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Updating Your My Fit Profile Welcome to the My Fit portion of MyHPBC. Our desire as leaders is to help you find an active place of ministry within the church that fits well your Gifting, Passions, Skills and Personality. We want you involved, because you are an essential part of this local Body of Jesus Christ - everyone is important to the life, health, and spiritual growth of those who call HPBC their church home. By taking a few minutes to place checkmarks next to each descriptive word in this survey, you will then help our church leadership to better discover the full potential for God’s work that is right here within our church family. As ministry needs come up, this will guide us in making connections with those who have the potential of being the right fit for that area of ministry and also allow you to find service opportunities that fit you. To get to MyHPBC please go to or click on the MyHPBC link at the top of our website.

If this is your fist time visiting MyHPBC you will need to register for an account. Once at the login page enter your username and password and login. You will be taken to the MyHPBC Homepage.

Once you are at the homepage, click on Serve (the heart) on the left side of the page

On the page that comes up click the positions tab

And then click the My Personal Fit button

This window will appear

Please scroll through the Spiritual Gifts, Passions and Abilities tabs and place a check mark by each one that applies to you. On the Personality Style tab you can only choose one description that fits you best. Once you are done click Save. Please Note: We have not yet matched up Ministry POSITIONS with this My Fit section, but anticipate completion this Fall. Meanwhile, having the resources of this My Fit section will be of great assistance to the church leadership as they search for Online Community members to fill various ministry positions. If you have any questions or issues with MyHPBC, please email us at [email protected]