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NEW BOOKS Die Erhaltung der Arbeit. By Riclztr7d Hege7,. 16 x 24 c v t ; fib. v i a n d jog. Hirit?/oifier: H e i w i i i ~ s c / i e Ver.lirgsbuci~/~n~~dZ/~~ig, 1596. PF-ice : fiafier 8 m a r k s . -- The author’s purpose is to describe different forms of energy, their transference, and their cotirersion into other forms. from the point of view of the indestructibility of energy, it1 a way readily understood by readers little coiiversant with mathematics antl less with any science. The first third of the book is devoted to simple examples of niechanics, pulleys, levers, inclined plaiies, falling l)odies, elastic vibrations. hydrostatics, water n-heels. etc., such as niay1)e found in any elementary textbook of physics. The next third treats of the gas laws, hot air engine atid steam engine, antl the last third consists mainly of tiescriptioils of galvaiionieters a n d dynamos and elementary notions of electricity. Great pains are take11 to eniploy only c o n i i ~ ~ oespressiotis ii and to exclude all scientific terms antl ‘ foreign words ’ whetlever it is possible. I n principle this is praiseworthy, atid it is not pleasant to fiiid new words coined or borrowed from other languages when their equivalents already exist in one’s o \ w . hut new ideas often require new word5 antl a too cleterniinecl sticking to the vocabular?- of a century ago m a y lead to confusion rather than clearness. The use of R n i i i ~ iiisteatl t of Lhiu$//,of Brsf