Monthly Financial Statement

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Monthly Financial Statement Name: Loan#: Monthly Gross Income Borrower Co-borrower Other Other Other Other Other Total Gross Income

1st Mortgage-Principal and Interest 2nd Mortgage / Contract for Deed Property Taxes Association Dues House Insurance Heat/Gas Electric Telephone Cable + Internet Cell Phone Water/Sewer Trash Home Repairs and Maintenance Food and Groceries Automobile Payment Gasoline for Automobile Automobile Insurance Automobile Repairs and Maintenance Life Insurance Bus Fare Alimony/Child Support Child Care


Monthly Net (take home) Borrower Co-borrower Other Other Other Other Other Total Net Income


Monthly Expenses Credit Card #1 (Minimum Payment) Credit Card # 2 (Minimum Payment) Credit Card # 3 (Minimum Payment) Student Loan Installment/Personal Loan Income Taxes Work Related Expenses School Lunches Educational Expenses Pet Food /Vet Care/ Grooming Dry Cleaning Household + Personal Care Clothing Beauty Shop/Barber Gifts/Presents Entertainment/Eating Out Financial Donation/Tithings Cigarettes/Alcohol Monthly contribution to savings Doctor/ Dentist/ Rx/Glasses Insurance (Life, Health) Other: ________________

Total Expense


Household Balance


Debt & Housing to Income Ratio Front End DTI Back End DTI The above is an accurate reflection of my household's income and expenses. It is understood that my failure to follow this spending plan may result in an unfavorable decision from my lender. _______________________________________________ Client Signature Date Counselor verified budget with homeowner on ____________. _______________________________________________ Counselor Signature

_______________________________________________ Client Signature Date