Never before

Never new Taylor THAN SCOPE Re- corder plugs into panel-mounted man...

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Never before

Unique new Taylor THAN SCOPE Recorder plugs into panel-mounted manifold—an integral part of the sleeve. Model shown is the 2 pen recorder with continuous set point, automaticto-manual switch and output pressure indicator. "Servomatic" power pens provide 150 times more power than conventional bellows-actuated type, assuring life long accuracy.

Modern Process

Control Transmitter


Controller settings are made from the front while recording. Gain, reset and PRE-ACT* dials are calibrated in specific units. Eliminates blind adjustments—settings and results are seen in one spot. . . the front of the panel. 102 A




Most dependable chart drive. Chart is held in positive position and driven by rectangular pins. Timing control is absolute, because chart drum is driven by a Gilmer, chain-like belt. No jerking, because new Rulon bearings cut power needs in half. 4", 30-day chart gives 3 hour visible record.

... sο Many Features in so Little Panel Space! Taylor's n e w 9 0 J Series TRANSCOPE Recorder is a giant step f o r w a r d in the d e v e l o p m e n t of convenience a n d compactness for m o d e r n instrument panels. N o other recorder, regardless of size, puts so m a n y f e a t u r e s in so little p a n e l space. • Front-of-Panel Control Settings let you make adjust­ ments easier, quicker, and better . . . from the front of the panel . . . while recording ! You can clearly see what you are doing, and the results, because the rec­ ord is continuous. • Stays on Automatic Control while the recorder is re­ moved for inspection. The unique Set Point Transmit­ ter remains plugged in the case, providing continuous fully automatic control. • Complete Indicating Control Station while recorder is removed. You see the variable. There's no need to shut down the process for instrument service or ad­ justments. Horizontal gage at top of recorder will show either process variable or air output to valve, as desired. • More Accurate Records. Responsiveness to transmitter output is 0 . 1 % ; and because of the very small pneumat­ ic displacement of the input capsule, the response is

practically instantaneous. You see more minute proc­ ess changes, so you can make optimum control set­ ting. SERVOMATIC power pens assure accurate pen position. • Interchangeable Components — all major assemblies, components and unit parts are completely interchange­ able. Both the TRANSCOPE Recorder and Controller may be changed in the field from simplest to most complete form. • Receives Three Variables to be recorded or indicated; has a set point transmitter, an automatic-to-manual switching lever, a cascade or process-output indica­ tor, and many other features . . . all in a compact case. • Complete Cascade System — a complete master-slave combination, in a smaller case than ever before. Per­ fect for direct control of composition, as well as the usual cascade control applications. For further information about this revolutionary new recorder, see your Taylor Field Engineer, or write for Form No. 98282. Taylor Instrument Companies, Roch­ ester, Ν. Υ., or Toronto, Ontario. Instruments for indicating, recording and controlling temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, speed, density, load and humidity. *Tradé'M»rk

Taylor Instruments MEAN

ACCURACY Exclusive "Set Point Transmitter" allows continuous automatic control during recorder removal. The plug-in transmitter as­ sembly may be removed and the control valve sealed in operat­ ing position. No need for process down time for instrument inspection or servicing.




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