Mission Trip Planning Checklist

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Mission Trip Planning Checklist 8 to 12 Months before the mission trip or project 1. Survey the church, Missions Committee, and church staff to determine their level of ☐ support and commitment to the mission trip or project 2. Form a planning group ☐ ☐ ☐

3. Contact the host organization or missionary to determine how to best help the host team (Host involved in 4-6 below) 4. Determine the objectives and goals for the mission trip or project

5. Discuss logistics such as meals, transportation, lodging, work schedule

6. Agree on dates for the mission trip or project

7. Use a budget worksheet to determine the cost for each team member

8. Draft a fundraising strategy and plan

9. Submit Short-Term Mission Trip Plan to the Short-Term Mission Coordinator

10. Secure the approval of the Mission Plan & Budget from the Missions Committee Leadership Team

4 to 8 Months 11. Schedule the team’s consecration on the church calendar ☐ ☐

12. Begin promoting the mission trip or project to enlist team members and supporters

13. Make tentative travel plans and airline reservations as needed

14. Conduct a pre-visit if possible

15. Plan a local mission trip or project for team building and practice

16. Finalize a schedule for the mission trip or project

☐ ☐

17. Determine the medical needs for the trip. If needed, enlist a nurse or other person trained in first aid and CPR 18. Develop a packing list for team members

19. Enlist adults as sponsors or counselors for youth mission trips or projects

20. Recruit a home team leader and identify a support team

21. Begin team training

22. Finalize budget, get AFE approval and begin any fundraising needed

23. Conduct a parent meeting for youth mission trips or projects to update them

24. Develop a travel itinerary including ground transportation

25. If needed, ensure team members have applied for a passport

26. Team members send out prayer and financial support requests as needed

27. Present the draft plan and budget to the mission leadership team

1 to 2 Months 28. If needed, conduct a local mission trip or project for team building and practice ☐ ☐

29. Begin collecting supplies

30. Stock a first aid kit

31. Contact the host organization for any updates

32. Remind team members to complete team forms

33. Submit visa applications if required

34. Determine team duty and “Buddy” assignments

Mission Trip Planning Checklist 1-4 Weeks 35. Conduct the team’s consecration on the Sunday before the mission trip or project ☐ ☐

36. Request funds from the church with the Purchase Requisition Form

☐ ☐

37. Collect completed team forms and make a duplicate set to remain with the home team leader 38. Conduct a parent/spouse meeting to discuss logistics and travel plans

39. Pack and load supplies for transport

40. Arrange for Short-Term Missions Trip Medical and Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance for all team members

During the Mission Trip or Project 41. Be servers, be learners, be flexible ☐ ☐

42. Represent Jesus Christ, the church, the host organization, and the missionary well

43. Share your personal testimony and faith when the opportunities arise

44. Role model a servant’s spirit

45. Make alternate plans (e.g., it may rain)

46. Take a day off and have fun

47. Remember, everyone will have a “Terrible Thursday” when heat, fatigue, or other factors increase the level of stress. When this happens, give one another some space to recover 48. Write in a journal and take pictures and videos

☐ ☐

49. Share telephone numbers and addresses with hosts and others to develop long-term relationships

Follow-up Activities 50. Conduct a celebration with supporters, family, and friends ☐ ☐

51. Follow through on any personal decisions made during the trip

52. Write thank you notes to supporters

53. Conduct debriefing sessions

54. Share pictures and videos

55. Write and submit a trip report in addition to briefing the Missions Committee

56. Plan presentations for sharing opportunities