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Executive Summary for Outreach/Missions The strategy and structure of Outreach and Missions at CCC directly aligns with Jesus’ direction to be His witnesses to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and to the remotest parts of the earth (Acts 1:8). Thus, CCC focuses on local, regional, and global initiatives for engaging people. The Lord is clearly moving at CCC! It is not possible to describe all the 2016 activities but this summary provides a snapshot of the ways the Lord is allowing us to partner with Him. None of the endeavors are possible without the financial support and personal commitment of the members of the church. On behalf of myself, the Local Outreach Committee, and the Global Missions Committee, THANK YOU! If there are specific areas you want to invest in or learn more about, please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Andrew at [email protected] Local CCC continues to expand its reach into the community by partnering with over a dozen local organizations to meet the varied needs of the community. These range from supporting pregnancy centers, to outreach directed at youth, and those recovering from addictions. As another example, Family Promise provides assistance to women and families in emergencies and our church engaged in a meaningful way this past year. We had training provided at the church and numerous volunteers bring food and stay with these families to love and engage them. In addition, members of CCC continue to spin up new opportunities to serve, including providing ongoing support and construction assistance to those negatively impacted by Hurricane Matthew. One of the strategic goals for this next year is to develop a database/inventory of members with skills to meet emergency and ongoing needs. Some new endeavors for CCC also include the 60+ Ministry partnering with Cameron Boys Camp and Camp Duncan to provide mentoring and assistance to the chiefs who work with troubled youth. In addition, using something as simple as a deep freezer for kingdom purposes, Connie Harrison is launching a new endeavor to prepare and have readymade meals to provide for families in need as situations arise. No discussion of Local Outreach can be complete without discussing Light the Night. 2016 was an amazing success that involved hundreds of CCC volunteers and brought hundreds of visitors to our campus. Numerous people have provided feedback in our post-event debriefs to help make it even more successful in 2017! Regional We have a lot of room to grow and go in this area and that is exciting! Regional Outreach at CCC is outreach located within the United States that crosses language or cultural barriers. Youth Central in Vass has historically been the focus and the church recently began a partnership with the Navajo in New Mexico. But a new regional enterprise relates to what we are calling the Jubilee Institute (JI), which would consist of three prongs, or pillars. Pillar 1 is specific outreach activities providing assistance to low-income churches and families, with an emphasis on Hispanic relationships. A current example is the ongoing relationship with the Prince of Peace Church in Candor. By the end of November, we will have preached there twice and had a multi-cultural work-day to remodel parts of the church. Moreover, a small group of men at CCC have partnered with a member of the Prince of Peace church diagnosed with cancer

and have helped remodel his bathroom so it is wheelchair accessible. The focus is on building relationships with our Hispanic brothers and sisters in Christ. Pillar 2 is similar to what we do in global missions, which is providing pastoral and leadership training. We have already received permission from IBAC (the organization that does the theological training in Costa Rica) to use their materials. Moreover, we are currently reviewing some additional theological training resources from the EFCA. The goal is to provide similar pastoral training for area Hispanic pastors and leaders – regardless of their denomination. Pillar 3 would include opening an Immigrant HOPE office through with the EFCA. This ministry would: (1) equip churches to provide immigrants with the hope of the gospel, (2) help find a pathway to legal residency if possible, and (3) a home in a church that cares for their needs. We would seek recognition & accreditation from the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) through the U.S. government, which is a certification for charitable organizations allowing non-attorney staff to practice immigration law in a limited capacity. Global Global missions at CCC has long been a strength of our church. Numerous missionaries, who live on the front-lines of ministry, receive much needed financial support from CCC and we will continue this commitment to those missionaries. We will dig deeper into global missions in 2017 by partnering with our sponsored missionaries and increase the opportunities for all members of CCC to engage in missions by offering trips that include service, evangelism, and even medical opportunities. Costa Rica will continue to be a strategic location of emphasis. Teams travel there in May and October providing pastoral training through IBAC. In addition, the Cline family will be leading two trips to Costa Rica as they lovingly engage disadvantaged children from San Jose. New and exciting opportunities await in Africa in January of 2017. Pastoral and leadership training will be offered in Tanzania in partnership with Bishop Given Gaula. The very next week, a CCC team will be offering pastoral and leadership training with Build the Village Ministries as well as a women’s conference led by women from CCC. Finally, the team will then head north to a large refugee camp to share the gospel and Pastor Andrew will preach at a church that CCC helped build a year ago. This is a chance to say, “We really do exist and we are your brothers and sisters in Christ!” in a tangible way. CCC hopes to strengthen its relationship with our sponsored missionaries in Panama. We will hold an interest meeting in November for at least one trip to this area in 2017. These trips will focus on providing medical care in conjunction with evangelism. In addition, CCC seeks to expand its relationship in Ciudad Valles with the Cassellius Family.