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Metro by Portico, Specification and Warranty. General Description. Metro steel framed wardrobe door system consists of top and bottom track, top and b...

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Metro by Portico, Specification and Warranty

General Description Metro steel framed wardrobe door system consists of top and bottom track, top and bottom rails and stiles (uprights). The system is available in either paint or vinyl finish in a range of colours to meet your requirements. All doors are bottom rolling with anti-jump feature, and have either a top guide or roller to steady the panel in the tracks. All mirrored glass is safety backed in accordance with BS6206 Class B, all woodgrain panels are 8mm MFC.

Installation Metro is available for installation to a maximum width 4800mm X 2450mm height. Any combination of doors and panels can be used to fill this space with a minimum door width being 450mm and the maximum 900mm. We recommend a lining/threshold to be added prior to construction to a minimum of 600mm from the rear wall and of no less than 90mm in depth. Doors are fitted and adjustment to the jamb via the adjustable wheels. Due to construction tolerances each door is not expected to match each jamb. Shelves and hanging rails are fitted approximately 1800mm and double hanging at 1050mm and 2100mm from FFL. No back, floor or sides are required other than end panels or wall fillets where requested. All fitting is recommended after decoration.

Warranty The Metro wardrobe is covered by a 10-year warranty covering hardware and glass failure. Installation defects (this only applies to systems installed by Portico GB Limited) are covered for 2 years, with the following exclusions: Improper handling, Scratched glass, Broken glass, Any post installation panel adjustment due to settling, Overloading of shelves and interiors, Impact from foreign objects, Acts of God. Any damage must be notified at time of installation in writing.

Maintenance Glass can be cleaned with any household glass cleaner. The tracks and frames can be cleaned with any silicone-based polish. This can also be used to lubricate the running gear periodically. Build-up of debris must not be allowed to form in the bottom track. Care must be taken to avoid interior overload and that stored items do not snag the back of the doors or sliding gear. If the doors are removed, the anti-jump feature must be released prior to door removal. DO NOT use any solvents on the Metro wardrobe range. Portico GB Limited reserve the right to enhance this document as our systems are constantly improving.