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Prophets and Revelation


D&C 1:37–38

revelation?v=2340824701001 Without Fear How Firm a Foundation

D&C 6:36

Receiving Revelation

D&C 8:2–3


Blessings of the Priesthood

D&C 10:5

D&C 13:1

Our True Identity

D&C 18:10–11

Sugar Beets

The Savoir Suffers in Gethsemane

The Trial of Adversity

D&C 18:15–16

D&C 19:16–19

D&C 19:23

Elder Nelson talks about Covenants

D&C 25:13


Love One Another

D&C 46:33

D&C 58:27

The Shiny Bicycle

D&C 58:42–43

Forgiveness Fills Hears with Love

D&C 64:9–11

Strengthen thy Brethren

D&C 76:22–24

He Lives

The Power of Gratitude

D&C 76:40–41

D&C 78:19

Within Bounds

Physical Health

D&C 82:10

D&C 88:124

Word of Wisdom

Blessings of the Temple

The Power of God

D&C 89:18–21

D&C 107:8

D&C 121:36, 41–42

Are Mormons Christians?

He Knows Me

D&C 130:22–23

Love and Marriage

The Message of the Restoration

D&C 131:1–4

JS—H 1:15–20