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Mobile credit & debit card acceptance for your iPhone

Spire® PosMate Smart™ PIN pad

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User Information……………………………………………………………………..……..….. 1. CardEase Mobile - Introduction …………………………………...……….........……..2. Basic requirements ……………………………………………………….…………..…..…...3. 1. The Spire PosMate PIN pad …………………………………………….…………..4 - 5. 2. Pairing the Spire PosMate with an iPhone…………………………………………6. 3. Setup - Loading & Configuring the Application………………...………..7 - 11. 4. Using CardEase Mobile. 4.1 Processing a sale transaction………..………………………………………. 12 - 14. 4.2 Linked refund……………………………..……………………………………………….. 15. 4.3 Refunding a transaction……………..………………………………………….16 - 17. 4.4 Voice referral……………………………..………………………………………….18 - 20. 4.5 Magstripe transactions…………..……………………………………………..21 - 22. 4.6 Digital Signature capture……………………………………………………….23 - 24. 5. WebMIS Reporting Tool…………………………………………………...…………….25. 6. Troubleshooting………………………………………………………………...…………..26. 7. Frequently asked questions……………………………………………...…………….27. 8. Support………….………………………………………………………………...…………….28.

User Information Record your Merchant Account and other useful information here. From time to time, you may need quick access to certain information in connection with your CardEase Mobile outfit. If you do complete these boxes, be sure to keep this book safe. Smartphone Mobile No. Phone IMEI

Merchant Account Merchant ID (MID) (Issued by Acquirer upon sign-up)

Terminal ID (TID) (Issued by Creditcall upon sign-up)

Transaction Key

PIN pad Serial Number (On the back of the PIN pad)

Bluetooth Passkey (You set this when first pairing)

Operator PIN (At default, the last four digits of Creditcall TID and needed for Voice Referrals and Signature transactions)


User Information


CardEase Mobile - simple mobile card acceptance Thank you for purchasing CardEase Mobile for your business - the revolutionary mobile phone based Point of Sale terminal. You will soon be enjoying the freedom to accept card payments from you customers wherever you are, and your business is sure to benefit from this mobility.

How does it work? CardEase Mobile uses an application (“app”) on your iPhone to process credit and debit card transactions, in conjunction with a small PIN pad which is linked using secured Bluetooth wireless technology. It’s this simple: 1. You enter the amount you wish to charge your customer into the app. 2. Your customers insert their cards into your PIN pad and authenticate the transactions using their PIN, just like they would with any other PoS terminal. 3. The iPhone then connects to Creditcall and via the internet to get bank authorisation for the transaction. The whole process only takes a maximum of 30 seconds and is fully secure. As far as your customer is concerned it’s exactly the same process as paying for something in a shop. The CardEase Mobile application is simple to install on your iPhone. This guide will help get you up and running as quickly as possible.

What do I need? In order to process live card transactions you’ll need to arrange the following: 1. A merchant account with one of Creditcall’s recommended acquirers. 2. A Spire PosMate Smart PIN pad 3. Download and configure the CardEase Mobile application (app) from the App store.

Welcome to CardEase Mobile


Basic requirements Merchant account This is a special card accepting account through which the money from transactions (from your customers’ cards) will be automatically transferred into your bank account. When you apply for a merchant account you state which bank account you want it linked to.

MID This means ‘Merchant ID’ and is your unique merchant identification number with your acquirer.

PIN pad The CardEase Mobile system can be used with two card reader/PIN pad units manufactured by Spire.


Take great care of the PIN pad as the security of the CardEase Mobile system depends upon it. It is designed with “tamper resistant, tamper evident” technology which means that if it is ever opened or dismantled (this could happen if it is dropped), it will cease to work, permanently. Your customers need to trust the PIN pad as they will be inserting their cards and entering PINs into it, so it should be kept clean and protected carefully when not in use.

Basic requirements


1. The PosMate Smart PIN pad Introduction The Spire PosMate Smart PIN pad connects to your iPhone via secured Bluetooth. Card-swipe slot for non-chip cards


Charging LED

Bluetooth LED

Confirm key

Cancel key

Clear key

Card entry slot

Power button Charger socket

Card swipe slot for non-chip cards

The PosMate Smart PIN pad


1. PIN pad Charging. The PIN pads have their own internal battery which needs to be charged before use. It can be charged from 3 sources: 1. Using the USB lead and the mains charger, both supplied. 2. Using the USB connected to a computer. 3. Using the optional car charger (Spire PosMate Smart only) When the charger is connected the red “Power” LED will light. When charging is complete it will turn green. It can take up to 6 hours to charge the PIN pad if the battery is completely flat. The PIN pad can be used while the battery is being charged, and the “power connected” icon, a small plug symbol, will flash on the LCD: The state of the battery is shown by a battery icon on the display:

Switching on and off Press the power button on the top edge of the PIN pad. It will power up and be ready for use in a few seconds, and will show its serial number on the display. To switch the PIN pad off, press and hold the power button until 3 options are shown (Spire only): 1. Low Power Mode 2. Turn off completely 3. Return to normal operation The “low power” mode puts the PIN pad in standby where it uses very little power, but it will be ready immediately the power button is pressed again. This can be useful if you are expecting to make a number of transactions throughout the day and don’t want to wait for the PIN pad to power up each time.


Never use any other charger than the ones supplied with the PIN pad as damage may result

Charging and switching on and off


2. Pairing the Spire PosMate Smart PIN pad with the iPhone The PIN pad and the iPhone need to establish a Bluetooth communications link between them. Please follow the below instructions:

 Turn on the iPhone and navigate to the Bluetooth settings. Turn Bluetooth on.

 Turn on the PIN pad, you should see a screen appear which states COMMUNICATION LINK NOT SET UP. This will quickly change to SETTING UP BLUETOOTH LINK. It is at this point that the PIN pad is ready to be paired, you should see the PosMate appear on the list of Bluetooth devices on the iPhone.

 Select the correct PosMate device on the list of Bluetooth devices, you can do this by checking the serial number located on the back of the PosMate. The PIN pad should display ENTER BLUETOOTH PASSKEY.

 A dialogue box should appear on the iPhone with a Bluetooth code, enter this into the PIN pad and press the green OK button.

 The devices should now be paired. If pairing should happen to fail, you can reset the PIN pad to re-enable Bluetooth mode.

 On the iPhone, select the (i) next to the PIN pad and choose “Forget this Device”. On the PosMate Smart, press the yellow button, select “Data Bearer” and press OK.

 Follow the steps above.

Bluetooth pairing


3. Setup - Loading & Configuring the Application. The CardEase Mobile application The CardEase Mobile application is the point of sale programme that runs on the iPhone and communicates with the PIN pad and an acquirer/processor to authorise transactions. To download the CardEase Mobile App, follow these instructions:

Launch the App Store on your iPhone and search for CardEase Mobile

Select and download the CardEase Mobile App. Please note that you will need an Apple ID to be able to download apps from the App Store.

When you first open the App you be prompted to create a password You will need to enter this each time you open the App.

Note: If 5 incorrect passwords are entered in a row you will be required to create a new password and all information will be reset.

Enter your Terminal ID and Transaction Key and ensure that it is in Test mode.

Select ‘Test Connection’ and the App will then test the connection between your device and the Creditcall Test platform.



3. Setup - Loading & Configuring the Application. 

Once the connection has been tested select ‘Next’.

The App will test that the Bluetooth is activated and you will be prompted to connect to your PIN pad.

You will have already paired the device to your PIN pad (page 6) so the paired PIN pad will appear in the ‘Devices found’ screen. Select the PIN pad from the list.

(If your PIN pad does not show here please follow the Bluetooth pairing steps on page 6)



3. Setup - Loading & Configuring the Application. 

The App will then connect to the PIN pad and confirm when it is complete.

You are now set up to start using the App and processing transactions.

Select the settings tab in the top left corner of the screen.



3. Setup - Loading & Configuring the Application. 

From the settings screen tab you can do the following: *

Change the Terminal ID


Adjust the volume


Perform a configuration update


View your last transaction


Run the set up wizard


Select a different PINpad

You can also pair a new PIN pad with in the App instead of having to go back through the iPhones settings by following these steps:

From the menu select ‘Settings’.

Select ‘Select PIN pad’

Select ‘Pair new PIN pad’.



3. Setup - Loading & Configuring the Application. 

Ensure that the Bluetooth is turned on and active on the new PIN pad.

If the Bluetooth is activated on the new PIN pad it will appear in the ‘Select An Accessory’ box.

Select the new PIN pad.

The App will now connect to the new PIN pad and you will be required to enter the Bluetooth passkey into the PIN pad that will appear on the screen.

Once confirmed the new PIN pad will be paired and show in the list of devices ready for use.



4.1 Using CardEase Mobile Processing a sale transaction. You should now have completed the setup of CardEase Mobile and be ready to take your first card transaction.

 On the left hand side of the screen Select “Sale”.  Before attempting to process a transaction, make sure your PIN pad is switched on and is on the home screen. To get to the home screen press the red button on the PIN pad.

 From the next menu, enter the amount of the transaction.

 Next, you can add a reference for the transaction so you can find it in the WebMIS reporting system later. This can be the customer’s name, or an invoice number, or you can leave it blank.

 Then select card payment followed by the ‘Next’ tab.

Processing a sale transaction


4.1 Using CardEase Mobile Processing a sale transaction - continued. 

Next, you will see “Card Entry Prompted” on the iPhone. Hand the PIN pad to your customer and ask them to insert their card.

They will be prompted to confirm the amount, then enter their PIN.

Once the PIN has been entered correctly CardEase Mobile will go online to authorise the transaction. The speed of this depends upon the signal strength at your location. It should take no longer than 30 seconds.

You will then see a confirmation screen, showing the receipting options. You must select at least one. CardEase Mobile supports e-Receipting, by email or SMS as well as supporting AirPrint and digital signature capture. You can ask your customer which they prefer, tick the appropriate box, then select ’Send Receipts’.

Making a sale transaction


4.1 Using CardEase Mobile Processing a sale transaction - continued. 

The SMS and email receipt will have a similar format to the below:

Note: If the customer does not wish to provide you with either their mobile number or email address yet still requires a receipt, you can use the CardEase Mobile receipt pad to provide a handwritten receipt.

Making a sale transaction


4.2 Using CardEase Mobile Taking your first sale transaction—Linked Refund 

The last transaction that was processed can be refund after a receipt has been issued, this is called a linked refund. An amount no more than the original amount can be refunded here.

To process this linked refund select ‘Linked Refund’ at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the amount you wish to refund. The maximum you can refund is displayed in the top right corner or the screen.

Enter a reference if you require one.

Select ‘Next’.

The App will now go online to authorize this refund.

Once the refund has been approved you will be able to issue a receipt.

Selecting the ‘Finish’ tab will take you to the home screen.

Linked refund


4.3 Using CardEase Mobile Refunding a transaction You may occasionally need to issue refunds for transactions taken by card. CardEase Mobile provides the facility to refund any amount.

On the left hand side of the screen Select “Refund”.

Before attempting to process a refund, make sure your PIN pad is switched on.

From the next menu, enter the amount of the refund transaction. Next, in the same way as a sale transaction you can add a reference for the transaction. When you are sure the details are correct, click “Next”.

Refunding a sales transaction


4.3 Using CardEase Mobile Refunding a transaction - continued 

Next you will see “Card Entry Prompted” on the iPhone. Hand the PIN pad to your customer and ask them to insert their card and confirm the refund amount. A PIN may be required for a refund transaction.

When the refund is authorised you will see the confirmation screen with the receipting options. You are required to issue a receipt for this transaction.

Select “Finish” to go to the CardEase Mobile application main screen.

Note: A card present refund can only be authorised if there is sufficient signal for the iPhone to connect to the internet. If there is no network coverage, you will need to action a cardnot-present refund using WebMIS - Creditcall’s transaction management system when you return to your office.

Refunding a sales transaction


4.4 Using CardEase Mobile Voice referral The banks occasionally require voice referral for high value credit and debit card transactions. CardEase Mobile fully supports this bank requirement. If you plan to accept high value transactions it is worthwhile familiarising yourself with the procedure for voice referral.

You can demo a voice referral in the Test environment by entering the amount of £47.23.

If voice referral is requested by the bank, you will see the following message displayed on the iPhone after your customer has entered their PIN.

Make a note of the telephone number displayed.

Voice referral


4.4 Using CardEase Mobile Voice referral (continued) 

The PIN pad display will show: Press the green “OK” button on the PIN pad.


You will be prompted to enter your Operator PIN


(This is the last 4 digits of your Terminal ID and should be stored on page 1)



You will need to use an additional handset to make the Voice Referral call.



The call will be answered by the bank and they may ask to speak to your customer to ask security questions.





The bank will then speak to you again to authorise or decline the transaction.

On the PIN pad, enter 1. if the bank approve, or 2. if the bank decline the transaction.

Enter the Auth code that the bank will have given you over the phone.

End the call.

Return to CardEase Mobile and the App will go online to complete the transaction.

Voice referral



4.4 Using CardEase Mobile Voice referral (continued) 

Issue the receipt in the normal way,.

Voice referral


4.5 Using CardEase Mobile About magnetic stripe (magstripe) transactions Nearly all UK-issued cards and many European cards have a chip which is read when you insert a customer’s card into your PIN pad. Cards that are issued overseas, for example in the USA, may not have a chip. You can still accept these cards, and CardEase Mobile will perform a normal online authorisation, although the procedure is slightly different, and your customer will be verifying the transaction by signature.

Accepting a non-chip card 

Before starting the sale transaction process, take your CardEase Mobile receipt pad and fill in the details of the sale.

Start a sale transaction in the usual way.

When prompted to insert or swipe card, swipe the card through the slot at the top of the PIN pad with the magnetic stripe at the bottom and facing you. You can swipe from left-to-right or right-to-left. Ask the customer to sign the receipt pad and check that it matches the signature on the back of the card.

Confirm that the signatures match and select “Approve”.

Magstripe transactions


4.5 Using CardEase Mobile Magstripe transactions (continued) 

CardEase Mobile will go online to authorize the transaction and if approved you will see the transaction completed screen.

If the transaction is approved, you can issue the handwritten receipt to the customer, together with an SMS and email receipt if they wish.

If the transaction is declined, you will need to seek alternative payment from the customer.

Magstripe transactions


4.6 Using CardEase Mobile Magstripe transactions - Digital Signature capture. 

Start a transaction in the normal way.

Swipe the card when prompted.

Digital Signature capture


4.6 Using CardEase Mobile Magstripe transactions - Digital Signature capture. 

Once CardEase Mobile has been online for authorisation it will require signature verification.

A screen for the customer to perform a digital signature capture will appear.

Pass the iPhone to the customer and ask them to sign within the area.

Select ‘Next’ from the bottom right of the screen.

Follow the instructions shown on the PIN pad as below: PLEASE GIVE THIS DEVICE TO THE ATTENDANT



You will then be able to issue a receipt as normal.

Magstripe transactions


5. WebMIS Reporting Tool CardEase Mobile comes with the online WebMIS reporting tool which enables you to run reports and check transactions. The feature runs in real time so any transactions taken on CardEase Mobile will be shown instantaneously on WebMIS.

Test WebMIS can be accessed online at or via the app.

Main WebMIS features include:

Real time reporting

Online transaction capabilities




A full guide is available to download from the help option once you have logged in.

WebMIS Reporting Tool


6. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting suggestions PIN pad does not turn on.

 Check PIN pad charger - red light should come on when charging.  If not, try plugging PIN pad into a computer’s USB port. Bluetooth light or symbol does not come on.

 Try resetting the Bluetooth connection (see page 6. )  Delete PIN pad from iPhone and re-connect (see page 6.) PIN pad display shows an open padlock.

 Tamper system in the PIN pad has been tripped. Contact Creditcall.

Transactions always decline.

 This will happen if there is insufficient mobile coverage. Check network signal is present on your iPhone.

CardEase Mobile app only shows “Update Application”.

 This indicates a mandatory update is available. Select “Update”, then re-start PIN pad and iPhone if necessary.

I get a message “TMS update failed”.

 This indicates an error in the Terminal ID or Transaction Key. Check these and reenter if necessary as described on page 10.

 PIN pad does not turn on.

 The battery is probably flat. Plug it into the PIN pad charger - the red light should come on when charging. If it doesn’t, try plugging PIN pad into a computer’s USB port.

 If the PIN pad still doesn’t turn on, press ‘Reset button’ by inserting a thin pointed object (such as a paperclip) into the hole on the underside of the unit, and wait for a full reset. Then select option 1.



7. Frequently asked questions Answers to common questions about CardEase Mobile. Can I swipe from right to left

 Yes the card swipe can be read from both directions. Left to right and right to left. Ensure the magnetic stripe is at the bottom and facing you.

What happens if I lose my PIN pad device?

 Contact Creditcall to purchase a new PIN pad. If I get a new SIM card or a new smartphone, what do I do?

 If you are sent a new SIM card by your network operator, this should not affect CardEase Mobile. Install the SIM card as instructed by the operator and wait for any SIM updates that may be sent. Ensure you have mobile internet services working before trying to use CardEase Mobile.

 If you get a new phone, pair the PIN pad with it as described on Page 6, then load the app to the new phone and set it up as described.

What is the battery life of the PED device?

 It’s a lithium battery, so life is determined by the number and depth of charge/ discharge cycles. The normal life is 300-500 cycles which should equate to over 2 years typical use.

Can this device be used by multiple users / shared device possible?

 We would not recommend that a PIN pad is paired with more than one iPhone. How can I view transactions that I’ve taken

 You can see all the transactions you have taken, including refunds, by using WebMIS the CardEase Mobile Transaction Reporting System. You can access WebMIS from any internet-connected computer. Go to

 Log in here using the log in detail sent to you upon sign up.



8. Support Contact Details - CardEase Mobile Pilot As a participant in the CardEase Mobile pilot, we are very interested to hear about your experience of using the system, whether good or bad. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. The Support Centre can be reached between Mon-Fri from 0900 to 1700 on the following Email address: [email protected]

You can also visit:

Contact details

Issue 2. August 2014