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NEW BOOKS and Composition of Natural Oils and Fats by G. Jurriens; The Determination of the Position of Double Bonds in Fatty Acids by P. Baverkamp Begemann; The Chemistry and Analysis of Olive Oil by Jaime Gracian Tow; and The Determination of Vitamins and Carotenoids in Fats by G. Brubacher. Of special interest t o all those who deal with the assessment of the quality of edible oils is the chapter on olive oil, which takes up 293 pages of this volume and which is an extremely detailed consideration of all the analytical problems connected with the criteria used in evaluating olive oils of various origins.

Kinetics by 31. K. Schwar Bodansky; Enzymatic Synthesis and HydrolyBis of Cholesterol Esters by G. V. Vahouny and C. R. Treadwell; Determination of Histidine Decarboxylase Activity by R. W. Schayer; The EstiConjugated) mation of Total (Free Cathecholamines and Some Catecholamine lletabolites in Human Urine by H. Weil-Nalherbe; and The Automated Analysis of Absorbent and Fluorescent Substances Separated on Paper Strips by A. A. Boulton. The book also contains subject and author indexes and a cumulative index for Volumes 1-16.


Organic Scintillators. Donald L . HOT-

D. T . Elmore. xi 164 pages. Cambridge University Press, 32 East 67th St., LYew York, N . Y . 10022. 1968. Clothbound, $6; Paperbound, $2.76

rocks, Editor. 422 pages. Gordon and Breach, I60 Fifth Ave., New Y O & , N . Y . 10011. 1968. $40. (20% discount for payment in advancej

This book is designed t o give the advanced undergraduate student in chemistry an insight into the field of proteins. Nost of the book is devoted to the structural and synthetic aspects of protein chemistry. Actually, much of the book is devoted to discussions of methods for the isolation and separation of peptides and proteins and the determination of structure. Chapters are also included on the macromolecular properties and structures of proteins, the chemical synthesis of peptides, the biosynthesis of proteins, and importantly, the relationships between structure and biological activity of peptides and proteins.

This book contains the Proceedings of the International Symposium on Organic Scintillators held at Argonne National Laboratory, June 20 to 22, 1966. The papers are grouped under headings deeignated as Theory and AIechanisms: Energy Transfer, Quenching Studies, Lifetime Studies, and Triplet, Exciton and Other Studies; Bpplications; and Other Recent Advances.

Peptides and Proteins.


A New Dictionary of Chemistry. L.

Mackenxie Miall; D . V7, A . Sharp, Editors. ix 638 pages. John Wiley &r Sons, Inc., 606 Third ilve., New York, AT. Y . 1968. $14


The form of the fourth edition of this book remains substantially the same as that of earlier editions. The dictionary is not intended for the expert but should be of use to those who need information in chemical fields outside their own specialities. Methods of

Biochemical Analysis.

David Glnck, Editor. vii 446 pages. John Wiley 62 Sons, Inc., 606 Third Ave.. New York, N . Y . 10016. 1968. $16.60 Vol. 16.


This volume of the biochemical analysis series contains the following chapters: The Isotope Derivative Method in Biochemical Analysis by J. K. Whitehead and H . G. Dean; Bioluminescence Assay : Principles and Practice by B. L. Strehler; Utilization of -4utomation for Studies of Enzyme

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Advances in Mass Spectrometry, Val. 4. E . Kendrick, Editor. xvi 971 pages. The Institute o j Petroleum,


61 Cavendish St.. London, W . I . , England. 1968. Li0.0.0

This volume contains the papers and discussions of the Mass Spectrometry Conference organized by a joint committee from ASTM E-14, the Hydrocarbon Research Group, -4G Massenspektroskopie der DPG, and GAMS and held in Berlin, September 1967. There were 83 papers presented a t this meeting. The book contains an author index but not a subject index. Glassblowing for laboratory Techni246 pages. cians. R . Barbour. xv


Pergamon Press, Inc., 44-01 Blst St., Lolzg Island City, A'. Y . 11101. 1968. $6 The beginning chapters of this book cover fully the glassblowing requirements of the City and Guilds of London Institute syllabus 119 for laboratory technician's work. Subsequent chapters delve rather completely into the art of glassb1ow)ing including discussions of hazards, needs of the workshop, annealing, glass-to-metal seals, glassblowing, vacuum techniques, and interchangeable ground-glass joints, and stopcocks.

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