would not be deceived. Pray for Bill and me, that we would treasure His word in our hearts and proclaim with our lips what great things He has done.

Justin Edgerly Minister to College Students and Young Adults! •

Pray for our College department (Calvary College Ministry - Renewal)

Pray for the Nehemiah Team in South Sudan: Manuel Humphrey and Casey Wood.

Pray for graduating seniors to get connected in Renewal.

Pray for wisdom for the direction of our ministry in the fall.

Pray for our Young Adults department

Pray for disciple-making Connection Groups.

Pray for ministry, mission, and multiplication in our Connection Groups.

Pray for the CBC Sunday School to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Pray for our Church. Pray that we, the Calvary Baptist Church, would press on further in the cause of Christ in 2016.

We will be offering a repeat of the 1st semester of OT / NT courses beginning at the end of June. Pray for full classes and eager students ready to love God with all their minds (as well as hearts and souls).

Pray that the people of Calvary would love what we ought to love.

Pray for salvations, baptisms, and maturing disciples.

Pray for our pastor and staff. Pray for soft hearts, sharp minds, and strong faith.

Pray for our deacons thank God for their faithfulness and Christlikeness.

Page 7

Watchman on the Wall Newsletter

June 2016

William Gragg

Worship Ministry Associate!

Pray for the Lord’s continued guidance for Pastor Nathan as he leads us from the pulpit every week. Ask the Lord to lead the Creative Team to support him well so that God’s word would be proclaimed faithfully and relevantly.

Pray for all our Sunday morning worship venues at Calvary (Central, North, V2, Casa). Pray for meaningful and relevant worship to happen in every room and that people would be transformed and stirred up as we gather.

Ask the Lord to bring people to attend V2, and pray that God will cause people to understand and believe the word of Christ. Pray for the lost to be converted and baptized. Pray for believers to be strengthened in the Lord and further committed to walk by the Spirit in faith, ready to share the gospel.

Clay Jones

Minister of Missions!

• •

• •

Pray for our Nehemiah Team – Manuel Humphrey and Casey Wood as they live and minister in Mogos, South Sudan for the summer.

Pray for much-needed rain and food in Mogos.

Pray that many children will come to know Jesus as Lord as a result of VBS. Pray that we are able to engage their families with the Gospel as we follow up.

Praise God for the money he provided through B3. Ask him to continue to provide and speak clearly to us.

Pray for our team in Ukraine – June 10-21. Pray for teams preparing to go to Canada, Tanzania, and South Sudan before the end of the summer.

Pray for God to call families to move to Mogos and Saskatchewan as missionaries. Pray that the tribal council of One Arrow will vote to give the land on which to build a church. Pray for the growth of the Tapwewin Christian Assembly in Prince Albert. Pray for the Lewis and Sigler families in South Sudan.

Prayer Ministry of Calvary Baptist Church Nathan H. Cothen, Senior Pastor

Ask God to lead the V2 staff in ways that point people to Christ. Ask God to speak to students at Middle School and High School camp this summer. Ask Him to help John Decker, the camp speaker, preach the truth, and ask Him to help the band lead the students in worship and effectively point the students to Christ. Pray that Ira and I would honor the Lord with our marriage and that we would be a reflection of His love and grace. Please ask for His guidance on our lives for the decisions and choices that we make every day. Pray for the Lord to give me opportunities, boldness, and words to personally share Christ with unbelievers. And pray the same for yourself. Pray that the guys that I meet with regularly would be encouraged in the gospel and that they would learn to follow Jesus sincerely in all aspects of life. Pray that they would be equipped to make disciples.

Pray for JJTM as they have returned to the Middle East to begin ministry in their new home country. Pray for David and Connie Travis as they come home in July and transition to the next phase of their ministry. Pray for John and Madeline Wright as they are selling their home and possessions to prepare to move back to Tanzania for an extended time. Pray for the Dugas family as they prepare to move to the Middle East to work in a school there. Pray for Amber Ellis and Ruth Scego as they spend their summer in the Philippines. Pray for members of Calvary being called to full-time missions. Pray for clarity and for doors to open in God’s timing. Pray that families will see their summer vacations as mission trips.

Pray for healing in hurting families.

Pray that God will open our eyes to the lostness around us, and that He will break our hearts to the point of action.

Pray for opportunity and boldness to share Christ with someone this week.

Calvary Baptist Church 3650 Dowlen Road, Beaumont, TX 77706 395 Fletcher Road, Lumberton, TX 77657 409/898-7074 or 409/755-4100


Theresa Brough, Prayer Ministry Leader [email protected]

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