Messiah Preschool 2018 Donna Swanson, Director

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Messiah Preschool 2018

Donna Swanson, Director

At Messiah, we try not to emphasize the commercial aspects of Christmas but instead the real reason for the season. We will celebrate Jesus’ birthday by having a birthday party on the last days of school before Christmas vacation. “The Christmas Story” is the theme for the month of December. The children will be making special gifts for their parents, singing new songs and learning about the first Christmas. The staff and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

A Special Thanks to…

Farrell family for the 2 big boxes of supplies & Legos.

Shen, Jenkins, Ilharreguy, McCurdy, Habben, Hodges, & Lane Families for their donations of construction paper, art supplies and/or reams of paper. We so appreciate you helping fill the needs of the classrooms!!

Welcome to the World… Russell Alan Ellison! He weighed 7 7 lbs. 5 oz. and was born on Oct. 31. Big sister is Cecillia who is in Mrs. Edwards’ 2 day class. Congrats to the family! 2 day class. Congrats!!

December Calendar December 7 – Yoga December 5, 6, 10-14 Music December 12 – Coffee with Pastor Bob December 13 & 14 – Giving Project donations due December 16 – Christmas Program December 17 – Spanish Class December 20 & 21 – Jesus’ Birthday Parties December 21 – PT December 24-January 4 – Christmas Vacation January 7 – School Resumes

Messiah Preschool 2018 Director

Donna Swanson, Director

We will be celebrating on Sunday, December 16th our Christmas Program. Children in the 2 half day classes, plus Mrs. Burton, Mrs. Edwards & Mrs. Girty’s classes should arrive in their classrooms between 12:30-12:45 with the program starting at 1:00 p.m. in the church. Children in the 3 half day classes, plus Mrs. Killian and Mrs. Petinak’s classes should arrive in their classrooms between 2:00 – 2:15 with the program starting at 2:30 p.m. Punch and cookies will be served after all performances. Remember your cameras!

Christmas Eve Services at Messiah Church Candlelight services will be held at 3:00, 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. Enjoy a Cookie Social in between services. All are welcome to attend!

DAD N’ ME NIGHT Save the date Dad N’ Me Night is coming January 24.

GIVING PROJECT We are partnering with the church to provide Blessing Bags to the homeless community. You will have a chance to take a tag from your child’s class Christmas tree and help someone in need with a meal or additional items listed in the flyer sent home. You can choose a $10 Subway gift card, socks, granola bars or toiletries. There will be a bin in each classroom to put your donation into. If you are donating a gift card, please consider having your child make a card or draw a picture to go with it and then give it to your child’s teacher. Our project will run until Dec.14. Your donations will be greatly appreciated.