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Mobile Productivity Secured Syncplicity by EMC

Content Security In Mobile World Traditional perimeter-based security controls are insufficient to meet the challenges of the mobile world. Content diversity requires an application architecture that adapts to content classes, while delivering a modern frictionless user experience. Content in a mobile world cannot be locked down, so security needs needs to move with content. These security challenges are further exacerbated by the complexity of managing any potential solution. At Syncplicity, we have introduced innovations that address these challenges directly.



Sensitive & non-sensitive content

Policy-driven hybrid cloud

Securing external collaboration

Content tethered security controls

Increased risk due to complex policy management

30+ policies that can be assigned to groups for simplified policy administration

Policy Driven Content Storage With Syncplicity StorageVault™ We know that all content is not created equal. Optimal choice of storage varies with content type. Data residency concerns may require sensitive content to be stored on-premise and other content to be available in the cloud. Most of our competitors only store data in the public cloud, while others only provide an either/or choice between on-premise and cloud storage. With policy-driven content storage choice, we allow our customers to select onpremise storage targets for a subset of their content even while letting other content reside in the cloud. This ability to deliver the right mix of productivity and security, based on policies dynamically, is unmatched.

Key Features StorageVault™ • Comply with data security and residency regulations • Store files based on user, group, or folder policy • Gain granular control with ranked “policy sets”

Secure Shared Files • Read/Write Permission • Copy/Print Permission • Watermark

Content Tethered Security

• Offline Access Permission

Collaboration requires content to move across users and across devices. Hence, security controls need to move with the content, for secure collaboration. Syncplicity delivers security controls that move with the content. Some of these are:

• Location-based Restrictions

• AES 256 bit encrypted content containers • Configurable group-based policies and associated controls that prevent data from leaking outside containers • Configurable policies that tether rights management to files • C  ontent delivery to external users with native MDM features like remote wipe, pin-based access, and open-in restriction

• Screen Capture Permission

Simplified Policy Administration The Achilles’ heel of security controls is the complexity of administering them. In an enterprise environment the maze of users, roles, permission levels and content types is intimidating. Overly complex controls actually reduce overall security and increase risk due to misconfiguration and low adoption. Syncplicity provides innovative ways to manage large scale deployments. The solution has 30+ policies that can be applied to groups depending on business requirements. The M&A team can be assigned more stringent policies, such as remote wipe on mobile and desktop, than the Marketing team. This has resulted in almost all of our policies being deployed in customer environments. Policy features of most other vendors are shelf-ware in spite of their seeming richness, due to the complexity of managing them.

Our approach to security and compliance at Syncplicity is to drive choice and simplification. These two design principles allow our customers to configure the solution based on their needs (like choice of storage) and leverage the power of our security controls to the fullest (simplified policy administration).

Our core philosophy is protection by enablement. Enabling users by providing them a delightful user experience in a secure way, lowers the overall business risk by removing the motivation for the users to go with insecure consumer options.

Foundational Security Capabilities User:




• • • • • •

• • • • • •

• External Sharing Policies • Folder Remote Wipe Policy • Folder Sharing Permissions

• • • • • •

 D/SAML SSO A AD Provisioning User and Group Management Group Storage Quotas Account Remote Wipe Group-Level Policies

O  ptional 2-Factor Auth M  DM Integration A  ccess Restriction Policies D  evice Remote Wipe M  obile Sync Policies S  ilent Installer

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End-to-End Encryption Shared Link Policies Shared File Policies File Type Restrictions Data Retention Policies Data Ownership